20050328 - 2 Week Start

 20050328 - Up and to the airport heading to DFW. This time for a 2 week stay to map the process for Motorola and the repairs of the Razor.

20050327 - Easter

20050327 - Up in the am and LDJ&I headed to Delaware to see GGma&paKraft. The We had a great meal and the boys did an egg hunt with their cousins in the backyard. It was good to see everyone.

20050320 - Table Builders

20050320 - Today D&J helped me build them a picnic table. They are some good helpers and like tools.

20050314 - DFW 4 MOT

 20050314 - Up super early and to the airport. Heading to DFW for the week to meet with Motorola and get their systems designed.

20050304 - Farm Visit

 20050304 - Ran up to the Farm for a visit.