20151031 + Trick-or-Treat

20151031 + Up took D to driving school, LJ&G out shopping, I got things done at the desk. D done with his last day of driving school, thinks he did well on his test. D walked to the barber to get his hair cut. I went and picked D up and we stopped at the new Moe's Southwestern Grill for lunch, it was ok. Home and LJ&G home. DJG& Drew helped me put up a lean-to behind the shed to cover the riding mower. I ran D & Drew to a baseball game they were invited to at Academy Park. Home and J&I fixed the charging station in my office and worked on the barn door hangers I brought home for work to use in the little boy's room. L ran G to the Cole's for the night. I went to pick up D at the ball field and he added a friend, so now 3 boys to our house while we were trying to get ready for the party. D in a tizzy, he lost his wallet... So I took him and his friends back to the ball park with flashlights to find the billfold. Miraculously they found it... Home and finally dressed for the party, L&I took the 3 boys to one of their houses and dropped them off. L&I on to the party that was a blast. Everyone was dressed in very creative costumes, L was a pirate and I was Pee Wee Herman. I was the DJ for part of the night and we all danced and had a great time! Home about 2am.

20151030 - Stache

20151030 - Up super early and stopped at Tim Horton's to get doughnuts and coffee for the team on the way to work. Helped get the floor rolling and then constant movment in meetings and calls the rest of the day. Swung by the house and picked up the fam and met the Mallonn's at Champs for dinner. Home exhausted, went to bed early.

20151029 - Trick-or-Treat

20151029 - Up and dropped D at school on the way to work. Full day, customer on site, Didn't leave until 7ish, home for Trick-or-Treat. We had a bunch more kids than in the past due to the sidewalk :-) J was out with his buddies and L&G went. The boys brought home tons of candy!

20151028 - Coloring

20151028 - Up in the am and dropped D at school and stopped at the gas station before heading to the VW dealership for 30K service. Eric picked me up and carried me to work. A long day of unexpected meeting. Left work at 7pm to get the car and check out my new $225 tire and $330 oil change :-o  Home and hung out for just a bit before little boys had to go to bed and I had to run and get D from driving school.  Home and D&I loaded up with snacks and headed to the basement to watch game 2 of the World Series. Grant has been doing a lot of coloring lately in preparation for Halloween.

20151027 - Decorated

20151027 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way In to work.  I was greeted by a birthday decorated office and desk. Home ate and LJG&I to Old Navy to stand in a ridiculously long line for underpants.  D stayed home to post things on eBay.  We headed to Payless to look at shoes. G melted do own, then L and J&I ended up the only ones to get shoes.  Home and stayed up till 1am with D watching game 1 of the World Series. 

20151026 + 45

20151026 + 45th bday today.  Up took D to school, walked G to school, walked J to bus stop. Relaxed in the am and at the desk figuring things out. L home and we headed out for my once every 4 years shopping: Kohl's, Old Navy, Payless, Target... Can't find shoes... Home got the boys and headed to dinner at El Vaquero where Gma&paW met us. Gma&paW took D&J to scouts, where apparently J was punched by another Scout... LJ&I went to Meijers to find shoes and a belt. Home picked D&J up from scouts. took doc to Bible Bangers for a short meeting.  A full wonderful day!

20151025 - Sad Dead

20151025 - Up all to church.  Home and D drove me around to find plastic wood for picnic table.  D&I built half of the picnic table before I had to carry him to driving school  Back home and Penn came over to lend a hand and finish up the second half of the picnic table.  J went tailgating and to a Columbus Crew soccer game with friends.  G&I got D took him to church party, drove through Wendy's, I had no billfold... G had to save the day and buy dinner.  G and I to the basement and he played xbox.  J home, he had a blast.  Little boys to bed, D home from church party, Vinnie over watched a very disturbing walking dead.

20151024 + Clinic

20151024 + Up in the am and D's friends helped him do some chores before they got picked up.  L&G ran to the grocery, J playing xbox, D posted a couple things on eBay. All home for lunch then I ran D&G out to the varsity baseball field for a clinic that D worked and G participated.  Home got all desk/paperwork done for the next 2 weeks. L made J a Halloween costume, Ninja Turtle, he could wear to the church's Trunk-or-Treat event he was going to work. L ran J to the Mallon's to play before the Trunk-or-Treat.  I ran back out to pick up D&G not knowing I was an hour early...  Got the boys and then home to relax and watch an awesome OSU game!

20151023 - Bubble Knight

20151023 - Up and dropped D off in the way to work. In to work, couple meetings out of the way and then went around to take pics. A guy that wants me to sell stuff for him on the internet dropped off a couple cases of salsa and then some of us went out for Friday Mexican lunch, then on the shop floor boxing printers the rest of the day.  It was very educational. Home and D and a couple friends walked to the last high school football game of the year.    LJG&I went to Friday's in Pickerington for a nice dinner. Home boys got cleaned up and watched some TV and relaxed. Little boys to bed, big boys home and D's buddies spent the night.

20151022 - Retreat

20151022 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work. Incredibly stressful day...  Rushed home and picked up L to go to the parent baseball meeting. The place was filled with folks we've met throughout the years. D was at driving school, J was in the basement playing the Xbox and G was texting us every 5 min to let us know he was bored.  I stayed after the meeting to talk about boosters stuff with the coaches...  Home and got some dinner and watched tv with J&G while L retreated to watch one of her screaming housewives shows...  I ran out to pick D up and he ran me to the store. Home and D&I watched some tv.

20151021 + Bouncing

20151021 + Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  In for a very busy day of meetings and actions.  Home and L had cooked a nice dinner.  D doing homework, that I could help with, J melted down a couple times.  L&G bouncing around on the trampoline.  We all got together for some TV before bed.

20151020 - Coming Apart

20151020 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work. Made it out to the shop floor for a few minutes today between meetings and calls. Home and has a nice dinner with the fam. D&J headed out to take apart some of the obstacles from G's party, G read, L cleaned things up and I relaxed for a min. I then headed out to help D&J finish taking the A-frame apart. All in, cleaned up and watching TV until bed. I stayed up late trying to get organized and making chainmail out of can tabs...

20151019 - Chaos

20151019 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work. Calls started at 8 and I finished up the last one on the way home...  Home for a minute and then to an Athletic Boosters meeting, then over to check in with the Scouts.  Home for just a minute and then to Bible Bangers where the Mormons stopped in again. Stayed after to talk to Scott about the Scout chaos...

20151018 - CHAMPIONS!!!

20151018 - Up in the am and all to church. D&I went to KFC to pick up some lunch. Home and I discovered Quicken was blank :-o  Got papers together to start rebuilding it and D drive all of us to Pickerington to J's Championship soccer game.  Gma&paW down to watch J play an awesome game, he was on the ball a ton and has gotten so much better in the last year. It was a close game and they WON!!! CHAMPIONS!!!  Home and I sat at the desk to rebuild our financial files in Quicken. D&J to youth group at church.  I took a break to play a round of rummy with G. All home and little boys to bed. I got the Quicken file done and then D&I headed to the basement joined by some friends to watch The Walking Dead. It was AWESOME!!!  Up late and stayed up to finalize things for a busy week ahead.

20151017 + Party & Win

20151017 + UP early and DJ&I put together some obstacles for G's party.  We made a super cool rope climbing wall and some rams out of old pallets.  J headed to his soccer game and G's friends started showing up, the American Ninja Warrior bday party was underway.  The boys did the obstacle course over and over until we pulled them off for the pinata that broke on like the 4th kids :-(  The kids sang happy bday to G and they had some cake and then they went wild in the backyard.  I headed to Pickerington to watch J's 2nd tournament game in the freezing cold.  They WON!  Home and Gma&paW brought dinner in.  We ate and then settled in for the OSU vs Penn State game.  It was an awesome game!  and an awesome day for our 9 year old.

20151016 + 9G's

20151016 + Up in the am and G opened the presents from his brothers. I dropped D off at school on the way into work, it is pajama day. Had a busy day and took a long lunch to get a hair cut and gifts for G. Home with a trash can for G as his Bday present, that is what he told me he wanted, or some robot version, I just got him a regular old trash can and he was not to happy with it, until he looked inside and found all the goodies :-) D in trouble, couldn't keep his mouth shut about the $120 tennis shoes he coerced his Gma into buying for him so he lost his phone and the right to go to the high school football game... DG&I headed to Home Depot to get some supplies to build things for G's party tomorrow and then stopped at the video store to get a movie. Home and unloaded then inside to for G's wish of Little Ceaser's pizza for his bday dinner. We settled in the basement and watched 'Tomorrow Land'.

20151015 - Pumpkin Ball

20151015 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work.  In the conference room again for most of the day.  L took J to his soccer game, the first game of the tournaments, they WON!!!  Home and D&G outside playing.  I relaxed for a few minutes before D drove G&I to 's Pack meeting.  G got in and got right to work drawing and cutting.  I didn't have to help much, he did a great job.  He got an award for the 'angriest Ball'.  Home and boys had snacks and to bed.  up last working on blog catch-up November 2014, December 2014 & January 2015

20151014 - All Hands

20151014 - Up in the am and too work, no D with me, he has a late start day, whatever that is...  Another day in constant meetings...  One of the last meetings of the day was an all hands meetings where we brought the sight up to speed on the move and new business coming in.  All good news for a change :-)  L went to the Dr today for an ear infection, G is feeling better today.  After work few of us went to Cooper's Hawk for dinner.  Home and watching baseball with D.

20151013 - Fun Gma Day & Strep

20131013 - G up most of the night burning up.  Up and in to work alone, boys had another day off school... L took G to the Dr. and he has strep...  I had a long day in the conference room. Home on the phone the whole way...  Walked in the door to a nice steak dinner the D&J had made. Poor sick G was on the couch and LDJ&I sat and had a nice dinner at the table. D&J talked the whole dinner telling us about all the fun stuff they did with GmaW that came down to help for the day.  After dinner D got cleaned up and listed some stuff on eBay, J retreated to the basement and the Xbox. G&I played Trouble on the couch until I had to go to a meeting. It was a scout meeting for advancements that afterwards we discussed the total disarray of the Troop...  Home and watched the Democratic Debate discuss taxing the living shit out of me to give it to others...

20151012 + 103.5

20151012 + Up in the am and to work by myself as the boys don't have school today...  Got to work and had a long slow day and had old milk on my Cheerios :-P  Home and had some dinner with the fam, G on the couch not feeling well, J in outer-space...  D&J dressed for Scouts and D drove, I ran in to get reimbursed for the awards I had purchased.  Home and hing out with G watching a show.  Went to pick up the boys, home for a quick change and then DJ&I headed to McD's for Bible Bangers, D drove.  We had some visitors at Bible Bangers, a couple of Morman missionaries that had stopped by my house over the weekend, they stopped and I blew them off, but invited them to Bible Bangers and they showed up :-)  We grilled them for 30 minuets as they had to leave early due to their curfew...  We talked a bit more and then I had a worksheet/game we worked on.  Home and checked on G, his fever was up to 103.5 :-o

20151011 - The DEAD are Back!

20151011 - Up in the morning and all to church.  Home and I went into the office and chained myself to the desk to get things done.  Ran D to driving school and then back to the desk.  Eventually done with desk work and helped LJ&G finish cleaning up from the party and back to some normalcy.  John stopped over for an impromptu coaches meeting, then I ran and got D and took D&J to youth group at the church.  Home and LG&I played Sorry and Trouble.  Ran to get the big boys from church and then home to settle in the basement to see the season 6 premier of The Walking Dead.  Chris, Vinnie, Pastor Ben and one of D's buddies stopped over.  The premier was FANTASTIC!!!  Ran D's friend home and dropped Chris' phone off at his place, home and to bed. 

20151010 - GO BUCKS!

20151010 - Up in the am and L&J headed to his soccer game.  DG&I got things ready and D ran us to get ice and final supplies.  Back to the house final preparations done and relaxing before people started showing up.  L&J home and our family and friends started coming in.  Being a home game and other local schools having Homecoming dances the turn out was lower than past years and noticeably fewer kids.   There was plenty of food, a great game and time for us to sit and talk with our guests.  A very nice relaxing and enjoyable day of sunshine and friends.

After the party we packed up and went to G's scrimmage under the lights.  D was the ump and it was freezing cold.  It was a good game and the boys won but it was FREEZING.  The boys were mad at me for not going to BWs but we had a long enough day and once home they got cleaned up, warmed up and settled in.  A great day.

20151009 - Clown School

20151009 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  In and our boss stopped by for a visit.  He poked his head into our morning staff meeting and saw that we were all dressed as clowns...  Later we convinced him to join us and pose for a photo.  1/2 a day over and I headed home to pick up L and go to J's school where we met some of his classmates and went over an English assignment with him.  He was completely embarrassed, especially when I took more than the allowed number of suckers from the tin in the middle of the table.  Home and started preparations for the party.  G got home, then D, then J and we got the place ready in no time.  D took me to the grocery and to pick up pizzas and preparations were complete for the night.  Home for dinner and a movie.

20151008 + Almost

20151008 + Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work. In to work and had visitors again today. We toured the new site and had lunch at Plank's in downtown Grove City. Back to work and finished the day in the conference room. On the road to meet L&G in Hebron OH for J's last regular season game, he almost got a goal.  D stayed home and went to driving school. 

20151007 - Carbonaro Effect

20151007 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work.  I dropped him at the door today because he was almost late... that added 20 minutes to my commute...  Finally to work and in the conference room most of the day, limited space, but got a lot done.  Didn't leave until late.  Got home and had a couple bowls of spaghetti with J watching TV.  G was playing xbox, D was doing homework with his phone and computer watching baseball...  L cleaning everything she could get her hands on and doing laundry...  We watched the Carbonaro Effect for a while and then the little boys went to bed.  Sittining on  the couch getting caught up on the blog: September 2014 & October 2014.

20151006 + Toss

20151006 + Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work. Had 2 customer visits today, both went well, but not much time to get anything else done...  Bad traffic on way home, home and replaced the glass in the lamp post, L had J at soccer practice and running to stores, D&G washed dishes and play Xbox, then threw the football in the backyard. Up late working on converting OhioOrigins.com to Opencart.

20151005 - Playing with Toys

20151005 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  In to work for a typical busy day.  L called not feeling well so I made sure to leave at exactly 5.  I headed to pick D up at baseball and in my mind-numbing drive got off 270 on the wrong exit...  Problem corrected and I got to D.  I took D's buddy Drew home and L ran J to soccer.  Hung out for a bit, I printed off some invites and G rode his bike around the neighborhood delivering them to the neighbors.  We ate and then Iran D to Scouts.  Home and hung out for a bit, then ran to get J from soccer practice.  Home and hung out some more, G playing like a little boy, he doesn't do that often...got a call about selling stuff online for a guy, L got D from Scouts.  D changed and drove Doc and I downtown to put a 3-Day Notice on a tenant's door... We stopped at Bible Bangers on the way home.  Home late exhausted, straight to bed.

20151004 - Relaxing Bath

20151004 - Jack up early to play the Xbox. L&I up and around getting things done. Gma&paW brought D&G home. D did a quick change and L took him to his game. Gma&paW hung out for a bit then went Dow to D's game. L said D had one of his best games ever today. JG&I got things organized and then headed out to get gas and supplies for the party next weekend. Rushed home got supplies unloaded and then headed to G's scrimmage.  G played very well and the game was close, but we lost.  Frustrated, I left and stopped at the music store to get a book and stand for J before heading home. Home and hanging out in the backyard, watching TV, chatting with the neighbors, having a couple beers, and throwing the football with G. L ran D&J to youth group at the church and G took a relaxing bath. Big boys back home, cleaned up and little boys to bed, D&I stayed up to watch Fear the Walking Dead.

20151003 + Steak Slugger

20151003 + UP in the am and J&I to his game.  I sat in the car and got organized during his warm up time and then stood and watched the whole game while talking to another dad.  J played a good game and almost got a goal.  J's team won and D walked from his friends friends to meet us at the field and then the 3 of us headed home.  Home and D&G packed and the boys and I headed to the Farm while L headed to lunch with her girlfriends.  I drove through and got us some lunch and then after we had all eaten I pulled over and let D drive the VW up to the Farm.  He did good and liked driving the car.  At the Farm GpaW gave us a tour of the work he is doing at on the Farm House, a lot of plaster work needs done and a bit of plumbing, a BIG job...  D&G stayed at the Farm to go up to the Indians game and J&I headed home.  Home and we settled in the basement to watch the Buckeyes and get some things done.  It was a scary game, they are not playing like a #1 team, but the Luckeyes, Dave from work coined that nickname, won.  After the Game L&I with our only son for the night ran out to get supplies for the party.  Everything was closed...  We did manage to get a pinata...  Bummed that our efforts weren't more productive, we stopped at Logan's so J could get a steak dinner.  D&G were sending us updates from the game, home and watched more football.

20151002 + stache

20151002 + Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  A fast day, too much to do, not enough time...  Got a call from the cable guy headed to our house so bailed out 30 minutes early.  He put in a new cable modem and amplifier to improve the signal and installed a digital cable box we need for the party.  D and one of his buddies went to the last HS football game of the year and then he spent the night with them.  J hung out in the basement playing his game and LG&I headed to Bob Evan's for dinner to get L some nice soup as she is not feeling well.  The dinner was slow, not good, a basic disaster...  So we swung through Wendy's on the way home...  Home and JG&I watched 'Don't Mess with the Zohan' while L slept.

20151001 - 21yrs

20151001 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work.  Another common stressful day...  L went to G's parent teacher conference and G led the whole thing.  She said he did great leading it and is doing very good in school.  Headed to J's soccer game and chatted with L & some of the other parents.  J's team not doing so good, J running his butt off...  Left a bit early to pick up G at baseball practice, only 5 boys showed up...  Home and hung out and watched a movie.  Hard to believe 21 years ago today L&I were getting married...  Where does the time go?