20170531 + G on 2

20170531 + Up in the am and left some cash for D&J to go to batting practice this morning. In to work and we have a bunch of sales folks here so it is a bit crazy today. G stayed at coaches for the remainder of the day to swim and play. I finished a full day and then ran home to get L to go to G's scrimmage. D was at the pool then headed over to ump a game, he did apply at 2 places today. J headed out on his bike with a buddy to go to the pool. L&I hung out at the scrimmage, I caught up with some of the guys, G did ok. After the scrimmage LG&I hit a Culver's for a yummy dinner and ice cream snack. Home and shut down for the night.

20170530 - Little Henry

20170530 - Up in the am, D up early to drive DGF7 to practice, we told him to find a job while he's out, J up wanting to play Xbox which was diverted until chores get done, and I headed in to work. D had practice in Grove City today. The day was pretty stressful but productive. Finished the day and headed to Dave's warehouse to get some supplies and catch up. Then headed to the game D was umping, he did a great job and one of L's students, little Henry, was playing.  Home and hung out on the back porch. D&DGF7 showed up to cook s'mores for their 10 month anniversary ;-) J&G were all over them. L&I caught up on the busy day, they went to the pool all afternoon and gave Lilly a haircut.

20170529 - Memorial Day

20170529 - Up and D&I cleaned out the shed. Gma&paB showed up and GpaB cooked up the burgers and brats. Coles showed up and then Gma&paW. We had a big lunch outside in the great weather. I worked on GpaW's iPad for a bit to get email working kids played in the yard and then folks took a walk. DJ&DGF7 headed to the pool for the bit and then back for some dinner and a bit of horse racing on the board we made. Everyone headed out and all gone and we cleaned up quickly. J&I checked Docs pilot light and all was good. All boys cleaned up and to bed.

20170528 + Day with Friends

20170528 + Up in the am, got a couple of things done, L Lily & I took a walk and then LJG&I headed to Dresden for a cook out with the Kaufmans, a family from G's baseball team. D took DGF7 to her practice and then drove over to meet us for lunch. After lunch Kurt took me a tour of the town, high school where he works the boat launch and park, a bridge like the one in the Mothman Prophecy, the old canals, baseball fields, elementary and middle school and the world's largest basket. on the way out of town we stopped at Prospect Place Mansion where we took a self guided ghost tour; no ghosts... We then headed to the wilderness where they trap and fish and saw a huge black snake on the road. Back to the house and tried to take everyone out to see the the ghost mansion, but it was closed, so we headed to the world's largest basket and to get ice cream. From there LJD&DGF7 headed home and G&I headed to his practice in Granville and then to another players house, Beckett's, to check out the property and chill by the pond for a minute before headed home and calling it a night.

20170527 - D1 Win and Hanging Out

20170527 - Up late and getting some things done at the desk. L ran out to get a fern and stuff, boys hanging out. LD&I headed to OSU to see DGF7 play in the Girls Softball D1 Regional Finals and they WON! Home and D headed to the High school baseball game and the rest of us hung out and then headed to the McClain's for a fun evening

20170526 - Non-Firestarters

20170526 - Up in the am and the 1st day of Summer vacation for the boys. Reluctantly headed in to work. Had another very full day but getting good and caught up. Home and picked up LJ&G and we headed to Mi Tradicion for a nice meal with the Mallonns. D stayed home. We then headed over to their house where the kids got to play and the adults hung out on the back-porch for a nice evening of catching up and chit-chat. The boys tried to start a fire for us, we eventually got it going. A very nice relaxing evening. Home and woke up about 1:30 still dressed and finished watching the movie 'Above and Beyond' about Mr Tibbits and the atomic bomb project. Good old movie.

20170525 + Shark Bait

20170525 + Up in the am and the boys are off to their last day of school for the year. I believe they have all passed and will go on to the next grade. A rainy drive in to work today. Full day getting a lot done and caught up. Headed home and got a quick bite to eat while I heard all about the end of year festivities from the boys, then we all headed to the theater to see the new 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie. It was great! Home and all boys to bed.

20170524 - Hug Your Kids

20170524 - Up in the am and in to work. Unusual morning, and day. G had a dentist appointment today. Home a bit early, got L&D and headed to a college financial planner. He talked mostly to D and taught us many things we didn't know. After the meeting D headed to baseball practice and L&I picked up a couple movies and headed home for a left overs dinner. J played the Xbox a bit and G shot the BB gun and jumped on the trampoline as I did email on the back porch. We all headed in and to the basement to watch 'The Great Wall', it was a great movie. D home, all boys to bed and L&I stayed up and watched 'Why Him' a super funny movie.

I learned today that Jack, a guy I interviewed with and worked closely with since I started passed away last Saturday. He had a heart attack last Wednesday followed by complications that he could not beat. He leaves behind a wife and 8 year old twin boys. Please say a prayer for him and his family.

20170523 + Hero Singer

20170523 + Up in the am and L&I headed to J's schools where he presented his 'Hero Speech'. The speech was about me and it was a very nice speech. Very proud of him and how big he is and all the skills he has. His speech was very touching and had some funny parts in it too. What a nice young man. After the speech L headed to work, I headed to the accountant to pick up our 2016 taxes. On to work to deal with an escalation right out of the gate. Finished a crazy fast day and headed home. D was leaving to ump a game as I pulled in, J was at the hardware store buying stuff for his projects and LG&I started dinner. J got home, ate and got dressed for his concert. Gma&paW arrived and we all headed to GMSW where we watched D ump for a bit and ran into Doc who was there to watch his grandson playing baseball at the game D was umping. We then headed in to watch J's last choir concert. It was better then the previous concerts. After the concert we picked D up and headed to Max & Erma's for a snack before heading home for the night.

20170522 - Flag Ceremony

20170522 - Up in the am and getting things lined up for the week. Headed to the off site storage and then to the Scout Store to get awards. Back to work and finished another crazy day. Headed home and L&G were at his game, D drove to Grove city for baseball practice and J&I had some dinner and then I dropped him off at Scouts on the way to the Athletic Boosters. After the Boosters meeting I headed to Scouts and passed out awards and caught up with some of the guys. I watched G's game on GameChanger and it was a horrible game, but they still won. Home, dropped off J, L&G home and we talked about his game for a bit. D went out to eat with some of the guys from his team. I headed to a fun night at Bible Bangers.

20170521 + Knocked Out and Chillin

20170521 + Up way too early and to the baseball field with L&G. It started raining as the game started and they played right through it. G had a line drive that hit the pitcher in the shin OUCH! We had MANY errors and lost the first game of the day, so knocked out of the tournament :-( Home and cleaned up, at the desk trying to keep up. Pretty relaxed day, L getting laundry done, D getting Scout stuff and ebay caught up, J went for a run, G hanging out. In the evening D went to youth group, LJG&I headed out to run some errands and found a new place to eat, Cataland Kuzina a little local deli that had AWESOME food! We had a good meal and headed home to relax in the basement and watch 'A Dog's Purpose'. Everyone home and to bed in good time.

20170520 - Back UP

20170520 - Up to early for a Saturday. LG&I to the ball fields where the boys played a good game. It was the only game for the day and the boys won. Home and L went in to school to clean things up. D reluctantly climbed the ladder to trim the ivy on the house (think it was his first time on a ladder since he fell off one at the rental), J got the mower belt back on and mowed the front and back yards, J fell asleep on the couch and I got some things done at the desk and helped D. Some friends stopped over, their son plays on G's team, to hang out and see if we are going to play more today. Bill & Tom stopped by too before their game. L&J headed to J's tournament soccer games. Everyone left in the early afternoon and D dropped me off at J's game and then got gas for the mowers. J's team won their first game, but lost the second, so they are done for the season. LJ&I headed to the video store where we got a movie and a couple pizzas. Home and started watching the movie and G's old team on GameChanger, they got smoked. After their game Bill, Tiff, Brady, Amaya, Tom and Landon stopped over for a beer and to tell us all about their game, they played an awesome team. About 11pm the email came through that G had an 8 am game and we had to be at the fields by 7 :-o everyone left and we all went to bed quick to try and get some sleep.

20170519 - Gray Skies and a Homer

20170519 - Up in the am and in to work. Things went sideways fast and I spent the entire day chasing a gray ghost... Tried to leave for to take J to lunch, but by the time I got a hold of him he had already left with another family :-( So back in to work to keep looking for the ghost. Day over and I headed towards dark skies to watch G play baseball. Somehow it cleared up enough for us to play and we had an awful looking game, except for the 1 home-run, and the boys won. Home and everyone to bed.

20170518 + Major Award

20170518 + Up slow in the am and in to work for another crazy morning of calls.  Finished the day at work, headed home through thick traffic and picked up LJ&G to go to an awards ceremony.  J got an award for having better than a 3.5 GPA!  WAY TO GO J!  After the ceremony we headed to Longhorn Steakhouse and got a good steak dinner for the boy.  After dinner we dropped L off at home and JG&I got hair cuts.  Home settled in for the night.

20170517 - D Speech

20170517 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a supper fast extremely busy day full of meetings and training of folks. Home and L&G at G's baseball practice, L reported the boys had a blast tonight. DJ&I headed to Friendship park where D gave a demo/speech on pipestone for the younger Scouts and then took them out into the park to start gathering. It was great weather and J got a lot of his pipestone done. Home and D cooked some hotdogs for J&I and we had dinner on the back porch watching some TV and keeping up with work email. L&G home, all boys cleaned up and to bed.

20170516 + J is 14!

20170516 + Up in the am and LG&I watched J open his bday presents. He got some cool stuff! Headed in to work. Handed back the program I was covering, so a bit less on my plate. Full day of getting things done. Home and hanging out on the back porch as L cooked dinner and J was at soccer. D talked to us about winning the bronze medal in the Robotics Olympics, really cool stuff. I ran to get J and when we got home L had a great steak dinner ready for him. J got to get his food first and got the biggest steak. After dinner we had his soccer bday brownie. DJ&G then played wiffle ball in the backyard until it was time to come in, get cleaned up and off to bed.

20170515 - Sharp Shooter

20170515 - Up in the am and off to work. Finished up my morning calls and actions and headed home. L&I tried to figure out what was going on for the upcoming summer and I took a call from work and got other things done that were long overdue. D headed to a baseball thing to help, J went to soccer practice, LG&I had brats on the grill. G hung out and did some target practice. Roger Wright stopped by with an article for GmaW. I gave my buddy Marko a call, he is 57 today. Up late getting email cleaned out.

20170514 - Contact

20170514 - Up in the am and to G's game. It was a good game and G found his legs and is hitting. The boys won the first game easily and we went to lunch with some of the families. Back to the park where I got the car organized for the ride home. Russ, Nancy, Lori and Elizabeth came over to see G's second game against the JABC for the silver bracket championship. G's bat was on fire again getting multiple hits and the boys won the championship 19-3 :-o We headed home with a stop at Wendy's for dinner. Home, got Lilly, unpacked and got settled in nice an early for the week ahead.

20170513 - Tear Down and Team Meeting

20170513 - Up in the am later that I had wanted, but apparently needed because I feel much better. DJ&I headed to a Scout's Eagle Project to help for a bit. Home and D off to see some of DGF7's softball game, J mowing and I am trying to catch up on the mountain of paperwork on my desk. G won his game today. D home we all packed quick and hit the road for Grove City where D met his Summer team and filled out some paperwork. D seemed very happy to be with this group of guys again. We then swung by Kevin's to pick up a charger for D's Surface, that he left at home, so no homework getting done on this trip... We swung through Subway and then headed to Cincinnati to meet up with L&G, we got there and swung through a Kroger to get a Mother's Day card and candy for L. To the hotel, saw L for 3 min before she headed to IKEA with some folks. I sat in the courtyard to keep an eye on our boys and any others that were around. Hung out talking to some of the dads until late and then headed to bed, where I coughed my brains out and couldn't sleep.

20170512 - DIvided

20170512 - Up in the am feel like I have been hit by a bus. In to work, in the conference room all day making slow but steady progress. L&G left early today to go to Cincinnati for a game, they rode down with another family. I stayed a bit late at work on the phone with GpaW trying to get GmaW's new iPhone working. Home and got D&J and we headed to 5 Guys for a good but way too expensive burger dinner. We watched G's game on the phone and it was not good... D then went to DGF7's for a bit and J&I got the movie 'Split' to watch. Home and J&I headed to the basement to watch his first scary movie :-) it was really good. D got home for the end and then we watched 'Unbreakable' that they tied Split into quite nicely at the very end. Up late coughing my brains out.

20170511 - Rodan

20170511 - Up slow in the am not feeling well. in to the office for an incredibly busy day of doing all of my stuff plus I'm covering for a colleague. After work I headed home, got more meds, some left over KFC and then J&I headed to his soccer game. L&G were at his scrimmage and D&DGF#7 showed up at J's game. J's game was good, they won 6-2! Home and D working on Scout stuff and ebay shipping, J got cleaned up, L&G home, not a great scrimmage for G. G cleaned up, we all had some ice cream while watching Rodan a 1958 movie staring a giant pterodactyl.

20170510 - PhotoShoped

20170510 - Up in the am and in to work.  Had a fast morning.  A lady I worked with years ago just started here and we will be working together.  It is a GOOD addition to the team!  Normal crazy day, did take a break for lunch.  D sent me a couple of pics he modified for hid digital photography class they were super cool.  L&G to G's practice in Granville, D to Canal Winchester to watch some of his buddies play baseball.  J&I hanging out at home then went to Meijer where I got some new shoes, socks, Hershey's chocolate syrup and other essentials.  We swung through KFC on the way home.  L&G home and we all dah some dinner.  D home later, he had a great time.

20170509 + BOR

20170509 + Up in the am and boys off to school and headed to work for an exciting morning of escalations and calls.  Got done with work and headed home.  Had dinner, then DJ&I headed down to the ballfields to see G's old team play for a bit before heading to a Scout Board of Review.  L&G hung out, played a bit and went to the store.  home after the BOR and not up too late.

20170508 - Long Time

20170508 - Up in the am and everyone off to school and I headed in to work. Had the usual busy day and headed home to get L&G. D headed to Scouts, and J rode his bike to soccer practice. LG&I headed to MSS to watch a softball game, Gahanna vs Big Walnut. We met the Longs there, Jim, my buddy from high school, Kerrie his wife and their 3 kids, the oldest playing in the game. It was great to see them and catch up! After the game we headed headed to the dollar store for L to buy a bday card and then home. I dropped off L&G and headed to Scouts to get advancements. D got through a bunch of the open things he had for his last 2 merit badges. Home and got Doc and headed to a good but long Bible Bangers discussion.

20170507 - Walk Off Single

20170507 - Up in the am and we all piled into the car and headed north to Navarre OH for a double headed. We got there on time, dropped off our 2 players and headed to Jack's Kremeland Diner to grab a bite to eat before the game. Both Gma&paB and Gma&paB showed up. The games started, a bit cold, but our boys bats were on fire. G got HBP in the first game and only struck out once all day. We had 2 other boys get hit in face :-o We won both games by run rule in 4 innings each and G had a walk off single to end the 2nd game. After the game we we headed to dinner with Gma&paW on the way home. it was a good meal and the place was warm :-) After dinner we headed home. We got home, everything unpacked, boys cleaned up, L to the neighbors to help her decorate, D working on some merit badge stuff and I renamed some pictures.

20170506 ‡ Odd Jobs and Betting

20170506 ‡ UP in the am and everyone doing projects. D headed out to see DGF7's softball game, I worked on a horse track, J rode his bike to the gas station to buy pistachios. D home and race track done, DG&I tore down the soffit on the back porch to remove bird nest and prevent future ones. G's buddy Beckett came over to spend the night, J headed out to a soccer game of a friends and D went to dinner with some buddies. L&I loaded up G and his friend, ran to Wendy's for a bite and then on to see the new Guardian's of the Galaxy. It was a great movie, a lot of action and very funny. Eventually everyone got home, J wrapped in packing tape for some odd reason and we tried out the horse track for some good old family gambling :-) the Gigler boys joined us and we had a good time.

20170505 - Gyros

20170505 - Up in the am and in to work.  Had a full and fast day.  Got done and headed to the Greek restaurant to meet the fam + Gma&paW that were down for an eye appointment and Lucia for dinner.  We had a yummy dinner and then we all split up, L&I headed home and the boys went with Gma&paW to Dick's and got way too much crap as usual...  All home.  I was exhausted and fell asleep early.

20170504 - Tie and Frozen Snack

20170504 - Up in the am and in to work. L had a mammogram this am so I got boys off to school. D dressed up as it was supposed to be their last home baseball game, but it got rained out. Soccer on the other hand played in this crap. L&I went to J's game. We sat next to the Tremante's and FROZE, but J's team won. After the game we met D&G at Dairy Queen for a snack.

20170503 - He Ran! He Played!

20170503 - Up in the am and in to work. A full day. After work I headed to J's last soccer meet of the year, L&G went to D's baseball game where he got to play the entire game, and low and behold he did great :-) All back home and had a good time discussing the events of the evening.

20170502 - Cracked

20170502 - Up in the am to l saying 'I backed into your car'... She had to deliver some teacher appreciation things she worked on over the weekend. No good deed goes unpunished. In to work and another very fast full day. To D's game after work. IT WAS FREEZING and D was NOT PLAYING. FURIOUS as I got to watch a Varsity catcher they brought down and gave D's jersey to. D was in positive spirits, not sure how he does it, and coached 1st base and shook everyone's had as they came in from the field. I was going to talk to the coach about D's playing time and future based off a conversation with another dad, but yet another cautioned me to not waste my time as i will not change anything as the program has not changed for 20+ years... I held my tongue, ran home and got J and we met D at Moe's for dinner. Home and L&G home from G's practice. All boys cleaned up. D&I worked on his Eagle and merit badges. To bed and up late catching up.

20170501 - Twisted Secrets

20170501 - Up in the am slowly and in to work. Had a couple of meetings in the am. Locked myself away for the day to get caught up on all sorts of stuff, it worked! All games cancelled due the the huge amounts of rain we have had. Worked a bit late to get caught up a bit... Home and ate quick, watched G playing outside and then to Scouts with D&J. I stepped out and had a conversation with another father on the phone about baseball. It is such a twisted secretive world... Finished up with the Scouts, ran home, got Doc and headed to a good session at Bible Bangers. Home and talked to L about the baseball conversation.