200190920 - Up in the am and had to help J tie his tie, he is dressing up for XC today. Dropped him off at school and headed in to the office. Light staff today so turned some tunes on and started checking things off.

20190919 - Final Coat

20190919 - Up very slow in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Met up with the Finance and HR teams as I walked in the door and spent the first 30 min with them. Was surprised that HR was not using the processes they requested and were set up for them... Up to my desk to get things done. Lonie brought me a vegetarian bagel for lunch. Not bad but gave me horrible gas the rest of the day... Home a bit early and started working on the garage floor, I decided to put the rest of the clear coat I bought on it instead of returning it. Figured it would add a year or 2 to the life of the floor before I would have to redo it and that was worth the $100. J out with some friends going to a concert this evening. L ran to pick G up from XC, called me just as I was ready to mix the epoxy and said she was coming home ill, I would have to get G... ran and got G... home and put the last layer of epoxy on the garage floor. G got picked up by another dad and taken to batting practice. finished up the clearcoat, hard to paint what is clear and wet looking and know where you left off... DONE, cleaned up, and fired up the PC. Got notifications set up to go out this evening for both D&G's baseball teams. Headed to D-Bat to get G. G&I went through K-Roger to return some shampoo, ran in to Andy and chatted about Boosters a bit. On to Giant Beagle to search endlessly for my shampoo... couldn't find it so we smelled about 300 different ones and left with our noses ruined. We swung through Arby's on the way home and picked up dinner. Home and ate. Started watching a movie and I fell asleep in the chair... Got G to bed, J home very late front he concert, he had a blast. Up late keeping ahead of the wave.

20190918 - Glossy Goodness!

20190918 - Up slow in the am and dropped J off at school and headed in to the office. A lot of folks in my office this am moving various projects forward and getting things done. Eventually pulled myself away from the desk to run downtown, get stuck in bad traffic and get Scout awards. I did talk to some past colleagues on the way there and back so that was nice. Back in the office and moving very fast directing and helping on many projects today. Headed home, J home sick from school so no XC for him, L made dinner for G&I and then L&I ran to Lowe's to get some more supplies for the garage floor. We decided to put a gloss coat on the floor for extra durability and to even out the color flakes from the original application. It didn't take us very long and it looks AMAZING! What a difference adding the gloss top coat. In and boys settled for the night, I stayed up way too late working on a Booster thing for Wilmington College Baseball.

20190917 - Damn Cone & Garage Floor

20190917 - up in the am and a bit different today, I dropped G off at school early so he could go to Bible Study. That got me in to the office early and on the run getting things done. Slammed through a bunch of things fast and got on the road. Stopped by the house to get J's car and then to the school to pick him up. J drove us down to Wilmington so he could take his driving test. J and the officer took of and before I knew it were back. They went through the maneuverability course and DING! J knocked over a cone... They came back in to the office and J passed the driving part with only 1 deduction, almost a perfect score and then we rescheduled to come back next week and try again... We swung over to the college to see D for a bit, J got to see his room and we visited for only a couple min before heading out. We went to Lowe's and picked up some painting supplies and then J drove me home. Home and I ate quick and then started preparing the garage. bill and Tom came over and we spent the evening epoxying the garage floor. It looks great! Exhausted, I woke up in the living room chair at 1am and crawled into bed. 

20190916 - 2 Scouts

20190916 - Up in the am, J running slow but got him to school and in to work. Grabbed a handful of files and headed up to start the last day of Open Enrollment with the HR team. Amazing that folks can't get things turned in on time... Home and showed new neighbor how to use our riding mower so they could get their grass under control. I had a quick dinner with G and then headed out to Booster meeting. L got J&G to Scouts. I headed to Scouts after Boosters and then got Doc to Bible Bangers. Home and up to 2:30 working on booster stuff for the choirs.


20190915 - Up in the am and L ran to pick G up from his overnight bday party, he didn't want to go to the paintball event.
J&I up and around and washed the floor and then acid washed it.
L was out running errands all day.
J took off with JGF3
I mopped the garage one more time and sat down at the PC to figure up insurance for next year and then enter money for the next 2 weeks.
Gma&paW over for a cook out
L ran G to basketball.
J&JGF3 up in his room painting something
I finished signing up for our 2020 health insurance and then ran to get G.
Home and L&I on our PCs in the living room getting things done.
We checked in with D, he seems to be doing good.
Got everyone to bed.


20190914 - Grant double header
guys over to help with garage

20190913 +

20190913 + Up slow in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Joined up with the HR team and entered data ALL DAY.
J with JGF3
G wanted to stay home and play on Xbox
L&I to post office and then Greek place for dinner
Home Depot brushes L added plants
We swung through Cane's to get G dinner but too busy so got him Wendy's
Home and Tom & Landon here
I put a skim coat on the garage floor
Took the rest of the night


20190912 - Up slow in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Joined up with the HR team and entered data ALL DAY.

Went through the drive-tru on the way home to restock the Natty

G had baseball practice
I got home and cleaned out the garage and applied more filler to the floor
Bill & Brady stopped over to hangout

20190911 +

20190911 + Up dragging in the am and in to work. Reviewed the changes of my overnight efforts with the HR team and they love it. Chained to the desk getting updated on all fronts. Lonie ran out and got me some lunch. Still at the desk...

To high schol for Baseball
Was introduced as the opening act and went through Team App with folks
Mike agreed to let 7&8 come to HS practices

Mike called later rethinking his 7&8th grade at practice, we are still going.



Head down all day. One of the changes i made broke our financial radar tool so spent the day fixing it.

Home and got laptop out, working on updates to the HR tool.

Scout Board of Review, no kids showed up...
J home late, was with JGF3
Still no sign of J's laptop...
Upstairs at midnight had to tell G to put away his markers and get some sleep and J was trying on homecoming clothes... exactly why we want you home at a descent hour, so you can do normal life things and not get so far behind.

home and up working on tool until 3:45am...


20190909 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and I got gas before getting on the road.
G stayed home from school 'sick' today...
Home and had a couple beers with Tom in the garage admiring my concrete work, he brought me more supplies.
Scouts with J, G home sick...

Bible Bnagers, Doc VERY SLOW and disoriented

Up until 3am working on tool for work

20190908 - Rusher

20190908 - Up in the am J home from friends and doing chores around the house with me. L went Homecoming dress shopping with JGF3 and she had a BLAST!. D came home to make a bat. I made water transfer decals while he worked on the bat. D was in a hurry to get back to school and the lathe is NOT a forgiving tool. In his haste he made the handle of the bat too thin so I gained another $25 piece of firewood... We used it to test out the water transfers and it is not a great fit for a bat, but was cool learning how to do it. D ran to pick G up from his campout and talked to some of the Scouts for a bit. G home and unpacked and told us of all the fun he had, except for the eating too much candy part and not having enough money left over for lunch on the way home from buying too much candy (learned this the next night at Scout meeting from the adults...) We slowed down for the week ahead and D headed back to school. I headed out to the garage to start prep work for putting on an epoxy cover and quickly ran out of cement

20190907 + OSU Buskeyes

20190907 + Up slow in the am, apparently L was up all night ill... We got around and headed to the OSU Campus. We parked at the fairgrounds and rode the bus and hiked over to the Madison tailgate and met Dave and some old school friends for a short visit. W then walked over to game and got to watch the band come in and then some good football. Dave showed up halfway through the first half and we chatted and watched the game. We sat right under the scoreboard so it was hard to hear the band at halftime but other than that they were great seats. L&I went down the 300 steps to get to concession stands after halftime and got some food. We took the elevator back up. We finished out the game and stood in line for the bus and got home in good time. We love going there.

Home and we took turns taking naps on back porch. In the evening J returned home from XC meet and he ran a new PR. It is his favorite course and they run through streams and over hay bales and up piles of mulch. J also announced he can't find his school laptop...  After a bit J to friends to spend the night. L&I ran to Arby's late to get dinner, had to swing through Wendy's to get her a baked potato. G called L with stomach pains from 400 miles away...

20190906 + All Over the State

20190906 + Up in the am and dropped J off for school. The map was red so I headed to 270 the back way and when I got to the entrance of 270 it was blocked off by police cars and the highway was shut down due to an accident, so I took back roads to the office. Once at work I went straight into the HR dept to help them get the final pieces in place so they could send out insurance enrollment info. J ran home after school, got his stuff and went straight back to school to get the bus to head for an overnight trip to Mason for his favorite XC meet of the year. I Headed home a bit early to swing by Ink My Graphics to chat with the owner about setting up a webstore. I ran G to the church and dropped him off with the scouts. They are heading up to the Farm tonight and then on to Put-In-Bay for the weekend.

The McClains swung by and picked L&I up and we headed to the Clippers game downtown. We had a blast just hanging out, eating dime a dogs and having a couple beers. Home and to bed for a big day tomorrow.

20190905 + Buying Ice Cream

20190905 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. In the office and a busy day working with the HR team to get ready for open enrollment for our insurance for next year. Finished the day and headed home. J&I headed out and went to the auction house to pick some stuff up, the bank, post office and then  he swung through UDF to buy JGF3 some ice cream. He then dropped himself off at her house and I took his car to pick G up from baseball practice. Home and hung out in front of the TV working on more HR forms for tomorrow.

20190904 - Rear-view Mirror

20190904 - Up in the am and dropped J at school. In to the office and finalize our insurance benefits for next year. Headed to downtown Columbus for a deposition. On the way home from the deposition I got pulled over and a $197 ticket for not having a license plate on the front of my car and windows tinted too dark. ARE YOU SERIOUS???  Headed to the accountant and picked up hard copies of our taxes. Home and L told me about her Dr. visit today, she really likes this new Dr and was taken off some of the meds she got put on while in the hospital.  L ran to pick up J&G. We all had dinner together and then JGF3 stopped by and then her and J vanished. G&I headed to D-Bat where G hit and I talked to the guys, they love D and one of them bought one of his bats and LOVES IT. Home and watched some TV

20190903 - NOT AMUSED

20190903 - Up in the am, dropped J at school and around town in good time. Stopped to get gas on the way in to the office. Nice and quiet early so started finishing off weekend tasks and prepping for the week. Had a busy day and got pulled in to some new things... Headed towards home, stopped in a parking lot by the high school and waited for J as long as I could before heading to G's xc meet. I parked right along the raceway and when G came by blew the HORN! He was not amused :-)  Headed home after the race and hung out on the back porch building a tool to help decide the direction of benefits for our employees next year; up way to late working on  it...

20190902 + Treasures

20190902 + Up late and got around. G&I put another layer of Bondo on L's car. JGF3 came over and we all got in the big white car and headed over to Owen and Conor's houses to pick them up. A full car load we headed to the Johnstown Swappers Day. A quick stop to get gas and I tried to teach Owen how to pump gas... better luck next time... Got a case of water and on to the event. We got a front row parking spot and headed in looking for wonders. There were the usual sea of tents with treasurers pouring out into the isles.. Owen and G both got wireless ear buds, JGF3, Conor and G each got some fad bead bracelet thing, Conor got a whiskey decanter, J bought an old PlayStation without controls or power cables...L got some little hors d'oeuvres bowls and I got glazed pecans, 10 umbrella hats and some peaches. Gma&paW arrived and we walked with them a bit and then we all headed back towards home. Gma&paW took G and they went shopping at the Goodwills in town. LJ,JGF3&I met them at O'Charley's for an interesting dinner (make sure Derrick is not your server...) Home and J mowed the yards. L&I met the new neighbor kids, both smoking, even the pregnant one, out back with their 4 pit bulls... We'll see how this goes... in and watched some football, all to bed.

20190901 - Bondo Lesson

20190901 - Up and it was a nice lazy day. D headed to Wittenberg to hang out with some friends, J was with JGF3 and G's buddy went home and then he helped me replaced some outlets and I taught him how to do Bondo on L's car. He seemed to enjoy it... I ran to get a haircut and in the evening we went to the Mallon's for dessert and bourbon tasting. A nice relaxing day.

20190831 - 2 PRs and College Football

20190831 - Up in the am earlier than I would have chosen... L&I headed to Hilliard to watch J run. We met up with JGF3 and watched J run a new personal record of 19:20! J's team came in second for the day. L&I left them there and headed all the way over to Granville to watch G run and G had an awesome race of 13:03, a new PR for him and his points counted to the overall team for the first time. G's team won the meet! 

We headed back home, swung through KFC and landed on the back porch where we settled in to watch the first OSU football game of the season. I had to take one break to go pick G up from school. We watched the game, D was there and had a blast with his friends. Spent the rest of the day getting things done around the house and watching more college football for the rest of the day.

20190830 - Photo Op

20190830 - Up in the am and got J off to school. The roads were empty today so flew in to work and got a fast quiet start. Got a bunch done today and fixed an ancient filing cabinet lock. Headed out a bit early as I thought I would have to pick shirts up for the football game, but that didn't work out so home early and hung out with L for a bit. J took off iwth JGF3 and LG&I headed to Cane's for dinner. After we ate we went to the football game. I checked in with the Booster tent and then headed for the stands. We ran into J & JGF3 posing for photos and interrupted them :-) We found seats whit the Mallonns to watch the game. It was a good game and we have a lot of potential but got spanked by the team from Cincinnati. Home after the game and D is home, he came home so he could join some of his friends at the OSU Football home opener tomorrow. We chatted for a bit and then got the boys to bed for a very busy Saturday.

20190829 - Clear Skies

20190829 - UP in the am and dropped J off at school. Drove through the construction on the way to work and things moved quite nicely. In to the office a bit earlier than normal and getting things done in the early morning quiet. Jumped into two big projects that needed attention today. Lonie and I spent most of the day hurting our heads tyring to come up with solutions. Finally it came to me and Lonie confirmed. We reviewed it with others and Lonie is going to build it in the next 48 hrs. Headed home and Tom was holding baseball practice by himself so I swung by and was present, but not much help... Home with G and dug right in to the Insurance project. Designed a sheet to review the options easily  so a good decision can be made this year. Finished that up about 2:45am.

20190828 - 100%

20190828 - up in the am and in to work. At the desk most of the day. Walked to he French restaurant next door for lunch with Jason and then finished the day at the desk and a couple meetings. J talking his last in car driving today and L&G at G's XC meet. I drove over to G's Xc meet and talked to a local printer guy the whole way, we are going to try to get some business together.  Got to the meet just as it started and G was right out front at the gun. Watched him run around a couple times and he came in 16th out of 4 schools, ran a 14:14. I headed home as soon as the race was over, caught up with J on how his driving went and then hung out for a min before G was back at the school and J drove me to pick up G and he told me about his girlfriend's photo receiving a perfect 100% in the Professional Photographers of America photo competition. Home and we ate and soon Penn showed up. Penn and I hung out on the back porch and did some Boosters work. We got ticking and ads working and his set up with access to pretty much everything. Took a call from eh Team App team in Australia and we finished the night about 10pm. In and to bed and fell asleep with the TV on and laptop on my lap. 

20190827 - Bat 2 Done

20190827 - Up in the am and exhausted. Got J to school and in to the office in the drizzle and trying to get things done. L went to G's XC meet today and it got rained out. Home.  L&I worked on D's bat so I could take it to the guy that bought it. Up late working on websites and cleaning things up.

20190826 - Happy 20th Birth_ay

20190826 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and in to work. Got on the phone right away to do some cleanup on a program I wrote and hung up 3 hours later :-o Finished the day in spreadsheets and headed home. L had picked J up from Xc and they ran in the rain, he was soaked head to toe. J got cleaned up and went out for his 3rd driving lesson. G was picked up by a friend for a volleyball game at the middle school. That left L&I home and we ate and then called D to see if he was having a good birthday. This is the 1st time in 20 years we have not been with him on this day... So proud of the man he is becoming. Can't say much more without being overcome by emotions...

G got home and L ran him to Scouts as I was dead asleep in the chair... J home and I managed to get up and head to Scouts to pick G up and check in with the guys. Home for a min and J and JGF3 were here. I called Doc and told him I would right out. I was on the way out and JGF3 had backed out, Doc thought it was me and was trying to get in her car :-) I got Doc and we went to Bible Bangers for a good quick check in and a bit of study. Home and in the office until 3am trying to get ahead of everything. To bed and incredibly uncomfortable, last time I looked at the clock it was 4:20...

20190825 - D Bday and Fall Ball

20190825 - Up late and getting some things posted and done around the house. D came home and we had him open his presents and then we got around to go to G's baseball game. J bailed out for the day with JGF3 and D stayed home to turn a bat he got an order for. G's game was good, they won and we headed to Roosters with some of the baseball families after the game. Home and D was gone, I cleaned up the garage and we settled in for the night.

20190824 - Hills and Friends

20190824 - L up early and took G to meet the xc team at his school to ride bus to their meet. Up and J headed out with his driver. L&I to G's xc meet, the one with the big hill, know lots of folks there. G did really good ran a 13:13. We headed home and L ran to pick G up from xc and then took him to a bday party. J home and helped do some stuff around the house a bit while I was listing things on ebay. I got to meet J's girlfriend (JGF3) and wow she is pretty.  We had the McClains over for dinner and relaxed on the backporch. When J got home he J introduced JGF3 to everyone. We hung out until late having a good time.

20190823 + Shirt Making

20190823 + Up in the am and dropped J at school. Day 2 of the road changing colors as I got on... Made it to work, turned the music up, started annoying people and hit the ground running! Put in a full day and left a bit late. Home and L&I worked on making a shirt for D for his bday of his bat company logo. J headed off to a XC dinner and we just hung out preparing for a busy weekend.

20190822 + Some Done

20190822 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school, let him know on the way I'm not putting up with his disrespectful attitude any longer. Roads heavy on way in, got to do some aggressive driving. At the desk lining morning up for a clear afternoon. Day went ok, got some done. Headed home and got a new Booster task on the way. L dropped G at baseball practice, J went to the girls volleyball games with some girl he just met this we, she picked him up ;-D  L home and we had dinner on the back porch as I was setting up a new app. Boys home, hung out and watched the ball drop game and Ellen's game. To bed, watched some TV and finished some stuff up.

20190821 - Worn Out

20190821 - Up slow in the am. Barely got J to school on time and then through thick traffic all the way to work. Place is a bit empty this morning so it is very quiet and I am getting things done. Had a productive day and headed home, L had boys at the dentist. All home and ate. Boys vanished  so I go things posted on ebay. In and watched some TV, fell asleep in chair, to bed.

20190820 - All Over Town

20190820 - Up in the morning, bad headache, Got J to school and thought it would be fun to drive through the construction on 270 to see the progress, pretty amazing how they build these huge road and keep everyone moving, even if it is a bit slower. In the office annoying as many people as possible on the way to my desk and getting things fired up and rolling. Got a ton done and headed out on time today. Home and L reported the garage door wasn't working so when I got home I fixed it. L&G home soon from G's xc practice. G changed quick, burned his hand on the cast iron skillet and then I ran him to baseball practice. I swung by the house, Tiff & Amaya were there so L could braid Amaya's hair for her first day of school tomorrow. I grabbed a bite to eat and headed to the high school to host a Team App training. Home and hung out with with everyone watching America's Got Talent. We called D this evening, he is doing ok and settling in.

20190819 - First Official Run 4G

20190819 - Up in the am and got J to school. Roads a mess all over this morning so it took a while to get in. In and up and rolling, need this to be a slower and more productive week than last week. Was at the desk ALL DAY and got a bunch done, not sure it is what needed done... Home and L at G's first XC meet today. G was disappointed with his performance, ran a 15:26 almost 2 minutes slower than normal. I got home and J showed up shortly after. We ate and got trash together and I cleaned out some things from the office. L&G home and chatted with them for a minute before heading out to a Booster meeting.  L ran J to Scouts. The meeting was good, getting some more board members, that should help. After the meeting I headed to Scouts and checked in with folks. Home for only a minute and then got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers. Doc is moving real slow and repeating things a lot... Home and I was up late working on the actions from tonight's meetings.

20190818 + 1st Day of 14th

20190818 + Up in the am and D was loading his car up. L made J&G help him. We got all his stuff loaded up and D said goodbye to his brothers as they ran up the steps to get on their Xboxes... L&I followed him back to school, L drove so I could try to get caught up on some things. We got there and D had his key and was checking out the room. His roommate, 'Burnsy' (Arron Burns) played baseball with D last year at WC and all summer, was there and the room was a bit moldy, so we waited around until the Housing folks showed up. As we waited everyone enrolled in Wilmington College walked through the building we were in, said hello to D and he hugged them. Guess he fits in here... Eventually we got a new room assigned and moved his stuff in up there. The new room was fine, except it is in the freshman dorm, on the 4rth floor and hotter than the sun. But there was no mold so we are ok with it. All moved in and LD&I ran to McD's for some lunch and then Kroger for only a couple supplies and Lowe's to get a little rug. Back to the dorm and helped carry the supplies in and D after a quick hug vanished and was ready to roll and get on with his 2nd year. MUCH easier to say goodbye this year than last year... L&I took our time and stopped in the school bookstore and got ourselves some things and a bday present for D before heading home.

I drove and we got home and forced the boys out of the house, J went riding with some friends, G hung out with L and I was on the back porch doing Booster stuff. Gma&paW stopped by. I helped GpaW with his phone a bit and then they took G shopping. The parents of the new neighbors were at Jim & Vicki's so I introduced myself to them. G back and L ran him to basketball practice. J back from riding around with his friends and LJ Gma&paW & I headed to O'Charley's for a nice dinner. I have to eat fast and go pick G up from basketball and then drive him through Cane's for his dinner... Home and Gma&paW dropped off presents for D's bday and headed home. We all hung out in the living room a bit watching some TV. I was up late doing Booster stuff.

20190817 - One Last Game

20190817 - Up in the am and doing some things in my office. J finally got around and we went to the BMV to get his permit replaced. 1 hour and 6 minutes it took us. How's it even possible the BMV is that SLOW? We then headed to the bank where we cancelled his old debit card and ordered a new one, this only took a couple minutes, shouldn't the BMV be that easy? Home and all of us headed over to Jim and Vicki's to say goodbye. 17 years they have been our neighbors. Very sad to see them go... Back in the office and I finished up at the desk, finally starting to feel a bit caught up from vacation and L not feeling well... L&I headed downtown to Coldstone for an ice cream treat and to watch all the folks run around Creekside playing some new augmented reality game. We then headed home the long way walking out around the golf course and across the new bridge, had to walk off the ice cream :-)  Home and I set up in the backyard and started listing stuff on ebay. I was out there until D got home from work. We all loaded up and headed to Buffalo Wings for D's last supper with us for a while. It was a good meal and the boys didn't argue too much... Home and L&I hung out as the boys strung out power cords to the backyard to plug in the lights so they could have one last wiffleball game. It looked like they were having fun and it made us happy to see them playing.  Don't get many opportunities for that anymore...

20190816 - GLHS Soccer

20190816 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and headed to work through the new construction on 270. I thought I would take a chance and see how the new bridges and roads look. Traffic moved a long quicker than I expected and the construction looks great. I think they are opening up one of the new sections that will bypass a couple exits this weekend. On in the work and hit the ground running, knocking things out. Had an ok day, didn't get done as much as I wanted to... Home and LJG&I headed out. We stopped at Wendy;s and got some dinner and delivered some of it to D at work and then on to the high school for the first soccer games of the season. They had a new sound system and we could actually hear what was going on! We saw a lot of folks we knew and had a good time. Home and hung out until bed time, worked on Booster stuff for a bit.

20190815 - 1st day of 10th

20190815 - Up in the am and J down with seconds to spare to get to his first day as a sophomore. We got a pic outside and zoomed to school. This got me in to work early and off to a good start. D got his eyes checked today and made a bat for someone in just a couple hours. I ran out of gas towards the end of the day... Home and everyone in the living room chatting and getting along. We sat down for dinner and everyone told about there day, new teachers and classes and who was in their study hall and what their friends did over the summer... I then headed downtown to Signatures and met a couple of the Booster Board members there for a meeting and a couple beers. It was a good meeting and I got home about 9:30. Sat with folks in the living room and chatted. All to bed in good time. I stayed up too late working on Booster stuff for Wilmington College and Gahanna... YAWN

20190814 - 1st day of 7th

20190814 - Up in the am and 1st day of School for G! He looks ready! I went a not normal way to work so I could follow and bug him as he walked to the bus stop and decided I would go drive until I saw traffic and then turn whatever direction I was farther from work. 

This took me into the depths of below 161, East of 270 no man's land. Thought I was back in Mexico City a couple of times or the Middle East, bad idea... In the the office and got folks stirred up a bit before getting some things done, having a call, running to the Scout Store and then home to go to the Dr. w/ L.  Home and L&D out school shopping. J home and discussed the coming year with him and then he bailed to ride around town with friends. L&I headed out to the Dr. and only learned that his guy is an idiot: it was clear he hadn't reviewed L's file before walking in the room, he didn't have any of the paperwork from the hospital or blood test results, didn't ask L how she felt, didn't do any of the common test that every Dr did while we were in the hospital for strength, he even said he didn't know what some of the blood tests that were ordered were and he would be able to read the results, and the kicker, his diagnosis "I don't know what's wrong with you. You're going to have to go to a specialist to figure this out". SERIOUSLY?! I suggested shingles, he said she doesn't have a rash. I asked if an antiviral pill would hurt her, he said no, do you want to try that? YES! at least it is something. We got out of there and L was LIVID. L called the neurologist on the way home and more great news... the Dr we saw in the hospital doesn't even have a file in his office on L, they had no idea who she was... Home and I got a bit of work done before we ran to pick up her prescription and then swing by MSE to get G from XC. I talked to the coaches a bit and then we headed home, G blabbering the entire way home about his new teachers, what friends he has in class... Pulled in the drive way, sat down to do some more work and J called needing picked up from XC... Ran to pick J up. Back home and heated up some leftovers, ate quick and then to City Hall for a Landscape Board meeting. The meeting was short and I ran through a drive through on the way home to pick up some Natty Light. Home and cousin Jennifer was there chatting with L. I sat down and we all chatted for a bit before Tom and Bill showed up to get the 2020 baseball season kicked off. We hung out on the back porch and got things cleaned up and ready to go. In and watched a bit of TV with L&G and then worked on Booster Programs until way too late again.

20190813 - $15 Clucker?

20190813 - Up slow in the am, Monday's wear me out... In to the office and a very busy morning. Today was Keith's bday and he just got a new house so I brought him a starter set of plastic fruit as both a bday and house warming gift.  L&G went to see the new Lion King today. G ran in XC this afternoon. L couldn't find J and had to take D with her to drive around. His 'phone was dead'... not fond of the kid he was with... Got a bunch done today and headed home. L made ribs for dinner and they were really good. D was at work and I got a notification he paid $15 for a chicken sandwich to be delivered to him from Chick Filet, $15 for a chicken sandwich, DOES HE NOT HAVE A BRAIN? OMG!!! I headed out to the Broad of review and we had 2 boys for rank advancement tonight. Hung around and chatted with the guys a bit about some potential changes in the Troop that need to be made (online payments, financial transparency...) Home and watched some America's Got Talent with L&G. D home, asked if his chicken sandwich was the best he had ever had... Headed to bed and up late doing Booster stuff.

20190812 + Hawaiian Toast

20190812 + Up and L reported that her left side was 'burning' the outside of her arm and leg, but not the inside... so weird.  I got around and headed in to the office to prepare for an early call. Had a busy day. Headed home and got D&G and we headed to Kroger to get stuff for dinner. Home and we made Hawaiian Toast and mashed potatoes. Was a pretty good meal. After dinner All the boys ran to Scouts where I dropped things off and got things squared away. Home for a bit and then back to pick up J&G, D had to run in to work. Home and got Doc and headed to a short Bible Bangers tonight, good to see everyone. Home and finished watching Pitch Perfect with L&G. To bed and up until 3am doing Booster stuff.

20190811 - Getting Things Done

20190811 - Up late in the am, apparently G was up until 5:30am with his buddies. Hung out in the back yard with L as she did various things, still feeling numb but all over the place. She gave J a haircut that enraged him... I listed some ebay things until it was time to run J to his XC pics at the high school. Home and listed more, D down and cleaned up his gun and we worked on his new site a bit WingerBats.com that I set up for him as a bday present, but wanted to work on it with him while he is home.

Took another break to run and spend a gagillion dollars on a pare of running shoes for G... Home and listed more stuff. after a bit I had to run G to open gym at his school for basketball... Back home and finished listing things and worked in ebay a bit and helped L get some of the sap off my car. Ran to pick G up and he did good and had fun at basketball. We relaxed and watched some gymnastics with L until J's friends came to spend the night. D&G watched a movie in the living room and L&I headed to bed.

20190810 - Around Town Day

20190810 - Happy bday to GpaW! Up in the am and ran J to XC over by Easton. I drove through the Land Rover and Mercedes dealerships on the way home for fun. Home and rested a bit until time to go back and get J. Got J and headed home, he ran 8.5 miles this am. Home and J shipping ebay stuff and I got some stuff done on the PC. Went driving with J to the post office, gas station, picked up a couple more bat billets for D's bday, on to the auction house in Reynoldsburg and finally to the bank. J id really good driving. Home and hung out until some of G's buddies showed up to spend the night. I played cornhole with them and beat the pants off of them in Trouble before they retired to the basement for the night. L&I watched a movie and headed to bed.