20150430 + Vet

20150430 + Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work. Got some stuff done then had a working lunch with some of the managers. Home early and Jim and Vicki stopped by. LJG&I had dinner. D home from baseball and G&I to the Gahanna Animal Hospital with Scouts for a tour. Home and watch Gray's Anatomy with L.

20150429 + Birthday Girl

20150429 + Up in the am and dropped D of f at school on the way into work. Had Waffle House Wednesday with Eric and Dave this morning, then in for another pretty stressful day... Home and picked up G and headed to the ball field. We had a great game and run ruled them. Home D didn't play at all again tonight... L&I are furious, but other parents that have gone through it tell us we are handling it the right way, at this age it is up to D to speak up and ask what he can do to get more time on the field... Hard lesson for a young man and even harder for the parents to watch :-( We had some dinner and then I worked on putting the game in Game-Changer to get the stats.

20150428 - Unecessary Meeting

20150428 - Up in the am and dropped D off on the way into work. FULL DAY OF STRESS... Tried to leave early to get to D's game, but had to stay for a completely unproductive meeting. Home, everyone else at D's game, he coached 1st and got to pinch run and hit once. I did get a bunch of stuff done before the troops got home. Headed to bed with a aching neck.

20150427 - No Strikes :-(

20150427 - Up in the am and in to the Dr. for my face. Back home with the boys home from school for another day off school for teacher planning or paper buying... I got my prescription and then headed into work. A short day as I left a bit early to go to D's game in Grove City just a couple miles from work. L got pulled over this morning because of the dark tint on our windows we have had for the last 8 years... The day was beautiful and sunny and the afternoon turned bitterly cold... I stayed for the whole game hoping D would get in, he did not, except for coaching 1st base :-(  Straight to the Scout meeting where I rescued LJ&G and we headed home. D called as soon as we got in the door so L went to pick him up as J got a shower, G played Titanfall and I got something to eat. Out to Bible Bangers with a small attendance, so a short night.

20150426 + 1st Championship!

20150426 + Up in the am and all to church. Home for lunch and got a little bit done. Then L took J to his buddy Conor's so he didn't have to sit through baseball. LDG&I headed to Grove City for the last day of the tournament and the semifinal game. Gma&paW came down for the action. The boys delivered and we won't the first game :-) we waited a bit and then game 2. The boys stepped up and run ruled the Olentangy Stix (GREAT LITTLE TEAM!) in 5 inning, (12-1)! There was a nice trophy presentation and then the team headed back to our turf for some grub at BWs.

20150425 - FREEZING

20150425 - Up super early and G&I headed to Grove City for baseball. IT WAS FREEZING!!! we played our first game starting at 8 and came back in the last inning to win. We then had our second game facing the wind and IT WAS FREEZING!!! We won the second game and then packed up and headed to D's game. L&J were at J's soccer game and they lost, but brought G&I some food at D's game. D was playing outfield and a bit of catcher. L stayed and JG&I headed out early because we were FREEZING!!! We stopped at the grocery on the way home and then home and hot showers for everyone. Warmed up I ran J to the magic store and then to get D at the school after his games. The McClains came over for dinner, I wasn't much fun, my head/neck are KILLING ME... Bed early.

20150424 - Pin Up

20150424 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work. In for a fast stressful day and got a ton done. I stayed in Grove City and met G's team for the first game of a tournament. It was a beautiful night for baseball and the boys did great wining their first game of the tournament. L&J went to D's game and Gma&paW came down to see it and take them to dinner afterwards. After G's game G&I ran to Ben's Mustard to get some stock for our online store. Home and my neck is killing me.

20150423 + Cold Play

20150423 + Up in the am and dropped D off on the way to work. had a rainy fast stressful day at work but got everything done. Straight to D's baseball game and froze to death. Had my coat up around my head and in the last 20 minutes L revealed she had ear muffs, that would have been handy... :-s Waited for D and brought him home. We ate and hung out the rest of the night. up late for more programming.

20150422 - Tulips

20150422 - Up late, L took D to school today. I met with the city engineers about the sidewalks they are going to be putting in. Then ready and in to work for a shorter day. Home and relaxed due to the rain everywhere.  The tulips our friends from the Netherlands sent us look nice.

20150421 - Clippers

20150421 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work. In to work for a fast stressful day. Home and got JG&J's buddy Lucas and headed to the Clippers game. It was a lot of fun and we got to see a grad slam! The Clippers won and I got the boys home about 10pm. Up until 5:30am programming...

20150420 - J SCORES!!!

20150420 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work. To work and a full day of meetings, no lunch, on the phone the whole way home... Passed LJ&G on the way to J's soccer game, J SCORED A GOAL! D's baseball game was cancelled so I ate quick, packed up an ebay sale, ran D to Scouts, mailed the package and then on the the High School Athletic Booster meeting... Back to get D from Scouts and then home quick and out with Doc for Bible Bangers. Home and up late working.

20150419 - Rain Day

20150419 - Up in the am and all to church. LJ&G left early to get J's soccer team pictures taken (only 4 kids showed up...) Home and had some lunch. J to a buddy's, D&I transplanted a bush and then Jim and I walked the neighborhood reviewing the proposed sidewalk plans and chatting with the neighbors. G's game got cancelled and L ran and pick up Dgf2 for the afternoon. Go a TON of things done on the PC on this rainy afternoon.

20150418 + Triple & Bells

20150418 + UP in the am and G&I to D's baseball game, L&J to J's soccer game. G&I met the McClains at D's game and D was playing 2nd base, then catcher and up to bat and getting good hits :-) I had to leave to go to a wedding and on the way home had 2 parents contact me telling me I just missed D's HUGE HIT. He CRUSHED the ball and it hit the right field fence, a naturla triple!!! D said it felt GREAT to hit the ball that hard! :-) 

Home and ready for the wedding and L&I walked to the Sanctuary just in time to be seated. It was a nice wedding of Jared and Megan Estep and there were a lot of people there from work. 

We got home and we all watched 'The November Man'. and then off to bed.

20150417 - Owner and Baseball

20150417 - UP in am, dropped D off at school on the way to work. In to work and prep for one of the new owners to visit. It was a quick ok visit. The management team went to lunch and then back to the office to finish up the day. Left a couple min early and headed straight to D's game. Gma&paW came to the game and we watched D play a bit. He did better. They beat the other team and we all went to Rusty Bucket for dinner. Home and all boys to bed for a busy day tomorrow.

20150416 - Rainy Match

20150416 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way into work. On in to the office for a busy day of meetings and getting things done. After work drove straight to the soccer field where I met the fam for a rainy soccer match.

20150415 - Photo Bomb

20150415- UP in am and dropped D off at school on the way to work. In to work for a crazy unplanned event day... Home quick and got J&G and headed to G's game. I kept the book. it was a bad game, for the other team. Our boys were firing on all cylinders and we smoked them 23-0 :-s We ran to Rita's after the game with the McClains. Home, cleaned up and to bed.

20150414 - Far Away Friends

20150414 - Up, Work, Home, Board of review for Scouts.  Got a photo from some of my friends in Holland today.  Their little boys are getting big and they DID purchase a video system for their car.  I told her one day she would and Gwen fought me on it...   ;-)

20150413 + Punks

20150413 + Up to work, long day, had to take an alternate way home as the highways were a mess. Went straight to the ball fields to pick up G, they were getting their team picture taken. Home and hung out for a quiet evening.

20150412 - Prayers and Baseball

20150412 - Up in the am and down to the farmhouse where the scouts had a Sunday Morning service off the front porch.  We then got packed up and on the road. We got home in good time and relaxed for a minute before heading to G's games. G had a double header and game one he did ok and they lost by 1, some strange player shifting going on and I was pretty much un-involved, which was fine by me... Game 2 G made some Sport Center plays with a backward diving catch in the outfield... The boys won the second game 15-0... Gma&paW came down for the game and we went to DQ after the game. All back home and a couple of the other coaches stopped by and we hung out until late. L&I stayed up and watched 'Boyhood', it won a ton of awards, but put us asleep...

20150411 - Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm

20150411 - UP in good tim and down to the Farm.  Roger and Dale had the syrup well underway.  We finished getting thinggs ready and the Scouts helped.  Soon we had over 100 people at the Farm enjoying the perfect day.  The weather was fantastic and everyone explored, visited and played.  G made several trips to  the pond, a hayride to  the Falls and explored all over as the leader of the herd.  A nice slow day.   Things wound down, the Scouts helped clean up and we retreated to the house for a Chinese feast and review of the day.  G collapsed, J soon after.  G did wake back up for a bit and we watched Boxtrolls with GmaW.  Another perfect day at the Farm.  All to bed exhausted...

No matter where you travel from.
When you get to the Farm, 
you know you're home.

Thanks to all who helped prepare, those who came to share, those that came to play. 
Because of all of you, it was a wonderful day. 
See you next year!

20150410 - Fixin Doors

20150410 - UP in am and the whole crew up to the Farm. We got a bunch of things ready in the morning and had some extra time. Dave and Jake were there and the boys all worked together and replaced the doors going into the farmhouse basement.  I think Dave and I replaced them 30 years ago...  D climbed up on the kitchen roof and cleaned out the gutters and we did onther odd jobs as assigned to get ready for the big event tomorrow.

Up to the house for dinner with Gma&paW and before long the Scouts started showing up.  We went down to visit as they set up their camp and D ended up sleeping in the barn with them.  Everyone tired and to bed in good time.

20150409 + Tilted Dinner

20150409 + UP in the am and in to work.  Had a full day, home and grabbed the fam and headed out for a nice Mexican dinner.  Home and getting things packed in preparation to head to the Farm tomorrow.

20150408 + Crakin Heads

20150408 + Up in the am and getting some things done around the house. Picked D up from baseball practice. We all loaded up and went to lunch at Steak 'n Shake. We then hit Michael's to get some soap kits and then hit the Movie store. Home and G went over to a friends and D&J helped me smash walnuts and make some soap. L worked on the logo and it worked out pretty good. L&I ran over to the neighbors to see their remodeled kitchen. G and his buddy back home, his buddy Brady is spending the night. they got playing rough in the playroom and Brady cracked his head open :-o All good and cleaned up we settled them in to watch a movie and L&I watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, odd movie...

20150407 - Bed in Good Time

20150407 - Up in the am and in to work for another day full of meetings trying to get things in line so I can have a couple of days off.  Home late and G&I went to grab a movie.  Home and watched the movie and to bed in good time.

20150406 - Practices

20150406 - Up in the am and in to work later than usual as the boys are on spring break.  L had them busy and got the shed cleaned out and D posted on ebay.  Busy day at work, solid meetings all day.  Home and grabbed D&G and headed to G's baseball practice. L&J at soccer practice.  They were wet practices... Home and got some food and then settled in to watch the NCAA Basketball championship, Wisconsin lost :-(

20150405 + Easter Dinner

20150405 + UP in the am and Dgf2 is here. We all got ready and loaded up and headed to Gma&paB's. L drove and I did some work, we got there in good time, The Cole's were there and Gma&paW came too. We had a very nice lunch and time to visit. The kids had an Easter egg hunt and played outside almost all day. The group took a walk and I took a nap :-) We wrapped up the day and headed home about 7:30. We dropped Dgf2 off on the way home. Home and all tired boys to bed. I couldn't sleep so did some work.

20150404 - Basketball

20150404 - Up in the am and getting things done in the office, boys out playing in the yard.  L&I headed out to sign taxes, have lunch and stop at the cell phone store.  Home and DG&I to G's baseball practice and J to the magic shop.  It was a good practice and then D&I measured all of the dugouts for his eagle project.  Home for a few minutes and than to get J.  Home and we hung out.  D&J rode their bikes to Subway to get dinner.  After dinner D went to a movie, I took a nap while LJ&G watched basketball.  Went to pick D up and watched Wisconsin beat  undefeated Kentucky.

20150403 - Coloring Eggs

20150403 - Up late and into work, boys are on their first day of spring break. My day ended up way more frustrating and longer than expected. Home to a hostile environment... D in his room the rest of the night... Played Titanfall with G. Up late programming.

20150402 + Magic Meeting

20150402 + UP into work and got a lot done.  Home late, nothing on the calendar and weather crappy.  Took J to the magic meeting in Westerville and hung out in the library while they had their meeting.  J had a good time and learned some new tricks.

20150401 + Monkey in a Tree

20150401 + Up and dropped D off on the way to work. In for a busy day. We went live using a new shopfloor software today: so far so good. Headed to a Landscape Board meeting after work and then to D's baseball game. He got up once, line drive and out to 1st, and got to catch for 3 outs as catcher with one passed ball allowing a run :-( to Massey's for a pizza bday dinner for L with the whole fam. Home watched some tv.