20190323 - Woke up nice ad late, got cleaned up and L drove G&I to Wilmington to see D's baseball game.


20190322 - up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Had a very busy morning getting things organized and moved forward. Good day of lining things up and knocking things out. Finished the day in good time and headed home. Home and J drove L&I to a Mexican place for dinner, G stayed home on Xbox. Had a nice dinner and then headed home where I watched some TV while L took a bath, J back on the Xbox eventually everyone downstairs to watch the Buckeyes in the NCAA Basketball tournament, Somehow they won :-o Up late reading rule and regulations and charter and code ordinances on the 'Civil Service Commission' position I will be sworn in for this coming Monday. Up late watching TV and videos on phone.


20190321 - Up in the am and dropped J at school on the way ton work @ 25 today. In and talked to the team downstairs and then went up to the second floor where I'm all by myself and I was singing and sing and whistling away getting ready for some meetings today. Finished the meetings and then headed back to 7575 office. Finished the day out strong pulling folks together to solve problems. Headed home the back way as traffic is a mess. Met LJG and Gma&paW at Max & Erma's for a nice quick dinner. After that we all headed to G's orchestra concert. The 6th graders did really good, actually better then the rest that we endured... J&GpaW headed out right after G played, SMART MOVE! Afterwards we all met back up at the house, LG&GmaW stopped to get some ice cream, but when G got back he gave us a personal concert. It was late and Gma&paW headed home and all boys to bed.


20190320 + Up in the am an dropped J off at school and on in to the office. Have a very busy day of calls lined up. Day flew by, got lots done, good progress. some great calls. Headed home the back way to avoid horrible traffic. Home and ate with LJ&G. J&I then headed to Meijer, J drove me, to pick up a couple things. Home and Chris stopped over to use my printer. Dylan home for a short visit and then headed over to his buddy Drew's before he heads back to his military assignment. Up late trying to figure out some stuff on the PC, gave up at 2am and headed to bed.


20190319 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Not getting things done this morning as my office seems to have a revolving door on it this morning... I got a lot of things lined up and in order and scheduled to keep the ball rolling. Headed over to the new office where I had a chat with CB, very odd discussion... Headed home to see L for only a minute and then out the door to pick up an auction win at a new place in Gahanna and then on to Watershed Distillery to meet Eric for dinner. Eric and I worked together at DecisionOne and he was the host for D&I's trip to Denver for D's 18th bday. He was in town for a sales pitch and called me up. MANY years ago we took a tour of this distillery when it was 2 guy and their aunt and uncle that just started. NOW this place is a gourmet restaurant. We talked and ate amazing food and had good bourbon until late. Eric was staying by the airport so I dropped him off on the way home. Home and chatted with LJ&G a little bit. Got a call from a guy that runs a local competitive baseball team, the Columbus Braves, looking for D. He told me Coach Shade recommended D...  I let D know and talked to him a little bit before heading to bed where I fell alseep sitting up a couple of times before getting my second wind and getting some things done until 2am.


20190318 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Nice quiet morning, getting things lined up for the day and week. Had a busy day of all sorts of stuff, ran to Scout store and ended with 3 hours of meetings... Home and L made us dinner and we ate together. I then split off to go to a Booster meeting and L took J&G to Scouts where she stayed to see the boys get their merit badges I got at the store today, that they didn't even pass out, sigh... Booster meeting was good and I ran to pick boys up from Scouts and chatted with some of the guys for a bit. Home for a minute and then got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers, we had someone join us at the table tonight for our discussion, that's what its all about... Doc was very weak and tired, but he went. Home and up til 3 putting in Booster minutes and doing actions from the meeting.


20190317 + Up VERY LATE, but it felt great! To the desk and chained there most of the day getting things caught up and ready for a very busy Spring. Took a break to pick G up from his Scout campout, he survived and had a lot to say about it. L made a nice lunch and after lunch J&G vanished to the world of Xbox. L ran to get us KFC for dinner and I wrapped up in the office in time for Chris, J&I to watch The Walking Dead. All boys to bed, G out like a light, I hit the desk again until 3am.


20180316 - UP way to early for a Saturday... J&I followed out normal routine, but this time I went into the school with him for the annual Tag Day. J had found a ride so I got to hang out in the library and help collect and process the $ coming in. We started at 7:30 and by 12:30 the Coach, 140 parent drivers and 500 student athletes had collected over $22,000! our best year ever! After the event closed down and cleaned up I headed home, pretty exhausted. L ran to her school to get some things done, J was on Xbox and I hit the couch to rest a bit, after I get the notes from Tag Day entered into a Lessons Learned sheet. I was still entering things = no rest, by the time L got home and she wanted to run down to see the baseball game at Wilmington. So we jumped in the car and L drove so I could get some more things done, I worked until we go to the field...  Out to watch D's game and IT WAS FREEZING & WINDY!!! D didn't play and the boys got beat. We headed out to one restaurant but didn't want to wait 45min-1hr so ended up at BurgerKing for dinner. I drove home, pretty tired and we swung by the McClains to hang out and relax a bit. Home not too late and stayed up a bit longer to get a survey pushed out to the Tag Day drivers. before collapsing.


20190315 - Up in the am and J is going to try school today so dropped him off on the way in to work. Forgot my badge this morning... In to the desk a lot going on this morning. Got morning tasks done about noon. Had a couple unexpected meetings pop up that ate up the afternoon.  Home and got G and ran him to Scouts for a camp out this weekend. Home and picked up L&J and we headed to Moe's for dinner. Home and J&I started watching The Shining and D showed up with DGF9 for a quick visit, he ran home to see his buddy Drew home from Navy basic training. L joined J&I as we finished The Shining, she was a jerky scared mess and then she refused to join us for the final movie of the night, The Exorcist... D swung back past the house on his way out of town, good to see him, even if only for a moment. J&I up late finishing our movie. J liked them both, getting him caught up on the horror classics!


20190314 - up in the am and J home from school for day 4... In to the new office and spent the morning testing some speed issues and then reviewing the tool I have been working on with the finance team that does forecasting, they love it ;-) Got a bunch done through out the day and then met with the ELT team from about 4-6. Reviewed my projects and confirmed directions. Home through a blinding downpour and grabbed G and took him to baseball practice, helped Tom get the boys pant sizes and then home to get something to eat and rested on the couch for the rest of the evening. J doing better.


20190313 - Up in the am and took a work call from home as J is home again from school, but much better. Finished what I could from home and headed in to the office to get things done. Day went way too fast... Headed home and had a quick dinner with the fam. J feeling a bit better, but still looks sick. J&G headed up to play on the Xboxes and L&I settled in the living room. I worked on a proposal. Night wound down, G to bed, J on the couch, I headed ot the office and worked on the new estimator until 3:50am :-o


20190312 + Up slow in the am J still very sick. Got him up and on the couch and he started watching the Walking Dead from episode 1 and headed into work.Met with managers this am and hashed out loaded labor rate stuff, then heads down to catch up. Didn't get everything done I wanted to... Headed home, ate with L quick, J in bed and G @ hatting. Ran to the high school for a Booster meeting, prepping for the big fundraiser this weekend. Left there and headed tot he church for a Scout meeting and teach another guy the advancement process. Home and all boys were in bed. Hung out with L for a while and then went into the office. Feel asleep in the chair, got up and got in bed but now wide awake so back to the desk until 3...


20190311 - Up later in the am as J is staying home from school sick, has fever and horrible cough, L taking him to the Dr. In to work, to the new building first to get some questions answered. On to my office where I met with Jeff on all the things I built over the weekend and how we are going to get folks comfortable with it... Busy the rest of the day and headed out a bit late. J had a dramatic day at the Dr., he has influenza A and L had to take his culture to Children's Hospital... She had to go to Westerville to get a prescription (2 pills $165). Home and J flat in bed... L home with his meds. I was on the phone from 5:30 to 8:30 with Microsoft dealing with my Microsoft account that got hacked... No Bible Bangers tonight. Doc IS HOME! Up till 3:30 working on tool.


20190310 - UP slow in the am and ran G & Brady to baseball practice. Home and had a cinnamon roll with L while she looked through the paper with an old black and white movie playing. In to the office to get some things done. L ran to get J, he is SICK and went to bed for the entire day. G home and he hung out, no electronic today, L wen to the 'Lion King' in Johnstown with her friend Marlene, who's son was in the play. she loved it and had a great time. Everyone back home, J came down for a bit and G&I ran to post office, bank and Cane's to get dinner. We ate together and then hung out in the living room watching TV and working on the PC until time for The Walking Dead. Chris came over and we headed to the basement to watch the show. I was up till 2 working on the new tool.


20190309 + Up in the am and ran G to baseball camp at the high school. Checked in with all the coaches and ran into a bunch of folks I know. Home, got L, said goodbye to J and L&I headed SE to Ohio University to watch D play baseball. D didn't play the first game and didn't start the 2nd, but he got in in the 3rd inning and did his job. I have to leave shortly after he got put in to go pick up pizzas as another family and us were feeding the team after the game. I got the pizzas and brought them back to the field and L and Gina met me in the parking lot and we stuffed bags with granola bars, chips, apples/oranges and I put a potato in one of the bags in place of fruit ;-) When we finished we went back to watch the rest of the game. When the 2nd game ended we rushed out of the stadium to find the bus and set up. We got there just in time, the boys showed up and filed past to pick up their pizzas, bag and drink and get on the big charter bus to head to VA for a couple days and a couple more games. They were appreciative but down as they lost both games today... L&I headed to the Union Diner and had a nice dinner. We came out and it was pouring which made for a hard to see stressful 1.5 hour drive home. Once back in town we swung by the McClains to pick up G & Brady for a sleep over. Home, Exhausted, L ran J to a friends for a sleep over.


20190308 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and in to work at the big office. Trying to get many things organized and prioritized. Had a busy day, didn't get done all I wanted as day ended with 3hr meeting. Home and G there by himself, L&GmaB went to J's big choir concert in Worthington. G&I headed out and went to O'Charley's for a nice dinner. Home and eventually everyone back, I was dead asleep on the couch. L told me all about the concert and it sounded pretty cool. J's choir received the highest marks! Woken back up I watched some TV and got some things done.


20190307 - Up in the am functioning on pure exhaustion... Drop[ped J off at school on the way in to work. Working in the new building again today, I like it, it is quiet and can get tons done here! Had another super productive day and headed home. G at baseball practice and I had J drive me downtown to visit Doc at Grant Hospital. Home and on the couch working watching Netflix until 1am.


20190306 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to the office and got gas and a doughnut. In to the new office today with my music playing loud, I have an entire floor to myself :-P  Here all day for meetings. Came up with a new plan that I have to build an app for. Home LATE, ate and hung out on the couch with the laptop watching TV with the fam and then up til 3:30 working on the new app.


20190305 - Up in the am and freezing cold. Dropped J off at school and in to work. At the desk with a pile of stuff to get through today. Waiting to hear about Doc's surgery... Got a bunch of things knocked out today, Got a report about mid-day that Doc's surgery went well but they plan to keep him until Saturday... Home a bit late and sat at the table with L and ate, boys on the Xboxes. Watched some TV, crashed a bit, did a bit of work, lazy evening, finally.


20190304 - J&I up slow today. Got him to school just before the bell and headed in to work. In to work and helping folks with websites and formulas and emails... Finished the day and headed home. Home and L cooked us bfast for dinner. We all ate together and then I crashed on the couch for a couple min before JG&I headed to Scouts. I worked on the Scout Library a bit and found out that I had been appointed to a new board with the City... Home and dropped of J&G and headed to Bible Bangers, called Doc on the way and he's ready for his surgery tomorrow. Had a good meeting, home early and up late cleaning up cleaning things up on the PC and watching Netflix.


20190303 + L got me up early to take G to baseball practice. Got G delivered and back home to get some things done at the desk. L ran G to a bday party and then ran some errands between painting shiplap board lines on the wall... she loves her lines on the wall...  I don't get it... J on the xbox all day, I was on PC all day. In the evening J&I got his car running and deiced and J drove me through the snowy weather to get G from his friends. We picked him up and swung by the post office on the way home. Home and both boys got cleaned up and L was watching the new American Idol, she's so happy! My friends showed up and we headed to the basement to watch zombies! Now I'm so happy :-P Zombies over, great with no commercials! Finished watching American Idol with the fam, G doubled over in gas pains from we have no idea what... Got the boys to bed and I set up in the living room to finish going through email while I watched Netflix. D called and we worked on his $ a bit, I made a late night chili dinner for myself, woke up on the couch at 2:50am, woke up on the couch at 4:15, got stuff put away and to bed.


20190302 - Up late and in to the office for the morning. L at the grocery and boys on their electronics. I worked on things until L got home, helped her carry in the groceries and then we settled in the living room to watch D's baseball games on YouTube, a much warmer and more convenient alternative to last weekend. We watched his 2 games for 6 hours...  D got to play a little in both, they lost both. Packed it up and LJG&I headed to Dick's where G got some new cleats and they both got some slides. On to Chuye's for a very nice and yummy meal. Home and we headed to the basement to watch Mortal Engines on the big screen. all boys to, I stayed up and put the high school baseball team calendars in Team App. Bed @3.


20190301 - Up in the am and dropped J at school, got some gas and headed in to work through the 2 inches of snow we got last night... In to work and hit the ground running showing off the work I did last night., even though it is flannel day. Had some pretty intense meeting today hashing things out. Finished the day and headed home, L&G at our high school basketball game with L's friend Steph, her son is playing against us tonight. J&I headed to Cane's for dinner, J drove me, it was very nice. Home and J on the Xbox and I was on the computer setting the middle schools on team app. L&G home, we caught up, watched some TV together and then all boys to bed, I stayed up putting ms teams in Team App until 2.


20190228 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way to work, he hasn't been feeling great. In to a quiet office and lining things up for a productive day. Got a bunch done and started on a new app before I left. Figured out the secret for the new app on the way home. Home and L made us dinner and ran G to baseball, J up in his room on the Xbox and I locked in to the PC in my office and started building. Eventually every got home and Tom came over and we did some things for the team. I then sat back down at the PC for more building... G came down at 2am and I finished up on the PC and hung out with him for a bit before crashing. G still couldn't sleep and got L up at 3...  YAWN


20190227 + Up in the am, moving slow. J not feeling well but still went to school. Dropped J off and in to the office getting ready for a visitor today to make some more headway. Got a lot of things done and direction defined today. Headed home and collapsed in a chair. L called me for dinner, G losing his mind about the Xbox so I just left the table, I can't listen to him go on and on about a game. L made the boys do the dishes and she painted the bedroom, I headed downstairs and watched The Walking Dead I missed Sunday. We gathered in the living room and watched some TV while I got some things done on the PC. Up to late.


20190226 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Got to work and got the day rolling. Helped GmaW with some ebay stuff between emails and calls. Got a bunch done at the desk today and had a last min data cruntch exercise come in. Out a bit late, took the back way home. Pulled in as L was taking G to baseball. I headed in and J was up on the Xbox, I headed into the office and got a cross country middle school Team App set up with Brian for his team. Hung out in the living room with L watching TV all evening, J&G in and out. Everyone headed to bed, I stayed up a bit and set up more middle school teams.

20190225 + Pray for Doc!

20190225 + Up SLOW in the am. J&G didn't have school for some reason so I got a slow start. In to the office and was off beat all day, hard to make headway on any front... Eventually headed home late. Had dinner with L and then ran out to a Booster meeting while L took J&G to Scouts. It was a good meeting and I got home about 8:30, L had already picked the boys up. We cancelled Bible Bangers for the night as too many of us were too busy. I did have a call with Doc and talked to his friend Ms. Cruise. She let me know that Doc would not be going to Bible Bangers next Monday as he is scheduled for surgery next Tuesday morning at Grant to have a 7cm cancerous mass removed from one of his lungs... Praying for Doc!


20190224 - Up in the am and we took all our stuff, got packed up and J&G climbed the water tower to see the sights before we all jumped in the car and headed to McD's for bfast and on to the grave of King Tut and the ball field. Much windier and colder today than yesterday. The game started and no D on the field. J&G had had enough of waiting on D to play so they bailed out to sit in the warm car and play on their phones. L&I huddled in the stands and cheered on the team. After 4 innings I went to check on J&G and they had migrated to the practice turf Football field to have some fun. As I returned to my seat at the top of the 6th D ran in to the short stop position! I called J&G and they came running to watch. D did great in the field, turned a double play and picked a guy off stealing. He only got one at bat and hit it up the middle on the ground and thrown out at first, but came with an RBI so it was a quality at bat. WC Baseball lost 8-5 and we hung out a bit until the team walked out, said by to Dylan and then headed home with a stop about an hour up the road to see Pollard's Collection, 350 bumpers planet in the ground (bumper crop) an airplane crashed in his backyard and other stuff all over. We grabbed a bite to eat and hit the road for another 3 hours, got stuck in traffic for an hour, stopped to eat and drove 3 more hours. Finally home to find Lilly hiding in the bathtub scared of the high winds...  It was too much driving, too cold, too windy, too wet, but we got to see our boy play 3 innings at the next level as a freshman. Definitely worth the trip!


20190223 - Up in the am and we ran through Mcd's on the way to the ball field. It was cold and damp but thankfully not raining. We sat through the game and D didn't get play... After the game we headed for a famous restaurant that  had gone out of business... So we went to the next place Harbaugh's and had an awesome meal. We talked to D a couple time, apparently there was an issue with the teams credit card and they couldn't get food for everyone. That resolved itself before we bought food for the team... LJG&I then headed to the top of Bald Knob mountain to the Cross of Peace where you can see forever, 6500 square miles for an awesome view. Well with he weather we couldn't even see the cross from the visitors center about 200 yards away... We went to the cross anyway and looked at the fog. Back down the mountain and to a art gallery that had a secret garden that was super cool. After exploring that we saw Boomer's (the world's fastest 3 legged dog) monument and back to the ball field for game 2 where in the middle of the game it started raining. We sat through the game and D didn't get to play... After the game we headed back to the cabin to eat but D called us and could go to dinner with us so we went and got him. We went to an Italian place that wasn't very good and had dinner. We then drove through a CVS to get some meds for his cough. Back to the cabin and relaxed and warmed up a bit before turning in.


20130222 - Up in the am slowly and dropped J off at school and got gas. In to work and today was a pot luck day so I picked at food all day between emails and calls. Spent the early afternoon cleaning things up and building a project management tool. Headed home a bit early and got LJ&G. We had the neighbors over for quick instructions on Lilly and we all headed to Carbondale IL...  We drove a bit. Then drove some more. And then some more... finally taking a break in Terra Haute IN at a Cracker Barrel for dinner. Back on the road for like what seemed forever and arrived at the Giant City State Park where we occupied cabin 14. It was very nice and we were all thrilled to be out of the car after our 8 hour journey!


20190221 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school. In to work for a busy day with a big company meeting and progress on many fronts. Headed home and had a stack of stuff to do so headed straight into the office. L got G to baseball and then they hung out the rest of the night and I stuck to the desk until 2am... Headed ot bed and the phone buzzed... I picked it up and it was a tweet from D about baseball. He made the travel team. Texted with him a bit and then drifted off to sleep very proud of that boy for sticking with it and working hard to get where he is.


20190220 + Up slow in the am as boys and L did not have school. Drove in to work and roads were ok until hit Worthington and they were a mess. In to work and not many in today, getting things done in the quiet office. Had a pretty productive day and headed home late. L cooked a really good dinner and we all ate together. After dinner J&G did the dishes with much bickering and then we watched the movie Overlord, a bit too intense for L&G, J&I liked it. To bed, up late watching videos on the ph.


20190219 - Up in the am and dropped J at school on the way in to the office. Got caught up on mail and ready for a day of calls and meetings. Hand incredibly full day of meetings and calls and headed out a bit late. Home and ate with the fam and then we tried to play an Oregon Trail card game.. that didn't work very well, too complicated... We then played some Rumikub and I lost horribly, couldn't play until the last round. We watched some of the Wilmington NCAA Tournament basketball game that D was at, they lost. We watched a bit more TV and I fell asleep a couple of times.


20190218 - Up in the am slowly as LJ&G were home with the day off from school. I got ready and headed in to work L went out to meet some of her friends for bfast. I had a busy morning with meetings and getting things ready for the week. Had a Monday and headed home... Home and had dinner with the fam and then found out the Booster meeting I prepared for is not tonight, but next week... so I went to the Boy Scout TLC meeting with J and hung out a bit. After the Scout meeting I got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers for a good discussion. Home and up till 3am getting things ready for taxes.


20190217 + Up in the am and LJG&I to church. Home and I rushed G out to baseball practice, some were annoyed we were late, my response, God before baseball... they will get over it... I stayed there and talked with folks until practice was over and then headed home. I got stuff out to work on and the boys played on the Xboxes as I did things for G's baseball team and the boosters all afternoon. In the evening L ran the boys to youth group at church and brought us dinner home. I had to run and take G and Brady to the laser place as there were not enough seats in the church vehicles to take everyone. A lot of J&G's friends were at the laser place and they had a blast. I headed home and Chris and Vinnie stopped over to watch The Walking Dead. L ran to pick up J&G and after the show we all headed to bed. I woke up with the TV on and was a wake doing things on the PC until late.


20190216 - Up in the am and at the desk doing biweekly money stuff. Got a bunch of other things organized and then had J drive me around on errands, he was a bit more aggressive in the car this time... Home and got L&G and we headed to Delaware for G's basketball game. G did really well and the boys played hard but they lost, this marks the end of the season. Gma&paW came down to watch the game and we were going to do something with them afterwards but J had contacted me and let me know D was coming home. So I worked it out with Gma&paW that we would eat in Gahanna, so we could meet up with D, but it was a bit too much driving so LGI headed home, picked J up on the way and then on to MOD Pizza. We were standing in line and D walked in and surprised L and she hugged him so tight and so long he turned blue. He had brought a new girl with him and we all had a nice dinner and conversation. After dinner L went with D & DGF9 to Kroger to get him some groceries and gas. Home and we all played UNO for a bit before D had to get on the road to get DGF9 home. Everyone to bed in good time, I stayed up and made sure D got DGF9 home and himself, to bed late. Great to see my boy.


20190215 + Up in the am and L beat me out the door as J&G don't have school today. Rolled in to work and had a pretty frustrating morning. Cleared the decks in the afternoon to get things lined up for a productive weekend and start of next week. Home and picked up LJ&G and dropped J&G off at a Scout merit badge overnighter. L&I then headed the back-way across town to try a new place, the Thai Mango. We got the front door and L would not go in.... So we walked next door and ate at Fitzy's Old Fashion Diner. It was really good and since we were next to a theater with no kids we decided to a movie. We saw the Upside, it was a cute movie. During the movie J called, multiple times, until I stepped out and took the call; J&G decided they didn't want to stay all night because the guy they were to meet with the next day was sick and not going to be there... So we headed home and picked J&G up and brought them home... I was up late working at the desk.


20190214 - Up in the am and got to take my time getting ready and in to work today as L is taking J&G to the dentist 1st thing this am and they didn't have to go in to school In to work and a busy morning of ideas and building things. Headed home a bit late and we had left overs for dinner, my steak was still fantastic on day 2. I ran to pick G up from baseball and dropped him off at basketball. Home and did some work until time to get G, ran to pick him up and then did more work watching TV with L&G until bed time. J had a buddy over to play video games all night.


20190213 + Up in the am and J running late, got him to school and to work through thick traffic. Getting things done in good order this morning. Day went pretty fast and I got a lot of things done, minus the last boring 2hr con call. Headed home, got L, she is all dressed up and very pretty, and we headed to the Ocean Club at Easton. We had a FANTASTIC meal and it was nice and relaxing. We picked up some Cinnabon cinnamon rolls on the way out for bfast tomorrow. Home and watched some TV with G, J hiding in his room until bed time. Stayed up doing a couple of things but not terribly late.


20190212 + Up in the am, G home from school sick today, dropped J off at school in the pouring rain. Normal path to work was blocked so tried an alternative, it was blocked as well so 3rd option worked and got to work 15 min late. At the desk getting things ready for a busy day. Had one of those days where things came in faster than could be done... Finished up the day and headed home. L made some good chicken noodle soup for G and we all had a good dinner. I headed out to Scouts for a board of review and we didn't have any scouts show up but had a good leader meeting. Home and got boys to bed and worked on booster stuff until late along with J and his phantom phone that is keeping him too late...


20190211 - Up in the am and G staying home from school sick today, I dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Hit the ground running with a huge list of things to get done today. List moving slower than normal by mid-day. Had a couple of calls in the afternoon and got more done. Headed home and G still feverish, J home, no practice due to the rain. We had a good dinner and then J&I went to Scouts where I had a little guy help me alphabetize the merit badge books. Home and I got Doc and we went to Bible Bangers. Home not too late, but up late on PC.


20190210 + Up in the am and J (a HORRIBLE BEAR this morning...) & G got ready for Scout Sunday. We barely got to church on time (J) and J&G helped with the service, passing out bulletins, collecting offering etc. We survived church and headed home where G did a quick change and I ran him to baseball practice. Home for just a minute talking to crazy Dave on way, got some stuff and headed back to pick G up. G&I went to the bank to get $ for D out and then hit the gas station. Home for a bit, J sleeping... and G hit the Xbox instead of sleeping, L doing laundry and I got a bunch done at the desk and cleaned out the NFL stuff out of ebay. In the afternoon we got J up (still a BEAR) and headed out through the thick snow to drop things off at Goodwill and on to G game in Reynoldsburg through some pretty heavy snow. G fell asleep. It was slow going but we got there and played some ball.The boys played great to start and almost lost it in the end. They pulled out a W and we headed back out into the snow. We stopped at the Winking Lizard for a light dinner and then on home, J&G fell asleep...  Home and I did some work on the scout merit badge books until Chris and Vinny showed up to watch The Walking Dead, it was a good show tonight. After the guys left, I stayed up late watching the 100 and finishing up the merit badge book review.


20190209 - Up in the am and got ebay stuff shipped. G&I then ran out to get our hair cut. Home and J&I went out on some errands, bank, and back roads to Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction wins. We swung by Harbor Freight to pick up a grinder on the way home and J took the highway back :-o  Home just in time to get L&G and head to Grove City for a basketball double header for G, G fell asleep on the way... Boys were asleep for the first game and lost it and then woke up and won the 2nd game. D called us as we walked to the car and filled us in. Home and we picked up some pizzas on the way and the Amos and Moros families came over and hung out for a while.


20190208 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and in to the office for a bunch of meeting right out of the gate. I can't believe the morning has vanished... and the rest of day as well... Stayed a bit late to finish off one formula and then headed home just in time to pick up LJ&G and we met Penn & Conor for dinner at the Gahanna Grill. It was a good meal and good to catch up. Home after dinner and J had a couple of buddies over to spend the night. I was up late doing stuff.


20190207 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way to work. In tot he office and had 2 meetings that took the whole morning. Saw Nissa, the mom of one of the boys on G's baseball team for years walking across the parking lot, she works in the building across the road. Had a productive day and headed home in good time. It was a leftovers night so we all ate and watched some TV until time to take G to basketball practice. Ran G to practice and then home and to the desk to get some things done. Back out to pick G up and home and relaxed a bit until the boys headed to bed and I headed back into the office to get caught up. Done about 2:30am


20190206 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and took the back way half way to work to avoid traffic. Got into the office and it has been a pretty stressful morning. Finished up the incredibly busy day late and headed home. Home and L had dinner ready for us. We had a nice dinner and then J&G hit the Xboxes and I got some things done in the office for a bit and then joined L in the living room and we finished her puzzle while we watched TV. Up late getting things organized and done.


20190205 - Up in the am and got J to school and headed in to work. Once at work I had to wrap things up at one location and move to another to resolve some invoicing issues. On the phone all morning and we made progress. Got through about half of what we needed to today and I finished up the day with a couple of calls. Headed home and we had dinner. J&G went to play the Xbox for a bit and then L worked on the puzzle, J got cleaned up and headed to bed, G&I watched a movie, I fell asleep and missed the end of it.


20190204 + Up in the am and J moving slow, got him to school and in to the office to get organized as quickly as possible. Got a bunch done in the morning and then went to the other office for the remainder of the day. Finished the day in the new office and headed hom through some pretty heavy traffic. Got home only for a minute and then G&I ran to pick up J from track practice. JG&I then headed to G's basketball practice and J told us about the 'G Loop' he just ran, from the high school to Creekside, North on the walking path all the way to Morris Rd, then East to Hamilton and then South back tot he high school, an 8 mile loop! Dropped G off at practice and J&I headed home and ate with L. After dinner J&I ran to Scouts to work in the library and catch up on our duties. We then picked G up from basketball and headed to the high school to pick up a cash register from the concession stand. Home for a minute before I got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers. It was Scott S's 50th bday today.


20190203 - L ran G to practice at D-Bats in the am while J&I tried to catch up on some sleep. She came home and got J&I up. I tried to get a couple things organized at the desk before L got G, swung by house to get me and we headed out for a basketball double header. We drove south to Teays Valley  for a game where I sort of upset the other team with good record keeping stating they used all their timeouts...  They were not happy.. .Boys won that one. Next was a long drive up north to Johnstown for an intense game that the boys won. Gma&paW came to game in Johnstown. After game we rushed home, L ran to grocery, J&I shipped ebay, G got cleaned up, L home and J&G not ready... To the McClain's late and had dinner and watched 1st 3 quarters of an extremely boring Super Bowl, commercials and half time not even that good... Home to watch the 4th quarter and to bed as soon as game over, BEAT, weekend was way to fast, way too busy, but definitely fun.


20190202 - Up in the am and headed out for J's indoor track meet at OSU. It was super cool but J and his teammates were put in a group of way older and faster competition that made them look like they were standing still... After the run we headed home, got some lunch on the way and dropped one of J's buddies off at his house. Home for only a minute and out to G's basketball game against his buddies. It was a super close game and G shot a 3 right at the buzzer for the win and it magically went in rolled around the inside of the rim and shot out... the crowd was electrified. But it didn't go through so they lost by 1. Home for a bit and then J&I headed to the gas station and grocery on the way to poker at our buddy mark's in Hebron while L went with the McClain's to a friends 40th bday party. J&I played poker and the horse racing game for hours and J won $80. It was a blast and it was good to see the guys again. J&I arrived home at 4am!


20190201 + Up in the am and there are about 7 inches of new snow on the ground. I got the car cleaned off and drove about 35mph to work, took 1hr... In to the office and getting things done. There were a lot of people missing today. Courtland brought in pizzas and had a trivia game at lunch that made the day fun. Headed home and roads were much better. Picked up LJ&G and we headed to Nazareth for a nice dinner and then the video store to pick up some movies. Home and we watched Night School, it was really funny ,and then L&J headed up to bed and G&I watched Bench-warmers 2. To bed late.


20190131 - Up in the am and it is -5. No school for the boys so I let the car arm up for 30 min while I got ready and then headed in to work. Hit the ground running, Had meetings ALL DAY LONG... but good ones. Home and had dinner with L and then JG&I headed to the basement to watch Buster Scruggs, weird movie and L watch her shows upstairs and worked on her puzzle.


20190130 + Up in the am and no school for the boys, it is 1 degree as I head in to work. Had a meeting in the main conf room and the room is only 50 degrees, too cold to work. Spent too much time looking for alternate meeting space. Eventually had a productive day. Headed home late, L fed us, G ran to the post office with me and then went to a buddy's for the night. J had 2 friends, over. L&I watched some movies, I did some work on the PC and L worked on a puzzle.


20190129 - Up in the am in good time and I dropped J off at school through blowing snow... Roads weren't bad on the way in. In to work and at the desk in the quiet morning getting things done. Had a good day and got things lined up for some system changes tomorrow morning. Headed home and got L&G and then on to Bexley for an intense basketball game. G only got hurt once... The boys won! Home and G got cleaned up and then we all watched a movie before heading to bed.


20190128 - Up and J on me about getting to school on time... In to work frustrated... Focused on a big change I have to push through today. It was a LONG day of lining everything up to see clear.  Got things in order by time to get home and change will be in place Wed. Home for a second before running out to get J from track. Home and had dinner with LJ&G. I then headed out for a pretty exciting Booster meeting and L took J&G to Scouts. J&G got the 3 big merit badges done for Scouts tonight, 3 months of work on the 3 badges that often prevent boys from getting their Eagle are now out of the way!  Home for a minute and then got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers for a nice meeting. Home and up until 2am doing Booster stuff.


20190127 - Up in the am and ran to pick G up from his buddy's and drop him off at baseball. Stopped to get gas on the way home. Home for not long trying to get some things done and then ran back out to get G and drop him off at a basketball friend's house to get him to a game this afternoon. Swung by the house to get L&J and head to Zanesville. On the way I asked J to help with an easy task on the drive and J melted down... Had a nice lunck with Gma&paB, the Coles and L's uncle Kenny and aunt Suzzie for Steve's 72 bday. After lunch we ran to Ken & sue's house for a house tour and dessert. We then loaded a huge generator up the Kenny gave to us and headed home. Home, G home, he's exhausted and melted down. Got boys cleaned up and watched a movie before heading to bed.


20190126 + Up in the am and L&I got J&G settled in front of the Xboxes and headed up to the Farm. We worked on winterizing the Farmhouse as the furnace or gas line to it has stopped working. GmaW helped and we got it done in good time. We went up to GmaW's house and got her set up on ebay and she now has a couple of things for sale! GpaW came back from a funeral and I reviewed what we did in the Farmhouse with him, got the license place sticker on our trailer and headed back to Gahanna to catch the end of G's basketball game; we got to see him hit the ground 2x... The boys won against a team we REALLY wanted to beat.  Home and J still glued to Xbox... I ran G off at buddy's for a sleep over. Home and got L and we headed to Gahanna Lanes to do some bowling for Tom's bday with some friends. Home late and forced J off the Xbox.


20190125 - Up in the am and J not feeling well so he stayed home from school. I headed in and had a busy morning and a couple calls. Looking to be a very busy day. After work I took the back way back to Gahanna to meet LJ&G, Gma&paW and Mary and Lucia at Rusty Bucket for dinner. We had a nice dinner and the swung by the house for a minute and then headed down to Nationwide Arena to see the Crystal, a Cirque du Soleil play on ice. It was pretty cool and boys really liked it. We got home pretty easy and folks headed home. GpaW trying to figure out what to do about the furnace out at the Farmhouse.

20190124 +

20190124 + Up in the am and some snow on the ground after yesterdays monsoons. Dropped J off at school, got gas and headed in to work. Got to work and fast morning getting emails out of the way so I can spend the day focused on a bigger project. Finished the day organizing the IT department and then headed home to act as a taxi driver the rest of the night. We had dinner and then I ran G way out to baseball practice. Back home for a couple of minutes and then picked up another boy for basketball practice and way out to get G and delivered them both to basketball. Home and someone brought G home so it saved me one trip. Watched some TV with the boys after they got all cleaned up and then headed to bed.


20190123 - Up in the am and raining like crazy this morning. Dropped J off at school and headed in to a mess of services not online and the company at a standstill... Trying to get things figured out and lined up for the day. Busy day with a surprise free lunch from a chiropractors office. Finished the day strong and headed out a bit late. Home and L made us bfast for dinner and we all ate together. After dinner we watched a movie and all boys to bed. I stayed up late doing some work stuff.


20190122 - Up in the freezing am and in to work, boys on a 2 hour delay today. Got in to work and since I'm helping out with IT I am swamped... Got things organized int he morning and ready for calls in the afternoon. Ended up getting a lot of things done today. Headed home and G was at batting practice and I said hi to L and had to go back out and pick J up from track. Home and LJ&I had dinner. Tom and Landon brought G home and stayed fro some dinner and we got some things done for G's baseball team online. After they left I got the laptop out and finished up some last details before turning on a website I have been working on. Not up too terribly late.


20190121 - Up slow in the am and headed in to work through the 2 degree weather passing a lot of accidents on 270 this morning. Hit the desk and organized things from the testing over the weekend. Everything appears to be ok. L&G heading downtown for a basketball tournament today, I am going to try and get out of here early to watch some of the games. Headed out and got to G's 2nd game as it was wrapping up, they won! We had a break before the next game so LG&I ran to a Mr. Hero that close for lunch YUM! Headed back to the school and had 2 more intense games, the second was the championship game. The boys played really good the last 3 minutes and ended up losing by 1 :-o Home and I did some work on the Scout Library. L&I hung out and watched some TV while the boys played Xbox. Evening wound down and we watched some og America's Got Talent and I headed out with Doc to a good Bible Bangers.

20190120 +

20190120 + Up in the am we have about 6 inches of snow. I worked on the Troop 98 library and other yearly takes, adding fairs to the calendar, cleaning out folders etc... Ran to pick J up from his camping trip and he had a good time and didn't freeze to death. Got ebay things shipped and then G&I went out in the cold to the post office, gas station and grocery. We got our supplies and then headed home and I cooked the TV dinners we got. J&G playing the Xboxes and the McClains came over to watch a football game with us and chat and get caught up. It was a nice vist and some good football. I stayed up late (3am) to finish up the Scout Library job.


20190119 - Up in the am and headed in to work to do some testing on the software changes we had put in place. Everything went well and we were out of there by noon. Home and I spent the afternoon at the desk paying bills and getting things organized. G had his buddy Owen over and they beat me in the 1st game of Trouble so they were allowed to play the Xbox. They got set up in the room over the garage. L&I watched a couple of movies as I went through all our paperwork for 2018, preparing for taxes... I shut the gamers down at 2am and headed to bed.


20190118 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a bunch of meetings in the am and pushed a lot of actions out. We believe we have everything in line to test tomorrow. Headed home, no blizzard yet... Got home and we got J packed up to go on a Scout campout. We dropped J off at the church and LG&I headed to Hickory House for a really good dinner. After dinner we headed home and watched a movie.


20190117 - Up in the am, L out early for a Dr. Appointment so us boys were on our own to get out of the house today. J&I headed out, G already up so I think we are in good shape. Dropped J off at school and on in to work. Crossing t's and dotting i's  for the software upgrade this weekend. Home and had dinner with LJ&G and then ran to baseball practice. Home for a minute, L ran to a preschool advertising event and I ran J to Kroger so he could get supplies for camping this weekend and back out to pick G up. Delivered G to basketball but the doors were locked... so ran and got J, called the coach, got he door open and dropped G off. Home and sat with L for a minute and then back out to pick G up. Home and up until 2am setting up my 30 yr class reunion... I'm getting too old for all this...


20190116 - Up in the am, slept like a rock last night, took my time getting around as the boys are on a 2 hr delay this morning. Headed in to work and have no idea where there would be a 2hr delay, roads were fine... In to the office and let Derek know we are cousins, HAHA! Had a meeting with the guys in India and then at the desk developing the rest of the day. Got a ton done. Home and had dinner with LJ&G, we played some UNO after dinner, boys would rather be on the Xbox... Then the boys went to the Xbox and L&I went to the gym. Home and I headed in to the office to do some more testing. Checked email before shutting down and Kathy a friend form our days in Wilmington sent me an email, we are going to get on a call together soon to catch up. To bed LATE.


20190115 + Up a bit earlier today and dropped J off and headed into work. VERY quiet in the office this morning, have a busy day planned. Got a bunch of stuff done and had a couple calls. Headed over to the new building to chat with CB a bit. Home in good time and had some left over wings before running G out to batting practice. i stayed and worked with Tom on some baseball stuff. Home and L&I watched some TV while the boys were on the Xboxes. I set up a sit for the 15U baseball team and headed to bed.


20190114 - Up in the am and had a rough start with J and his smart mouth. May let him walk to school for a couple days and see if it changes his tune... In to work and hit the desk, getting caught up from the weekend and getting this week planned. Finished up a busy day with things looking to be on track for the week. Headed home, had dinner with LJ&G, ran G to basketball, home for only a minute before running J to Scouts and I checked in with the guys. Left Scout to get G and bring him back to Scouts. Finished the meeting and headed home to drop of J&G and get Doc. Doc and I headed to McD's and met up with the guys for the first Bible Bangers meeting of 2019. Great to see the guys again and get caught up. Home and up very late (4am) getting things done for Boosters.


20190113 - Up late, J and his friends up until 4am... ran G to baseball practice. Home and at desk for the rest of the morning. Got ebay stuff shipped and then LG&I stopped at a FedEx box, Post office and bank on way to G's game in Worthington. The boys played well, G seemed a bit off, only scored 1, but they still won. Home and worked on Wilmington College baseball site and added schedule. Worked on G's baseball team's fundraising events which put me to bed late.

20190112 +

20190112 + Up in the am and at the desk all morning. Got things ready to ship and had J drive me to the post office and then Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction items. A warning light came on in J's car about the power steering so we swung in to an auto parts place, got some power steering fluid and then couldn't find the power steering reservoir... neither could the guys at the auto parts store... headed home, stopped at Tuffy and they checked it out = electronic power steering, no reservoir.. I have never heard of such a thing... Home and L&I took G to his basketball game. The boys played well, G had one of his best games yet, they won. Home and I worked a bit more in the office and then ordered pizzas. I ran out to get the pizzas and J had a couple of friends show up to spend the night. Watched a movie with L and then we watched and old Disney movie, 'Blank Check' with G before heading to bed.


20190111 - Up in the am and dropped J at school and headed in to a quiet office. Making lists right out of the gate to get things organized for a productive and relaxing weekend. Had a long day for a Friday. Headed home and picked L up, J&G elected to stay home and play Fortnite... L&I went to PF Chang's for a very nice dinner. We then stopped at LL Bean to exchange my boots again, finally got a pair that fit very nice. Home and watched a movie with J&G.


20180110 - Up in the am, new bed not nearly as soft and comfortable as the old one in my opinion, L loved it.  Drove through some flurries to drop J off and get to work. To the desk and lining things up for a very busy day of meetings, testing and calls. Had good progress today and testing started. Finished off the day and headed home. Home and found some food, fell asleep in the chair, sent to pick G up from baseball and take him to basketball. Home had no idea J had been home the whole time, up in his room coupled with the Xbox... Ran to pick G up from basketball. Home and headed to bed in good time.


20190109 - Up in the am and drove through some light flurries to get J to school. In to work with all the folks driving like it was a blizzard... Got to desk and organized for a busy meeting day. Pretty stressful day... Headed to City Hall in Gahanna and got sworn in to the Landscape Board for another term. Home and ate, D left for school this afternoon. I beat G at a new baseball pinball game he got for Christmas and Mastermind, we had a blast. Everyone headed to bed and L and I got our new mattress today, we'll see how sleep goes on it.


20190108 - Up in the am and time for the boys to go back to school. I dropped J off and headed in to work. Have new software changes to test today. Had a busy day at work and then headed home. Home and L&I disassembled our bed, expecting a new mattress tomorrow afternoon while D&G were at the baseball place and J was running 4 miles... I ran to pick J up and then L&I headed to Westerville to an Eagle Scout Board of Review for Cameron Varney; HE DID! Cameron is now an Eagle Scout! Congrats! After the BOR L&I met DJ&G at O'Chaley's for a farewell dinner for D, he is heading back to school tomorrow. We had a nice dinner and them headed home to relax. G&I played a couple rounds of 'Mastermind' and then everyone to bed, L&I camped out on the floor for the night.

20190107 +

20190107 + Up in the am and in to work. Had a busy day getting a lot of things done. Headed home late through traffic. L ran G to basketball, LJD DGF8 and I had dinner and then I relaxed a bit before taking J to Scouts where I delivered awards and begged for a Merit Badge list... Ran to pick up G from basketball and back to Scouts. J proclaimed he liked being the Scribe for the Troop, he has some control over things... Home and watched the NCAA Football Championship game. Clemson played an amazing game! Up late.

20190106 -

20190106 - Everyone up late in the am. I attached myself to the desk and got things done and lined up for the next couple of weeks. In the afternoon We all headed to Marion where we met up with Gma&paW, Roger and Jeane and Greg and Debbie for G's basketball game. G had one of his bet games this year and the boys won. After the game we headed to Ralphies for a nice dinner. A nice quiet long drive home and all to bed in good time.


20190105 - Up in the am later than I wanted but J&Trent kept me up most of the night... I got a couple of things done and helped J install a cell phone holder in his car, backup camera wouldn't work, too big of a screen. In the afternoon LG&I swung by the post office and to get gas on the way to Granville for G's basketball game. We ran into the Christian and Becket Long at the game and we got beat BAD! Home and D and DGF8 were there, J's buddy Bryce showed up too and we all played UNO for bit. J&Bryce up late...


20190104 - Up in the am and in to the office a bit late. Focusing on year end, email clean up and scheduling new projects. Finished up work and headed home. L made a big steak dinner for us and we all sat down together and ate. After dinner G's buddy Trent came over to spend the night and I got to beat them in Trouble before they headed down to yell and scream at the Xbox until 4am...


20190103 - Up in the am and in to work. Had an easier day on the discussion front and spent some time developing a CRM system. I headed home and had a couple calls on the way. Got home only for a min before Gma&paW arrived. LJG, Gma&paW and I then headed to Cane's for dinner, D was at a movie with DGF8. We had a good dinner, I headed to the car a few min early to make another cal, about Boosters this time. We then headed over to the theater and saw the new Aquaman, it was awesome! After the movie we all headed home. Home and caught up with D for a bit and everyone to bed in good time.


20190102 - Up slow in the am and in to work to an inbox full of 2019 systems issues... Spent a LOT of time dealing with last minute changes to the project I have been working on... Headed home after a frustrating day... Had some dinner, G got home from basketball practice and we all headed to the basement to watch 'Peppermint'. It was a great action movie. Everyone to bed in good time.

20190101 +

20190101 + Up in the am and got some ebay things shipped and L got J&G around and we all headed to Delaware for a Kraft Family New Year's Day lunch. We had to ring D's phone to get him moving... When we arrived I had to pick the lock on the HVAC system to shut off the blasting heat so we all didn't bake and then we had a nice lunch and got to visit with folks. D showed up and ate and then LDJG&I walked down to GGmaK's apartment and shouted at here for a couple of minutes, she is doing ok considering her age. We head back to the party for just a bit and then headed home, J rode with D and LG&I swung by the post office and the McClain's on the way home to ship things and pick up L's purse. Home and D&I ran to LL Bean to exchange our boots Gma W got us and it took fooorrreevvveeerrr... Finally got the boots, Not sure mine are still the right size, will have to wait and see... We swung through Buffalo Wings and placed and order and then home to try and catch up on the OSU Rose Bowl game. D ran back and picked up our food and we all settled in the basement to watch the game. The Buckeyes made us very nervous towards the end but pulled off the win. L&J headed to bed and DG&I stayed up watching more football and playing UNO on our phones with Thomas. D eventually went to bed and G&I stayed up to finish the Sugar Bowl. To bed and could not sleep. Last glance at the clock 3:30am....