20120630 - Argh!

20120630 - All up in the am and got some bfast. Then to the bus stop and to the beach. We swam and rode the waves and jumped around. It was great, and not to hot with the wind and the water.

Back to the apartment for lunch an then straight out to the pool. We first tried the lazy river and playground thing and then over to the big pool for dunking and throwing the ball and kids. Back to the room where G was supposed to take a rest, but watched tv w/ D&I as J had his face burrows in his iTouch. We ventured out for dinner and just drove quietly as J&G fell asleep... But we got to a pawn shop and they woke up. A quick browse and then on to our Pirate Adventure. It was quite a show and the boys yelled and sang along. G could barely contain himself he was so into it. It was a really good show and we were captured by the gift store on the way out...

Heading home we drove right down the main drag of Myrtle Beach. More like a parking lot. It took a LONG time to make our way through as we looked for an airsoft store...  Back to the apartment and the boys collapsed silently in there beds.

20120629 + Surfs Up, Tree Down

20120629 + Up on the am and we had bfast at the hotel. On the road with 100 degrees at 9am :-o We made it to Myrtle Beach and drove through downtown so the boys could look around and see what they wanted to do. Oh yeah, there was an ocean there too. We went to our resort and checked in early. Our place is really nice and we got settled in fighting over te beds. Then we ran to the grocery and got stocked up for the week. We got the fridge loaded, realized we hadn't had lunch so headed out for an early dinner. We went to Crazy Mike's Seafood Buffet about 4 and got right in. They had CRAB LEGS and LJ&I had piles of shells laying on the table. We were all stuffed!

As we left the restaurant was packed outside, good thing we went early. We stopped at a beach store and got bogie boards, back and changed into swim gear and off to the beach! We rode the waves, swam and build a giant volcano with a never ending river around it and played until the sun went down.

Back to the the temp home and got rinsed off. All boys to bed and then checking the days messages I found this pic from my neighbor of our back yard. Seems we got some wind back home :-o

I called State Farm to get a claim started. Not much else I can do from here... Checked in w/ Gma&paW, they had wind damage too and lost some panels off the barn roof. GpaW had another Dr. appointment that went well. He sounds better and is on the right path now. L&I stayed up and tried to plan some main events for the week. Stay tuned...

20120628 - Blast!

20120628 - Up early and vacation bug bombing procedures done, we hit the road. We got some McD's on the way out of town and headed south. We were out of OH by 10 and to our first stop in Wytheville VA at a Denny's for lunch. The boys did pretty good, Tray was a bit car sick and didn't eat. Gassed up we got to Tray's house about 4:30. We took a tour of their wonderful HUGE house, said goodbye to or temporary son and headed to the hotel to check in. So far this trip hasn't been as adventurous as our others because we didn't make any stops for geocaching or roadside oddities. Why? Because I had arranged a special treat for the boys. My buddy Jeff participates in the sport 'Cowboy Mounted Shooting' and had arranged a demo for the boys. We drove to Monroe NC, on some back roads and down a long lane to find em and man was it cool. Jeff, his wife Darlene, and some of the other riders from their stable explained the sport, showed us their horses and guns, and best of all shot some stuff! Check out this video on YouTube:
The boys really got into it and were running out between riders to put out fresh balloons. After the exhibition J&G got rides on Bob & Bo.

We watched the horses get a shower and helped put them out to pasture. Then the coolest thing ever: Mr. Jeff instructed the boys on the use of the pistol and let them each squeeze off some rounds!

What a BLAST!

As we were heading back to the car we were called over to a corral where a horse had just started to have a fowl. We stayed and watched the little fellow come out and try a couple of times to stand up. What an special added bonus and on Jeff's birthday! What a fun treat this was. Thanks Jeff and Darlene!!!!

Back on the road and to a local place for dinner, Jake's Good Eats, but it was closed :-( So we headed back towards the hotel and drove through Bojangle's for some sweet tea and fried chicken. We ate in the room and then hit the pool. The boys had fun getting wet and we picked up our traditional hot chocolate on the way back up to the room. Everyone to bed. What a fun day!!!

20120627 - Locked OUT

20120627 - Up on the am and to the desk for a furious fast and busy day. L took the boys to the pool and I had a visitor... Bang bang bang. The crazy neighbor lady from next door had locked herself out of the house. She used the phone and drank all of L's wine before she got back into her house. I think she was just thirsty :-) The boys came home to my music playing loud and PCs shutting down. We had dinner and the L took J&G to Bible school while Tray, D&I went back and watched an awesome ball game. The Red are OUT, the Indians are still IN! Home and packed up the car. Checked in with GpaW, he had xrays and an EKG, ate at a greek place an browsed the bookstore. He's getting back on track. Little boys home. Ice cream all around, cleaned up and all to bed. We are ready to roll in the am!!!

20120626 - Busy

20120626 - Up and straight to the desk. L took the boys to the zoo for the day. Working my butt off trying to get things wrapped up for vacation Thursday... Had dinner with the fam then back to the ballfield to watch my buddy Dennis' ball team in a semi-final. All home and gettin ready for the trip.

20120625 - Lost

20120625 - Up in the am and in to the desk, L had the 4 boys and the made bracelets and went to the pool ... All home and back to the ballfield. Our team didn't even show up, not even worth writing about. Their season is over. Hung out and watched another game. Home helped L clean the bugs out of the garage, to Bible Bangers, no Doc, small crowd.

20120624 - All-Star

20120624 - Up in the am and all to church. We came home with 5 kids! Our family seems to be growing rapidly. Lena came home with us to play and have lunch. DG&Trey played kickball and J&Lena played in the playroom until lunch. After lunch G reluctantly took a nap, L took J to a buddies and D&Trey helped me reroute the vent to J&G's room. Then Trey&I went back in the scorching sun to watch D tryout for the All-Star team. D did pretty good. We got home, got G up and swung by to get J before heading to the pool. We got pizzas on the way an had dinner poolside. All 4 boys had a blast and G's new found love of the diving board kept L&I entertained. While at the pool we got the email that D has made the Gahanna All-Stars Travel team!!! YIPEE!!!!

Home and had a strawberry cake thing L made with icecream. Then the boys and I headed to the basement to watch 'Falling Skies'. All boys to bed. Checked in with Gma&paW, they went out again tonight and his iPhone was acting up. Checked on the boys and off to rest. This will be a couple busy days leading up to vacation...

20120623 - Last Game, First Farm

20120623 - Everyone up and out: L&Lilly to a wedding in Newcomerstown, DJ Trey &I to G's last ball game of the season. G seamed a bit distracted today, but still had fun. All the kids on his team got hot dogs after the game as a treat.

Home and fixed the seat in the white car. Then I loaded the boys up and we headed out: dropped off supplies for the Scout Bike Rodeo at the church, gas, Home Depot, Blockbuster, Apple Store (to see what could be done about D's drowned iPhone), AT&T store to get a new sim card, McD's and on up to the Farm.

We got the Farm, got our instructions and headed out to work. This was Trey's first time on a farm and he really liked it and helped out a bit. We unloaded round bales, fed three of them, got some fly spray on the cows, the boys walked the ponies, and I mowed the front yard. After that GmaW and I toon the boys up to the falls and a walk through the camp.

We the headed out for dinner with Gma&paW. GpaW is getting around much better and I was glad he went out to eat. We had a good meal. At Cracker Barrel, Trey ate like a grown man and we saw my 7th grade math teacher. We then headed home. Home, unloaded the car, pajamas on an we finished watching iRobot. All boys to bed, G back down with a belly ache, L home and told me all about the nice hot wedding.

20120622 + GRAND SLAM + 1 Boy

20120622 + Up in the morning to tackle an impossible list of things at work. Got most of them done. I know G graduated from Safety Town today and they all went shopping, but nothing else, was heads down... After work we headed back to the ball fields. GmaW came down for the game, and what a game it was! We had a home run and a GRAND SLAM!!! Game got really close in the end, D pulled the infield in for a conference an the boys held them, and won by 1 run.

We took then for ice cream afterwards. And picked up another son. Tray on of D's teammates family is moving to Charlotte, leaving tonight... Since we are headed that way on Thursday we offered to drop him off as we came through. So we have 4 boys for the next couple days. L out with some friends tonight.

20120621 - 1st Dive

20120621 - Up in the am, G to Safety Town L got groceries.  Full day at the desk...  When my day was over the fam was waiting for me to go to the pool for hot dog night.  We got to the pool ate our dogs and had a really good time.  Lots of the boys friends were there and they played and played.  At one point I grabbed G and headed towards the diving board.  Instead of his usual screaming he agreed to try it.  I thought he was kidding and would take of running, but he got in line, stayed there and bravely walked to the end of the board, AND JUMPED!  Luckily L had grabbed her phone and caught the first jump on video.

Home and a big bowl of chocolate ice cream for G to celebrate his bravery and then all boys to bed. L&I up watching 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'.

20120620 - So Close

20120620 - Up, G to safety town, L to zumba, J playing nice, D had a buddy over to help him with batting, I get to work :-( Everyone back home and L took the boys swimming. I Took a break and walked up to Tuffy to get the car. Back to the desk for more calls... Finished up the day and back to D's baseball game. It was a great game against a tough team and we came back to lose by only 4 runs. Home, boys cleaned up and to bed. I called GpaW and he was out to eat at Perkins! He had someone feed a bale, so things are good and stable.

20120619 + Reward

20120619 + Up working all day. G had safety town this am then they all went to the pool. D had first game of the tournament tonight against his buddy Seth's team and won. Took the boys for ice cream after the game. L had words with another mother that was saying things about D's catching... :-o (she is getting feisty in her old age :-)

20120618 - Try Out

20120618 - Up and G off to 'Safety Town', D&J doing jobs with L, me to the desk. Good dinner. L to Zumba, JG&I back to watch D tryout for the All-star travel team. Home, g on bike. Ice cream with the boys and then off to Bible Bangers.

20120617 - Wet Game

20120617 -All Up nice and late :-)  We all got ready and then took a walk back to the Gahanna Jazz & Blues festival to check it out and get some lunch.  We had some good fair food and we all got to ride on a ride.  Back home and to J's last football game.  We got there and it was incredibly windy while the boys practiced.  As they started their game the rains came and the boys got soaked and they lost their first game of the season.  Even with this as their only loss they ended up #1 in their division!!!  Way to go guys!!!!  J was in a collision during the game and had another HUGE bump on his head.  Back home and J&I sat on the porch staring at the neighbors new fence that is blocking our view of the school...  :-(  We then had a nice dinner and watched 'Falling Skies' before bed.

Here is the Father's Day card the boys did for me :-)

20120616 - Learning to Drive

20120616 - Up and all out to G's baseball game.  He did great and with his continued slide into home has earned the nickname 'Hollywood' from the coaches.  After the game we headed home to change and then on the road to the Farm.

Once we got to the Farme we checked in with Gma&paW to see what we could get done.  We got our list and headed out.  I mowed a couple strips around the bottom bottom field and then taught D how to drive a tractor, the AC 175.  We took out the fence and posts around the field and sprayed the weeds from the Pug.  As we finished up D got on the tractor, started it, and drove it up to the barnyard and parked it, all by himself!

We hung out a bit and then started the Versatile & 4wheeler. Dad moving around much better, still soar, but better everyday.  We headed home and stopped at Arby's for dinner.  Back on the road and I surprised everyone when I pulled into our friends the Varnie's Camp site in Delaware.  We hung out around the fire while the kids went off and had a blast.  It was a good time and we didn't get home until midnight.  A really good day!

20120615 - Anger Management

20120615 - Up to desk, lining things up, have WAY TOO MUCH on my plate at the moment.  Had a Scout stop over to get help on his Eagle Project.  I took this picture in the middle of the day while the fam was out.  Here is a picture of our big J the football player, and next to it the duck he sleeps with every night :-)    Finished the day and out to a ballgame for D.  It was at a field with a grass infield so a bit different and a VERY INTENSE game.  The runs were crazy and the opposing coach was WAY out of line.  So much so that after we got home Lori wrote a big letter to the Baseball League President...  The boys player their hearts out and still got beat, 20 to 27...  Home late, boys to bed, L up writing letters...

20120614 + Games

20120614 + Up and to the desk trying to make up for being on the road yesterday. Before I knew it I had to run back to the school for D'd baseball game. The boys played a really great game and got beat by 2 error...  J, Lilly and I ran D to a friends to spend the night. Home got some food and them back to the baseball field again w/ G to get get his helmet he left back there. We watched the rest of the Reds game an then home.  Checked in with Dad. He had gone out to get blood work today and wales around the Farmhouse. He sound better each day

20120613 - Tractors

20120613 - Up way to early to catch a flight to ORD. Caught ride from there with Jim and we drove up to Racine WI. We got to plant early so I introduced him to geocaching!
We headed back to the factory for our meeting 8-5. It was good meeting and nice to see the place and meet the people.

Back on the road to the airport. Got there and couldn't jump an early flight :-( Sat around, read book, finally home at midnight and got some taco bell for a late dinner. Home, went to check on D and he was missing... He was sleeping on floor in J&G's room. Bed about 2am... There's a 22hr day for ya!

20120612 - Ready to Fly

20120612 - UP worked all stinking day straight through.  Had dinner with the fam and then back to ball field, they WON!!!  Home for baths and ice cream.  I got things ready for tomorrow's early morning trip, early to bed.

20120611 - Chores

20120611 - L&J out early for J's Cub Scout camp.  D cleaning the bird cage and let bird out...  Working at desk, it is definitely a MONDAY...  Dinner with the fam and J&G dishes!  D&I worked on trombone and case and then L off to Zumba.  JG&I took D to Scouts.  After a bit L got J&G and I tried to return trombone, too late... need to go back another day.  So I ran and got a hair cut and then picked D up from scouts.  Home, got Doc, then Doc D&I headed to Bible Bangers.  Home up late trying to figure the week out...

20120610 + Football Pool

20120610 + Up and all to church.   Afterwards we sent to a couple stores for my bi-annual clothes buying...  We then headed to Westerville and ate at an MCL with all the old folks.  It was EXPENSIVE!!!  :-o   On to J's football practice and game.  J is very good at it and really enjoys it.  Home for a movie/nap and then to the pool for a picnic and play.  We tried to get G to go off the diving board, that was a LOUD disaster...  Home and watched another movie in the AC.

20120609 - Lotsa Ball and Family

20120609 - Up and out to G's baseball game. GmaW down to watch.  GpaW has a friend sitting with him.  G did great and had a blast showing off.  Back home for a quick turn around and back to the school for D's baseball game.  D had a huge fan base at the game: Gmaw, Gma&paB, Cole's and all of us.  D played good, but the dreaded 1 inning where they fall apart happened and had 11 errors and 8 runs given away...  They lost...  Home and the visitors left.  D&I installed fan in crawl space, that was a hot job, but good electrical experience for D.  Back to the school for more baseball.  Home for dinner.  J&I to gas station and grocery to get ice cream supplies, nuts and choc sauce :-)  All boys to bed and had a good turn out for the MMG meeting.

20120608 - Park Music

20120608 - Up for a fast stressful day at work, got lots done.  Out to Max&Ermas for dinner. Home and played with the boys outside and then rode our bikes to Friendship Park for the Friday night music in the park.  We took a walk back to the creek and chatted with friends.  We rode home and relaxed and watched a show in the basement, up late.

20120607 + Last Day

20120607 + Up, down to Barn, fed a bale, G played with cat hanging from tree.  Then we headed to Louise's funeral and picked Paulette up on the way.  I was OK until asked to sing a hymn like Louise would.  Then the emotion of all the years of going to that church with her, hearing her sing there and in the car, and all the wonderful time we spent together hit me like a ton of bricks.  They started wheeling her casket out, no pallbearers and I couldn't let her be taken out by strangers, I rose and escorted my favorite Aunt out of the church and to the hearse.  As they closed the door, I lost it... other aunts and uncles there and the pain was immense...  Once we gathered ourselves we went back in for lunch.  I got to sit by Dick Peterson and we had a good conversation.  We stopped by Dick's on the way home to look at his train collection.  WOW!

Back to the farm.  I looked at Versatile's fan that was loose.  Lots of family to visit with GpaW.  We hung out at the Farmhouse and chatted with folks.  Headed home and got our boys.  They had a good last day of school.  J told us all about it and the perfect attendance award he got.  D did good on his final and brought home this book he wrote throughout the year.  Back at the ball fields with the boys just to watch the games. Home and boys to bed late and exhausted.

20120606 - Sad Evening

20120606 - Up and to the desk for a super full and fast day.  On the road with L&G up to Aunt Louise's calling hours.  Louise looked beautiful and had a pleasant little smile.  Lots of family and friends there.  Lots of people we didn't recognize...  Back to farm for dinner with Gma&paW.  GpaW was up and about and doing pretty good. He looks tired and weak and very upset about everything that has happened to him and Louise...  Stayed up talking.

20120605 - Lots Done

20120605 - Up, Worked my butt off...  Fast dinner.  Took G to practice, then to stores.  Back to the ball field with G to find D.  L took J to Zumba.  All home and to bed.

20120604 - Why old people's clocks blink

20120604 - UP and working like mad all day.  Trying to catch up and see through the fog.  Dinner with the fam, then back to the ball field for a super exciting game.  The boys played great and WON!  Home, checked in on Gpaw, he is not eating and is moving very slow...  Out to Bible Bangers, good meeting.  Home, up late planning tomorrow. 
We got a new cordless phone today and I was setting it up.  The manual for the thing was bigger than a manual that comes with a jumbo get...  The date needed set, the time needs set up, the timezone, the default area code...  Who cares?!  I filed the manual, no time, programed numbers, nuttin...  Now I know why old peoples clocks blink...

20120603 - Good and Bad Day

20120603 - Up mom got us bfast from McD's.  D&I headed out to get some stuff done around the Farm.  GmaW in to the hospital to pick up GpaW.  D&I Rebuilt the fence around the feedlot and disconnected everything else.  We moved a couple molasses tubs and the mangled gates.  D worked on 4whereler, I mowed the strip by the driveway with the tractor.  GpaW home got home and is VERY weak.  We had lunch with them and got more instructions.  We tweaked feedlot fence once more and then unplugged the electric fence.  This is the first time in my life that there have intentionally been no electric fences blinking on the Farm...  We secured the fence on Bowen rd and met up with John3, Ede, Betty and Johnny.  Johnny claims to NOT be the individual that spilled the beans on the 'lost cow'...  Believe it or not... :-)  While we were chatting in the barnyard Mary called... Louise has died... :-(   Up to house and moved furnature so the paramedics can get in and out easy if they need to return again...  Mary, john, Lucia Martha came to the  Farmhouse to pick D&I up.  We drove home with Martha and had a nice talk.  D&I got Chinese for dinner.  I played catch with G and then helped J&G pulled motors out of Gator to make windmills with.  Up late, sad long weekend (3weeks really...)

19401209 - Louise Kelley - 20120603:1410

I don't remember many things from being little, but I know when I get flashes of my earliest memories I can think of no other person that loved me like my Aunt Louise.  I remember riding in the car with her and when we drove past the penitentiary in Mansfield she would tell me that is where the bad boys go and she never wanted to see me in there, or she would want to drop me off, depending on the day :-)  She would walk around her house in the summer in her bra.  She laughed with me, spent time with me and treated me as her own son.  She was always very funny and cheerful and witty.  Very lively and fun to be around.  I always knew which present was from here; she would wrap her presents in the cartoons she saved from the paper.  She didn't like dogs and loved the Saturday Night Live 'Church Lady' and would act like her.  I knew she would always be there for me.  I have her phone number memorized and remember having a guy call her the night I had my big accident; she was there.  Always a fun, fantastic part of my life.  I love my Aunt Louise and know tonight she is where she wants to be.  See you Weezer, tell Burton and Grandma Winger I said hi.

I can hear her say it now 'I'll see you in the funnies'...

19401209 - Louise Kelley - 20120603:1410


Wednesday, June 06, 2012 from 5:00-8:00 P.M. 
at Snyder Funeral Home, Lexington Avenue Chapel, Mansfield, OH 

Thursday, June 07, 2012 at 11:00 A.M.
 at Ashland Brethren in Christ Church Burial: Chestnut Grove Cemetery, Ashland, Ohio 

     Louise Ann Winger Kelley, 71, a lifetime Mansfield resident, passed away Sunday, June 3, 2012 in Hospice House of North Central Ohio after battling multiple myeloma for seven years. 
     Louise was born December 9, 1940 in Ashland to John William and Mary Kathryn (Kohler) Winger. As a first grader, she was the third generation of her family to attend Buena Vista, a one room schoolhouse in Mifflin Township. She was a 1958 graduate of Madison High School. Louise was a secretary starting at the Richland County Board of Education and later working over twenty years at St. Timothy Lutheran Church. She was a member of the Ashland Brethren in Christ Church and the Pavonia Garden Club. 
     Louise enjoyed homemaking and working in her garden. She loved cars and driving. She had a good sense of style. 
     Louise was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, friend and a devoted daughter. She was married forty-five years to Burton Warren Kelley who preceded her in death in 2008. 
    She is survived by her son and daughter-in-law Michael B. and Diana (Worner) Kelley; her daughter Stephanie Ann (Kelley) Shiplett; her granddaughter and the light of her life, Casey Diane Kelley, all of Mansfield; three brothers and sisters-in-law Roger and Jeanne Winger of Marion, John and Betty Winger of Carroll, and D. Charles and Diane Winger of Mansfield; and twin sisters and their husbands Mary and John Terry of Shelby and Martha and Jim Eubanks of Wheeling WV. 
     Louise enjoyed family and was close to her many nieces and nephews, their children, and her first cousins. She had many dear friends, and the family would like to thank all of them for their loving care and friendship through the years. 
     Her parents preceded her in death. 
     The Kelley family will receive friends Wednesday, June 6, 2012 from 5 to 8 p.m. in the Lexington Avenue Snyder Funeral Home. A worship service, giving glory to God for the life of Louise Kelley, will be held Thursday, June 7, 2012 at 11 a.m. in Ashland Brethren in Christ Church, 2750 Mifflin Avenue, Ashland. Private interment will be in Chestnut Grove Cemetery. 
     Memorial contributions to Hospice of North Central Ohio, 1050 Dauch Drive, Ashland, Ohio 44805, may be made through the funeral home. 
     Snyder Funeral Home is honored to serve the Kelley family, and private online condolences may be made to them at: www.snyderfuneralhomes.com 
View Funeral Service Information for Louise Ann Kelley At:

20120602 - Bad Calls

20120602 - Up and to the Ballpark for G's game. He was so excited, the coach pitched to him today and man did he hit it! He had a great game and Gma&paB were there to see it. We then all went to Arby's for lunch.

After lunch GpaB, DJ&I went to Reynoldsburg to a 'Survival' store (Survival-Tactics.net). It was really cool and had machine guns, knives, freeze dried food... We really liked it and spent some time talking to the owner.
GpaW called and told me the plan for the day: he was to go home at 6pm. HUH!? He went into the hospital in an ambulance Tuesday, has been on bed rest since he arrived, his IRT levels are 1.9 and need to be 2.5 before he is allowed out of bed... But they got him up at 9am, had him walk and said u go home today... Something doesn't sound right... GmaW went in to check things out and was a bit upset. Everyone she talks to, and even after adding the above it is clear to anyone; this can't be right... So GmaW worked the rest of the day, and the plan was to take him home...
When we got home, Gma&paB had to head home for a graduation party. I cleaned up the garage, planned next week and snoozed for a couple min. Up and all had dinner. Then D helped me set the attic fan and check the crawl space. I headed out and got a call from GmaW. Apparently someone came to their senses and GpaW is going to spend another night I the hospital... I met up with Doc and Joe the neighbor and we got the west hedge and ivy trimmed a bit. Then time for D's night game under the lights. GmaW arrived and we went back to watch. It was a good game and REALLY crappy officiating. The ump missed some VERY important game changing calls. Our boys we down 4 to 1 in the first and closed that gap, but still behind 5-4 in the top of the 6th. More HORRIBLE calls and with our last at bat, now down 8-4 we had our last at bat. The strike zone had trippled and all 3 of our boys were called out on unbelievable bad calls. Worse of all D was the last batt and had a ball so high and outside he would have needed a ladder and 8 inches added to his bat to hit it. It really upset him...
Home and we had an ocean treat and then D&I drove GmaW home so we would be there to help with GpaWs return and get some things done around the farm. We stated up and watched the movie 'Cube'.

20120601 - Funsucker Fandango

20120601 - Up in the am for an intense productive catch up day. The day ended and J was gone: he went to a buddy of his to spend the night. L&G had been cleaning all day and getting prepared for the 'Funsucker Fandango'. About 6:15 the other couples and their kids showed up for the fandango. We had 8 bigs and 9 littles here. The kids played in the yard and we had a big potluck meal. We made homemade icecream for dessert and everyone played and talked for hours. It was a great time and all the kids got along. We roasted marshmallows at midnight and everyone had a blast chit-chatting. We had a nice fire, plenty of smoke and sparks, and only one kid got a hole burned through his shirt. The is a good fandango!