20221129 - UP in the am and ran to the school to get G and head to Sunbury for his last driving lesson. I had forgotten his paperwork so he and the driving instructor drove back to our hose and get it while I set up in McD's and worked. G back , all good. Home and Dropped G off at school and then on to work the rest of the day. After work G drove me to Delaware where he had baseball practice. I took my stuff and got more work done. Home late.


20220122 - Up and got G from school and we headed to Sunbury so he could drive. I got set up in the McD's and got to work. G drove for 2 hours and I things done. He came back and did good on his drive. We headed to Kroger and got some stuff to drop off at Edward Jones for a food drive. G drove me to his school. HOme and worked the rest of the day.


20221108 - Up in the am, and Hazel out hunting squirrels. I ran up to vote. Worried about the IQ of voters and think that probably needs regulated somehow...