20120131 - End of January...

20120131 - Worked, dinner, Meijer and Blockbuster with all 3, ugh...  Home watched TV with L.  Up LATE on PC.

20120130 - Worked. Skied. Drove Pettit's.  Bible Bangers

20120129 - J&G = R&R

20120129 -Up and all the church
Home, lunch
D home
Played football catch
L out w/ girls
Boys reading, coloring, resting
Hometown buffet for dinner
Home watch part of a movie
Bed early

20120128 + Noodles

20120128 + Up
J&I subway lunch.
Picked up one of his buddies for bowling
They bowled, I sewed on patches
Home hung out
Took d to baseball, stayed and studied Revelation
Found D's coat
Took D to friends for the night
Picked up LJ&G to church for spaghetti dinner.

20120127 - Ritual Warming

20120127 - Up, work, J had friend over, dinner.  LGJ&his friend to movie, D&I to ski place and toysrus, home.  G home sobbing with a big black eye.  watched tv.

20120126 - One of L's rituals in winter is to get the laundry out of the dryer, cover herself with the warm clothes as she folds them slowly.

20120125 - Dem-bones

20120125 - Worked, GmaW stopped for dinner.  Downstairs to play Skylanders with J&G.  Showers for the boys, skin and bones, American Idol, talked to GpaW, up late working.

29129124 - At desk all day.  L in to school for J's parent teacher conference; all good...  Dinner.  Back to desk for min...   Basement and Skylanders with the boys. Boys to bed. I was up late playing Skylanders.

20120122 + Bibles and Football

20120122 + All up and out to church. We were only going to go to church but I talked L into going to the Sunday School class I normally go to: she did and it was a good time. We got some KFC on the way home, helped a man and his son who's car died in front of our house get started. We ate, then played Skylanders on the Wii, and then D and I headed to his school to watch the NFL game and learn about 7th grade football for next year.  We stayed for the entire game and the boys had halftime football energy burn in the gym.  After the game D&I ran to a guy's house from church to pick up a pair of skis he no longer wants that are my size :-)  Home for dinner and then we watched some of the NFC Chapionship game in the basement.

Lilly enjoys the snow.

I have no idea why L is so excited!


20120121 - Shoveling a bit

20120121 - Up and at it. I sent the boys out to shovel the drive, but it had ice rained last night and was not so easy... So they ended up in the backyard with sleds and ramps, throwing ice balls at each other and screaming and crying...
I installed a 'Animal House' PA/Music/Sound effects player in the car; which took several HOURS longer than I anticipated... I ran to pick D up from baseball practice and test the new PA. I remember as a kid my Grandpa Heydinger had a CB in his car with a PA on it and it was a lot of fun, so I had to have one and got it for Christmas. It worked as D came out to a car going 'Moo Moo Moo' and then I yelled to him, 'Hey Howdy I'm over here!' as I saw him walk out of the school. He thought it was pretty cool. L was at a jewelry party and I had left J&G at home alone, so D an I grabbed some food and headed home before I got caught leaving the little boys home alone. But J and his new iTouch texted L and I was caught! Home and we settled in and watched Terminator 1 and 2 while we all played on out iDevices. L home, movies over, all boys to bed.

20120120 + White Carpet

20120120 + Up WAY TO EARLY to drive into Boston and through 4 inches of snow :-O got on my flight to DC and got some sleep. DC looked really neat covered in snow coming in for a landing, but not near as awesome as the 'Shoe'!

Got home settled in and worked the rest of the day. Everyone home from school and we headed out to get a new toilet seat, the fancy slow close kind, and dinner. After dinner the fam dropped me off at home while the went on to the Cole's to visit, GmaB was there; I was too tired Nd been away from home too long already this week. I got the toilet seat on and relaxed. Everyone home, we played some games and then all boys to bed.

20120119 - Not as Much

20120119 - Up and into the office. Larry and I presented to the sales team and then got ourselves organized the rest of the day. Then we headed out to dinner with the Sales team. It was a good time and an ok meal and I less than usual and called it an early night anticipating tomorrow's early arrival.

20120118 - Flames and Cache x2

20120118 - Up and in to the office for a full day. After work I went out to eat with the group and we went to a Japanese Steakhouse for dinner.

Then we went out geocaching and found 2.

20120117 - Cube Farm

20120117 - Up and the the airport for a 5:30am flight... Spent the next many hours in the air and on the road. I got to the cube farm about 12 noon and spent the rest of the day in meetings.

Out for a nice dinner with the team and introduced the new folks to geocaching :-

20120116 + No Parking

20120116 + Boys were off school today and I had planed the day off too. This was perfect as everyone was sore Nd still tired from yesterday's skiing adventure. I played Wii with J all morning and when D's friends came over to bake cake J&I headed out. I got a haircut and we picked up a toilet at the Home Depot. Back home, cake was done. I got the old toilet out and placed at an an appropriate location for disposal... I had a buddy over to help me put the new toilet in (it is all one piece and HEAVY). After the install the boys and I headed to the basement for some more Wii until dinner. The DJ&I went to Cub Scouts where the boys worked on and all earned their U.S. Silver Heritage badge. Home, dropped the boys off, got Doc and back out toBible Bangers. Home a bit earlier than usual to get Ready for early flight in the am.

20120115 - Skiing

20120115 - All up and out to church. Home for lunch and D's friends over for a school project. In the afternoon we loaded up and headed North, with a quick trip to the Home Depot to check out toilets. We ended up at Snow trails in Mansfield for some skiing. Gma&paW came out to watch as LJ&G learned how to ski.

D did really good and J&G got the hang of it right after I took away their poles. L: well let's just say she tried... Everyone had a good time and after 4 hours of cold and trips down the hill we headed home with some TIRED boys and a bruised mom. What a BLAST!

20120114 - Sleddin

20120114 - Up and out with boys. We hit the Army surplus store for G, Toys r us x 2 for J looking for Skylanders, and then home. We got some food and then out to the golf course hill for our first sledding session of the winter. L got to try out her new snow garb, but was still cold (all in her head ;-)
There was a lot of fighting, hitting and scream/crying, so we cut it short and headed home :-( Home and played some Skylanders on the Wii with J and then Took D to baseball practice. Later in the evening a friend and his son came over for a visit. The boys were a bit loud until D got himself sent to his room...

20120113 - Worked all day and then out with the fam. We stopped by and sang and Dropped off bday present for Jeff. Then we dropped J off at his friends bday party. One shy of a full fam we headed to Logan's for dinner. Afterward we stopped at the pet store before heading home to watch a movie.

20120112 - Super Dorks

20120112 - Up at the desk all day. Late out for dinner with the Super Dorks and back in for another call afterwards... Then J&I out to Cub Scouts and D tagged along to help. We had a wild crazy fun meeting and got a lot done. Then DJ&I got milk, stopped for a coffee and to swap DVDs. Home all boys to bed. Called Gma&paW. Off to bed.

20120111 - Count Your Pennies

20120111 - Up at the desk all day did take a break to walk a mole in the cold rain. Finished the day and ran out for an aquatics meeting. Home had dinner and then started counting pennies... Here J&G are searching for a key to the blue lockbox full of change so they could count it. We are separating our pennies in 2 piles older than 1982 and newer then 1982. Why you ask? The pennies from 1982 and before contain copper and are bringing a per pound premium on eBay and they will certainly be worth more than face value when the paper currency collapses ;-)

20120110 - Regular day at work. Had a nice dinner with the fam, then played games with the boys. All boys to bed an I was up late on the PC watching TV.

20120109 - Slopes

20120109 - Up and definitely a Monday... calls and desk, at lunch ran to pick up tax stuff, pay Madison89 bank account $1, got gas. Back to the desk for rest of day WebEx. Over to D's school and then skiing with D and his classmates. It was a good time and D did real good. The only time I fell was when D and his buddy cut me off when we were getting down from the chair lift. I drove separate and had nice quiet drives. Up late watching the last college football game of the season.

20120108 + 90!!!!

20120108 + Up, got ready, D being bad while I was trying to shower and lost his phone for the week...  Boys ready and to GGmaK's 90th bday party in Delaware.  We ate and played with cousins and family a bit and then headed out.  We stopped at gun store on way home, Toys R Us, Army Surplus World (closed, caused massive crying...).  We swung by home and got L, and on to another Toys R Us, we were searching for 'Skylanders' a big Wii game hit this Christmas season and the shelves are bare...  Out for dinner at Ruby Tuesday's and then home and boys to bed, watching TV bed early myself.

20120107 + Jacks were WILD!

20120107 + Up and grabbed the boys.  We headed to the gun store to get the 3 boys, 3 guns...  We stopped at Lowe's on the way home to look at toilets...  Back home and they played outside while I trimmed the grape arbor in the Spring like weather.  L&G took D to baseball clinics and J&I headed out to a buddy's for poker.  Jack played, he used his own money and in our last game of Texas Hold'em he beat out 12 of the men and split the pot with the last one.  He LOVED it and played all sorts of card games in between Hold'em games.  We got home at 1:30am, Jack $60 richer!!!!  :-o

20120106 - Wet Dog

20110106 -Up in the am, pretty tired...  At the desk working all day.  Heard some disruption going on out in the house and found L&G giving Lilly a bath :-)  had dinner with the fam and we hung out playing games and watching football until all hours of the morning.

20120105 - Jack's iTouch

20120105 -Up and a fast day at work.  Was at the main office in Chelmsford MA and had back to back meetings all day.  Ran out to the airport and made it to Philadelphia, where of course I had to have a Philly Cheese Steak.  While in the airport I started getting text messages: from Jack.  Jack LOVES his touch.  He wanted to know where I was and what I was doing so I sent him this picture of my dinner.  Home about midnight, tired.

20120104 - Robber

20120104 - Up in am, saw the boys off to school and got right to work. Was at it until I had to go to the airport. Traveled the rest of the day to Chelmsford MA. I got this pic from L of G all dressed up. I did FaceTime with the boys from the Philly airport. Sitting in the hotel bar eating and watching the orange bowl...

20120103 - The Grind

20120103 - All up WAY to early and trying to get into the swing of the old routine :-( D&J off to school, G to sitter, L to work and me chained to the desk... Took a break to get G at lunch, L had a meeting. G&I went to visit the tax lady and get lunch at his favorite place, McD's. Home ate and more of the desk. J&D got to walk home in the snow. Where was this fun white stuff during break? Up late closing out the year on the pc and watching Michigan win the Sugar bowl, barely...

20120102 - Last Day

20120102 - Up to a quiet house. Got some desk work done and the boys were home before we knew it. Had lunch with Gma&paW and then we tried to get the boys to gear down out of vacation mode. J&I finished his LEGO pirate ship and everyone played with their stuff while the college bowl games played. J&I ran out to pick up Panda Express for dinner. I got the blog updated through 2011 and the boys settled a bit more. All boys to bed and more football as L&I settled.

20120101 + HAPPY NEW YEAR

20120101 + Up an down to the barn to try out L's gun. The boys were all over the barn. GpaW, Johnny and I checked out the barn.

 Everyone clnd up and over to John & Mary's for a very nice Winger Christmas/New Year party. The boys got more stuff and we ate more than we should have. Gma&paW took all 3 boys for dinner and a movie, L&I home got stuff unpacked and watched Hangover 2.