080720 - Mexico City

080720 - Up and had bfast & some play time w/ G. L to church then home. I packed and hit the airport. Tonight I find myself in Mexico City, one of the largest, I think one of the top 5, cities in the world, 20M people.. From the air it streaches from on mountian to the other in every direction. It baffles the mind to see this and wonder how somehting so big can have enough service, food, etc and continue to function... Amazing!

080719 - Wedding

080719 - Up and out w/ the boys: hit the playground, Creekside, Wendy's 4 lunch & the skate park. L picked us up there & we got ice cream @ Rita's. Home, everyone clnd up & off to the wedding. Julie Wentzel (L's cousin) married Kurt. It was a nice outside ceremony. We all had fun @ the recption, then D&J went home w/ Gma&pa Barker 4 the week. Grant danced until 10, then we headed home.

080718 - Up and had some negotiations w/ P, then received notification that this whole project may be scrapped... Wonderful... Caught my flight home & was greeted by big smiles & hugs from all. Got caught up on the weeks events and everyone in bed.

080716 - Whoa!

080716 - Back into Celestica, more intense workshops today, lasting into early evening. Out for fantastic dinner tonight. It was so good I even ate all the vegetables! We had to do a lot of walking from the car to the restaurant, so I hitched a ride on a buffalo!

080715 - Up & into CLS w/ the P team. It was good to see some old friends again. Had a long intense day of workshops... Out for a pretty good dinner w/ the team.  L doing good w/ the boys & doesn't sound too stressed out about vbs, yet...

080712 - Cousins

080712 - After the parade we all headed back John & Mary's fot some family time and food. D&J had some fun w/ Sam & Max, their cousins from Germany. We headed to the park after a bit where everyone got to burn off some more energy..

080712 - Parade

Up and gettin things done then on the road to Shelby. We got ther and walked in the parade w/ GmpaW. Howdy & J rode their scooters and L pushed G in the tric. GmaW, Louise, Burt, Diana, Casey, Marry and some of Dad's team walked and passed out candy. It was fun.

080711 - Play

080711 - Another fast stressfull day. Had a quick dinner and then we split up. L ran some errands and I took the boys out to the movie store, get gas and a stop by the ballfield where some of Howdy's friends were playing in the Allstar game. Since he wasn't playing ball he was more focused on the playset, so I set the monkies loose. Home, got showers, put Grant to bed and the big boys and I watched a movie toll midnight.

080710 - Big Boy Bed

080710 - Up and a full day of crap. Really hard day... Played outside a bit after dinner and then the big boys helped me put the Big Boy Bed together. Grant seems to really like it and his cowboy sheet. Tonight will be interesting...

080709 - Fair

080709 - After work I loaded up the troops and headed to the Madison Co. fair. We had lots of greasy food and saw lots of animals! Her is Dylan, Jack & Grant at the fair.

080706 - Dinner

080706 - After hunting frogs and playing in the spring we headedinto the house to up a TV. Then off to Shelby to look at a truck for GpaW. We met John & Marry Terry for pizza @ Cici's! Back to the farm, Jack's fever is back... Headed home w/ 3 sleeping boys.

080706 - Frog Hunters

080706 - Up & did a couple things around the house while L went to church. She got home, fed everyone & we loaded up & headed to the farm.
We got there and the big boys stood up through the sun roof to see the cows. Grant immediately had to go see Dusty. Here are D&J, the mighty frog huters! The found 8 little toads...

080705 - Lunch

080705 - Up and around. Trimmed the grape arbor and then headed to Rich & Nicole's for lunch. The kids swam in the pool, jumped around and had fun. We had lots of good food and then watched the vacation video. Played some games in their backyard. Jack got hit in the head as he was wandering around. Got the boys loaded up and headed home. Jack had a bee crawling on him in the car... L, Nic & GmaB headed out shopping. We watched Transformers w/ GpaB, Rich & Sam. the girls brought home some food for us. After baths the big boys & I played Lego Indiana Jones till 11.

080704 - Happy 4th!

080704 - Another LONG night with the sick boys, Howdy is really feeling it now and Jack isn't much better. Luckily L,G & I are showing no signs... We headed out the morning to see the parade; wet but nice. I then took the fam out for errands. It worked out great: they sat in the car and watched movies while I ran into stores and got a bunch done. It forced them to sit still and rest a bit too.
Home and I cleaned out the lounge and game room while the boys played w/ Legos and watched a movie. Ran and got dinner, then Lori took D&J to the Urgent Care to have their fevers and throats looked at. Seems it is a virus going around that Grant contributed to us... Went out front to watch the fireworks, then everyone off to bed.
080703 - Good thing the kids had fun at the track last night... Jack came down in the middle of the night and hed had a fever of 103! I was up nearly all night with the poor little fella. When D got up today he was a bit hot too... Exhausted, I stumbled through the work day. Then after dinner Grant and I hit a couple stores, to get out of the sick house. While we were shopping we purchased the Lego Indiana Jones Wii game. When we got home I surprised D&J w/ the game and they managed to drag themselves off the couch to play it with me for a bit before bed. Both with high fevers...

080702 - Races

080702 - After another fun day of work, nearly caught up on my 1000+ email queue from vacation..., I called the Grossl gang to see if the wanted to head out for some real fun. Jeff & I got all our kids and headed for Scioto Downs. We made a stop by the Chandler rental on the way and got caught up on biz stuff during the drive.
When we got there Grant went nuts when he realized he had horses everywhere to watch! The kids HAD A BLAST! They ran & ran & had pop & ran & ice cream and all sorts of fun. We headed home and everyone hadto be carried to bed. Good day!

080701 - July!?

While working today I got a visit from Super Dork (Jack)! Dylan & Jack have been playing together so nice these last couple of days, we think we must have brought the wrong children home... I guess we better enjoy it while it lasts. Grant still pretty sick. Played the Wii untill late with the big boys.

080630 - Back Home

080630 - Well we had a great vacation! Now we are back home doing laundry, cleaning up and trying to keep from getting caught up in all those things that in daily life really don't matter. Grant now has a fever, Dylan & Jack are playing pirates very nicely together, L is settling back in and I am back behind my desk. I am going to try and stay relaxed. There were far too many stressful things going on before vacation & I don't want to get that stressed out again for a LONG time...