060930 - Jaylyn b day

060930 - Howdy to Gameworks for a friends bday party.

060924 - Gpa B & gas

060924 - Gpa Barker teaches the boys how to burn out chipmunks.

060923 - Pataskala Antique Power Show

060923 - Up watched some 3 Stoogies with the boys & then we headed out to the Pataskala Antique Power Show...

060922 - Fun Day

060922 - We started the day with Howdy at the Jog for Jefferson. Howdy made 10 laps, that's 2.5 miles!!! L, J & I went to pick the Rodeo. I worked, they ran errand. After work we went to the 'Nutcracker' in Pataskala for dinner. Home to watch SciFi...
060914 - Jack had his first official day of school today... It was pretty hard on him & his mom... Poor Jack sat in the corner all day and if that wasn't hard enough on Lori, the teacher asked to talk to her after class. Hurt pretty bad to see my lil' Jack so upset...

060913 - Monkey around

060913 - Ok day at work... Got some stuff done, but hardley a dent... Took Jack to Karate, he is doing Very well! after dinner I took the boys to the playground. Home played with Legos and then up late figuring If I want to change...

060912 - Jack's First Day of School Ever

060912 - Jack's First Day of School Ever

060910 - Who knew

Who knew

060910 - Highest point in Ohio

060910 - Howdy make his own bfest

060910 - Up, Joe & Dan stoped by to stir me up about going to church... idiots! L&J to church, I 'm in the office finishing up some process flows for Microsoft... Howdy did not get up until 11:30!!!! He was hungry and I heard some pots rattling and came out to find him cooking!

060907 - Up too early

060907 - Howdy made the eggs, Jack made the toast, & I get to walk Howdy to school this morning, cool!
060905 - Short day at work, the power went out about 13:00 and since my computers & voip phones were out I was pretty much dead in the water... Played with Jack a bit, then we took a nap, had one con call, played with Howdy, then everyone went to dinner and karate. Dylan bought dinner tonight, left a tip and everything. Then he did karate, had to do 200 push-ups because he keeps forgetting to write down some goals... think writing his goals should be the first one... Then we hit Blockbuster and then headed home. Electric back on when we pulled up, hurray!!! Everyone in their pj's then melted down, I had a really cool old show to watch with them but they were crying over like pieces of theire toys they couldn't find... so early bed tonight...

060904 - picnic

060904 - picnic

060903 - Dylan,s first fish

060903 - Dylan,s first fish

060903 - Frogger

060903 - up in am the whole fam to church. Drove through McDs and headed to the farm. Gathered worms and the boys found some toads...