20161031 - Happy Halloween!

20161031 - Barely up in the am and in to work.  Cleaned up the office a bit and was on calls and meeting all day long with very little time to get out on the floor.  I did dress up and make it to the floor for a quick trip and photos.  Done with the day a bit early to head home and pass out candy and hopefully not germs...  Home and J&G all suited up and ready to head out, they looked great.  D stopped by the house with DGF7 to get his costume, squints and the lifeguard from 'The Sandlot' movie.  Everyone headed out and the beggars started coming, I almost ran out of candy we had so many.  I think it is now having sidewalks the folks venture down to our end of the road.  After a couple of hours J&G returned home with their loot and took inventory while I snuck a piece away here and there.

20161030 - Big Head

20161030 - Well after finally falling asleep last night I awoke in the morning briefly to medicate myself and then woke up sometime mid day on Sunday.  I got a couple of things done in the office, texted the Walking Dead guys and cancelled the viewing at my house, and then crashed on the couch to watch the World Series.  L&J worked on J's Brutus head all night.  I caught the late version of The Walking Dead as of course now I can not sleep again...

20161029 + Buckeyes & Mermaids

20161029 + Woke up with a HORRIBLE soar throat... L&J out to J'sfirst indoor soccer event, registration, clinic and game with Gilgers. Gma&paW showed up, unloaded some stuff and headed to J's soccer event. D fixing the riding mower and mowing, G&I headed out for Pokemon hunting and errands: USPS to drop off D's sales, CVS to get me meds, GameStop to pick up Titanfall 2, Jarrod's Jewelry to see about getting D's necklace fixed, McDonald's to pick up lunch and Academy Park to verify D's supply list. Once we were done we headed home, ran into Gma&paW taking LD&J out. G&I ate and got our things together and headed to the OSU vs Northwestern football game. We got to the Crew stadium, caught the bus and rode to the Shoe. We made our way around the stadium and found our seats. G had an a guy sitting next to him and they had a good time together. It was his 50th bday and his first time at an OSU Football game. G talked him through all the things that were going to happen :-)

 The Buckeyes didn't play very well, but they won. I can only image what the people around us thought as I was popping pills and eating soar throat lozenges constantly... We stayed for the whole game and had a great time. After the game we made our way back to the bus stop, got picked up and headed home. Home and changed and L&I headed to a Halloween party. We watched the Indians win their 3rd game of the World Series. It was a good time with a good group of folks. Home and passed out from exhaustion.

20161028 - Thin Green Lines

20161028 - Up in the am and scrounging around for a Halloween costume to wear at work today...  Hit the road late in L's car as I am getting a 55" HV Line (that means it is damaged and has some defects in the screen) TV from work for $0 :-)  To work and Dena let me know that we are dressing up on Monday, NOT today :-s  During the day we loaded up the TV, lots of meetings and getting things done.  I had a phone interview on the way home that went well.  Home and Bill came over to help hang the TV on the back porch.  TV looks great, can you see the lines?  Picked up some pizzas and one of J's friends on the way to the McClain's to watch the Indians win their 2nd game in the World Series.  Throat is starting to really hurt...

20161027 - Shredded

20161027 - Up in the am and in to work. When I arrived I was greeted by a decorated office... That's what I get for taking my bday off...

Working through the clutter and a life long buddy, Mike Woods, stopped by for a tour of the site and lunch. It was great to see Mike and get caught up with each other. Back to work for meetings and cleanup the rest of the day. Home and had some dinner with the fam, D grumpy, ate and went to DGF7, J went to the high school football game, it was on TV, "Thursday Night Lights", L cut stuff out for school and G&I played a hilarious game of Jenga where I was hiding pieces and sneaking them in when the tower got tipsy. All home and we had some carrot cake L made me tonight for my bday.

20161026 ‡ Happy Bday to Me!

20161026 ‡ Everyone up and out. I got up late, got cleaned up and then spent some time cleaning out my home office and getting things organized so D can list things easier. I then started relisting some of his stuff so he can make money. L got home and we went downtown for lunch at the Old Bag of Nails. It was a good lunch with a beautiful girl. Home to pick up G and LG&I headed to Costco so I could buy myself some t shirts for by Bday. Home and L&I rested for a minute while the boys went back to the school. Boys back, L&G to G's practice, DJ&I went to the Hickory House, a steakhouse, for dinner. We had some good conversation but then it took forever to get our food so we were a bit annoyed... On the way home we stopped to pick up DGF7 and she came home with us to watch game 2 of the World Series, not good for the Indians tonight... Gma&paW called to wish me a happy bday and check in for the upcoming weekend's activities. To bed and up late relisting things for D. A very nice day with the people I love.

20161025 - World Series

20161025 - UP and in to work trying to tie up a million loose ends so I could take tomorrow off. Seems more stressful to try and get some time off... Got done late and headed home. L out running errands, I ate leftovers, D listing things, J on the xbox (didn't end well for him), G reading in the living room. L home and we headed downstairs to watch the opening game of the World Series between the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs. Neither team has been to the Series for over 50 years and it was amazing. GmaW & I had been trying to get tickets for her, Uncle Russ, D&G to go but since neither team has been to the Series in such a long time and they cities are so close together the ticket prices were OUTRAGEOUS!!! The Indians won game 1 in a shutout! To bed LATE.

20161024 - Forgot to take a pic

20161024 - Up in the am and in to work.  Have a pile of stuff to get through today.  Got a bunch done and headed home in good time.  Home and ate with the fam.  Then DJG&I headed to Scouts, it was a Webelos night, so G could go and he had a blast.  i got a bunch of PC stuff done during the meeting.  Home and got Doc and went to Bible Bangers.  Good discussion and great fellowship tonight.  Home and not up too late. 

20161023 + Grant the Chef

20161023 + Up in the am and all to church. After church G&I hit the grocery and got stuff to make lunch and for me to take to work. Home and G&I cooked up a big lunch. G loves doing it and did most of it himself, very proud. It was a good meal! L&J cleaned up, D was listing things then helped G fix his glove. J&I tested the new Boy Scout app. In the afternoon DG&I ran to get a signature on D's Eagle Project and then to a ballfield in Pickerington to get measurements for a bat rack. We ran into G's coach at the field. On to Magic Mountain where G tried out his new bat and the boys hit a bunch of balls. Home and D to youth group, I got things relisted on ebay for D. The guys came over to watch a very disturbing episode of The Walking Dead.

20161022 + Cold Soccer Morning

20161022 + L picked J up early and headed to his first soccer game of the day. I got up and picked G up from his party and then swung by the soccer field to pick up Jeff, we swung by the house and picked up D and went to the old car wash down the road to see if there was anything D could sell on ebay. Dropped D&G off at the house and went to watch J's last game in the freezing cold wind. J's team lost both games and are out of the tournament... Home and Patrick, one of J's friends stopped by the house, he was locked out of his, L fed us all, D was listing and then left to watch DGF7 play softball. Hung out getting things done around the house. Got the clothes washer drain snaked out. L got J delivered to another bday party, G trying to take a nap on the couch. I got some more things done at the desk then cleaned up. Picked up J and then ran through Burger King for dinner. We watched the Buckeyes game and it was miserable...

20161021 - Date Night

20161021 - Slow start this am, not sure what timezone I am in...  Up and in to work sifting through the mountain of email received while on the road.  Had a very productive day.  Headed out a few min early.  Home and D out with friends, L&I dropped J&G off at overnight bday parties.  L&I went to eat at a new place, 101 Beer Kitchen, it was good, L liked her beat chips.  We walked down to the Theater and watched 'Girl on a Train'.  Home and D home, we went down to the basement and watched Dirty Harry.

20161020 + Perspective

20161020 + Up at 4am PST to catch the first plane of the day.  Was awake for most of the 4 hour flight from Seattle to Chicago.  I think everyone should take at least one flight every couple of years to get things in perspective.  As you look down from the plan at 30,000 feet in the air everything looks so small, but each piece of land is someones that is the center of their world.  You can see the flat lands that were made by rivers over long periods of time that still wind through them.  So why do we get so focused on our little pieces?  Even more amazing is the even with all this huge world God knows what our individual needs are.  Amazing when you step back and see how much there is...

Made it to Chicago, got something to eat and then jumped on the short flight back to Columbus.  L was there to pick me up :-)  Home and we had dinner, D ran of to DGF7 and LJG&I played Scrabble the remainder fo the evening.  D back and we worked on his Eagle Project.

20161019 - Space Meal

20161019 - Up in the am and had bfast with Jeff. We met up with the rest of the team and headed to the MSFT Campus. We had an all morning meeting that was very productive. We had lunch in the huge cafeteria area and then split up into two groups. One group had more meetings and Jeff and I went to re-image a bunch of Surface units, well Jeff did. After work we headed to downtown Seattle to go up in the Space Needle and have a good dinner. The views from up there were amazing, quite a good experience. Back to the hotel and to bed early preparing for an early start tomorrow.

20161018 - Good Meat

20161018 - Up in the am and D took me to the airport. Got my first flight to ORD and slept the whole way. The 2nd flight I was sandwiched in the middle and was awake the entire long flight battling with the internet trying to do an online class. Made it to Seattle, got something to eat, grabbed a limo and got to the hotel. Met up with the group and we reviewed the presentation for tomorrow and then wen to a real nice steak place, Prime Steakhouse, to eat. It was awesome!

20161017 - Sid Did It = EAGLE!

20161017 - Up in the am and in to work. Getting things finished up for the 2 day trip that starts tomorrow. Hit 2 auction houses on the way home and stopped at Dave's warehouse to get some things for D to ship. Home, got the side dish L made and headed to the Coaches Dinner with the Boosters. After the boosters meeting I swung by the scout meeting where Sid, who JUST got his Eagle, was telling the scouts the importance of getting your Eagle and how they need to stick with it. Home for just a second then to Bible Bangers with Doc. Home and packed and ready to go.

20161016 + Grant is 10!

20161016 + Up in the am, LD&J to church where they watched a video with the congregation where G was interviewed. G subtlety proclaimed his dislike for his brothers... I met G at the Ohio Elite fitting which was a complete chaotic disaster... Home and measured G, he only grew about 1 inch over the last year. L got lunch and some of G's friends showed up to go to a trampoline and lazer place. Before we left D&J had found a chipmunk that was stuck between the window and the screen in the garage. When the little critter broke free and started running around the garage, they both screamed and jumped around like little girls LOL! I took G and his 3 buddies and we did a couple lazer tag games, where I dominate the boys :-) and then they went in to jump around, no way I was doing that. Back to the house for some cake and presents. G got some cool things, his friends left, Gma&paW arrived and we headed to Meijers and then Dick's looking at bats and gloves. D&DGF7 joined us a Dick's to help pick things out. G hit the mother load and got both a new bat and new glove... Home and we had a taco bar as G's requested bday dinner, it was really good. Everything settled, boys to bed. Hard to believe he is 10...

20161015 + Team Sports

20161015 + Up and took G to the Ohio Elite Day at the Ohio State Baseball fields.  L&J to J's soccer game, they lost 3-1.  D to softball games with DGF7.  I left G with his buddies for an sleepover and headed to Costco where I renewed my membership and then got what I wanted (1 thing) and then looked at the HUGE lines, put my item down and left...  Home and L grilled dinner, J had Conor over and D had DGF7 over.  We settled in for the OSU game which was not so good for the first half.  D&I ran to Kroger at halftime to get popcorn and Coke for L.  Back for a very exciting second half and OT, THEY WON!

20161014 - Perfect Night for Baseball

20161014 - Up in the am and in to work.  Had a young man that worked here before that quit came back to see me for a job.  I was sad when he left and thrilled to see him. AND lucky for him there was an open spot!  So the day started off pretty good.  Finished my day up in good time, headed to an auction house that was closed, on to another that was open and a 3rd to get the final stuff.  Home and L&G headed to the ballfield first, then D, DGF7, J&I headed to the ballfield where G's new team was playing his old team :-o  It was really good to see all the boys and families again.  The Lions played some good baseball and G got to pitch against his old teammates striking them out 1, 2, 3.  After the game L had made cupcakes for both teams for G's bday.  Home and the McClains and Georges came over for some beers and to watch the Indians game.  A lot of fun as always.  I headed to bed with horrible stomach cramps.

20161013 - Shadow of a Man

20161013 - Up in the am and in to work. Had calls with the legal team this am, FUN! Got everything sorted out and I think we are good to go. L went to G's parent teacher conferences this afternoon and they had great things to say about G, he is doing very well! After work I headed to West Dublin to meet up with L&G for J's soccer game. D was working at 'Taste of Gahanna' with the other teamates from his high school baseball team, he had a good time. J's team won 7-0 and after the game we went to dinner with the Gilgers at the Der Dutchman. After dinner we drove home, got the boys to bed, D home watching the MLB Playoffs and fell asleep on the couch.

20161012 - Dozen Singers

20161012 - Up and out late; I need to stop buring the candle at both ends... In to work and getting things done as fast as possible so I can meet L and the boys for eye exams this afternoon. Headed out early stopped by the Scout store to pick up awards. Got the awards and then headed home to wait for J to get home from school J home and we headed to the eye dr. When we got there D was done and gone, L was trying on glasses and G running around. I got my exam done and need new glasses, mainly because my snapped in half, L needs reading glasses, she was upset I didn't let her get the $210 pair they had fitted her with, $5 CVS readers will work just as well... D needs new contact, and J&G need nothing... Done from there and all met back at home. L&J headed out first to J's choir concert, G&I shortly after and D stayed home to work on his Eagle Project. There were only about a dozen boys in the 7th grade choir and they did good. J is so freaking tall! After the concert G&I headed to Kroger to get ice cream and chocolate sauce :-) Home and had ice cream and watched some TV.

20161011 - Leaders

20161011 - UP in the am and J not feeling well, but went to school anyway. I headed into work and had an incredibly busy day. Headed home with a couple stops at auction houses on the way. Got home and ate 3 tons of chili. D&I to the Scout Board of review where we had some advancements and D updated the Troop on his Eagle project. Home and up very late getting G's bday present set up.

20161010 + Friends @ Game

20161010 + Up in the am and in to work. I hate Mondays... Got a bunch done and a bunch of new to do... After work I headed to J's soccer game, L&G were there, D at DGF7. Ran in to the Tremantes, Evan's team was playing Jack's, good to catch up with them. J's team won, 7-0. L&G home, J&I to the gas station to get candy bars and do some Pokemon hunting. Home for a bit, D home to work on his Eagle Project. I got Doc and we picked up an auction win on the way to Bible Bangers. Small crowd tonight, but always good. Home, up late.

20161009 - Magnetic Springs

20161009 - UP in the am and all to church. Home and L got us lunch, D left to watch DGF7 play softball, J helped me clean out the office, G playing outside. I cleaned out all of the auction items and got some more shelving ready for items so we can actually see what we have... Worked on it most of the day and then LJG&I loaded up and headed to Magnetic Springs for G's baseball game. It was a bit chilly but a perfect day for baseball. G did good and they easily won. We stopped at Tavern 42 for a yummy dinner on the way home. Home and back at the office reorg... L watching the debate, D home and helped me put things back on the shelves as I relisted them. Done with that about 11:30... To bed and checking on auctions until late...

20161008 + Cute Couple

I20161008 - Up I. The am and G&I to Academy park where G helped his old team out with a scrimmage. Home and I cleaned out all of the consignment items out of the office and got them relisted and organized. D took one of his old wooden bats that he cracked and made himself a new gearshift for his car and then took his car to get washed. Gma&paB and the Coles came over to watch the OSU game. It was a good game and a nice visit. During the game D got himself all cleaned up and ready for Homecoming. L, Nicole, and GmaB were all over him and went with him to pick up his date and get pictures taken. Everyone back to the house for some lunch, a fire and some s'mores. After the game everyone headed out. We got the house cleaned up and I finished cleaning up the consignment stuff. D to home late and told me all about the night, he had a blast!

20161007 + Football Weather

20161007 + Up in the am and in to work. At the desk all day burning through tasks. Stayed late to finish off an SOW. home, sat down for 12 seconds before heading to the high school football game. It was perfect game weather and we sat with friends to watch the game. We lost, got some doughnuts on the way out, home and all boys to bed.

20161006 - Mermaid

20161006 - Up in the am and in to work. Had some good staff meetings and got a lot of things rolling today. Headed to an auction house on the way home and chatted with the owner a bit about how he got into the business and where he gets his stuff. On through heavy traffic to J's soccer game where LD&G were cheering. D was sitting on a soccer ball, I kicked it out from underneath him, He fell back, his feet caught the ball as he fell and kicked it up, hitting L right in the head. It would have been the $100K winner on AFV, everyone around laughed. D left early to go to DGF7's. J's team won and G&I headed to get gas. Apparently it is Dumba$$ get Ga$ day and every dumba$$ was at a gas station, me no exception. Anyway it took us 2 gas stations to get our gas full... G&I stopped at Creekside for some Pokemon hunting before heading home where we each made a big plate of cheesy nachos. L tried on some costumes I got for her at an auction, D was at his girlfriends for a bit and then home to watch the Indians game, J was up late doing homework, I stayed up with D watching the Indians game and checking out auctions.

20161005 - Hanging with J

20161005 - Up in the am and into work.  Looks like it night be a productive day...  Worked late on exe calls.  I tried to stop at an auction house on the way home to pick up some wins, but they were closed.  Traffic still horrible even at 6:30, made my way home and stopped to pick up tacos for J&I.  L&G at G's baseball practice, D had baseball practice and then went to his girlfriends for dinner.  J&I downstairs,eating tacos while J played on the xbox and I checked on auctions.  Everyone home, we had ice cream and called it a day.

20161004 - I Broke

20161004 - UP in the am and in to work. Had a better day. Left about 6pm. Home and LJ&G enjoying the backyard, D was shopping with friends I got Doc's mower and mowed the back yard. Done with that and helped J with something on the xbox. D&DGF7 showed up to watch a baseball game on TV. Up late checking auctions.

20161003 - Wreath Time

20161003 - Up in the am and in to work to find a $19k accounting error :-o Going to take most of the day to investigate this one... Day was pretty much not good at work... Home and L had dropped D off at soccer practice, D had just returned form baseball and was getting ready for Scouts, G was back at the school with some buddies. I ate and rested for 30 seconds before going to Scouts with D. The police blocked me just as I pulled on to 62 so they could start paving for the night... Was at Scouts until 9. Home and L had shattered a glass pan in the kitchen so tried to help her clean that up a bit, J&G already in bed. Off to Bible Bangers with Doc, had the police stop by as they shut the store down but we were still inside :-o

20160102 - Ohio Sports Day

20160102 - Up in the am and all to church.  Back home for a bit.  D headed to a baseball showcase, L to her classroom, J&G upstairs, I got things done at the desk.  L home to get J and head to a soccer game of one of her first students in Wilmington from ages ago.  G&I headed to D's showcase with a stop at the USPS and an auction house on the way.  There want much for us to see if do there so we played some catch and watched D when he was doing things.  D finished up his showcase and we headed to Der Dutchman in plan City for lunch, it was closed...  We ended up having a HUGE lunch at the Waffle House on 70 and then shot across town where the 3 of us got hair cuts.  Home and I got things finished up at the desk, G played on the iPad and D listed things.  We watched a movie and L&J home.  They had a great time at the Cincinnati FC soccer game and got to talk with Ross, her student, and his family.  All home safe and to bed.