20220801 + Hop-a-long Dr.

20220801 + Up in the am and L&I called some vets and everyone was booked for the day, so we loaded Hazel up and took her across town to MedVet to get her leg looked at. We were there a couple of hours and the diagnosis was a puncture wound with some swelling. They suggested we also get x-rays and consult with a surgeon just in case there is an ACL problem. I suggested we take the antibiotics and pain meds and see how she's doing in a couple days... I paid the $360 and we headed home. home and got the meds into Hazel and I got to the desk and did my work for the day. L ran G to the dentist in the afternoon. By the end of my day hazel was up on all 4s and wanting to chase the ball. G got his final things posted on ebay and we had a BIG $ale tonight!