060430 - Sophia's welcome to the family

060430 - sophi church, dad lost 4 lunch...

060429 - Great GMA Heydinger

060429 - Up and out early to get Howdy's baseball picture taken. Then we stoped at Meijer A got Howdy a booster seat & tennis shoe for me, old fashion Converse. Home and bug bombed the house, left the dogs outside, bark-bark-bark, and off to Dayton. Everyone arrived safe and we are heading out to dinner.

060429 - Team Photo

060429 - Team Photo

060428 - A&W Root Beer Time!!!

060428 - Worked most of the day then went out and mulched the front yard and edged some more. Put the family in the blue truck and headed to Home Depot to get 30 more bags of mulch. Then the the A&W Root Beer stand to get dinner. Did you know that A&W stands for Allen & Wright. They were the confounders of the root beer recipe... now u know... while we were eating Howdy said, 'I can't get nothin out of this straw' as he sucked on his root beer float. I replied, 'well your suckin on the spoon knucklehead'... How and spread the 30 bags of mulch, that is 60 bags in 1 day, I AM DONE for the summer in the yard! Doc mowed, finished watching the 'Theif of Bagdad' with the boys, put them to bed and then catchng up for a weekend in Dayton.

060427 - Busy day at work. got the shower and the water softener out of the basement and the south wall all cleaned up. Dylan to Karate, Jack and I to Home Depot to get mulch and supplies. Watched the 'Theif of Bagdad' with the boys, good old movie for them. Up late listening to the 'Davinci Code sermons' Facinating stuff... [http://www.coasthillschurch.org/podcast/index.php?d1=shows&d2=sermons&d3=davinci]

060426 - playing in the yard

060426 - Fast day at work. L&J to the library, Howdy at school. Judy over for dinner. Got some chores done outside. Great night to sit on the porch.

060424 - Back to school

060424 - Well Spring break is over for Howdy. While getting on the bus today he fell in the driveway and ripped his pants. I had a pretty smooth day at work. The boys and I ran errands, Home Depot, Meijer & Blockbuster. The boys we helluns, I almost had to club them in public... Home ready for bed looking for birthday party ideas for Jack on the computer. I am heading out to coffee with the boys.

060423 - Another busy outside day. Jack and I finished up the east gate install and then planted an arbrovatea (15) screen on the west side of the yard along the fence. Howdy and I planted hostas around the grape arbor. Some friends stopped over to shot paintball guns. ended the day with dinner at Stans and grocery shopping at Kroger. Boys to bed, Lori unconscience while trying to watch tv.

060422 - Spring cleaning

060422 - Time to clean the gutters, plant some bushes, fix the grape arbor and climb some trees...

060421 - Magic Mountian Time!!

060421 - Cleaned up the work week, pretty smooth day. L went to a concert & the boys and I hit Blockbuster, Arby's and Magic Mountain. Heading home soon to watch a movie

060420 - Completed the first mowing of the yard today. L & the boys home from GmaBs, the house is loud again. Cleaned the storage room out with L. Up late working on hp project plans.
060419 - Pretty quite day with the boys gone... Fast day at work. Jim from next door helped me get Mr. Smalley's mower going. I mowed until dark... L called said Howdy woke up with a bad sore throat, took him to urgent care and later that evening he got sand in his eye. What a disaster....
060418 - L & the boys to GmaB's. I worked all day into the dark of night and got LOADS done.
060417 - Finally got the VPN in Pharr Texas working today.... Had coffee with Dan & Joe

060416 - Easter Dinner

060416 - Everyone up, had quick candy hunt and then out to church. Then headed to Delaware to see Great GMA & PA Kraft. Had an egg hunt there and chatted a bit. Home, Howdy & played outside and got his new parachute toy stuck in the maple tree. Everyone but Howdy took a nap. To Big Boy for dinner.

060415 - Coloring easter eggs

060415 - Went over spring tasks and summer plans w/ L. Played upstairs on the white board and played video games. Had a bite to eat then colored eggs.

060413 - Eatin Outside

060413 - The Day went smooth. I start my new job in CLS Monday. It will be a nice change. Took Howdy to karate but it was caneceld so we got a movie and Wendy's for dinner. Home and having our first picnic on the back porch.
060412 - Today was topugh at work. Mexico was a mess. On the phne until 8:30pm, hardly got to see the boys at all.

060411 - Baseball

060411 - Up tired day. Had a couple calls and tried to get organized. Howdy had baseball practice. Updated www.matt.winger.net with pics from the maple syrup weekend.060410 - Worked all day and went shopping with the boys tonight. Jack spent his first night in brothers room in a real big boy bed... It was an interesting night. Went to Tim Hortons met Dixon to talk religion

060409 - A new hobby...

060409 - What a perfect Spring day! We went to the park to play on the new playset and to test out our new hobby, 'Letterboxing' (www.letterboxing.org). The picture above is of me and the boys as we find our first letterbox ever! The boys love it, 'This is cool, just like finding hidden treasure!' There are reportedly 800 letterboxes hidden just in Ohio. This one is in our home town... A fun new family event!

060409 - Hiking at the park

060409 - Big Walnut Creek, Friendship Park Gahanna Ohio

060403.Time to go swimming!

060403 - Up early and too the airport. I had a special treat this morning... I came out of the bathroom and Jack was already up. He waved goodbye to me from the front door. I find myself in Mexico today, and it is HOT!!!! Unfortunately the above pic is only checking in at the hotel. I now have to get in a hot car and drive to the HOT DUSTY plant. I am sure Howdy and Jack could talk me into staying for a dip if they were here.

060402.Outside at last

060402 - What a nice day! L&D 2 church, Jack & I built a huge tent in living room. We played outside until itwas time for Jack to take a nap. Then Howdy & I ran some errands, got wood for the floor and a bigger basement window for the game-room. We rented the new 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory' for tonight to see how it compares to the original.

060401.IT FLOATS!!!

060401 - pm - Mounted the Kayak on top of the Rodeo and headed to JT and Stephs with the family. JT helped me get the kayak into their pond and stabiliized it as I got in. He then pushed me out to sea, where I was sure to meet my untimely death. I had my knees up and it made my center of gravilty very high, and the kayak went from side to side for sure it would tip!!!! then I put my legs down into the kayak and took a deep breath... IT FLOATS! I paddled back to shore and there was not a drop of wter inside the craft. SUCCESS!!! [for more photos of the entire project please visit my home page, www.matt.winger.net] Home, Lori rested while I watched 'Those Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines' with the boys. Loit wanted take-out for her birthday so I ran out and picked up the food while she gave the boys a bath. Relaxing after dinner. Another VERY busy day...

060401.Baseball already?

060401 - Happy b-day 2 Lori! Everyone up and out to baseball practice... Already?