20210511 - Up and LJ&G at school and I headed to the endocrinologist for a checkup, All good. I left Hazel out of her cage while I went, her first taste of total house freedom while alone... I got home and checked everything out and all good! I jumped on the PC and got my day rolling with my am calls.

20210510 +

 20210510 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. J home early for his short day and was only home for a bit before changing and heading to work at Wendy's. I got my am things done and headed in to the office. Had a busy day and got a lot done. Headed out of the office and LG&I ran to Ed's to pick up some auction wins and then on to Berliner for G's baseball practice. It was the first outdoor practice the boys had with their coach, ever... it looked like a real practice and he had them under control. L&I talked to one of the dads of another player, nice guy, and we have very similar views. L&I then walked down to D's softball game to watch them, it is fun to watch! D's team won and L&I went back and picked up G and Luke and headed home. Home and watched some TV. J home from work and G&I headed in to the office to review and clean up the items he listed on ebay, and we ordered some more baseball cards for him. We all headed to bed.

20210509 +

20210509 + Up WAY TOO early and LG&I drove to Cincinnati through the rain to get to his game. It wasn't raining when we got there but it was FREEZING! The boys played and they did pretty good. We were ahead by the time thunder and lighting started and they called the game and we got to our cars before the hard rain hit us. The team went to BW's for a meal while we waited to see if there were any more games today. It was good for the boys to spend some time off the field together. While we were there we got the notification that the rest of the days games were cancelled, so we finished eating and headed home. We stopped at the outlet mall on the way home to see if L could find anything for the bathroom makeover, no luck. Home and J gave L here Mother's Day presents and then headed to work. D stopped over a bit later and gave her a plant and hung around for dinner. I took a nap and then took Hazel on a walk. L&I watched some TV until J got home from work and headed to bed.


20210508 - Up in the am and L&I headed to Worthington to watch G at a huge track meet, there were 32 schools there. We got there early so I wandered around and watched some of the high jump, discus and shot put. I caught G's first race from the backside of the track and yelled at the boys as they ran the 4x800 and came in second by a fraction of a second. I headed back over to where L was sitting and Terrill joined us. We had our stack of quarters and bet on all the races. G opted out of running in the 400 and so we stuck around for the last race the 4x400 that he was going to run in, of course the very last race... the boys ran there brains out and came in 2nd by 1 hundredth of a second, good enough for them to qualify for the state meet next weekend. We packed up, got G and headed to Cincinnati to join his baseball team. We listened to the game on the way down and they lost their first game. We got there in the 1st inning of the 2nd game and the boys did better, but still got beat. We headed home and stopped for some food on the way that took forever... Home and I threw the ball to Hazel for an hour. L&I then ran over the McLain's for a short visit, great to catch up with them. Home and I dropped L off and headed to Dave's for a visit, he had a couple other fellas over and we chatted and had bacon and cheesecake. He gave us a tour of his huge house and the candy factory he has set up in the basement. Home late and too bed.


20210507 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school, Hazel and I doing our normal morning routine before I headed in to the office. It was a normal day and the evening L&I headed to a new play at Creekside, Arepazo, a Tapa place for dinner. We drove as it was pouring. It was a really good meal and can't believe we've never gone there before.  Home and we watched some TV and planned the upcoming busy weekend. J worked and came home only for a second before heading to a friends. G to bed early as he has a big track meet tomorrow.


20210506 - Up in the am and on the phone for the entire day. Knocked a lot of things down and checking them off today. L home and took Hazel on a big walk. J home early and headed out with friends. I finished up my day with a late call. L ran to pick G up from track, Luke, G's friend got dropped off to take him to a scrimmage. Out of the office, ate and we headed to Academy park. This was the first on field / game experience G's coach has had with the boys. They played better tonight than in the past... G did ok and just as he got on the mound to pitch they called the game as another team showed up to use the field... Home and I went through the tings G listed last night and updated them. Then out to watch some TV with L. Stayed up WAY TOO LATE going through local online auctions and watching American Horror Story.


 20210505 - Chris stopped over for a visit with some McNuggets and to catch up on what has been going on with his new job and the fam.


 20210504 - After dinner I ran over to Penn's to look at his sump pump. I messed with the float and it should be good for a bit longer if he keeps an eye on it. We chatted for a bit and then I headed home.

20210503 +

20210503 +
All at school
Hazel in cage I headed to Worthington to meet CB and Hiren for lunch
Had meeting with CB and Brit
Home grilled hamburgers
Ate with L and boys
cleaned out email throwing ball to Hazel
In, Hazel got feet washed
Organized rest of week


 20210502 - Up late and sore from yesterday's yard work. L&I headed to IKEA and got a new vanity and sink for the bathroom. Home and D was there cleaning out his car. He stuck around and chatted with us while G filled the backyard with boys. We cooked hot dogs for the boys.

20210501 +

20210501 + Up late

Headed out to work in the backyard with L.

G had a couple friends show up.

I chopped off half the apple tree and had G and his buddies take the pieces as I cut them to the burn barrel.

I then had the boys move the trampoline and I dropped a dead 30' tree the was along the back west fence. I had G and one of his friends use the chainsaw to help me cut the tree in to pieces. The boys carried all the pieces to the burn barrel and I gave them so cash to run downtwon and get a treat. L got her trimmers out and trimmed the basck East hedge as I burned the tree piece and cut firewood sized pieces. Hazel was in heaven with a backyard full of people for the day throwing the ball several thousand times to her. In the late afternoon G had 8 boys on the trampoline as I burned the last of the tree peices as the sun went down. In and cleaned up and can't move.


 20210430 - Up in the am and L at work and the boys sleeping because they don't have school today. I got J up so he could be to work by 10 and finished up my morning stuff and headed in to the office. J home, they didn't realize he was on the schedule for 3-9pm so sent him home so he could work tonight. G and Trent down and got something to eat and played on the trampoline a bit before it started raining and they headed in and to the basement. I diverted that as I wasn't going to listen to them playing their games and screaming in the basement, bad enough I can hear them in my office while they are upstairs over the garage... L home and made us all some lunch.

Hazel and I ran to Gahanna Pizza Plus to pick up dinner


 20210429 - Up in the am and LJ&G were at school. J home as this is his short day. He followed me to Tuffy and we dropped off the car. J dropped me off at home and then went for a long drive to McD's to get us some bfast, got it about lunchtime... At the desk and on the phone all day. It ended up being another stressful day of IT stuff not working... Nothing wrong with the car, the tires are just worn uneven... Finished up the day and L&I had some dinner while watching Family Feud. G's buddy Trent came over to spend the night. We played trouble and I beat them 3 times in a row! They headed upstairs to get on their electronics and L&I headed to bed.


 20210427 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel and I got up and around and I got some things done at the desk. J home and I wrapped things up and headed to the Worthington office.


 20210426 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel and I did our morning routine and then I headed in to the office. I was pretty steady on calls all day. L home and took Hazel for a walk. J&G home. I ran G to baseball practice and made sure he had a ride home. Home and picked up L and we headed downtown to Berliner where we watched D and his buddies on the 'Natty Knights' his 'beer league' softball team play tier first game. It was a hoot. all these ex-college baseball players doing goofy things and having a great time on the field. It looked like sandlot baseball and they were having a blast. Nice to see D with friends and having so much fun. The game went really quick and they won. Home and L&I watched some TV while the boys were on their electronics. To bed not too late.

20210425 +

20210425 + Up in the am G got picked up for baseball practice and I got a haircut, AMEN! Home and J headed to Mid-Ohio to watch a friend race and L&I headed to Cap City for lunch. We met Gma&paW, and Russ, Nancy and Mark Halstead there

Swung by Greaters to get some ice cream for dessert on the way to our house where the day turned beautiful and very nice to hang out

D home

G home and chatted with everyone too

Hi Everyone,
Our visit in Columbus yesterday was so heart warming.  For everything that has happened this past year it was nice to see everyone face to face.  Even Hazel helped brightened our spirits.  Looking forward to warm sunny days ahead.

Thank you and bless you for being the special people you are.
Love, Nancy


20210424 - Up in the am and L rushing me around. She already got G to the school to ride the bus to the track meet and J home and back out to work. In the car and we headed SE to Lancaster to watch G run

20210423 +

20210423 + Up in the am and L&G at school and I got on an early call. J home as he has a late start day, this school schedule is crazy... I spent the morning on the PC doing bills and catching up at work. The day went to fast and I didn’t get everything done I wanted to, but that’s the way most days go... G home and up to his game room for the night, J home, changed and to work, then spent the night at a friends. L&I walked down to Creekside and on our 3rd attempt in the past couple week actually got a table at Old Bag of Nails. We had a nice dinner and walked back home. L got a couple things done while I played with Hazel and then we went down to watch Mortal Kombat on the big screen. It was a good action flick. We then finished another movie we started last weekend and headed to bed. 


20210422 - Up late and L&G at school, J has state testing or something at 1pm so he's in bed. Watched a bit of TV this morning and the opinions on theses shootings are dividing our country. Not sure how so many people not at the scene of an incident can assess what would have been the correct actions without being there or why they believe a persons skin color has anything to do with it. This latest incident of the young girls in Columbus is just crazy. I talked to a friend of mine that is an officer and his assessment is correct: "There is no right action or answer in most of these situations. Someone was going to be be hurt and the officers decision was going to be wrong by at least half the observers no matter his action or inaction." Pretty scary stuff. In to the desk and got some stuff done. Got J up for school and then back to the desk. L home and at the end of the day we layered up and headed tot he high school to watch G run in the Gahanna Invitational. G was to run in 3 races. The first was the 4x800 that his team won, the second was the distance medley and grant ran the 800 leg and they won and the 3rd was the sprint medley where the first 2 guys running the 100 fell and dropped the baton at the first handoff so he didn't get to run. The score was tight so we thought that may have lost the meet for them... It was FREEZING COLD and L&I had blanket and bundled up like it was middle of December. We stayed for the final 5 or so races and then the results and the boys team did end up winning! They celebrated on the field yelling and jumping around. Cold but fun. We swung through Burger King to pick up some dinner on the way home. Home and ate and then shut down for the night. 


20210421 - Up to a snowy morning... LJ&G at school and I had an early call. Jumped on the call and jumped on some of the team for not doing their thing... J home and headed out to work. I headed out to pick up Hazel from the vet, she was VERY HAPPY to see me. Got her home and settled and I got back to the desk. L home and taking care of Hazel, G home and glad to see his sister. After work i walked around the back yard with Hazel a bit, this dog does not want to walk, she wants to chase balls and run as hard as she can... tried to keep her calm... in for dinner. J home from work and glad to see his sister as she attacked him. L&I watched some TV and headed to bed in good time.


20210420 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school and Hazel and I took an early morning car ride to the vet. Hazel likes car rides, but when we turn down the street for the vet she knows... I signed some papers for her spay surgery and walked her in, but she was NOT HAPPY to be there. Home to a quiet house and got online and realized our email was down. I jumped on it and got my team fixing the issue, then straight in to calls. L home and then ran to get groceries and mow the yard. I finished my day, L ran to get G from track. G changed and got picked up to go to baseball practice. L grilled some chicken for dinner and L&I ate in front of the TV, too chilly to be outside. We relaxed and got thing together so L could get her new driver's license. G home and told us about practice and ate. J home from work. L&I hung out and watched 'Syncronic' on Netflix, not bad scifi, little too slow. Headed to bed in good time.


20210419 - Up in the am to L's SCREAMS! THERE'S WATER ALL OVER THE KITCHEN!!! We had a leak in a supply line to the kitchen sink and it soaked under the sink and some of the rug, but nothing scream worthy... I got the water shut off and went back to bed ;-)  LJ&G headed to school and Hazel and I started our morning. J home from school and I had him take the leaky line out and run to Gahanna Hardware to get a new one while I was on calls. J home and he got the sink put back together, I inspected, DONE! I got back to work and J headed to Wendy's. L home and in the late afternoon and we headed to a track meet in Reynoldsburg to watch G run. We got there and somehow ended up in a parking lot behind the stadium and I found a free way in through the maintenance room, L did not like this (rule follower). We got to our seats around some families L could chat with. G was to run in 2 races tonight and not the first and last! The wind made it pretty cold and after watching a bunch of races G ran in the 400. He started off strong and never let up. He finished first in 57 sec, a new personal best for him! A bit after his race he texted us and said that was the only race he was running in because he was too tired for the 800 that was only like two races away. So L&I headed home. As soon as we got home we got a text from a dad that was still there letting us know G was going to run in another race... He was nice enough to video the race and send it to us and G's team won by a large margin. I ran to pick G up when he got back to the school. Home and J back from work, the headlight we replaced Sunday was burnt out again...??? In and watched some TV and all to bed in good time.

20210418 +

20210418 + Up way too early in the am and LG&I headed to Dayton for an early morning baseball game. G started us off on the mound and did a really good job (much better than anything we saw yesterday). When I saw him running out of gas I went to the dugout and told them to pull him. None of this waiting forever 5 walks in row BS that we sat through yesterday... The boys played better today. Had some errors they need to work out, but still lost. G went 1 for 2 at the plate and had an amazing bomb to left and was called out skidding in to 3rd on a bad call... Done with baseball for the day we headed home. Home and G&I ran to Arby’s to get some lunch. Home and ate and the Hazel and I went to the dog park while L worked in the yard and J&G rested. Hazel had a good time and we got frostys on the way home. Home and hung out on the back porch a bit and then cleaned up behind the shed. Hung out a bit more and then helped J fix a headlight that was out. L cooked dinner out on the grill and we all ate together. L&I watched American Idol while the boys were on their Xboxes to finish the night.


20210417 - Up early and still feeling the drinks we had last night... L drove us to Dayton for a double header. G played short the whole day and did ok, had a couple errors and they added to the rest of the shot show. We left our pitchers on WAY TOO LONG... got the snot beat out of us both games... G went 4 for 5 at the plate and is getting some nice hits. Home and Hazel was still alive, J came home to let her out during his break and D stopped by for a bit with her too. L ran out and picked up Cane’s for dinner. We are and the J took off to spend the night with a friend. L&I started to watch a movie and some neighbors called to come over. L was too tired and been cold enough all day at the ball field she didn’t go. Hazel and I went for a short visit and so she could meet Franklin the 9 yr old golden doodle. Home and to bed in good time as we have more baseball tomorrow. 


20210416 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Got around and had an ELT call this morning where we reviewed all the big projects we are working on. L home from work and J&G home from school. J headed out to work and L&G ran to get subs from Jimmy John’s for dinner. Home and we are on the back porch. I pulled out the fire table and L&I had some drinks on the back porch. The Mallonns joined us for some drinks and Penn brought some new bourbon. We chatted until late and I realized I had to many when I stood up...

20210415 ‡ All at Dinner

20210415 ‡ Up in the am and LJ&G at school, J home early today and then headed to work. I was on the PC helping with other issues all morning and didn't get my morning tasks done. L home and we had some lunch. Back in the office for the rest of the day, starting to feel sore and achy, think it was from the shot. Took some meds, G home, he has nothing tonight so L made dinner and LJG&I ate at the table for the first time in a while. Boys vanished up stairs and L&I watched some TV and she brushed Hazel. To bed in good time. Woke up at 2am with ideas, grabbed the laptop and back to be about 4:45...

20210414 - Bad Parents

20210414 - Up in the am and LJ&G at at school, Hazel and I did our morning routine and then I headed in to the office. Got a bunch of things done in the morning and then jumped in the car and headed to Newark to get my 2nd COVID vaccine. Got the shot, waited 15min and then headed back home feeling a bit relieved. Home and back at the desk for about an hour and then L&I headed to Lancaster to watch G run at a track meet. He ran the 100 tonight and did ok, and then was part of the 4x200 and they won that. L&I headed out and then got a text that G ran in the 200 and won the whole thing! (bad parents...) we got home and L ran to pick G up when the bus got to the school and just hung out the rest of the night.

20210413 - Home Game

20210413 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I headed in tot he office and had my weekly team call. J home from taking the SAT and headed to the park to meet friends as he's done with school for the day. L home, G home, I finished my day and then LG Hazel and I headed to Academy park for G's baseball game. The boys played well, G had 1 hit and to pop ups, but played great at short. It was a LONG game. Lonie showed up to watch and chat a bit as he was in town picking up books from the office. The boys won and we headed home. In for the night and settling down, watch Big Sky.

20210412 - 3:1:1

20210412 - Up in the am and L&G at school, J doesn't have class until 1 today. I ran to LabCorp for a blood draw. Home and Hazel and I did our morning routine and I headed in to the office. J left for school and L home. Had some lunch and then at the desk the rest of the day. L took Hazel for a walk and then gave her a bath. After work L&I headed to GMSE for G's track meet. He did great tonight coming in 3rd in the 1600, 1st with 2:20 in the 800 and his team took 1st in the 4x400 relay. It was nice to be at his school and meet up with folks we haven't seen in a long time and chat a bit. Home and had some dinner and watched some American Idol to finish off the night. I stayed up late and watched a new series on HBO, the Nevers.

20210411 + Doc's 82

20210411 + Up late in the am and G&I put up a sign in Doc's yard for his bday. In and got some things organized and then Hazel and I then headed to the dog park. Hazel got attacked by some big dogs when we got there so we kind of hung out by ourselves. She did some of the obstacles and chased a ball a bit and it was drizzly so we headed out after a bit. On to Wendy's to get some food and frostys. Home and L&I headed over to Doc's to put up a tent. We got things set up and folks started showing up to wish him a happy bday. There was a nice parade of cars honking and people yelling. Many of them stopped and got out to give Doc a hug, and remind and thank him for how they he had touched their lives, the stories were amazing. I hung out with Doc and folks drove and stopped by for the next 2 hrs. I got things cleaned up and went in, sang happy bday to him and had some cake. Home and hung out with L a bit. J ran and picked us up a pizza for dinner. We ate and watched some American Idol. The internet went out for a bit and I was working on that when Chris showed up. Got things back online and we watch some Walking Dead. Not up late, tired from a long weekend.

20210410 - Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm

20210410 - Up way too early and LJG Hazel and I got everything loaded in the car and headed out. We made a quick pickup at McDs and headed up to the Farm. It was an easy drive and we got there about 8:30. Dale and Roger were there boiling down already and the steam was floating. I helped GpaW get some things set up and Brad and Dave were there helping too. GmaW took L and Dave's girlfriend Tammy up to the house to give her some bday presents and Dave Dylan and I took a walk back through the woods. We ran in to Tim in the woods working on a deer stand and chatted with him a bit. Back to the Farmhouse and more folks were there, all family, unlike years past. J&G took the pug and went up to the pond and all over the Farm. The weather was absolutely perfect and it was a nice small crowd and gave me the chance to talk with folks and not be so busy. The sap boiled down and stories were told. We had a nice lunch and then we poured off the syrup. Folks hung out a bit more and headed up to the camp and we got things cleaned up pretty quickly.

We got things cleaned up and LG&I changed and headed to Galion for baseball. The first game got away from us. G had a good hit and stole a ton of bases but we had a couple bad innings we couldn't recover from. G took the mound for the start of game 2 and did really well pitching, the lessons obviously paid off. He also got a great hit down the 3rd baseline. The rain came in the 4th inning and they called the game. Gma&paW were on their way to the game so we met them at DQ and had dinner and chatted about what a lovely day it was at the Farm and think everything went well and folks were glad to be out and together.

We drove home through some really hard rain. Home, unpacked and L&I sat in the living room with Thunder Force, a new movie, on but were in and out to consciousness... To bed in good time after a very nice long day.

20210409 - J Uber

20210409 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. J home for a minute and then headed to Wendy's for work. I got a call from the Gahanna Police asking us if we wanted to pursue the CPO violation charges against the neighbor... will need to discuss with L... sort of want to be DONE with this guy and now that he's gone could just forget it, but then if we don't he gets off the hook yet again... the county dropped the felony charges, but the city is pursuing the misdemeanor charges and this would be on top of those... tough one... Hazel and I did our morning routine and then I headed in to the office to get things done. J home early with only a short day today and headed in to work. L home and G shortly after. I finished up the day and L&I walked downtown for dinner. We tried to go to the Old Bag of Nails and they had a ridiculous wait and it was shortly after 5, this is the second week in a row they have failed... So we walked around the corner to the Local Cantina and were seated immediately... We had a nice dinner and ran in to some folks we knew there. We reviewed the plans for a busy week and then it started pouring... We called J and he ran up and got us. Home and made final arrangements for tomorrow and then watched some TV. To bed in good time.

20210408 - Super FAST!!!

20210408 - Up in the am for an early call and LJ&G all at school today. At the desk all day moving lots of things forward, very busy, very stressful... L home and took Hazel on a walk. J home and headed out to work. L&I packed up at the end of my day and headed to New Albany where we went to G's first track meet ever, they didn't have a season last year... G was in the 1st race that was the 4x800 and he and his other long distance cross country buddies SMOKED the competition and destroyed the middle school record for all of Gahanna middle schools. We then waited for a LONG time watching other kids run and chatting with parents we knew before G ran in the 400m, the first time he has done this. He was pretty far back and in the last turn he blew past a bunch of kids to come in second, with a time of 59.52, super fast. He was beat by only one kid that had the lead from the gun and I think had wings on his feet or something. We waited more, it rained a bit and G was in the las, most exciting race, the 4x400. They had a bobbled exchange and lost the lead and couldn't catch back up but come in 2nd. The Gahanna East boys dominated the invitational and won 1st place by more than double the next closest teams score, an impressive showing for his first meet. We headed out, called the Greek place on the way out and picked up food on the way home. We swung by the school to get G and then home and ate. J home shortly after and all headed to bed. My cousin Jonathon gave me call and we chatted for an hour or so. Good to catch up with him!

20210407 - Shed Clean

20210407 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school and I jumped on a frustrating call. J home and out with Hazel. Hazel had a barking fit so I went out and she was barking at our neighbor Jody. I introduced Hazel and Jody and chatted with her a bit and filled her in on the goings on with the shooting neighbor. Back in for another call. Was at the desk the rest of the day and moved many things forward. L home and took Hazel on a walk and then headed to the school to volunteer for a track meet  G isn't participating in... I stayed home and cleaned out the shed. J came home and helped a bit and then made me pineapple pizza rolls. Shed clean and in to relax and watch some TV with L before heading to bed.

20210406 + First Mowing

20210406 + Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel and I did our morning routine and then headed in to the office. Had a long call this morning trying to keep all the plates spinning. L home and we had some lunch. J home, he got his oil changed all on his own today! I finished the day and headed outside to work on things in the backyard, L went to pick G up from track. G hurt his back doing the high jump today so stayed inside to ice his back. I got the riding mower working and then took a break and we had dinner. L&I headed back outside, L mowed and Hazel and I worked on the pump. Hazel was not fond of the mower and ran to lay on me every time the mower got close. I got the pump working and then the push mower and weed eater. Hazel and I stayed outside and played with her red squeaky ball until dark. In and L washed Hazel's feet and we watched some TV to finish off the night.

20210405 - BUBBLES!!!

20210405 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. J home and brought me a bfast sandwich from Wendy's. J Hazel and I hung out in the living room while I did my morning stuff and we talked about his car a bit. J headed upstairs and I headed in to the office. L home and J took off to skateboard with some friends. Geoff and Miranda back next door cleaning up their backyard a bit, tomorrow is trash day... L ran to pick G up from track while I made him dinner. L&G home, G changed quick and L ran him to baseball practice. L home and we had our left over steaks from her bday dinner and then L& Hazel played with bubbles. Hazel and I ran to pick G up from practice. We stopped at Bowan's on the way home and then walked down to chat with the neighbors all in Nate's driveway. Home and down to the basement to watch the NCAA basketball championship game. G&I went through sports cards during the game. It was a good game and we headed to bed when it was over.

20210404 - Easter with Everyone

20210404 - Up in the am and D home to get J&G to carry them to Gma&paB’s for an Easter lunch. We all headed out late due to J... L, Hazel and I in one car and the boys in another. They passed us at one point, hope they don’t get a ticket. Made it to Gma&paB's and chatted a bit then had a huge lunch. After lunch the kids played outside in the beautiful day and we just hung out, relaxed and chatted the rest of the day. DJ&G headed home a bit early and L&I left later. Super nice to be together with folks again and outside. Home and L&I watched some American Idol. Chris came over and we talked about his job change last week and watched the Walking Dead.


20210403 - Up late and got some things organized. L headed out to cut down grasses, J cleaning his room and headed out to be with friends, G&I headed to the post office and then Ed’s Odds and Ends to pick up auction wins. G chatted with Ed about Corvettes, Ed has one, and sports cards. G bought another $135 worth of cards... headed home and stopped at Kroger to get stuff for L and the took some Burger King home for a late lunch. Home and ate then I helped L finish up the grasses. Then Hazel and I headed to the dog park to play for an hour and get frostys. Home to watch some basketball. L had hamburger that needed used so I burned them... we just hung out and watched some amazing basketball the rest of the night. 


 20210402 - Up in the am and J at work and L having bfast with her friends. Hazel and I did our morning routine and got G up around 11 when I headed in to the office. Got some stuff done, L home, J home. Hazel decided to jump up on the bureau looking for her squeaky ball, L did not approve... After work L&I walked downtown to Bag of Nails to eat, but they wanted us to wait 45 min so we walked to Stadium, walked right in, got seated and had a nice dinner. We walked home and it was cold. Home and watched some tv. Up late waiting for J to get home from being with friends. 

20210401 - L is 50!

20210401 - Up in the am and wished L a Happy Bday! The BIG 50!!! She opened a couple presents and we had some bfast together. I headed in to the office and L headed downtown for her second covid vaccine shot. J got up and ran to pick G up from his bday party overnight. L home from her shot and said it hurt way worse than the first one. When L got home J&G gave her their gifts. I spent the day crunching data for an upcoming project. I finished the day and got ready and took a couple last minute phone calls. D showed up and we got J&G ready and we headed to the Barn in New Albany for dinner. It was a very nice dinner. D told us all about the work he was doing and J&G shared things as well. The food was amazing and everyone was completely full. A very nice dinner. D took J&G home and L&I made our way home and then LJG&I settled in the basement to watch Godzilla vs Kong (not L's choice, but she was on her ph/pc for most of it). It was an ok action movie and we all headed to bed after the show.

20210331 - Latte Fumble

 20210331 - Up in the am and J headed out to work. Had some bfast with L and then in to the office to get the day rolling. Today was a day to catch up but that got derailed when I received a large dataset that needed scrubbed... Spent the rest of the day in the data. Headed out of the office late and had some dinner. L&I were watching TV when we heard outside the door 'NO! NO! NO! NO!' Then J opened the door. He tried to balance his latte on his skateboard as he opened the door and his dexterity is not what he thought it was. Hazel enjoyed cleaning up the porch for him, this dog does NOT need the caffeine... In and mess cleaned we watched a bit more TV before heading to bed.

20210330 + Fixing Things

20210330 + Up in the am and J headed to work and L ran to get groceries. I got a couple things done on the computers and then packed up the car with supplies and headed to the Farm. I got to the Farm and met GpaW at the Farmhouse. We got the kitchen sink faucet removed and figured out what additional parts we needed and headed to Boliantz to get them. We took Gma&paW's new car so I could see it and listen to a weird noise it was making. We got the the store and got our parts and hit McD's on the way back. Once we got the Farm I climbed under the car and found a loose bolt that holds on a shield under the car. I tightened that up and think it was the noise issue. In to the Farmhouse and we got the new kitchen faucet installed pretty quickly and it works! GmaW showed up for a bit and then headed up to their house to do some paperwork. GpaW & I then got a screen door fixed and headed outside to fix some wagon wheels. Overall he was in good spirits and we had lots of discussions throughout the day on what to do with the Farmhouse, Barn and land. lots of discussion to have and decisions to be made. After the repairs were done we headed up to the house to check in with GmaW before I hit the road. GpaW sent me a text as I was driving back and the bolt that was tightened under their new car apparently took care of the rattling noise! Home and had a burger with L&G and D showed up with some of his friends to pick up a power strip and play in the backyard a bit. G&I headed out for batting practice. Home and watched some basketball before heading to bed.

20210329 - Concrete Mowing

20210329 - Up in the am and L and Hazel headed to Gma&paB's for the day. I had escalations starting right at 9. Off the ph for a min at 1:15 and asked J when he was supposed to be at work, 10am... so he is late and apparently it is my fault... Back to the desk to wrap up the weekend and get this week rolling. I spent some time walking around the yard on the phone and then got more done and tried to get G out of the house. Took another walk while talking to Lonie and found Bob mowing the sidewalk... We chatted for a bit, it was nice to catch up. Back to the desk and got more things done. Headed outside and waited for L and Hazel to get home, G had friends in the yard. L home and we caught up on the day, she had a nice visit with Gma&paB. In and watched some TV.

20210328 - Cookie Cookers

20210328 - Up in the am and it was rainy and crappy out. I got a bunch of things done on the PC in the morning. In the afternoon Hazel and I headed to the dog park. There weren't many dogs there but she had fun. We only stayed about 30 min before heading to Wendy/s for a frosty. We ordered and didn't realize J served us our food.. thought he wasn't supposed to be there until 5... Home and I washed Hazel's muddy feet in the tub and then watched some basketball with L. G headed out to meet some buddies that ended up back at our house. Later in the evening I headed out to pick up some dinner at Taco Bell and Burger King. Gma&paW called me while I was on the road. Home and we started eating, Chris showed up and we headed to the basement to watch the Walking Dead and chat about his work a bit. He had brought some food he cooked today in his new deep fryer and it was amazing. Headed to bed in good time but couldn't sleep, 3:45 last look.

20210327 + Double Tested

20210327 + Up in the am and L taking J to get a COVID test, he had a friend he had lunch with on Friday test positive... G&I headed out to get one of L's bday gifts at the HOme Depot and then to pick up some auction wins. We went to Reynoldsburg and Hillard. During our trip we discovered that J would get his test results back in 2-4 days... That's too long to wait so I had L call around until she found a rapdi test place and scheduled another test for J. G&I home, I gave L a couple of things I got for her at auction. One was a nice new big umbrella that we needed to modify a bit, so we did that until J&I had to drive to eh east end of Reynoldsburg to get him tested. Home and L&I hanging out on the back porch waiting for the test results to come back. After about an hour we got the call that J 's test was negative! We let J&G know and they both rushed out of the house to go be with friends. L and I watched basketball on the back porch. G and his friends back and Terrill arrived to pick them up to spend the night. nice to see and chat with him. L and I headed in when it got chilly and watched some more basketball.

20210326 - Dinner on the Town

20210326 - Up in the am and everyone at school. Hazel and I made an omelet for fast today before heading in to the office. I DO miss my laptop as I like getting the new emails out of the way in the morning before focusing on my daily tasks. Today turned in to an incredibly busy day and flew by. I headed out of the office and L&I walked down to the Gahanna Grill for dinner. We passed a raccoon having dinner on the way... Home and looked for a movie but I had the release date wrong so it wasn't on... We found a show to watch and hung out in the living room the rest of the night.

20210325 - Swing & Run

20210325 - Up in the am and Everyone at school. Today is J's short day so he was home and bored. He spent a lot of time outside with Hazel until he took off to go skating with friends. I spent some time future planning today. G home after school with no track practice due to threat of storms, panzies. Out of the office and threw the ball with Hazel while L cooked us some dinner. LG&I ate, J showed up late. J played with Hazel some more and she was a soaking wet muddy mess so l washed her up a bit. Relaxed and watched some TV.

20210324 - Grant Citizenship Award

20210324 - We received the below video from G's principal today. Very proud of the young man he is becoming!

20210324 - First Game of 2021

20210324 - Up in the am and everyone at school. I got around and headed to the Worthington office to drop off my PC and clean up my office a bit (had food in a drawer since last March...). Chatted with CB, Hiren and Brit a bit, it was nice to be around folks. Headed home and saw L and Hazel out on a walk. In to my office and on the PC for the rest of the afternoon. LG Hazel and I headed out a bit early to get downtown for G's first game this season. We played some really huge kids and it was a tough. G got a hit and then picked off coming home. The boys lost but they didn't look bad for being off for so long.

20210323 - Salvation?

20210323 - Up in the am with joyous cries from L and texts and pics from all the neighbors. There is a moving truck next door! I am not trying to get my hopes up, but the signs do look promising. GOD IS GOOD!!! I contacted the police department and let them know so they could serve the CPO before he moves and they can't find him. I found out this morning that they have already made two attempts... J home after his one class today, he played with Hazel and ate the rest of the day. I was at the desk getting things done and wrapping up loose ends on the migration project. L home didn't take Hazel on a walk today, she didn't want to run in to the neighbors loading things. After work I went out and threw Hazel the ball a bunch. It is amazing how peaceful the backyard and neighborhood already feel with the neighbors dogs gone and the stigma of them just being in the house... L ran and got G from track and then we ate outside for the first time in peace and quiet since they moved in back in October of 2019. G&I headed out to his hitting lessons and then to Dick's to get some cleats and socks for him. Home and watched some TV.

20210322 + Not Served :-(

20210322 + Up in the am and everyone at school and Hazel sleeping on the back of the couch while I dealt with some system issues. I received a call from one of the detectives with the City and he was unaware of the CPO. I got all the files sent to him and he is passing along to the City Prosecutor. I headed in to the office and dug in to some work tasks. L home from school and took Hazel out back and immediately the neighbors dogs started barking ad attacking the fence... So she took her on a walk. I got a couple more things done for work and the City Prosecutor called me to discuss the video I sent. We chatted for 15 minutes and reviewed the video and he believes it is a prosecutable offense. The Prosecutor is going to call the detective back and set the arrest in motion. J&G home from school. The police detective called me back to let me know that the neighbor has not yet been served... So they are not sure that they will be able to prosecute for his actions... L ran G to baseball practice and then L&I ate. After dinner Hazel and I went to get G from practice. Home and L&I watched some American Idol and I played with Hazel a bit. Boys down late and we all had ice cream before heading to bed.

20210321 - Double Birdie

20210321 - Up in the am and G and his friends that spent the night had some bfast. L was out cleaning off the back porch and the neighbor and his dogs were out smoking weed, barking and raising hell. After one of his pot head friends joined him and started swearing at L&I I called the police... We got the porch cleaned up, got the TV mounted out there an watched some basketball waiting for the police. After a couple hours, and no police, Hazel and I headed to the the pet store to replenish her treats. We then headed to the dog park for a short play. Home and L had cooked out on the grill and we had dinner on the patio for the first time this year. The police finally showed up and I chatted with them a bit. It was way past the time I called them and there was no activity taking place that they could act on... L&I sat on the porch a bit longer before heading in to watch American Idol. Chris stopped over and we headed down to watch The Walking Dead and I sent one last blast for the Booster's Tag Day. We watched out show and Chris took off. J home from work and L&I chatted with him a bit, G down and things closing up for the night. Gma&paW called and gave us an update on GpaW's second opinion and it was to use the course of treatment the other Dr. had prescribed as well, so right path is now clear. We chatted for a bit and L faded off and I stayed up to write a police report.

20210320 - Tag Day

20210320 + Up in the am and sent out a blast that started Tag Day. I then headed across town to pick up a key and head to the high school where we set up the Tag Day HQ. Tag day was a bit different but we pulled in a lot of funds. We were there for a couple of hours and I sent out updates as info came in. At noon we headed out and went to get pick up some auction wins at 3 different place. Home and Hazel and I headed to the dog park for an hour and then through Wendy's to get frosty's and see J. Home and L ran to meet her girlfriends for a bit. Home to a backyard of boys. G and his buddies were all over town today. I hung out at home and watched over G and his friends and get the camera on the playset working again. I listened to the neighbors dogs barking like crazy and him swearing at me... L home and her and I went over to the Pettit's for dinner and watch the OU basketball game. We did run out and see the international space station fly over. It was a really nice visit and OU won. Home and G and his friends came down to play trouble with me and make ramen noodles. L headed to bed and I stayed up on the computer and watched a movie and listen to the boys playing their video games.

20210319 - Tripped Up

20210319 - Up in the am and everyone at school. J home early as he only has 1 class on certain days. I got some morning things done and then headed out to get G to take him to the orthodontist. On my way out J was getting Hazel in from a dig fest and she was covered in mud so they were headed to he bathroom to wash her up... I got G and we made a quick trip to get his braces fixed and then back home. G fussed around making some food because 'mom didn't have any bfast ready for me this morning and I'm starving...'  RIGHT... I jumped on the PC and got back to work. A busy day with good progress and the project wrapped up with only a couple loose ends to clean up next week. Out of the office and Hazel and I ran to get Chinese for dinner. G and Hazel were playing and G fell over her. LG&I had dinner and then I watch the new Justice League movie that was 4 hours long. J at work, G on the Xbox and L dead asleep from a long week.

20210318 - Not a Cat

20210318 - Up in the am and on calls and pushing the migration all day. Today was a rainy mess so G's track practice was cancelled and it became our only night this week with nothing to do, or so we thought.... Apparently we missed a call with G's baseball team tonight. We knew about it but it was not on our calendars so we forgot about it. Would be nice if baseball coaches would learn how to communicate and plan like the rest of the world... Not up to late and was able to sleep.

20210317 - Teammate

20210317 - Up in the am and had a super early call so at the desk first thing. At the desk the rest of the day for another busy migration day. G had track after school and J home for a minute and then to work. L picked G up and we had some dinner. Chris over with a copy of the executed Civil Protection Order and reviewed it with us over some ice cream and told us of his adventures over the last couple weeks. The CPO brings some relief and gives us the ability to call the police anytime the neighbor lets his dogs out while we are in the backyard, anytime we see him with a beer or weapon as he prohibited from having any alcohol, drugs or weapons. Headed to bed in good time but was wide awake until 5am...

20210316 - First Shot

20210316 - Up in the am and everyone at school, Hazel and I did our normal routine and I headed in to the office a bit early to push the AD / Exchange migrations. I headed out to Walmart in Hebron to get my first COVID vaccine. I left Hazel in her crate and she was missing when I got home, L had her out for a walk. Back to the desk and driving things the rest of the afternoon. G had track practice, L cooked us dinner and then G&I ran to D-Bat for his hitting lesson. G did really good and afterwards I bought him a new helmet and batting gloves, which was a challenge as this was the first time in I don't know how long I left the house without my wallet... But thanks to modern technology I was able to use my phone to pay for them! Home and relaxed the rest of the evening.

20210315 - Flyers

20210315 - Up in the am very late as I did not sleep at all last night. Got to the desk and got the guys rolling on the AD / Exchange migrations. It was an incredibly busy day scheduling things and keeping guys moving. Out of the office and Jason ran G to baseball practice for us as I had a Booster meeting to run. L&I ate and then I headed in to the office for the Booster call. The call was ok, people don't want to help with anything... After the call L&I watched the Bachelor finale G then wanted to watch a sifi show with me so we watched 1 episode before heading to bed.