090630 + Change of season

000630 + Was up til 4 last night & started again @ 8... L got the boys ready & then Nicole, Sam & GmaB showed up and they all headed for the zoo. I made it through the day... We loaded the gang up and headed to the ball field. J&I ran to the gas station and got food out of the wall for dinner. Back to the ball field to see Howdy up, first at bat: he got a walk from the 6' pitcher. We ate as the game went on and Gma&paW & Paulette showed up. Doc made an appearance as well. The team played really well, but in the end didn't pull it off. It ended up to be the last game of the season. D was pretty upset. But a stop @ the ice cream stand on the home took care of that. Got showers for the boys & some Jack Daniels for me. Then to the basement to watch the old 'Escape from witch mountain'.

090629 - Buddies

090629 - up and spent the day trying to get caugt up from being out of town last week. Had a quick dinner w\ the fam then to D's baseball practice. Here we see the boys in a rare moment of being buddies :-)

090627 -

090627 - D - Baseball game, Dylan to Ben's for sleepover

090626 + One of those lights...

090626 + Today was J's last day of Safety Town & D's last of Summer Art Camp. My day in Mexico was fast morning. We cleaned up a couple of issue then to airport. Just missed an earlier flight home... Stuck in DFW, home 1am. One of those lights is mine...

Matt is on his way home :)

Matt called and is on his last leg of his flights home, YEA! We miss him while he is away. The boys have all sorts of things laid out for him on the kitchen table to look at when he gets home.
Jack had his graduation from Safety Town today. They held it at the auditorium at the HS. They had to answer about 10 questions from a police officer before they could get their diplomas. They learned about police and 911, fire safety, strangers, mean dogs, swimming safety, bike safety, crossing streets, gun safety, car seats and they even got to ride a school bus back to their classroom. The best part Jack said was the new bike helmet he received.
After graduation, we went swimming with friends, dropped Dylan off at art camp, rested, went down to Creekside to eat dinner and feed some ducks (saw a snake and a few frogs), then to Joanns for some craft kits that were on sale and to Old Navy to get the new Transformer shirts with a free poster! Home, showers, cookies, bed and I sat on the back porch and played with Lily for a little while. Oh, we also picked all those lovely veggies in the previous post.
Matt will be home in about 1 1/2 hours, I'll try ...to.....stay......up......zzzzzzzzzzz!

Multimedia message

Garden veggies

090625 -

090625 - J - Safety Town, D - Summer Art Camp, L pool w/jen & her kids, LONG tired day, not many bugs, tweaking, exhausted, dinner in sky, tom andre.  Wine bar andre

WIN #2

Jack learned about gun and fire safety at Safety town today. They have a trailer that is decorated like a house and they simulate a fire and the kids have to climb out the window and down a ladder, get to a safe place and call 911. Jack knew all about the ladder thanks to his dad :) We had 10 kids here this afternoon. My girlfriends and their kids came over and played and slid on the slip and slide. Dylan walked to art camp and continued his work on his clay lion creation. We ended the day with a bang, Dylan won his second tournament game by 1 run! Grant was a trooper today with all the activiites! He is such a good boy, so big. He is constantly asking about all the activities he'll be able to do when he is a "big boy like dylan and jack". Can I play football when I'm big, can I go to art camp, can I read a chapter book, can i go to safety town??????

090624 -

090624 - J - Safety Town, D - Summer Art Camp & baseball win, M go-live good, too intense on future changes. Nice dinner, pic & people.

090623 -

090623 - J - Safety Town, LDJG 2 pool, D - art camp in swimmin trunks, rough afternoon.  M in mex, good day, golive tomorrow

We won!

Dylan won his first tournament game tonight, 11-0 ! He had a couple good hits and chewed a whole pack of big league chew! Way to go Dylan!
Safety town at 8 am, slip and slide after lunch, art camp at 2 and ballgame at 6 makes for a full day and one tired mama :)

090622 -

090622 - J-Safety Town, D - Summer Art Camp, Mex, N, good day, aligned.  D baseball tournament, hits, won.

090619 - I'M NOT TIRED!

090619 - Everyone up EARLY & in my bed... as a HUGE Tstorm roared through the city. So I got an early start to the day. D had a friend over to hit balls off the pitching machine. Then LDJG&D's friend met some friends @ the pool. I walked to the barbershop @ lunch & got a hair cut. Then back to the office to finish the day. Everyone home, CRANKY & HOT. Jack was a screamin mes until he crashed, literally, onto the red chair, fast asleep. L&D ran out to get his glasses fixed & bring back food. After dinner LG&I went across the street and carried home her garage sale stepping machine... Now out to the backyard to play kickball.

090618 -

090618 - Dylan to Dentist & baseball game, walk, MD&J

090615 - Gone fishing

090615 - Up and at it. Jack to Ortho got a good report on hi leg! No more cast, he can go back to normal activity. D stayed homr whil LJ&G went to get the leg ckd out and did some yard work I assigned him, then over to a friends & off to the pool. L then took G to Dr 4 his throat... That left me & J on our own, so we went on a walk w/J no cast!

090615 -

090615 - Dylan baseball game, bible bangers, ebay

090614 -

090614 - LDJ 2 church, G&I paper, cofee, baseball.  Patio all day, Jim L & Fam over, finish 4 bricks short.

090613 +

090613 + Dylan Baseball, Gma&paW, Paulette, D Clippers, M Poker, LJ&G Dinner

090612 -

090612 - 1845 allen Cartwright, player for NY knickerbockers, standardized the game of rounders.  90' btw bases, 9 players 9 innings

090610 - Last day of school

090610 - D - Last Day of School,  Baseball game, 2 hits!  Gma&paW here, pizza, up late again.

090607 +

090607 + Dylan baseball game, Gma&paW & Weezer, 3 hits!

090606 - Ballons

090606 - Coshocton ballon fest, Consession Stand Duty, Dylan Baseball game HIT!

090605 - Hard Week...

090605 - Got up after staying up for the the I have no idea many nights in a row till 3 or 4 am and got ready for work. This week has been especially challenging with all of the changes and things going on/wrong. As I was making my morning coffee I looked outside to try to see what kind of day it was going to be. Need I say more???

New shoes and a mess!

This entry is dedicated to my dear friend Jen: After a fun day at the park, Matt decided to take the fam out to go to the outlet mall and get some tennis shoes. I thought that was great because the boys all needed new shoes as well :) Well, the usual chaos ensued with running up and down the aisles and laughing and hiding from each other. Matt and I tag teamed them and started our search...then we noticed Grant was leaning over in a strange position and had an odd looking (and smelling) substance on his finger. (If you have a weak stomach, no need to read further). Yes, he had an explosion of diarhea and, yes, it was up his back and on his clothes, and no i did not refill my container of wipes before we left the house. I grabbed his stinky little hand and high tailed it to the nearest bathroom and had to strip the poor baby down, shoes and all, and clean him up with dry toilet paper (AHHHH!). We got all dressed and sanitized as best we could and all Grant cared about was that he got to flush the potty on the way out the door. Anyway, Daddy and the two big boys bought awesome shoes and needless to say, Grant is still wearing his old ones... The boys got to play on the giant play set and we were on our way back home. Don't worry, I made sure Grant was cleaned up properly before he went to bed. Just another day in the life with my three boys :)

PS My foot fits in dylan's new shoes...how is that possible? :( Sniff, sniff.

090602 - Fashion

090602 - Up an on the phone. Wrked on N all morning and then into the fires for P until it was time to eat dinner... Out to the backyard for some kickball with the 3 bays and G had on D's baseball cleats, big boy underpants and no shorts... Everyone hanging out in the backyard. L in her garden.
090601 - Dylan got his first official hit of the season tonight! YIPEE!

090601 -

090601 - Dylan Baseball game = got a hit!  coffee witht he boys