20220830 - Grant had hitting lessons tonight


20220823 - Up in the am and headed to the dentist, everything looks good. Home and to the desk to knock out the things I needed to get done in the AM. Jumped in G's car and headed up to the school. I stopped to fill up the gas and G walked over and met me. G drove us to Jackson OH to get his car inspected. It took us about 1.5 hours to get there. We waited a bit, pulled in, gave the guys all the paperwork we had and hoped they didn't impound the car... IT passed inspection and the guy said there was a BMV just down the road. We went there and there was NO ONE in line so we walked right up to the counter, got the new title and new plates in one stop in about 15 min! AMAZING! I never thought we would get all that done toady! I found the world's largest apple water tower and a house made of stone from the Grand Canyon in Jackson so we had a look and G drove us home. 


20220821 - Up in the am and got around and a couple things done. Took Hazel for a walk as it started thunder. LJ&I finished packing up the last couple things and headed up to Kent. We had to drive through some of the hardest rain I have ever driven through on the way. We made good time, parked, walked, met up with some of J's friends and made it to the dorm and got him checked in. L&J got a cart and I brought our car to the dorm, we unloaded everything and J and his roommate Hayden took up a load, L guarded the stuff we sat on the curb and I went to get J's car. I got back with J's car and L&I unloaded it. I took J's car back to the parking spot and then walked back to the dorm. They had everything in the room by the time I got back. Perfect timing! L was trying to arrange all of J's stuff, he wasn't having that, but did allow her to make his bed. We met his other roommates and JGF6 showed up with her new friends, they are all jealous of J's BIG room. LJ&I met Hayden's dad, we met his mom during orientation, and exchanged phone numbers. LJ&I headed to the ballroom where J had to go through a short orientation and L&I just hung out for a bit. We offered to take J, Hayden and JGF6 to dinner, but they were already making plans with their new friends. So L&I headed to Mike's Place for dinner and I had arranged to meet Jim & Carrie Long there as they were dropping daughter off at Kent today too. We had a really nice dinner with them. It was great to catch up and the food was amazing! Back on the road and we swung by the Farm to pick up some Bday presents Gma&paW had for D's bday. It was a quick stop and we were back on the road. Home and got things settled and headed to bed after a long day,


Slept in
LJG&I headed out in pouring rain to Longhorn for a send off dinner for J.
Got J's stuff loaded late


20220819 - UP in the am and worked all morning. In the afternoon I headed out to pick up some auction items I have won. I got he car washed on the way home. Home and finished out my working day. LJ&I headed to Firehouse subs for dinner and then L&I walked over to the football game. I got L set up in the stands with some folks she knew and I headed to the Booster tent to work the first half. I watched halftime with L and went down at the start of the 4th quarter to help Jeff put the tent and stuff away. Home and watched some TV in bed until late.


Did Booster stuff again tonight until late, while watching some comedians with L



Did Booster stuff again tonight until late


Pizza dinner at Mallon's for Conor's send off to college dinner.
Headed out early to the first Booster meeting of the year. I had to give a short Team App training and then we broke out in to committees and I had the Program Committee. Apparently the Concession Committee was a shit show, so had to stick around and deal with some of that. Back to mallonn's to chat a bit and pick L up.


Up to Farm to visit with Jessica, her boys and the rest of John and Bettys offspring. John and Mary there too. They played some games, had a nice lunch and then Mary folks try an experiment. Great to catch up with folks! 


 20220812 - Worked
D&DGF13 over and we walked to Marlow's for an awesome cheesesteak dinner. We then walked around Creekside a bit and listened to some music from the concert. We ran in to folks we knew and chatted a bit. home and L&I watched a movie and planned the weekend.


20220811 - 1st day of school for G as a sophomore!
Evan Tremante's Eagle Court of honor.
Evan is the only scout from the Cub Scout Den I lead for many years that achieved the rank of Eagle!


 20220810 - Up in the am and in to the Worthington office. Spent the morning getting things done. headed out early and G drove us to the Westerville putt-putt where we got our traditional pic taken and played all 36 holes. We then went through a drive through and got a couple 6 packs of beer, swung by the house and got L and then headed to dinner. On the way to dinner we swung by a family's house we have know for years and traded the two six packs for a set of golf clubs. We caught up with them a bit and then headed to longhorn where we had a really good back to school dinner with G. Home and G&I cleaned up the clubs and he's ready for the PGA tour now!


 20220809 - Up in the am and to the desk for the day. After work L&I headed to the Hartford Co Fair where we met up with Marlene and Gary. We checked out their daughter Sara's pig and then found their other friend's lamb. We ate a TON of fried food and watched some crash up derby. We headed out and went to the Burnworth's to pick G up from his couple day and Summerville Lake.


20220808 - Up in the am and L and Hazel already took a walk. They moved the car and I headed in to the Worthington office for the day. Got there and I am the only person here today.

20220807 - New Skill

20220807 - Up late and L&I hung out watching M@FS. We finished season 11. I got G up and made him drive me to the grocery to get things for tonight's dinner. Home and D and DGF13 pulled in. We got the groceries in and I got the grill started. I did some soldering on some LED lights I got for the E550 but I couldn't get them to work... Cooked the brats, J home, We all had a nice dinner together. Got things cleaned up and we watched some TV and chatted. D left and I ran G out to Burnworth's for the night. They are getting up early and heading to Summerville Lake tomorrow and white water rafting Tuesday. Home and L&I watched a movie, J home late.

20220806 + G Driving Practice

20220806 + Up in the am and on the laptop doing Booster stuff most of the morning. J home and we sat down and ordered his Apple mac book Pro for school. Got G up and we check his fluids and we headed to the USPS to drop off some packages and then over to Lowe's at Easton to return a hose L got for the dishwasher that didn't fit. We then went looking for a parking lot to practice maneuverability in. We found Mifflin High School, which I didn't even know existed, and apparently it is the place to go to practice as there were already 2 others there doing the same thing. We got the stuff set up and G practiced for about an hour. He did better than I expected, and it wasn't as easy as he thought it would be. We swung by the auto parts store to get future fluids for G's car on the way home. Home and L&I got ready and headed to the grocery to get some stuff and then over to Bill & Maria's for dinner and chatting until the wee hours of the morning.

20220805 + Ice Cream Run

20220805 + It was a busy day. L made some dinner for us and we just hung out at home. I sent L&G out to UDF to get me some ice cream.

20220804 - Large Group

20220804 - Up in the am and to the desk for calls. Spent the day at the desk doing work. D stopped over in the late afternoon and we all had dinner together. I then had to head out the high school for an all coaches meeting where Jeff, Cathy, Teri and I represented the Boosters. Jeff gave his speech and then made me get up and talk about Team App, it was the first time in a long time I had talked in front of a large group of people and I did ok. We hung out and talked to folks a bit and then headed home. 

20220803 - Clippers Game

20220803 - Up in the am and headed to the Worthington office. CB came in for just a min, he’s sick. I was at the desk all day. L texted in the afternoon, after she took G to school to pick up his laptop get his pics taken and walk his classes, that Hazel was attacked by the dog from 3 doors down while they were on a walk… ugh!  I finished my day and headed home. J was home so chatted with him a bit. Hung out on the patio waiting for our ride to the Clippers game. G&I are going with Chad and Taylor Neer, a kid he’s played baseball with for years. We sat tin the box and had food and drink and enjoyed the game. It went extra innings and we watched a storm roll south of the city as the Clippers pulled off a walk off win! Home and G drove to Andrews to spend the night, I chatted with Terrill a bit and then headed home and to bed.

20220802 - Shipper

20220802 - Up in the am and got my morning stuff done. Got G up and we loaded the ebay sales up and headed to the shipping place. We carried all the big boxes in and worked with the guys to get them shipped. Home and finished off the day at the desk and then outside to walk and toss the ball to hazel and bit, she's doing much better today. J and JGF6 went to Cedar Point today. JGF6 had never been there and they had a lot of fun. they left late and we were nervous about them driving so far at night and made arrangements for them to stay at the Farm, but they drove all the way home and got home late.

20220801 + Hop-a-long Dr.

20220801 + Up in the am and L&I called some vets and everyone was booked for the day, so we loaded Hazel up and took her across town to MedVet to get her leg looked at. We were there a couple of hours and the diagnosis was a puncture wound with some swelling. They suggested we also get x-rays and consult with a surgeon just in case there is an ACL problem. I suggested we take the antibiotics and pain meds and see how she's doing in a couple days... I paid the $360 and we headed home. home and got the meds into Hazel and I got to the desk and did my work for the day. L ran G to the dentist in the afternoon. By the end of my day hazel was up on all 4s and wanting to chase the ball. G got his final things posted on ebay and we had a BIG $ale tonight!