20220228 +

20220228 + Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and headed over to the office for a couple meetings. Meetings went well and I hiked over to Jets to get some lunch. Back to the desk and got a couple more things done before heading home. Home and L ran G to baseball. She then made some dinner and J joined us. J headed over to JGF6 and L trimmed up Hazel a bit more before doing her exercises. 


20220227 - Up late, Lhad already taken G to his basketball game and back and G's team won. I got around and shipped some ebay sales while L worked on the quilt some more. 


20220226 - Up in the am and 

L&I headed out. Stopped by eye dr to pick up glasses, too busy so bailed and will go back later

We then went to JoAnn Fabric so L could get some quilting supplies, I stayed in car and called Sallie Mae about D's overdue student loan and saw a guy pee in the parking lot smh...

We then headed across town to Dublin to look at a car and take it on a test drive. It was a 2016 Mercedes E300. No backup camera so no go for me... Was not as impressed with it as I was the 2017 E300 I drove last year. L not impressed at all.

Home and Hazel and I headed out, to the post office, swung by and got my glasses and then to dog park where she found a little buddy to run and play with. It was cold enough I thought the ground might be frozen... WRONG! It was a MUD PIT and before I could get out of there Hazel was black.

Home and rigged up a hand shower thing and L&I gave Hazel a bath.

I got on the PC and looked for parts to modify the bath tub to make the next dog bath easier and got a call from GmaW. Gma&paW stopped by they were at the Home & Garden show down here.

LG&I went to dinner at Bellacino's with Gma&paW
GpaW drove... makes me pretty nervous.


20220225 - Up in the am and LJ& not feeling great G at school. I got around and did some email in the living room, moving in to the office eventually. The day went fast, L&J home and then L ran to get G. G found out today when he got to school that yesterday was the last day of tryouts so he only got to go to one day of tryouts. He found one of the coaches at school and asked him what h should do? The coach told him to show up at D-bat tonight so they could evaluate his hitting. G home only for a little bit and I ran him out to D-bat, he didn't seem nervous... I dropped him of and then ran through the bank on the way home to get some cash, and then the drive thru. Home ad finished a couple important things up and right back out to get G. He came out joking around with some of his buddies and said he made the team. He said they made him hit and then he had to talk to all of the coaches at once! Shade, the head coach, asked him if he thought he had done enough to make the team? G said yes and they handed him his invitation to play high school baseball. I made him read me the letter on the way home. Home and G went in and told him mom all about the tryout. SO PROUD OF HIM! L&I headed to Nazareth for a gyros and chatted a bit, trying to plan the weekend. Home and watched the GLHS boys basketball tournament game.


20220223 - Lori and I watched 'Marry Me', cute movie.


20220221 Grant had a hitting lesson today
Hazel got a haircut

20220220 - Concerts

20220220 - Up in the am and I ran G down to baseball practice and made him try on a helmet. L headed to Gma&paB's with Nicole for a day of concerts. Home and worked on a couple of reports. Hazel and I ran to pick G up and then on to Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction wins. We chatted with Gary a bit and then Ed showed up. We chatted with Ed and then followed him back to his place in Westerville to get some stuff we won from him a while a go. We got our stuff and headed home. G&I got some lunch, I tried to get J up. G headed upstairs and I headed in to the office and got a couple of things done. Hazel and I took a big walk. Back to the desk and doing some Booster stuff. J up and G&J headed out to get us gyros for dinner. We ate and watched some of the closing Olympics stuff. J headed JGF6 and G played with Hazel a bit. L home and cleaning everything. Watched some more Olympics and then the Walking dead.

20220219 - 3 Fuzzy

20220219 - Up in the am and did a couple things around the house. Hazel and I got in the car and headed out. We stopped at a car dealership and looked at a car and then headed to the dog park. The dog park was CLOSED! so we headed to the other side of town and looked at another car. We found a dog park on that side of town and tried it out and it was a muddy mess. There was another park half way home that we tried that wasn't as muddy and had some similar pups to Hazel. She had a good muddy time and headed to one more car place on the way home. Home and Carried Hazel to the bathtub. D and DGF13 were here, they took G and a buddy to the OSU basketball game during the afternoon. I got Hazel cleaned up and then D&I ran out to pick up some of Tom's pizzas for dinner. We had dinner and chatted a while before they took off. Up late watching the Olympics and reading.

20220218 + Play

20220218 + Up in the am and L at school, J&G have a day off of school for whatever made up reason. I got to the desk and had a pretty good day, got some stuff done. After work L&I headed to the high school for their Dinner Theater. We sat with Karen Pettit and Penn Mallonn for the dinner and then headed in for the play, ‘Stoplight’. It was a strange little play, but nice enough. Home and G had gotten picked up and spent the night at a buddy’s and J at band practice. We watched the Olympics and played with Hazel. J got home late.

20220217 - Big Walk, Big Call

20220217 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got to the desk and got the day rolling. Hazel and I took a big walk to the drive-thru and it took longer than expected so I had to join my call while walking and transfer it over to the pc when I got to the desk. It was a quarterly update and was good to review all the stuff going on in other areas of the business. Finished up the day. L made us some stew for dinner (not as good as mine) and we settled in to watch some Olympics. 

20220216 - Muddy Mut

20220216 - Up late and LJ&G at school. I got around and got the day rolling. I’ve been having issues with the internet the last few weeks cutting out everyday around 11:25. It usually lasts about 30 seconds and then I’m good to do the rest of the day. Well today it cut out and I was on the phone with WOW and trying various different things for over an hour. Finally it just all started working again… back to the desk getting things done. L home and took Hazel on a walk. I got more done and took Hazel on a short walk. L ran G to baseball practice and then over to help Tiff with a project, and J went to JGF6’s for dinner, even though she was supposed to come here tonight… whatever. Hazel and I headed out to the backyard to throw the ball. It is 55* today so not freezing. However, not freezing = MUD, and Hazel was COVERED in mud! I carried her in to the bathroom and gave her a bath. Out to the living room getting caught up on some things with the Olympics on in the background. Talked to Marko our neighbor buddy from when we lived in Wilmington NC tonight. Good to catch up.

20220215 - Booster Meeting

20220215 - Up in the am and to the desk. Pretty normal day. After work I got some leftovers and Andy picked me up and carried me to the Booster meeting. It was a good meeting. L took G to hitting. I got home and L&G arrived shortly after. Watched some Olympics and got some reading done. 

20220214 - Dumbo the Dog

20220214 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got myself around and headed in to the main office for the day. We had a couple of meetings and I got some things done. It’s strange being in the big building with only a couple people there. Folks are going to start coming back in the beginning of March. Home and L&I didn’t really feel like doing anything for Vday so we just hung out. I pulled up the blog and we looked at What we did for Vday over the past decade or so. Amazed at how log ago it seems but how fast it’s happened. I picked up Burger King for dinner when picking G up from baseball. Home and we ate and just relaxed and watched some Olympics.

20220213 + Walk and Bet

20220213 + Up in the am and G’s baseball has been cancelled this am. I do a couple things around the house and it is a pretty lazy day. In the late afternoon G got picked up by a buddy and headed to his basketball game. L&I got ourselves together and headed downtown to meet the Pettits and take the Valentine’s Chocolate & Cocktails walk around to various Creekside businesses. There were about 8 places on the list and we went from place to place having some tasty treats and drinks and good conversation. It was a nice afternoon. Home and G was there with Gma&paW, they had come down to watch his game. We visited for a bit and then they took off and L started cooking some Super Bowl treats while Hazel and I took G out to Andrews to watch the game. Home and L&I had our snacks and watched the game. Got a text from Terrill that G won $160 in a bet they had at the party… The Game was ok, halftime show too strange for me and the commercials aren’t as good as they used to be. The Bengals lost so that was a bummer. I headed out and picked G up. Home and shut down for the night, ready for a busy week. 

20220212 - Grape Sucker

20220212 - Up late and did a couple things on the pc. D decided he wanted glasses and came over and we went to the eye Dr and ordered some for him. Back home for a min and D took off and G and I hung out and watched some of the Olympics while L gave Hazel a grape sucker.  L headed out to go to a basketball game and dinner with her friends. I hung out and got all sorts of things done. In the evening J headed out with some friends and G&I headed to Waffle House for steak and eggs. We then swung by and picked Andrew up and I dropped them off at the bowling alley. Home and Hazel and I hung out watching the Olympics and getting ready for the booster meeting next week. L home and we hung out and watched more Olympics until late.

20220211 - Back and Forth

20220211 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I started the day in the living room cleaning out email and prepping for the day before heading in to the office. Had a busy day of trying to wrap things up for the week. L ran to pick up G up from school and ran him out to baseball practice and then back and forth to pick him up. L&I ran to El Vaquero to meet the Mallonns for dinner. We sat and chatted and had a nice meal. Home and I spent some time in the office so I wouldn't be locked in there all tomorrow and then out and watched some Olympics before heading to bed.

20220210 - Tuffy

20220210 - Up in the am and in to the office. Doing some exciting new stuff and having some guys test it for me this morning. I then took care of stuff as it flew in until time for Hazel's walk. It was a pretty icy walk as things are in a thaw refreeze pattern right now. Back to the desk for a ‘Townhall’ call at work. The call went pretty good and of course I got the majority of the actions. I got a drink and finished my day… L home and we ran and picked up the car from the shop. I hung out and threw the ball to Hazel while talking to some guys on the phone. In for dinner and then L&I just hung out with the Olympics on for the evening.

20220209 - Bucket 2

20220209 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got my day rolling. D stopped and got the insurance and HSA cards and headed to the eye Dr. J left shortly after. D&J back. D’s eyes got worse and needs new contacts. J’s eyes are perfect. L ran me to the eye Dr. So I could get checked out and then went to pick G up from school. My exam went fine and my eyes haven’t changed in the last year. But I am getting some computer glasses! Out of my exam and L&G there waiting their turn. The hair cut place didn’t have a wait so I ran down and got a quick trim. Back to the eye Dr. And I’m to the exam room with G and asking the Dr. if G’s eyes are the reason he can’t hit a baseball ;-) G’s eyes are perfect. L’s eyes are ok, she just needs readers for up close stuff. Everyone home and L ran G to baseball. L made dinner and J and JGF6 joined us. It was a nice dinner and then J and JGF6 went out and hung a sap bucket before vanishing the rest of the night. L went tot pick G up and I took the white car to get gas. I then met them at TUFFY where we left the silver car to get serviced tomorrow. Home and watched some Olympics until late.

20220208 - LIVE Pitches

20220208 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I did email in the living room until my first call and then chained myself to the desk for a while. I made a mistake this morning… I heated up my water and for my coffee and oatmeal, but we were out of decaf coffee… I don’t think much of it and just used regular coffee.  We’ll combine regular coffee (an 8oz coffee has 4x the caffeine of a 12 oz Coke) plus the stress of the day threw my heart off rhythm a couple beats and freaked me out… I got to a stopping point and took a short walk with Hazel before my next call. Finished up that call and headed back to the living room to finish off the day relaxing and watching some training videos. L home and in the phone worried about one of her coworkers health and I threw the ball to Hazel a bit. J&G home, J left and then L warmed up some dinner for us. L&I hung out watching the Olympics, she cutting colorful piece of paper for tomorrow lesson and I worked on the PC. G&I headed out to his hitting lesson. There were some older boys, seniors, that knew G there, a pitcher and a catcher and they asked him if he wanted to try and hit. G accepted the challenge and saw live pitching for the first time this year. He did pretty darn good hanging with to boys that were 3-4yrs older and quite a bit bigger than him. He hit well and they acknowledged that and thanked him for working out with them. Home and watched so Olympics before heading to bed.

20220207 - 1st Bucket!

20220207 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel and I up and working from the living room this morning. I headed in to the office and settled in for the day. L&J home after half a day. L took Hazel in a big walk and I got a break later and took her on a short walk. L cooked a big dinner as J and JGF6 were to join us for dinner but that didn’t work… so L&I ate and then D and DGF13 stopped by and hung out. We chatted and made fun of people on the Bachelor. D ran and picked up G from baseball for us. When the show ended they heard out back and hung the first maple sap bucket! J home late. To bed in good time, did some reading.

20220206 + Anger Issues

20220206 + Up way to early for a weekend to head to a double header basketball game for G. G’s team lost to the worse team in the league the first game and then they played Trent’s team that had some boys with anger issues and it was a very physical game. One kid punched Andrew in the back of the head. G’s team won that game easy and we headed out in a hurry. Home and G changed quick and Hazel and I ran G to his baseball practice. We then headed back to The dog park where Hazel got to run and play for a long time. We ran past the post office and got some gas and then back to pick G up. Home and relaxed looking for cars for G on the internet for the afternoon and evening.

20220205 - Forced Labor

20220205 - Up late  in the am as I was up until 3:30 to finish modifying an app. I ran G to his pitching lesson and chatted with the coach while G did his thing. Home and L went out and checked on Doc. I called the neighbor lady as there was no tracks in or out of her house, she was snowed in. Somehow L got me out of the house and we hopped the fence and cleared enough of her drive so she can get out. She came out crying and hugged us tight. Home and I delivered a snack to the new neighbors. Boys home from sledding, got cleaned up and headed to Easton to hang out a bit. L&I got ourselves together and met the Mallonns at the Gahanna Grill for a nice dinner and chat. Home and we hung out and watched some shows.

20220204 - Snow Day 2

20220204 - Up and to the desk while everyone else got to sleep in. I got on with my day and L brought me lunch. G and Andrew finally got up, bundled and headed out sledding for the day. I finished up my day and came out of office. L&I hung out watching the opening ceremonies and I worked on an app for work most of the night.

20220203 + Sweater Model

20220203 + Up in the am and the weather wasn't as bad as predicted. Everything got closed last night so LJ&G didn't have school. I headed in to the office and got to work. J took off for JGF6's and L brought me lunch. It wasn't until late afternoon that the sleet turned into huge snow flakes and blanketed everything pretty quick. I finished up my day and headed out to shovel and throw the ball to Hazel while she sported her new sweater. G's buddy Andrew showed up to spend the night and he and G took off and got some sledding in. They got home about dark and had some dinner and we headed to the basement to watch the new Marvel Eternals.

20220202 - Dinners

20220202 - Up in the am and had a good day at work. I got my list done and was ready for the evening. L&I headed out so J could cook dinner for him and JGF6 for their 6mo anniversary… Land I went to O’Charleys for a nice dinner and then walked around the new Big Lots where Stiemmart used to be. L found lots of stuff and I found a sweater for Hazel. Home to a messy kitchen. Talked to GpaW about his cold weather prep and hope their power doesn’t go out and he asphyxiates them with his backup plan… :-o

20220201 - Warm Walk

20220201 - Up in the am and LJG at school. I got around and did some emails in the living room before heading in to be on some calls. After my calls Hazel and I took a walk in the balmy 46* weather. Home and finishing up the day. Out of the office and went out back through the muddy yard to get the tin buckets and throw the ball to Hazel a couple times. In to have dinner with L&G and watch some Shark Tank. L headed to the Dollar Store, G headed upstairs and got caught up on some things before G&I headed to hitting.