20111031 - Trick-or-Treat!

20111031 - Dragging still sick, but UAT ready.  Cole's over for trick or treat. The boys had a great time and all stuck together.  Home chilled, tired and ready for candy. We hung out, sorted the booty and then off to bed for the boys. I got the garage ready for next weeks party.

20111030 - Work and NEW BABY!

20111030 - Up and L&D to church, I was dragging a bit in the morning, bot got started and got the garage cleaned out nice.  D&I out getting party supplies and his costume for Halloween.  He then decided he didn't want to do it.... ARGH!!!!  J stepped up and said he would do it and it is an awesome costume!  Then D&J mowed, J&I took D to church for a youth meeting.  We all got cleaned up and hanging out with the boys.

20111029 - Jen's 40!!!

20111029 - Up and got a few things done, then piled everyone in the car and headed up to the farm for my cousin Jen's surprise 40th birthday! Jen's sister Jessica from Germany flew in for the occasion and we had some food and fun in the old farmhouse. Many Aunts and Uncles were there and some other cousins. There was Pug driving, gun fights and hikes.

Here a picture of the next generation of Wingers... Look out world!

After the party GpaW and I ran to TSC. Then we joined Gma&paW for dinner before heading home to stay up late and watch the first exciting OSU game of the season!

20111028 - Parade Rest

20111028 - Up and stuffy hit by truck morning... G home from school again today, he missed his Halloween Party :-( He played real nice so I could get work done. L home and then back out to help with J's Halloween party. I snuck out for a couple min to watch the parade of kids. I bet u can't find J in this picture: hint = he is camouflaged very well...

Back in finishing up my day. Ran to a couple properties with Jeff. Home got oil and water, uh, I mean D&J and ran a couple errands and picked up pizzas. Home ate, watched the rest of Captain America and then the World Series. D helped me get the basement put back together after the BlueRay/GoogleTV install and put a new monitor on the boys pc in the playroom.

20111027 - Run and Cough

20111027 - Up and feel like crap.  G home with me today he feels like crap too.  What a pair we are...  He played real nice all morning and I was able to get loads of testing done.  After work D&I ran to a couple of stores to replace a monitor that blew up on my desk today and get a cable box for the party next weekend.  This evening L&D went to a school concert and JG&I hung out at home and watched the first half of Captain America before 'all boys to bed'.  I stayed up and got my Google TV set up...

20111026 - Who is Jack? and Bday

A little book written about Jack from his family, friends, dog and himself.  
Open publication - Free publishing - More jack

Link to Issuu and this book.

20111026 - Up and feeling a bit like a truck hit me.  Turned 41, G sick, L took him to the Dr.  I called the Dr. and they had already closed for the day... We still went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory and had an awesome dinner.  We hit the Lego store too, where I got a train.  Home and to the basement to watch a show, but most everyone fell asleep.  To bed early.  It is hard getting old :-)

20111025 - Kick off

20111025 -L out early left for mammogram; all good.  I got DJ&G delivered and strapped myself to the desk for a busy day.  After work we ate and then headed back to the final baseball game for the fall.  We didn't watch the game, we got into a good game of football and had some fun and got dirty.  Home and watched a movie with the boys.  All boys to bed.  Getting the Blog caught up...  Tomorrow is a big day for me...

20111024 - Scout take over the City!

20111024 -Work stall.  D had his 12yr chk-up today.  L served us all an experiment dinner... :-o  J&I to his den meeting at City Hall.  The boys were good, we had a great tour and met the Mayor, Chief of Police and a handful of other people all really happy to see and talk with the boys.  It was a fun meeting.  Then J&I went to the church and finished up D's Scouts with him.  L nervous about Dr tomorrow morning.  I left to help Jeff put the roof on his car and then off to meet and vent with the guys.

20111023 - Clouds and Sun

20111023 - Up and all to church with some turbulence. Church was ok, but after, the strain cracked... All boys in separate areas... When the clouds parted, homework got done, things were put away and once complete, some fun happened. I played the Wii with G, helped D finish his book report, L&J took Lilly on a walk and G got a nap in. I helped Doc with his gutters and Joe move an old stove off his back porch and then finished up with an extra coat of sealer on the patch at the end of the drive. D&J actually played very nice while I worked...??? Back in and watched some TV until we had to drop D off at youth group and JG&I tried the new McDonald's. L out to eat with the girls tonight. Back home and we had a Wii party and a great time!!! :-) I ran and got D, leaving J&G on the Wii (only took 9 min...). Home and we watched the World Series and all played on our iDevices. All to bed with no resistance...??? Down watching TV and cleaning up my iPad/iPhone.

20111022 - BSA game Day

20111022 - Up and out into the 35 degree fog with G for his last soccer game. He did great, got 3 goals and tons of assists. We got home and hung out a bit. L headed to the grocery and the joys and I hit a buddy's garage sale and Blockbuster. Home and Did our Fall Fire Drill.

We had lunch, I cleaned out some more of the black car and then Game Day commenced...

First was G's choice and we played kickball (of course...) Boys vs parents. They won 15 to 7

Second was J's choice and we played flag football. Teams were D&J vs LG&I. It was a tough rough game, but ended in a tie, 21 to 21.

Third was D and he wanted to play baseball, but there are not enough of us so we just played catch for a bit.

All in for some homework and rest. Then it was my turn. I loaded them all up and we headed to the bowling alley for pizza and pins. L was the big winner of the night with a top score of 110!

Home for quick refresh and then Pettit's are coming over tonight to watch a football game and play Risk.

20111021 - Sweet Sauce

20111021 - Up and worked straight through all day. Grabbed the family and headed downtown to a resturant, but it was closed :-( It was in a bad area so L was :-) No worries I had a back-up! We got to Florentine's, a Columbus landmark, for dinner. It was a good Italian place, but their sauce was a bit sweet for us, except J that ate 3 helpings of spaghetti... Home, boys cleaned up and we all played Rummikub.
Watched a movie with L

20111020 - Jack-O-Pumpkin

20111020 - Up worked, walked, finished work.  Had dinner with the fam and then played Battleship w/ J, then cards with J, then Scouts pumpkin carving with J.  We worked together and got it done fast and it looked great.  He got the award for the best fangs.  J and I ran past Blockbuster on the way home.  Boys to bed then I tried to install the BlueRay player, but was foiled...  Watched world series, and a movie.

20111019 + Guts on the floor

20111019 + Up to desk, walked, finished the day.  Headed to an aquatics meeting then took a movie back and then ran home for dinner.  Then we gutted some pumpkins with seeds and orange guts all over the floor.  It was fun and slipper and made the boys want to take baths.  Then we watched some baseball and a movie.

20111018 - Gkicks

20111018 - Up and working, walk break.  L had bday lunch and I saw L&G on my walk heading home.  More work and then off to a very chilly soccer game.  G was playing his 'girlfriends' team and they were quite a hoot flirting...  G's team won the game and the coach got them all a snack.  One game to go!  Home all boys to bed.

20111017 - Go-Live Ground Out

20111017 - Up early, got donuts, to the warehouse and met the team for a very uneventful Go-Live.  It was good to see the warehouse and the operation and software in motion.  We had only two issues that were solved easily.  We all headed out about 4pm and I was home in time to eat fast and get to Jack's game...
It was a great game but the boys lost.  I am afraid it was by design (adults involved...).  The boys were upset for a moment but got their second place trophies and the smiles returned.  Good season Rays!!!
Out to meet the guys, good time, nice release.

20111016 - G5 Summit

20111016 -Up and out on errands with my big 5yr old!  We hit Dick's Sporting Goods and Kroger for some last minute supplies.  Then home to set up the pinata, L had everything else done and it looks great.

Pretty soon kids starting showing up and it got NOISY!!!  J got home from camping and D from the Farm and the party got into full swing.

We had games, pin the ball on the soccer field, dribble and kick, a craft and of course on of L's famous cakes and presents. 

Everyone had a good time and G got WAY TOO MUCH STUFF!!!!

After the kids left we opened G's presents and had plastic toys all over the living room!  We took a break to G's choice, Steak and shake, for dinner.
!!!Happy 5th Birthday Big G!!!  
!!!We Love you!!!
Home again and played some more with the toys.  Then All boys to bed and getting ready for the week...

20111015 + Win Wedding

20111015 + UP in the am and off to baseball, J's team the Rays made it to the semi finals.  They WON AGAIN!!! another intense tight game, but the boys pulled it off.  Now we need to play them again...  Gma&paW down for the game and they took D with them.  J left with his buddy for another night of trick-or-treat camping.  LG&I headed home, got the car and garage cleaned up.  Then we all got cleaned up and headed to Delaware for a wedding.  L's cousin Jill got married to David Sherman.  It was a nice wedding, minus the wheezing organ.  the reception was fun and everyone was astonished at my unleashed awesome dance moves!!!  Home late after an exciting long fun day.

20111014 - No School for D&J

20111014 - Up and L&G in to school, D&J home with me.  I got some work done and the boys did really good all morning, except a few loud outbursts.  L home and took care of the boys while I finished the day.  A buddy stopped by and I helped him out a with Google apps.  J took off with a buddy to go camping for the weekend and LDG&I headed out to try a new restaurant, the Knotty Pine for dinner.  It was really good and we all enjoyed it.  We hit Blockbuster on the way home and got the Green Lantern. We all got to stay up late and watch the movie.

20111013 + Jacks Big Run

20111013 + Today started off as an ordinary day, except the boys were all home from school; But it wouldn't end ordinary...

Boys are home from school today, I am not sure exactly why...  They were upstairs playing and watching movies while I worked.  I did take a break for lunch and we ran to the bank where they reluctantly deposited some cash.  Then on to Panda Express and had a nice lunch together.  We stopped at Meijer on the way home so they could blow the rest of their hard earned money on toys they certainly didn't need and I this D didn't even want one...  Back home and I worked some more, L home a bit later than usual, CPR class at school...
All home, I finished working and we all had dinner.  L stayed home with G, still not feeling well and I took D&J to J's tournament game.  It was a great game.  Tied since the 4th inning...  now it is the bottom of the 8th (these games are usually only 6 innings).  Jacks up to bat, he has not been hitting a lot and the boy before him just struck out. D had worked with him right before this inning and by the grace of God he hit his first pitch and ran to first base, SAFE!  Now we are at the top of the line up...
The next guy strikes out...
       The next guy gets up...
          The coach steps in, he only gets one pitch...
                2 outs 2 strikes, last pitch, and the kid hits it!!!

After the celbration died down we headed home, picking up a late night snack at Subway.  Home and told the story to a weepy mother and brother.  Boys cleaned up and off to bed.
That a boy Jack!  :-)

20111012 - Littlest Sick

20111012 - Stressful day that the desk.  G very sick.  L home took G to Dr. he has Strep...  L to get G's prescription and to J teacher conf.  J is doing well, some focus issues (really?).  J's game was rained out.  D&I made dinner while L got her hair done.  DJ&I Meijer to get G's birthday and movies.  Home made some calls, bed.

20111011 - Lights. Really?

20111011 - Up and at the desk all day. Went to J's baseball game tonight. It was a really great game and very close, in fact it was a tie, and then they made me mad... The 7th inning started with our boys at bat. They did pretty good with the darkness setting in fast and it was too dark. We got our 3 outs and and the other team was up. They got one out and then they decided it was too dark. So we moved to a field with lights in the bottom of the seventh... HUH? Of course they hit the ball. THEY COULD SEE IT! How unfair is that. We lost... I'm bitter...

20111010 - D's Fall Ball ending

20111010 - UP and worked.  L went to D's teacher conf; it was good but he needs to pull up...  To D's baseball, watched a bit, had to leave for Jack's Scouts.  J&I to scouts, went well and fast.  Home, D had lost, Gma&paW came down to see a bit of the game.  All boys to bed and I ran out and met up with some friends to see Courageous at the movies, great show!

20111009 - Ds Back

20111009 - Up and a much easier, less work filled day. Played with the little boys, then D home; he had a good time, is starving and tired. We hung out and had a relaxing day.

20111008 + (Busy)-1

20111008 + Up early for soccer with G. He had another great game and loves it.

Home and I took J&G back to the school for a bicycle safety day with popcorn, snow cones and bouncy things.

The fun did not last long... Home and in true Huckleberry Winger fashion I gathered some neighbors and we resurfaced the driveway!

Exhausted I had to keep going, J wanted to learn how to mow the backyard... He did GREAT!!! And he sang and danced as he mowed, what a hoot! Had a good dinner and hung out at home.  Doc over to watch the Buckeyes somehow lose a game they won in the first half...???

20111007 - Stressful day at work with all the sudden changes... Took a tour of a local warehouse/3PL with Joe. Had a fast dinner with the family and then ran D over to the church to meet up with the Scout Troop as they head out camping for the weekend. I ran home to get his water bottle, picked up the fam and we got a movie and ran some errands. Home for some games and fun.

20111006 - FINALLY!!!!

20111006 - Up to see how this new day will be. I talked to lots of people today, all with uplifting messages and words. I spoke to Lee and miss him already. Such a close friend and decade of life together we have shared, and will continue. I tried to wrap my head around the new in rush of work that I am not familiar with and a bit overwhelmed by the emotion of it all.
At the end of the day I ate with LJ&G and then headed back to D's baseball game. Something was different, the boys were charged, energized, focused and playing as one team. Everyone hitting, catching, making the plays. Forth inning in the lead, and no error. Fifth inning, still in the lead, no errors. Ok now bottom of the sixth, is this the inning we have had in every game? Not tonight. The boys circled and cheered and 1, 2, 3 OUTS, THAT'S THE GAME!!!!

The first win this season to stay in the tournament. We took the boys to DQ and they lived it up. Smiles we've wanted to see all season. Way to go Yankees!

20111005 + Unreal!

20111005 + Up and into the office. What I thought would be another normal day... Well soon that was found not to be true. I was met in the hall by HR and was told my long time colleague and good friend Lee was 'being let go', WTF!!? Well I was talked to by this manager and that one and my head was swirling... I sat through some more meetings and then headed home. On the way home through DC I saw another 'Freedom Flight' of WWII Vets at the airport with smiles and even dancing, reliving their glory days. That made me smile. Home at last after a brutal mentally exhausting day I could not comprehend or believe...

20111004 - Gray Day

20111004 - Up and in to the office for another day of training a couple ambiguous conversations and some pool. During the session today I made a comment to a fellow about his bracelet. He immediately took it off and gave it to me with a short sermon. I enjoyed his conversation and the gift: it was very fitting for my thoughts today... After work at the pool hall my partner Norm and I managed to win the pool tournament and this new group of coworkers i am training with sat down for some conversation beer and pizza. Back to the room, talked to L and Mike Woods and off to bed.

20111003 - How I see it

20111003 -  Up at 4am and caught my flights to Boston, made it to work by 11am...  Sat through the classes and learned some things and met some new folks.  Checked in to the hotel and then out to dinner with some of the guys from work.  Back to the room and finishing up my day.  D called, they got beat again (haven't won one game all season :-(  But he said he hit every time he was up and he did good catching so...  it is what it is.  I waited a couple of minutes and saw G on the kitchen cam and he gave me a call, his game was cancelled tonight, and so was J's practice, so not such a busy night for L.

20111002 - Chilled First Night Out

20111002 - It was a short COLD night and I woke up several times with my butt on the freezing ground as the air mattresses slid apart... But we made it through the night! D&J were up with the sound of the bugler for bfast; G&I snuggled some more and missed the camp bfast but made our own instant oatmeal right in the bag, YUM! This is a big deal for G his first night ever in a tent, and he did great!
We got our stuff packed up and headed home. J&G got warn showers while D&I cleaned stuff up and put it away. D got his shower and I ran and got lunch. We watched the old 'Time Machine' while we ate. L went to her cousin's wedding shower, D went to his buddy's and JG&I watched some old knight and pirate shows on AMC (we napped a bit too ;-) D home for a minute then off to baseball practice. When ever we were all back home we went out, got gas, some Long John's dinner and watched Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon. All boys to bed, L&I watched another show and I packed. Off to bed for another short night, but not so cold at least...

20111001 + Busy, Cold, 17

20111001 + Up, out to Home depot, got locks, dropped off movie, bought loto tickets, went to rental ,they are not out... Got hair cut on way home, made it home. Packed up all our stuff, DJ&G camping with the scouts in the rain... L had to run my coat out to me, so got to see her for a few minutes on our anniversary... Would have never guessed 17 years later we would be spending the day apart and in the rain; but so happy to be with three little people that I love more than anything else...  Got set up, helped cook dinner and with the camp fire. J&G in bed out like lights 9pm, D&I sat up with boy scouts a bit then bed 10pm

Happy 17th Anniversary L! Here is to 17 more ;-)