20131231 + HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

20131231 + Up in the am and cleaning out the office, D put donations in the car, I got the remaining 2013 WingerBLOG posts published, G played and L&J to the grocery. L&J back home and we had lunch. The D&I headed out for some errands. We dropped off our donations, got a hose to fix the faucet under the sink, looked at BIG TVs and got gas and teriyaki sauce. Home and L ran D to a buddy's house, they are goin to a lock in at the church for a New Years Eve party. When L got back JG&I jumped in the car with her and we headed out to see the 'Walter Mitty' movie. It was really cute.  We stopped by the grocery and G&I got 2 boxes of doughnuts for bfast tomorrow.  Home and TV on watching the festivities around the world and having a midnight doughnut. J didn't make it to the ball drop, we couldn't even wake him up :-)


20131230 + STUFFed

20131230 + Up in the am and GpaW had a mound of McD's there for bfast. G had somehow convinced GmaW and J that it would be a good idea to play Tripoly, his new favorite game all day. L got us all packed up and we forced the boys into the car and headed home. We got home and started to put things away. L got the house DeChristmased while I watched D&J try out their new Xbox games. L frustrated trying to figure out where to put all the new stuff in our tiny house :-( I say just time to clean out and give stuff away :-) In the evening J's Friend Donovan came over for sleep over and we had settled in to watch Oregon and Texas in the who knows what goofball named bowl, I think OhiOOddities will buy a bowl next year... Exhausted and in bed by 11.

20131229 - Winger Family Christmas Party

20131229 - Up and had a nice pile of bacon a spectacular salty casserole. Then GmaW&I headed to the nursing home where I checked out a guys laptop to see if I could fix it. Too slow and old to fix. Home and picked up LDJ&G, GpaW had gone ahead and picked up milk. We drove to Shelby and stopped to look at Ford Flex cars in the lot there. On to John & Mary's for the Winger Christmas party. The house was decorated very nice, except the beer bottles Tracy was leaving all over. There was good food, bingo, shrimp, which conveniently fit inside the sugar cube igloos the kids made, food, presents, conversation, videos of the past. It was a very nice, enjoyable and relaxing party. Back to the Farm after the party and GpaW got us pizza, not sure how we could have possibly eaten another things, but we did and we watched one of GmaW's new Roy Rogers movies while L gave GpaW a lesson on his new popcorn popper. Little boys to bed with GmaW and they read every book in the bedroom. We finished off the night watching the 'Hangover 3' and then 'This is the End', a couple hilarious unclean funny movies.

20131228 - More Presents, Lights & Cards

20131228 - Up got some things done around the house. Up to the farm. Opened presents right away. Watched some 'Dispicable Me', then boys to barn and GpaW&I to look at cars. Worked on setting up new OhioOrigins website, watched football, played tripoly.

20131227 + Big Bone

20131227 + UP and into work. Another quiet productive day. Stopped at the auction house on the way home for goodies. Home and we had leftovers and the boys played nice so L&I inventoried the OhiOOddities stuff. Dave called with web ideas and I chased Lilly and then G around the house with a remote control car. We landed in the living room watching Enchanted and then D&I finished watching Atlas Cloud, a peculiar show...

20131226 + Ice Skating

20131226 + Up and into work, very slow day but got a lot done. Home and picked up the fam and to Taco Bell for dinner. We then headed to the Chiller for a Scout Skate Night and hit the ice, some of us harder than others :-) L&I maintained balance at all times and the boys had a great time. It was fun watching them flail around and burned off sufficient energy. A quick stop at Radio Shack on the way home to get batteries to power all of the new toys. Home and a snack, J&G to bed, D&I tried to watch a movie, Cloud Atlas, it is a bit strange and 3 hrs long so we only watched part of it. A very fun night.

20131225 + MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

20131225 + G up and into our room by 3am... D had woke up and thought the clock said 8am so got his little brothers up... we put them right back to bed... 4 hours later at 7am there was no stopping them... The presents were passed out and the boys tore them open. Many things were liked and looked at for more than a millisecond, others tossed to the wind and mixed with the torn paper. Our average has gotten better over the years, more things looked at than tossed... Soon things were being played with and we got cleaned up for the families to arrive. Doc stopped over dressed for success and smelling like he was dressed, he gave the boys some cash with is always the best. Gma&paB arrived and then Gma&paW, followed by the Coles. The house was full and L's first attempt at cooking a turkey was a juicy success. We had a nice lunch and then opened more gifts. We played the new games and hung out until kids started melting down from the excessive hours of being awake. A good Christmas Day.

20131224 - HO HO WHO

20131224 - Up in the am and into work. The plant was very quiet and for me that means very productive. I was there until everyone was gone and headed home. L and the boys were at the Cole's for a noon Christmas Eve meal, way too early to possibly get to. I got home about 4:30 and L and the boys shortly after. L upset that I did not make it to the Cole's, I was upset I had to work...  We got to church to see a lady from Dr. Seuss that had a bird on her head, we sang nice Christmas songs and heard the gospel for the first time on Christmas eve in a long time.  We all had candles that we lit that made me a bit nervous with all the long straight New Albany hair in front of the boys...  Home and the boys brought their presents for each other out to the tree and then all boys to bed.  Before long we heard Santa and got to bed ourselves.

20131223 - Stars Up

20131223 - Up into work, quiet day.  Steve O got our old flag down and the new one up!  Home and got boys, picked up Barnettes & Colin, to the new Hobbit movie.  14 of us met there, it was a great movie.  Boys being bad on way home, so no hot chocolate at coffee shop.  Home and put them to bed.

20131222 - Big Deer and Lights

20131222 - Up and too church. Home boys ate and then when we saw Doc leave we ran across the road to set up Doc's Christmas present in his front yard: a 10' reindeer :-)  The boys headed back to school to play, I sat at desk and tried to catch up. G delivered candy to the neighbors and ended up taking a nap, and J had a friend over. We dropped J's friend off on the way to dinner, the Greek place and then headed out to look at Christmas lights. We went to Delaware and then downtown.

20131221 + Birds, HDMI, Goodies

20131221 + Up in the am and DJG&I headed to the farm. We hit McD's on the way up, and the boys watched a movie while I drove through heavy rain. When we got close we saw a huge flock of Turkeys and a pheasant along the road. The corn was down and there was water everywhere. We go to Gma&paW's and D&I got there 50" TV boxed up to take back and we installed the 37" I won from work. It fit in the room nice and after getting it all hooked up we helped GpaW figure out the remotes. We had lunch and then headed out, stopping at Boliantz to look for a flag, no luck, and a stop at the Buckeye Bakery for a treat, peanut butter squares, I love them, YUM! A stop at Ollie's looking for a flag, again no luck, but we did find a large blow up reindeer! Heading south we ran past the Flag Lady flag store to get our 10x6 American flag. Down to work to try and put up the flag, but we could not get the old one down. Heading home with a stop at the video store and to pick up some wings for dinner. Home at last, we watched 'Turbo' and some friends stopped over bringing us some Christmas goodies. All boys to bed and L&I watched 'We're the Millers'.

20131220 - Nikko

20131220 - Up into work, trying to finalize many things before everyone leaves. Had our Christmas party, I talked to many folks, found out we needed to replace our flag out front, won a bottle of wine, and a TV in the raffle. Working late trying to get some product for a brand new project out the door. Home and set up the TV and made sure everything worked.  Doc stopped over, he needed help with his electric and I got to meet his new dog Nikko.  Got Doc's electric back on and headed home and watched a couple shows and made arrangements to get the TV up to GpaW tomorrow.

20131219 - Blah

20131219 - up work home ate fast to parent meeting before a pack meeting. home up late working

20131218 + Blah

20131218 + Work home dinner J&I to video store home xbox profiles power rangers Xmas w/g up late email and auctions

20131217 - Boss

20131217 - Up into work, out on the shopfloor with my Boss Richard.

20131215 + G Christmas Shipping

20131215 + Up and L&J to church with the Cole's. J stayed with them. G&I out Christmas shopping, leaving D in bed. First stop was McD's and then to Toys-R-Us. On to Meijer, the video store and the grocery for all the things on G's list, Quite a thoughtful little guy. Home and I made us a giant bowl of ramen noodle soup and we headed to the basement to wrap all the presents he got, watch his Power Ranger movie and eat our soup. L&D at her work doing stuff, she dropped D off and went to pick up J. I shipped a couple of ebay sales and listed some more items. All down to the basement to chill out and watch some shows.

20131214 - Pen IS Mightier than the Mouth

20131214 -Favorite Up in am and out with D&J. We got gas, McD's drove past Dave's warehouse, the Auction place and on to work to drop off some door alarms and show D&J around the place. I think they thought it was pretty cool. We swung by and got a tour of the Grove City YMCA, and then took our time getting home stopping at a thrift store and Menard's. Home for some paperwork catch up and homework. L&G riding on the Polar Express. J&I made his den flag and fixed a light on the white car. Down to the basement for some Call of Duty. Back out and to the Gahanna YMCA, the video store, lotto tickets and then Hometown Buffet for an all we could eat feast. We headed over to Easton to look around and stumbled into a Tesla car showroom, very cool. Home and watched the new Wolverine.

L&G home I picked G up he was squirming around and then started screaming... the pen I have in my hat poked him in the face, more specifically the mouth and popped his loose tooth right out of his mouth :-o Fully recovered with a large gap in his mouth hole we got him to bed. D&J watching Die Hard with me in the basement until late.

20131213 - D&J Shopping

20131213 - Up and to work.  L&G to Newcomerstown with the Coles.  Home got D&J and out for Christmas shopping, video store and dinner at Panda Express. Home for a late night of present wrapping and movie watching.

20131212 - Family?

20131212 - In to work, a quieter day.  We got notes together and a plan put in place.  A group of us headed out for beers for surviving the visit.  Home later and just sat with L, haven't seen the fam for days...

20131211 + DAY 3

20131211 + Up and into work for the last day of the visit.  We had an audit not go so well but everything else was ok.  This is good news as I am the 3rd of 3 program managers with this customer.  The other 2 program managers were 'replaced' after the customers previous 2 visits.  Home and exhausted.  Went to bed when the boys did.

20131210 - DAY 2

20131210 - Up and into work.  The BIG group of customers started showing up... 13 total guests for the show.  We toured the site and gave the presentation.  We ended the day at Easton's Brio for a good meal and some relaxation.  Home late and COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED...

20131209 - Day 1

20131209 - Up early and in to work.  The customer came in early and a day of prep and meetings before the big show tomorrow.  The day went well, things looking good, finishing touches going on everywhere.  We all went out for dinner and I had a horrible steak.  Home late exhausted, stressed and nervous about tomorrow...

20131208 - Silent Shepherd

20131208 - Up and in to work early and all day long.  Left just in time to get home and make it to J's performance in the church Christmas program.  He was a silent shepherd.  It was a super cute show, glad I made it.

20131207 - Tim & Dave

20131207 - Up and into work helping get things ready for the upcoming visit.  At work until late.  Home just in time to watch the buckeyes loose :-o  The stress buildup for visit is incredible....

20131206 - Light Speed

20131206 - Up and into work, worked 7am-7pm.  Drove home in the dark in the snow.  One of ny favorite things is driving in the snow with my high beams on, it looks like I am going Light Speed, like the old Star Wars movies.  Home and ate some pizza, played cards with L&G J has his buddy Donovan over.  I dropped D off at Scout lock in.  Home got ice cream for the boys and watched a movie while L slept

20131205 - Small Salute

20131205 - Up and into work, busy busy day.  Home in time to grab G and head to scouts.   I was on the phone almost the whole time...

20131204 - Hopped Up

20131204 - Worked until late again, getting burned out...  Home and played more cards with J&G.  Hung out and trying to relax.  G bouncing around and jumped up just as I took this picture.

20131203 - Rock'n Roll Elf

20131203 - Worked until late again...  Home and played some cards with J&G.  Up late doing email and caught the elf listening to records.

20131202 + Chillin

20131202 + Up and worked late trying to get things in line for next week.  Boys played outside in the snow.  Home and got the boys, late to scouts, got the cub scout shirts paid for.  Home and got Doc and to Bible Bangers.  Up until 2 doing email.

20131201 - Light it up!

20131201 - Up in the am and to the desk to get caught up, L&J out to the store an D&G playing/doing homework.  We regrouped for lunch and then DG&I got the Christmas blow-up guys and lights out for the front.  The blow-ups still work and we got them set up, but we only had enough for one set of bushes so we made a list and D&I headed out.  Our first stop was to pick up a deodorizer for the black car.  We swung by the house and got it set up and bubbling.  On to the Home Depot where we loaded up on lights.  Back home and D got up on the ladder and stapled all the lights up this year (PRAISE THE LORD!!!).  L came out to do periodic inspections and we passed the test.  LJ&G got the tree set up inside and the house looks great!

In for a bite to eat and then I played cards with J&G until they had to go to bed. D&I to the basement with our friends to watch the mid season finale of the 'Walking Dead'.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!  I tried to get a bit more paperwork done...  To bed in good time.