20220525 - Up in the am and to the desk. L already doing party prep stuff. G and Trent up eventually and I got them started mowing the neighbors yard while L headed out for supplies. Back to the desk and G having all kinds of problems with mowing... I helped him get things running. Hazel heard a siren and we heard her howl for the first time today hahahaha! Back to the desk, L home and painted the threshold and walked around touching things up. J home for a minute before heading to work. I finished up my day and then listed some things on ebay. I headed out back with G and we put some stuff in the shed and then I got him started on stitching up the hole that started in the trampoline. Nate and Leo, his new puppy, came over to pay G for the mowing, let the dogs play and catch up from the winter isolation. We chatted for a bit and then J got home with JGF6, one of her friends and her dog Otis. So it was a pup-a-palooza in the backyard with dogs running everywhere, and they all got along. Nate, G and I headed out front to put new side lights in the Mercedes. We couldn't get them to work... Nate & Leo headed out and so did the girls and Otis. I went to move the car and the new side lights lit up! It was the light sensor, the lights only come on at night... They look cool! In and L&I watched Survivor. G had gone swimming some place and came home all in a tizzy because he swore they just saw the 'manchette killer' on Carpenter Rd.  So we called the police and he filed a report. The rest of the evening was calm and we watched the season finale of Survivor and headed to bed.