20140630 + Swimmin

20140630 + Up and in to work for a full day.  Fam went tot he pool today.

20140629 - Sour Grapes

20140629 - Up in the morning and all to church.  Home for a quick bite to eat and I got some things done at the desk.  L&J headed out shopping and DG&I headed out to drop off a 3 day notice at one of the rentals and then on to D's mile run and pick up Owen.  On to practice for G's All-Star travel tournament team, D caught I ran bases (broke my hip) helped coach.  We had a rain delay but only for a few minutes.  G was throwing rainbows so I started calling him Dorothy and singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow to him.  Every (but him) got a kick out of it (Poor boy).  On to Dairy Queen after practice and chatted with some of the parents.  Home and started working on D's scout requirements, and a Girl magically appeared in our backyard...  She rode along for the pull ups and then I took the boys and the girl to the park to watch the semi final game for the Pony league.  It was a great game and the boys enjoyed hanging out with their friends at the park, L got some time to herself and I got caught up on email in my lawn chair.  Home for dinner and then 2 boys mysteriously showed up to spend the night...  Watched Falling Skies with all the boys and then took little ones to bed.  Big boys in the basement up all night...

20140628 + Team Treat

20140628 + Up in am and to G's game, Gma&paW showed up to roast in the heat with us.  The boys played the Pirates and it was a super close great game.  We got beat in the 6th and it was hard for some of the boys to take, but it was one heck of a ball game against a bunch of bigger kids.  We took the team to Dairy Queen and everyone got a treat and had some fun.  D&I bailed out to go watch D's game.  We swung by the house to change and get Doc to follow us.  We got there for their last at bat and they lost.  2 season ended today for D&G, D's team got 4th, G's 3rd.   Home to get organized for a bit.  G&I ran to get sandwiches at Subway and we stopped at a little junk store on the way home.  all home and we had lunch w/ Gma&paW.  They hung out for a while and I got some things done in the office.  Later in the afternoon we all loaded up and headed out to see the new Transformer movie.  We ran into some friends and sat with them.  It was along but good movie.  A quick stop at the grocery and Taco Bell on the way home.  We got home, ate and then I got more done at the desk.  D got caught up on his Scout stuff.  Everyone watching baseball on TV to end the night.  

20140627 - Cool Dude

20140627 - Up and in to work 50's day, had some fun.  D mowed, J last day of lacrosse camp, G had friend over, didn't go so well...  Meetings, Lunch with Dave, finished day.  Home dropped D off at baseball field to watch game, LJG&I went to  Dirty Franks Hot Dog Palace in downtown Columbus, nice little place, good, not great...  Swung by and picked up D after dinner.  Home and shipped some ebay sales.  Boys to bed for a big day of baseball.  Up dong bills and watched a movie with L

20140626 + Got Nuttin

20140626 + work
G baseball won against the red sox
D baseball won against the red sox
Home ran out to get food, too long of a line cash only, got nuttin

20140625 - Rainbow

20140625 - Up in to work early and got things ready for MSFT to come in.  Had a good visit.  Bailed out to go to G's game and D umped a game.  We had a good game and the boys played well.  I wore my umbrella hat and everyone laughed, until it started pouring...  Ahead in the 6th inning and G up to pitch in the pouring ran.  He had water dripping off his hat and we had to dry the ball off for each pitch.  He closed the game for another win and kept us in the tournament.  A HUGE double rainbow showed up as the game ended.  We stopped at Burger King for a bite and then home to chill out.

20140624 + Learning to Catch

20140624 + Up and in to work.  D went to a catching camp at OSU and LOVED it.  J to lacrosse camp, LOVED it.  I worked late NOT LOVE IT.  On the way home I went through the drive through and got beer and coolers...  Home and chatted with boys and watched a movie with L 'Odd Thomas'.

20140623 - Come Back

20140623 - Up and in to work.  Home for G's game, it was a huge come from behind win!  D helped ump in the outfield.  Home and we are all exhausted from a busy couple of days.

20140622 + Try Out

20140622 + Up ad had a good talk with dad about the farm.  Home and rushing around, picked d up, got lunch and supplies for a-major tryouts.  D caught for all the kids and i scored their stance, hits and running.  After tryouts Tom and John came over and we narrowed down the kids to form a travel team.  L got us some pizza and G & Tom's little boy Aiden played and had a last.  Jack was at the Mallonn's all day and came home to jump on the trampoline.  All boys to bed and we followed shortly after.

20140621 - Reunion Sale

20140621 - It was a baseball morning: D ump and buds here for lunch.  L&G had a garage sale, D umped game 2.  Then D staying with friend going to Creekside tonight.  LJG&I headed up to Farm where we dropped off J&G and L&I headed to my 25 yr class reunion.  It was good to see everyone and how things change...

20140620 + Woody

20140620 + Up and in to work.  Today was Western Day.  D tried out for pony tournament team.  We went to dinner at Massey's with Mallonns.  Home and relaxed the rest of the evening.

20140619 + Locked In

20140619 + In to work, locked Tim in his office :-)  G had a game that Harrison called horribly and called the tying run out at home without a tag. 1st loss in tournament, put us in the losers bracket.  Home on the phone drinking beers.

20140618 - Dinner

20140618 - Up and in to work for a super stressful day.  To the baseball field where D was umping.  Gave Mets a hand with coaching tips.  A big storm blew in everyone left.  Gma&paW stopped by to see D ump and came home with us for dinner. Stayed up and got a couple of things done.

20140617 - Grading

20140617 - Up to work, full day, D went to a baseball camp where they graded him.  Home up late watching movies on AMC.

20140616 - Hold'em

20140616 - Up to work fast cold day ac is broken and freezing me.  J sick today, D had a hand full of friends over + a girl.  To G's baseball, D umping another game.  G's game was super intense and close, the #1 team avg 19 runs/game.  We held them to 3 runs and only lost by 1! Great game.  Home and to Bible Bangers.

20140615 - Relaxing

20140615 - Up in the am and checked out the father's day gifts from the boys.  To church with the fam and then grabbed some sandwiches and had a picnic in the park.  Home and L&I scheduled some hotels for vacation.  To the pool for an afternoon dip and throwing of the boys.  Home for a quick change and to our friends the Varney's for a nice relaxing dinner.

20140614 - Line Up

20140614 - UP in the am and to the fields.  Gma&paW came down for the games.  D's team played a great game and won.  D gunned down 2 guys stealing and the whole team listened and played well.  Back to the house for a bit to get the desk cleaned off and rest up before G's game.  To the field for G's game and we ran the crap out of the boys to pull out a 10-8 win.  G pitched in the last inning and did really good. GpaW, J&I ran some errands and meet the rest of the group at the Mexican restaurant for dinner.  Home and watched a couple of movies.

20140613 - Pimp

20140613 - Up and to work dressed like pimp for 70s day with Tim.  It was a crazy day, employee of the month lunch.  I got a call about jack playing music during baseball games...  Home got movies and dinner with D&J.  Back home for dinner with the fam, boys jumped on trampoline, l trimmed bushes and talked to Jim the neighbor.  In and watched a couple movies and did email.

20140612 + Gear

20140612 + Up and to work, huge escalation, not our fault :-)  To D's game, he had his new catching gear on...  The boys errors gave away a nice lead and they lost...  Home up late.

20140611 - Peddlers

20140611 - Up to work and then to baseball field to watch D ump.  D got a shot at the Dr. today... Home updated scouting reports.  Little boys playing nice.  All boys to bed.  Up watching pineapple express.

20140610 - Relatives

20140610 - Up to work.  GmaB took the boys to the zoo today where they met some relatives...  Home for D's baseball, FANTASTIC GAME, 8 players, KILLED THEM, Gma&paW down for the game and loud dinner at BWs.  Home all to bed.  I stayed up updating stats.

20140609 + Chillin

20140609 + Up and into work. G baseball game, run ruled them, they really need better coaching.  Got an ice cream treat with D&G.  Home and ton of kids at our hose jumping on trampoline Gmab here, taking boys to zoo tomorrow. Went to Bible Bangers with Doc.

20140608 - RUN!

20140608 - Up, no church, got some work at the desk done...Took D&G to the track to get measurements for D's merit badge.  Home and worked around the house.

20140607 - Walarus

20140607 - Up in am and to the ball fields.  D had a game early and J was the MC.  They played pretty crappy in the first game...  J played music through the break then time to play again.  They started out better but G&I had to leave and head to his game.  Gma&paW down for a baseball day.  G's game started out ok and then quickly unraveled, G's pitching was off and he was mortified and sad.  D came over to watch, they intentionally walked him :-) and D's team still won!  G's team could not turn things around and had their second loss for the year.  Home, D went with Gma&paW to look at catcher gear and I ran off to a meeting on IT to help out the school board.  Home, L&J watching TV, G asleep and I updated the game stats.  We all met back at Red Robin for a nice dinner, then back to the house for a trampoline demonstration.  Boys to bed and I worked on a handbook for scouts.

20140606 - Farmers

20140606 - Farmer day at work...  very busy day.  J had piano lessons and his friend Donovan over.  Home and then out to meet our friends the Varneys for dinner.  After dinner we swung by home depot for supplies and ran into a scout leader and later a scout that was driving :-o  Home and G helped me put some grass seed down and then i put the breaker in for the dryer.  Up late with J setting up music for tomorrow's baseball games.

20140605 - Little Green Men

20140605 - In to work absolute chaos...  Home and picked up J&G and to G's game.  L at D's baseball game. D had a great game, caught a foul ball over the fence and had some huge hits.  G had a great game and they won 24-7.  After the game I talked to some guys about coaching the travel team for the 8 year olds next year...

20140604 + Exercise

20140604 + Into work, took over a conference room and cover the table and whiteboard with everything in my head. L&boys went to a movie today.  It rained all day so no baseball. I worked late and whittled away at the pile of emails. Home and got a bite to eat. D&I worked on the dryer, couldn't get it working so swamped it for one in Docs driveway. That one didn't work... :-s  We discovered our breaker is bad  we carried around 2 dryers, just for exercise :-(

20140603 - Striking Out Day

20140603 - In to work, it was a really crap day starting with the call on the way in. In office on PC and meetings all day. L took the boys to the pool. Home and eat quick, got D and took him to the game he was umping and I scouted. Home after the game and played some catch with G and watched LD&J jump on the trampoline. Boys to bed and I caught up on only a couple things, exhausted and to bed, L wanted to watch a movie and is now asleep by my side.

20140602 + Catchy

20140602 + UP back into work, way too far behind to do anything...  J had a Dentist appointment to get fillings in his baby teeth... not sure why that is necessary...  home for D's baseball game.  They were beat by the officials and I hate to say that, but ugh, miserable...  Home and took the boys to Bible Bangers for a late night snack.  Home and set up a sheet for D's team's batting averages.

20140601 - Bouncy

20140601 - Up in am and to church.  Home for lunch and a jump on the trampoline, then into the office to get some things done.  L&J went out to get groceries and D&G hung out while I worked.  L&J home and J&I played Halo on the Xbox for a bit.  Everyone loaded up and headed to the movie Noah with a quick stop at a sports place so D could look for a catchers helmet.  The movie was good, a little bit too Hollwoody for me, but entertaining.  Home and read the story of Noah to J&G out of the Bible so they knew the true scoop.