101129 - End of Nov

101129 - Up and chained to desk.  I did get arranged our 2011 family vacation in-between 5 hours of calls...  Out for a nice dinner.  I think G is ready for Christmas already...  J&I to scouts, great meeting, covered how not to get lost, the food pyramid and fire safety.  Home tried to help D with a project but was making the wrong kind of canoe...  Out to Bible Bangers. 

101128 - Slow day

101128 - All up, we skipped church :-o  L getting groceries, boys playing nice, I was preparing for scouts.  Then G took a nap and I ran errands with D&J while L put the Christmas tree up.  In the evening we had Chinese in the basement and watched 'The Last Air Bender'.  Up late working...

101127 + Blood & Football

101127 + J&I up and out for breakfast at McD's, BP & BK to make sure we got everything we wanted :-)  Then to the Dr so J could give blood; he does great...

We stopped at Kroger on the way home and then over the to Pettit's to watch the  OSU vs. Michigan game.  Home and watched some more football and talked to Woods on the phone.

101126 - Shopping

101126 - Up and L&I out shopping, it went well, we got everything on our list and crowds not too bad.  We had a nice lunch and all met back at the Farm (GmaW had a secret mission that was pretty easy to guess, see photos) and got on the road.

Home and unpacked, Lilly happy to see us.  We vegged out the rest of the night.

101125 - Thnaksgiving

101125 - Up early and DJ&I out hunting with the men.  We kicked up some pheasants, Dog got most of them.  I caught one by hand :-)

In to warm up then cleaned the bird.  Got myself cleaned up and headed to the Farm House for some good family time and food.  It was quieter this year, rainy, and no hike :-(  We put together a huge puzzle with the cousins and played cards with GJ&John Terry.  Up to the house, tired boys to bed.

101124 - Birds everywhere

101124 - Worked all AM, had a call at lunch and finished up, on the road, working from car (I LOVE TECHNOLOGY!!!)  L had here table favors all packed and very worried about them...  We arrived at the Farm right behind Roger, Brad, John C, Lauren and Lucia and we all went out to set out the pheasants.  D let one fly, and J set one out all by himself.  Down to the barn and helped GpaW set up a water tank.  In for dinner and boys played, watched another 'Librarian' movie and all to bed not too late.

101123 - Indian in the Kitchen

101123 - Up and on calls, studying for a class I am taking.  G got to bring his Thanksgiving outfit home today.  Report cards home, J, good, D ok...  To the toy store to redlaser things for Santa.  Then we found a strip mall Chinese place for dinner.  Home, up late working.

101122 - No Mooses?

101122 - Up worked all day...  I helped D with his multiplication flash cards and then we had dinner.  DJ&I loaded up and headed to one of only 2 Order of the Moose museums in the world, right here in Gahanna!!!  Jack's Tiger Den got a nice tour of the facility and we looked at all the stuff.  When we left D said 'that place is just a bar!', very observant... and jack said 'They didn't have any mooses there!' in a disappointed tone :-)  Home, got the boys to bed and off to Bible Bangers.  Then up  late finalizing the day.

101121 + Potatoes

101121 + Up early, talked to Arno and Niall today, all to church then home for lunch.  DJ&I out, flu shots for J&I, dropped off chairs at joes, good feedback on last night's meeting from many of the guys.  Then to Jeff's boys played, Val, Jeff and I put on cabinet pulls, and trim molding.  Dropped off D&J at church practice and got G.  Home with G, pealed potatoes, talked to Courtland, good feedback on last night.  We played the Wii, set up mastermindgarage.com, had dinner and then watched shows and played with beyblades.

101120 - Masterminds

101120 - Up DG&I to McD's for some bfast and boy scout intro for D.  G&I to the book store to buy a bunch of 'Think and Grow Rich' books for the guys that show up for tonight's meeting.  L&J to get J's blood tested and do some shopping.  G&I picked up D, D was having a lot of fun, may do boy scouts now...???

We ran home and picked up L&J.  All to another book store at Polaris, then to Sawmill, got sandwiches at BK and to a really cool park D&I found earlier.
On to yet another book store to get the last batch of reserved books.  Home watching the buckeyes and get the garage ready.  All boys to bed and the guys started showing up... WOW!!!!

101118 - Turkey & Cake

101118 - Up to a slow start. Couple calls then ran to pick up G from school. G&I hiked back to the school to have a spectacular good and fun turkey lunch with Jacky boy!

Back to the desk to finish the day. Out for dinner with the fam and then all ready for the cake auction. Here are my bakers with their cool cakes.

The auction was a success and I even got to do some auctioneering:-)

101117 - Up early, saw the boys off to school and then headed to Cleveland.  I drove to the meeting and listened to 'Think and Grow Rich" on the iPhone to pass the time and for the class I am taking.  I got to the meeting and had a nice lunch and then many hours of meetings where I didn't get to say a word, and then the other two guys in my team took off...  There I was all by myself with a handful of people that had been talked to for hours and dying to go back to their cubes.  So I gave a 20 minute overview, putting them to sleep and tried to make a graceful exit.

Headed south and had to stop at a rest area for a call with Australia...

Further South to the Farm.  Mom, Dad and I to a new restaurant where 'Mom's' use to be.  It was a good dinner and and really nice to relax and have a kid free conversation.  Further South and saw the boys for a bit before they headed off to bed.  Up late and working on the PC.

101116 - Scouts for 2

101116 - Up and saw the boys off to school. On the phone for a 4 hour meeting... Worked the rest of the day then dinner. Jeff stopped by to show me his new ride. Then J&I got all dressed up and headed to our first 'official' scout meeting.

We had 4 boys in a very small room...

But it went well. Home, got J showered and to bed. Up late getting ready for tomorrow.

101115 - Beat it

101115 - Up and boys to school, J having trouble getting ready these days... I had a slow start but got a ton of things done. Out of the office for dinner, couple more things done and then all boys in the kitchen to make cakes. D went first and got his hand stuck in the mixer beaters... great example... But he showed the other two how it was done. D's cake in the oven, then J mixing it up. J had a very scientific method and did a fine job for his first cake. J's cake in the oven, then patient G beat it up. He did really good with help and not too many egg shells in the batter... D's cake is done, G's cake in the oven. L took over watching the cakes and J&I to the office store for scout stuff. Home, all boys to bed and then I headed out to meet with the Bible Bangers.

101114 - Up and all to church.  D saw a big metal thing hanging above a car.  Arby's for lunch.  D&I worked on his AEP project for school.  Then the boys all designed their cakes for the big cake bake this week as we watched the rest of the old 'Train' movie.  Then LD&J to their Christmas practice, where L 'volunteered' to help...  G&I to the grocery for cake supplies and hot chocolate and coffee.  We all met home for dinner.  After dinner I played rough with the boys and then all boys to bed.  Now up late trying to organize new Tiger Den for Jack.

101113 + Shakes Ties a Blimp and a Sailboat

101113 + Up early and out to the park with D&J. We met other Knights and Pages for early morning lessons: how to enter a room, how to shake hands, things NOT to do around girls, how to tie a tie, how to answer the phone. The boys had a lot of fun and hopefully learned something...

Then the whole group went to McDonalds for breakfast.
Home and Scott and Troy over. L gave Lilly a haircut and bath, Scott got Troy and I registered as Den Leaders for J's Tiger den :-o Then J&I went to the scout store to get our uniforms and saw two hot air balloons. Our uniforms are nice, J's is blue, mine is brown. On the way home we saw the blimp over the horseshoe. We made it home with time to model our new duds for LD&G before kickoff.
All downstairs to watch the Buckeyes. The first half was horrible so I decided to clean out basement. Anybody want a sailboat?

Well the Bucks pulled off a good second half and won it and my basement is clean. L ran out and got us pizza for dinner. Then I played the Wii with J&G until bed time. I was to play poker but my friend was sick so no game tonight. L&I watching college ball relaxing.

101112 - Up for an early morning call. I ran G to sitter as L had more teacher conferences today. More calls all morning. Ran out to Saddle Run to get the gas turned on. Back to desk and finished a PMP class. After work the boys and I headed to the bank, steak and shake and office store, L went out with the girls. We dropped J off at bday party and DG&I loaded D's iPod touch with music. G&I ran to pick up J and then back home and played Wii. Got jammies on and we all stayed up late watching an old army movie. L home late, but only minutes after I got the boys to bed :-o

101111 + My Day

101111 + Up and the big boys off to school and L into school for Parent Teacher conferences as the teacher. G and I hung out watching cartoons, Scooby Do, and had breakfast. Then G&I headed to the bookstore where he showed me the place to get hot chocolate and his favorite section up the escalator. Home and he kicked my butt at Wii boxing until Gma&paB showed up to save me and G started beating GpaB on the Wii while I ran and got lunch. Met up with L on the way home and we all had lunch together. Then back to the school for the Veteran's Day presentation. It was really nice and the boys always love showing off GpaB our Air Force man. I checked the big boys out of school early and we went home and hung out playing the Wii etc until we all met up with the Cole's for an awesome buffet dinner. Then LDJG&I pealed off the group and headed home. There D&I went to scouts where we had a scientist come in and wow the boys. Back home, read to J&G while D got cleaned up and then all boys to bed.
So today is the day. 11 years have now passed from the day LD&I had our car accident and I lost my right eye. I promised myself this day would always be a special day just for me to be with the ones I love and let others know they are special and just how special life itself really is. So 40 special people got a letter from me today and I know they pass it forward. Here is to getting an extra 11 years of life! And here G sums up how my day went :-)

101110 - Up early for breakfast with David and Jeff, then off to the customer.  We had a good meeting and good lunch.  Then to the airport and flew home.  Got home to an empty house, GmaW had the boys at dinner.  I had to get on the phone for a late night call.  L home from a funeral in Newcomerstown and the boys home.  I got to kiss them from my desk and everyone in bed by the time I got off the phone...

101109 - Historic Night

101109 - Up at 5 and to Chicago. Met Richard and headed out for a potential customer visit. It went very well. Then straight back to the airport and jumped on a jet to Philadelphia. David picked me up and we headed into the old part of town. We had a good dinner at a pub, religious conversation, and then started walking.

Gave L a call, the day sound ok: D started a new program after school with AEP, J gave blood, J sang in the Thanksgiving program at school and all boys to bed.

Then off for some exploring. David and I found Independence Hall,

The Liberty Bell,

a park where the Marines started and 2 geocaches.

We then drove around downtown and found some more neat old buildings. Drove out to the hotel.

101108 - Wii Time

101108 - Up and saw the boys off to school. Got my coffee and reading done. Good morning call then steady all day. Dennis stopped by and helped me get the dryer electric in to code. Finished up my day and had a nice dinner with the fam and they told me all about going to the zoo today. We got the trash out and down to the basement for some Wii time.  All boys to bed and I'm off to meet the Bible Bangers.

101107 - Busy

101107 - Up and all to church. Then home for lunch. G was really grumpy so he took an early nap. DJ&I built some stuff out of scraps and did some science experiments.

When G finally woke up we all went on a hike at a local park and found the geocache that my cousin Jen had put out.

Then LD&J went to the church Christmas show practice. G&I back home and the Barnette boys came down to help run some electric for the new dryer. L brought food home for dinner and then we played the Wii until bed time.

101106 + Clean up Builders

101106 + Up and all active.  D was somewhere in the backyard playing with his BB gun, I couldn't find him...

At the same time J&G were taking turns wearing a police helmet fashioned with an indian headdress and using the shaft of a plastic golf club stripped down to be a baton and trying  to bend over backwards and touch the feathers to the ground like the Drum Major of TBDBITL.  It was quite a site and the laughing and boys falling all over made it hard to read my daily Bible verses.

We had the whole morning to hang out at home with no practices, no sports to run to, no commitments at all.  SHEW a breath, finally.  So I headed into the basement to try and find my poker table through the mound of LEGOs...  I spent quite a bit of time sorting time sorting the various pieces by type and size into their respective bins.  Can you say OCD???  The boys took a interest in the LEGOs and started building new things as fast as I could put them away...  We took several breaks for foosball games where I successfully defended my title against all three boys.

L&G headed out with Nicole Sam & Lena to go see their Grandparents then on to Hudson's third birthday to see Suzanne, Hudson and Noelle (from the Suz-Mae blog).   DJ&I stayed home and finished the great LEGO cleanup and then I started on the back half of the basement as the boys kept building...  Jack built this guy sitting on a couch watching a big screen TV.

We all took a break and watched the very exciting ending to the Michigan Illinois game into triple overtime!!!

Then D&I headed out into the garage to build a stand for the new dryer.  I showed D how to figure out how high the legs should be based on the measurements he took from his mother and the dryer and the size the base needed to be.  He did all of the cutting and most of the assembly.  We carried it down to the basement and got the dryer up and on the pedestal, wired up and vent installed.  I would say he did a fine job!

We got everything cleaned up and were done by 7pm.
The three of us loaded into the car and went to Panda Express and had a good Chinese meal and fun.  We then hit Meijer to get some supplies and home to meet up with L&G and hear of their adventurous day.

We watched some football and got the boys to bed.  Up late watching movies and updating the blog.

101105 - Box Seats

101105 - Up and had a pretty stressful day.  Was glad when it was over...  D received his lever for his BB gun in the mail and we fixed it and he tested it out.  We loaded up in the car and headed out for a nice pizza dinner.  After dinner we dropped LJ&G off at Meijer and D&I ran to Home Depot to get supplies to install the new dryer tomorrow.  We picked up LJ&G and stopped at Blockbuster, but there is nothing worth watching there so we got gumballs and headed home.  We headed home and everyone got showers and we watched a couple of shows in the basement.  D cut some holes in the dryer box and they took turns watching the movies from the 'box seat' :-)

101104 - Science

101104 -Up to a LOUD house, Jack out of sorts...  Had a pretty rough morning with Jack and myself...  After he got under control   walked him to school as D had to go early for his bank job..., but I still feel really bad about the morning...  Back home and I hung out with Grant and got to take him to school.  Back home and chained to the desk, pretty frustrating day but getting things done...  Got some of my classes for PMP certification started.  Out of the office for a nice dinner and then we all headed out looking for dryers.  Then D&I went to scouts and they did some science experiments.

After scouts Scott went with D&I to get a dryer.  We got home and Jeff showed up and we all got the dryer to the basement.

101103 + Code

101103 + Up dragging a bit and stressful day at work...  After work D&I ran around aimlessly to banks getting $ together for my buddy while LJ&G took a walk.  Home and put a puzzle together with J&G.  L shouted up from the basement 'the dryer died!'.  I tried to fix it...  Don't think I can fix it this time...  So upstairs and watched a show in the playroom while J&G wrote on the whiteboard.  They were writing their names and some secret language.  Very interesting.

101102 - Raking in Votes

101102 - Boys up too early and they were grumpy...  I saw them off to school and took Grant to school.  Back to home and chained to the desk.

L&G home, then off to Children's with J, had to give 2 huge vials of blood and is now part of a study to give blood, twice a week for the next 8 weeks :-o

We all had dinner and then Doc showed up and mowed the leaves.  The boys and I headed out and raked some of the leaves into a pile to jump into and had a blast.  D even got on his leaf costume and the boys played hide and seek.  L and I up late watching a movie and watching the election results.

101101 - Games

101101 - Exhaustd, even after a full night sleep...
I made it through the crap day, on the phone the entire day...
Out of the office for dinner, played, showers, played some games, then off to Bible bangers.