20191112 - Up in the am and snow on the ground so everyone forgets how to drive. Went up around New Albany to get to work today... 1 hour 45 min later I got in to the office and got things rolling. Had a good am meeting with CB and then pushed through the day.

20191111 + Introducing a Worker

20191111 + Up in the am, L took the day off and Gma&paB here. We all headed to G's school and went to the Veteran's Day Ceremony. G was in the flag corp and did a great job introducing GpaB to the crowd. After the ceremony we headed home and then ran up to Rusty Bucket for lunch. I ran in to Ed Hofmiester there and we chatted a bit. Home and L did some ironing and I took a nap from being up so late last night. Up and picked G up from basketball practice and we ran by Wendy's where J was doing some training. We got a snack and bugged him for a min and headed home for dinner. J home not long after and we all ate together and J told us about his boring training. After a short break JG&I headed to Scouts. The adults had a good meeting while the kids had theirs. Home and called Doc to see if he wanted to go to Bible Bangers and he decided against it because it was snowing. I headed to Bible Bangers for a bit and we had a smaller crowd but we finished off Acts.

20191110 - J Forgotten

20191110 - Up late in the am and went through the paper with L as G and his friends ate bfast L made for them. G and his friends made more noise while we waited for their parents. LJ&I got ready and headed to J's Cross Country Banquet that started 30 min late. It was a nice presentation and the seniors got to throw their shoes in a tree by the football field. During the presentation they forgot to call J up with his class. Home and dropped L&J off and ran a couple of quick errands. Home and did a big sudoku puzzle from the the paper while G&I watched the Browns somehow win. L raked some leaves and then fixed some dinner. Got some things done on the PC and then headed downstairs to watch The Walking Dead with Chris & Vinnie. Back up to the office for a long night of getting caught up and sending out letters.

20191109 - A New Eagle

20191109 - Up early and D home waiting for the glass guy to come and replace his windshield. That wasn't going to happen until noon so D&I ran some errands, dropped off his holiday break dates to Dbat, the wood store to get a bat billet and then Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction wins. Home and the windshield guy showed up WITH THE WRONG WINDSHIELD!!! D headed back to school and JG&I headed to an Eagle court of Honor. It was a nice ceremony (an abbreviated copy of D's) and J&G did their parts well. We hung out for a bit after to have some refreshments and play some games. Home and watched the end of the OSU game and then the LSU vs Alabama game. G had some friends over. We played trouble and then they were horribly loud until horribly late.

20191108 - Dinner with Friends

20191108 - Up in the am and L headed in to work and I took my time this morning as the boys were home from school. Got in to work and got some folks fired up asking to reduce the number of gifts we send out to customers this year trying to save $$$. L&I to the Barn to meet with Bill & Tiff and a handful of other friends for a surprise bday dinner for Tiff. It was a great meal and some good times. L&I ran to pick G and one of his buddies from their second party of the evening. We dropped the boys off at home and headed over to the McClains for a short after dinner visit. We had a nice time and got home in good time.

20191107 - School Play

20191107 - Up in the am and headed downtown to the lawyers office. I was deposed from 9:30 to 3:00, it was exhausting. Home and we had dinner. L ran G to basketball practice and then L&I went to the high school to see The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe play. It was a nice little play and J's friend Conor was in it. Home and J had picked G up from practice for us. We had some ice cream and hung out a bit before heading to bed.

20191106 + Tiff's Bday

20191106 + Up slow in the am and swung by Great Clips for a hair cut, Planet Fitness to ask about something odd that showed up on my bill and McD's for a sausage McMuffin. Made it in to work and Lonie headed home, he's feeling ill. I fired up the PC and folks came in to the office on pretty regular frequency for things, but moving ahead on all fronts. Headed home and L fed JG&I. We hung out for a bit and then L&I headed to Coaches for a small bday celebration for Tiff. We stayed for a bit and then headed home. I called Kathy, a girl I worked with when we lived in NC and talked to her until 1:30am, shes a mess.

20191105 - J&I 2 CBJ Game

20191105 - Up early and dropped G off at school for Bible Study and then headed to vote. Got my voting done and then fought traffic all the way to work for an hour... Go the work and a couple things done before day went crazy... Had a on site customer project review followed immediately with a vendor lunch. Back to the office for a minute and then ran downtown to lawyers office. Headed home from there and hung out for only a min before J&I headed downtown on the back roads because 670 was a parking lot and made it to Nationwide Arena for the start of the Columbus Blue Jackets game. CBJ lost but it is always fund to watch. Home and to bed, up late watching videos on the phone.

20191104 - Dollhouse

20191104 - Up in the am and J drove himself to school and L&G gone. I swung past the bank where J is parking to make sure he did ok, looks good. Took a couple calls on the way in and had calls as soon as I hit the desk. Going through emails and getting caught up. Headed home in the dark for a crazy busy night. G had basketball practice, home, cleaned up, ate, then to Scouts. J drove himself to Scouts and I met with the adult leaders to get some things in line for the big program this month. I snuck into L's room at school and checked out the dollhouse she took in that waas hers when she was a kid.  Home and Doc & I to Bible Bangers, full hose to night, almost done with Acts.

20191103 + Tree Planters

20191103 - Up in the am and LG&I to church, J still at his friends and D sleeping. Church was odd, a kid I had in Scouts keeps popping up, not sure how to deal with that... Home and L cooked some eggs. I headed into the office and got some things done. J home and got cleaned up. I cleaned out the baseball stuff that didn't sell to donate and J shopped ebay stuff. D&G played catch in the backyard and then the boys 'helped' plant the Buckeye tree I got L for our anniversary. D took off back to school, I did a couple other things outside and L ran some errands with Sue the neighbor. J&G headed upstairs and that was the last I saw of them. I got the garage cleaned up, fixed the speaker, finished the hutch and did a couple other little jobs. L home, boys down to eat and we watched some TV. Walking Dead guys showed up and we watched our show. To bed not too late.

20191102 - D Repairs

20191102 - Up early and D&I took G to practice and dropped him off. D&I went on to Home Depot and got some supplies for some projects around the house. It was a nightmare because we were in the electrical section and had two guys helping us that weren't sure what planet they were on or what hot and neutral mean... On top of that Home Depot was hosting a kid workshop and it was right next to the electrical section and they were pounding on something like a jackhammer in a tin bucket... We got out of there with not everything we needed so we headed to Lowe's and finished our list. Home and J was posting some things on ebay, I printed out flyers to take to G's parent meeting. L&I headed to G's parent meeting. It was one of the better meetings I have been to and I think this experience will be very good for him. After the meeting we got home and I did some things on the PC and J went to State Cross Country meet with a friends, said it was super cool. L drove D's car and said it was going to blow up so D&I took a drive and got some power steering fluid that fixed the problem. Home and D fixed L's cabinet she attempted to fix... We watched some football and soon the McClains came over. Bill and Tiff told us all about their experience in Florida with his Mother passing and all the crazy things that happened. We got some pizzas and watched some football until late.

20191101 + Dinner with D

20191101 + Up in the am and J down late and late for school... In to the office, very empty and quiet today so getting a lot of catch-up work done. Finished the day and got home. D was home so we all went to Moe's for dinner. After dinner we came home and LDG&I watched Men In Black International.

20191031 - Poo Foot

20191031 - Up in the am dropped J off at school. In to work through a rainy messy traffic day. A lot of folks dressed up for Halloween today at work. Many of us dressed up as Courtland, pretty funny. We had some pizza for lunch, but not the big production as last year when we were all in the office together.  Finished the day and headed home. Home and ate with L, J upstairs on Xbox and G at basketball tryout. After we ate I headed to pick up G up and waited a bit for the cut discussions... After waiting a while G came out with a big smile, he made the team!!! I ran G over to a buddies to go Trick-or-Treating and he changed in the backseat on the way. We saw his friends, I pulled over and he bolted to catch up and get some candy. I swung by the Pettit's on the way home and range the doorbell for a treat. Home and J went to a friends, they ended up trick-or-treating as well, bunch of dumb giants... L handed out candy to the few kids that come to our door. I ran and picked G up and helped inspect his candy. J home and all boys to bed. L&I up a couple more hours cleaning up from Lilly's escapade of stepping in dog poo and dragging it all over the house. It stunk horrible and we had to clean everything!!!

20191030 - German Dinner

20191030 - Up in the am and J really slow to get up and get to school. Got J delivered and headed in through crappy traffic to work. My office has been a revolving door all morning. The day was so busy in deep thought projects that my head hurt incredibly by the time I headed home. Home and got LJ&G and we headed downtown through some horrible traffic to the Hofbrahaus for my bday dinner. We were surprised by Gma&paW that were in town and able to join us for dinner. It was a great place and experience. The boys didn't like the food too much but they survived. Home and I fell asleep in the chair for a bit and then woke up to watch the World Series with G. The Nationals won so we were happy and Jason a guy from work I talked in to going was happy he did.

20191029 + Creepy

20191029 + Up in the am J in snail mode. Got him to school but pretty sure he was late.  I got gas and headed in tot he office. Had a couple visitors in the am and then at the desk all day. Finished up late and headed home. Had some dinner with L, J upstairs on his Xbox and G at basketball tryouts. L took Lilly on a walk and I relaxed a bit before headed to pick G up from tryouts, no cuts today. Home and then G&I ran out to Meijer to get some Halloween costume things for him. Home and watched the World Series until late. I watched a dumb, but very funny show on Hulu = LETTERKENNY

20191028 - Returns

20191028 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school. In to the office and dispersed stuff left at our house from the Party and then left Reese's Pumpkins at everyone desks. PC fired up and running fast this morning. Had a busy day getting caught up from party planning, readiness and execution. Headed out in good time. Home for a bit to make sure J was on track and then headed to the school to pick up G. Got G from basketball practice and he thinks he has a really good shot of making the team. Home and Had J run out and sell some more wreaths and head to Scouts. When G got out of the shower I took him to Scouts and then made a couple deliveries to return things borrowed from for the Party. Back to Scouts and hung out for a bit. Home and got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers. Had a good meeting and not home too late. Up late getting the wreath orders in.

20191027 + Plugged In

20191027 + Up late and Tom picked G up for his baseball game. L&I got J up and around... The electrician showed up to install generator connection and L ran downtown to G's game. J&I cleaned everything up outside and got the tents taken down. We got the generator fired up and took a lesson on how to change from grid power to generator power. It pretty much powers the whole house! We then got everything in to the garage for final cleanup and J went to a movie with his friends. I spent the rest of the day in the garage cleaning up and organizing some of the cabinets until the guys showed up to watch The Walking Dead. J&I reviewed some of the apps he had on his phone and had some discussion about it...

20191026 + PARTY TIME

20191026 + Up early and got hings rolling. We got the door off from the kitchen to the garage and started the chili. I ran G to his basketball tryout and then hit Kroger one last time for ice and couple things we forgot. Home and got the TVs on and everything else set up. Tom showed up and helped with hot dogs and last minute details. Soon the folks started pouring in, D even came back from school! We had a great crowd, 70 folks, despite the rain. Everyone sang happy birthday to me and we all had a toast. The Buckeyes won and it was a great time! Folks left and L&I got pretty much everything cleaned up quick. We sat down and watched some football and G&I stayed up way to late watching the Oregon game. A great day surrounded by family and friends!

20191025 - READY!

20191025 - Up SUPER SLOW in the am. Got J to school just on time, drove through McD's for a couple sausage McMuffins for bfast on the way in to the office. At the desk and getting things lined up for a busy day. Got a ton done on a database project today and left a bit later than I wanted to. Home and J&G making plans to go the football game tonight. L&I headed out for last minute party errands. We stopped at the gas station, Kroger, Burger King for drive through dinner and then back home to unload. We ate quick and then I met Jason and Penn at the church to get the Scout tent. Back home and Penn came to help L&I put up one of the tents. Then L&I put up the Scout tent. Jeff from next door came over to help with finishing touches and J&G showed up to help as well. We got a TV installed in the tents and everything looks like it is ready. To bed exhausted.

20191024 - New Hardware

20191024 - Up in the dark am and wish I was still in bed. Dropped J off at school and took the congested highway in to work today just to see the progress on the construction. In to the office and making progress on multiple fronts. Was introduced to a potential new customer today. Spent about 3 hours on the phone changing some of our tools. Headed out at 7pm and made a quick stop at GFS to get supplies for the party. Home and unloaded everything. Ate some leftovers and then worked in the garage until late. In to the office and was up until 3:30 working on the change

20191023 + Training and Prep

20191023 + Up in the am and took the back way to work. To the desk and trying to focus on lining up the rest of the week so this weekend will go smooth.. Had some new requirements and projects pop u today. Headed home on time. J got a bunch of stuff shipped and listed. Had dinner with LJ&G and then headed to the high school to host a Team App training session. Only 4 showed up for the training but it went well. headed home after and think I fell asleep in the chair in the living room... Took a final inventory of things needed for the party and headed to bed.

20191022 - Spooky

20191022 - Up in the am and tired. Dropped J off and got gas and headed in to work the long way to keep avoiding traffic. At the desk and preparing for a 10am meeting and had a couple folks stop by to chat. Had the meeting and the the rest of the day was a whirlwind. Home and J it me as soon as I walked in the door that the network wasn't working... Spent about 2 hours getting the network restarted... Started getting things put in place for the party and tested the projectors, they both have bad chips in them and white pixels all over the screen, looks awful. Called everyone I knew at D1 to see if there were anymore of these old clunkers sitting around and luckily Shalynn had one I can borrow. I ran to her house to pick up the projector and loved her Halloween decorations! ON to Meijer and got a couple things but not everything I needed so drove over to the other Meijer and got the remainder. Home and worked on the party set up and general house readiness and ordering things for the party until 3am...

20191021 - Shocking

20191021 - Up early and L&I headed to Mount Carmel East for a couple of tests. The Dr shocked the crap out of here to try and figure out why her left side is still weird. He could find nothing out of the ordinary, except her muscles we not a 'quiet' in a resting state as normal, 'but that could be due the stress of the testing'. You mean sticking a needle in a persons body and applying an electrical charge to it would stress someone out a bit? NO! Really?! Holy crap!  Home and dropped L off and I headed in to work to get the day started. Had a fast congested day. Ducked out a bit early to meet Andy and the middle school Athletic Director. It was a good meeting. Headed home and ate with the fam. J&G to scouts. I swung by for a minute to drop off awards. Home and cleaned up the garage and moved some tables in prep for the party this weekend. Boys home, i got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers for a bit. Up way to late for how tired I was today.

20191020 - Double Header

20191020 - Up late, nice relaxing morning. J got started listing a couple of things and Scout work lined up. LG&I headed to G's baseball games. G had a double header and it was the longest day of baseball in my life... G did ok and was brought in as the closer to get things under control and seal the win. His batting was not good but got better in the second game. We played until the sun went down, ran home for G to change and then i ran him to basketball open gym. Home and ate with L&J. Back to pick G up and we swung through CVS and bought some pop and a ton of candy on the way home. Home and J gone, spending the night at a friends. I headed to the basement and soon my Walking Dead buddies showed up. We watched the show and then they took off and I watched some backing show with L&G. Couldn't sleep most of the night.

20191019 + Axe Man

20191019 + Up too early for a Saturday. J&I ran G out to the high school varsity baseball field for a clinic. We then stopped by the high school, checked in with Andy running the fundraiser and then J broke into the concession stand for me so we could get the hot dog steamer, nacho cheese machine and a drink cooler. We then headed home and unloaded and finished digging out the left overs from the stump grinding we had done. The Mallonn's stopped by and picked up the cornhole boards. J&I shipped ebay and I then L&I ran to Home Depot to get stuff to finish the tree/yard project and decorative plants for the party next weekend.  We swung through KFC on the way home to pick up lunch. Home and ate and then had G help me unload the car, spread the topsoil, seed, straw the stump area and then take things back to the shed. LG&I headed to Sunbury for a Fall party at Steph's, one of L's dear friends. They had a shrimp boil and it was really good. G&I ate a bunch of desserts and we hung out and chatted a bit. We got L to quit blah blahing with her buddies and headed to the next party. J called from our home phone in an absolute panic... he dropped his cell phone and it is no longer working... I dropped L&G off in New Albany at John &Sara's for their wedding reception and headed home to get J to calm down. Got J settled and carried him with me back the John & Sara's. We had a nice visit with folks there and a tour of the house. Didn't stay too long as we had one more stop to make... Back in Gahanna for Penn's 50th. There were no cars int he drive when we got them but that didn't stop us. We found them on the back porch and hung out around a wonderful fire chatting for a couple of hours. WOW what a busy night full or friends and family!

20191018 + Lookout

20191018 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Not many people in today but those that were all seemed to be in my office this morning. Got a bunch of stuff done today on many fronts and finished the day prepping for next week. Home and everyone going different directions tonight. G left first with some of his buddies to go the high school football game. L&I headed out next to go to Five Guys for dinner. J waited a bit and then went with some of his friends to the football game too. After dinner L&I ran to Flanagan's Pub to meet Bill & Tiff to watch some of the Buckeye game. We left there at the start of the first quarter to go back to their house and shortly after both J&G called, their game was over, we won which was great as it was the first game after the football player passed away and everyone was there. The kids stormed the field at the end and all gathered by the band with phone lights in the air singing the alma mater, very touching. L&I picked J up at the library on the way home and we all watched the end of the Buckeye game. GO BUCKS!

20191017 - Lunch w/ Friends

20191017 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and headed in to work. Had quite a few visitors this morning. Lonie and I ran to Biro at Easton for a lunch sponsored by Jason, a buddy of mine.  Penn was there too, today is his bday, and we had a nice lunch and learned a bit about bonds. After lunch Lonie and I headed back to the office and finished the day. Home and J drove me to the auction house in Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction wins. Home and we had dinner and hung out the rest of the night. J&G played a game on their Xboxes with D until bedtime.

20191016 - G’s 13!

20191016 - Up in the am and G was up and all excited. We watched G open some of his presents.and then I dropped J off at school and headed to work through the rain. To the desk, nice and quiet, getting things done. Left early and had a bit of a plan with one of G's teachers... I went to Courtland's house and picked up his car and then went to G's school where Brian had put cones out for me so I could park right out front of the school. Brian then called all the XC team to his office, they sang Happy Birthday to G and then Brian said 'What Grant doesn't know is that car is here to pick him up" pointing to the red Ferrari I was sitting in right in front of the school. The kids poured out of the school and surrounded the car taking pictures and videos as G climbed in and we zoomed off. G&I got home and several neighbors and friends stopped over to see the car. I gave J a ride around the block in it. After a bit G&I got dressed up and too k the Ferrari to dinner at Mitchell's downtown for a meal that blew G's mind. He was very quiet and enjoyed every single bite of the Crispy Pork Belly Skewers, Sea Salt Baked Potato, 14oz Prime New York Strip and Lava Cake à la mode. It was a fun dinner chatting with him and watching him experiencing flavors. We climbed back in the Ferrari and zoom past a hundred cars to return it to Courtland's house and chat with Missy a bit before heading home. Home and G let J try some of his left overs and he told them all about the experience. An exceptional day with G.  Happy 13th bday buddy. I love you.

20191015 - Tree Work

20191015 - Up in the am and dropped G off at school for Bible Study and then J at school. Back home and hung out waiting for the tree trimmers to show up. Took a couple work calls while waiting. Trimmers showed up and got the work done quickly. I headed in to work and had an incredibly busy day cramming a days work in to 5 hours. Got things wrapped up and headed home. L out for the evening with Tiffany at the grand opening of the new Target up the road. I got the boys off their Xboxes and sent them out in the neighborhood delivering party invites and selling wreaths and Entertainment Books while I got things ready for the stump chipping cleanup. They only had 1 sale from their efforts. JG&I then cleaned up the chips from the stump grinding. We got it as cleaned up as we could in the failing light. J ran out to get G a bday present and G&I headed to Arby's for dinner. Home and L back, told us all about the grand opening. The new neighbor came over and told me his troubles... We hunted J down and finally got him to return home... Long night.

20191014 - Red Shadow

20191014 - Up slow in the am and in to work. Methodically going down through the stack today. took a break mid-day to have a driving lesson in a Ferrari California. I was pretty nervous, but it is just like any other car, if you take it slow. The sound of it was amazing and every control was super precise, the slightest touch of the breaks or twitch on the wheel and the car immediately reacted... Made it through the lesson ok, had a couple more meetings and finished the day out and headed home. No meetings tonight for me, J had a Scout meeting. Got to hang around the house and relax a bit.

20191013 - J Sings

20191013 - L&I up in the am, D&G sawing logs. L&I headed to church. Home and I got the day organized and took a min to do a big Sudoku puzzle that I messed up. J home, got cleaned up, helped him with his tie and he left to pick up a buddy and go to his concert. Gma&paB stopped and chatted for a bit. D had some buddies over and they ran G to his baseball game. L and Gma&paB headed to the school to hold seats. I hung back and waited for the electrician to stop by and look at how to hook up the big generator to the house. Soon Gma&paW showed up and we headed to the high school for J's concert. The concert was great! J did good and looked so grown up. After the concert we said goodbye to D as he headed back to school and LG&I headed to Hot Chicken takeover for dinner with Gma&paW. After dinner we returned some of the unused supplies for the garage floor job to both Lowe's and Home Depot. Home for a bit and Chris over to watch The Walking Dead with J&I. Vinnie forgot about it and showed up 20 min late. No school for G tomorrow so G&I up watching baseball. G feel asleep and they hit a walk off homerun. So I rewinded it a bit, woke him up and he wanted to go to bed. I told him to just give it one more inning and POW the guy hit the walk-off and G was thrilled. I called D late to make sure he got back.

20191012 + Where's My Brother?

20191012 + Up late and got myself around. J up early and went to XC meet to support his teammates even thought he was not cleared to run due to a muscle pull he had. I headed to the auction houses to pick things up. They only had 1 of the 2 things I needed at one and the other was closed... so pretty much a wasted trip. Swung by and got a hair cut on the way home. Home and my keyboards stopped working, so dug an old one out of the basement. Tried to get quicken updated and something went wrong with it... Things finally smoothed out and I got some stuff done. D called and was bored at school so he decided to come home. As soon as L announced the D was coming home Lilly went tot he door... G home from his sleep over and party. D got home and we chatted a bit. J home and then over to his buddy Conor's for his bday. LDG&I tried a new Mexican place for dinner, Poblano's, it was really good. Home and L&I watched some football. D&G went to movie Gemini Man in 3D. They said it was a great movie but the 3D was a bit over the top.

20191011 - Hamilton's Pub

20191011 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a couple of hot ones with the new paystubs coming out.  Got things sorted out and took a break to walk down to the jewelry store at lunch to pick up L's ring. Finished up the day and then headed home. L&I dropped G off at dance at the middle school and then went on to dinner at Hamilton's Pub. It was a new place for me and it was really good. Home and L picked G up and took him to friends for the night. J home, no more GF3... He is doing homework to get caught up for the grading period until midnight deadline. L&I watched Night Hunter, super good suspense movie.

20191010 - Might be a Claim

20191010 - Up and in to work, feel like a zombie today. Had many phone calls with Bill and State Farm today about Bill's car. $1,800 in damage... Despite being a zombie I manged to close out a lot of actions on the day and prep for tomorrow. Headed home and J@JGF3 and G at baseball practice. L&I had a quick dinner together and then I headed to the high school and met with the Booster Board about go forward plans. Home and hung out with L&G a bit. J home and all to bed.

20191009 + Sleepless Catching Up

20191009 + Up slow in the am and headed downtown to the Scout Store to buy awards and get J a new Scout shirt. In to work and chatted with Lonie and Kelly for a bit and then worked on final touches on paycheck changes and templates. Was a heads down day and finished late. Home and ate, L on a walk with Lilly, J shipped ebay and did homework, G hanging out in front of TV. After a while Bill & Tom stopped by. We worked on some baseball stuff and caught up. Guys left and LG&I watched a show about musicians surprising folks with performances. All to bed, couldn't sleep again, looked at clock last at 3:30am.

20191008 - Sign Up

20191008 - Up in the am nice and slow as there was a ton of fog overnight. Got the the desk and got things rolling for the day. Had a very busy day and got a lot done. Headed home and J there, her ate and then vanished to JGF3's. L&G showed up, they were at G's XC banquet at school today, said it was very emotional and fun. Had dinner with L&G and then headed to the bank and then the Scouts Board of Review. Went a bit early as I had to officially sign up as the Advancement Chair for the new Girl's Troop... We had 2 boys come in for rank advancements tonight. After Scouts I swung by and got gas on the way home. Watched some TV with L&G, J home late. D called me late and told me all about his coaching a flag football team at school. Sounds like he is having a blast! Up late doing things on the PC.

20191007 - Parts

20191007 - Up in the am and G home not feeling well today. I headed in and took a couple calls on the way in. In to the building and checked in with folks on the way up to my office. Got things fired up and running for the week. Sent the entire morning on the phone with the payroll company and then the entire afternoon updating everyone's deductions so payroll will be right Friday. After that I headed down to IT to hang out with them until the system issues were fixed. Headed home about 7pm. Home and ate, L out running errands, J drove himself to Scouts and G still on the couch. I helped Bill with some plumbing issues over the phone and had some parts he needed in my warehouse. J home from Scouts, another merit badge DONE! I picked up Doc and headed to Bible Bangers. Home, exhausted and hit deep sleep for about an hour and then up and down the rest of the night.

20191006 - Dead Back

20191006 - LJ&G up super early and headed to downtown Columbus for a 5K race. I got up nice and late and started going through the paper. LJ&G got home and it was a rainy crappy day so we hung out around the house. J got his chores done and then JGF3 came over and helped J go through his closet and git rid of all of the clothes that no longer fit him or have holes. It was a quiet day of relaxing and getting things done. G broke out in a fever and slept most of the day, missing his baseball game, we were glad for the break... L&I ran out and picked up Cane's for dinner. We all ate and L tried to buy some new shoes, but apparently they were not the right ones and he lost his mind. Some buddies headed over and we watched the start of season 10 of The Walking Dead, looks like it is going to be a good season. After everyone left and went to bed J&I took a trip coffee and half way around 270 to chat. Home and I got a call from work that we had a system down. All systems back up at 2am and finally to bed.