071227 - see toys

071225 - Up early

071225 - Boys made the first trip down at 5am... We sent them back to bed... Everyone up at 7 and the chaos proceeded... Smiles all around!

Oh Supreme Court


Test 071231

Test 071231

071224 - Santa

071224 - Santas here...

071212 - Peace?

071212 - Fast day at work, ate dinner on the phone. In the kitchen w/ L watching the 3 boys playing in the play room and actually getting along...

071211 - Went to Karate tonight with the boys. It is making my body sore.

071210 - Cake Sale

071210 - Up and the day was a constant stream... Dinner w/ the family and then off to the cake sale. We bought the Grossel's snowman cake. Dylan's cake went for $45!

071209 - Cake time

071209 - Grant & I hung out while LD&J headed to church. Then we all hit Arby's for lunch and Meijer for groceries. Home cleaned out the garage and then helped Howdy make his cake for the Cub Scout Cake Auction tomorrow night. After dinner we all played steam roller!

071208 - Where's Grant

071208 - Up & out on the town with the boys. Got our Christmas shopping done. Then a reward was Magic Mountian.

071205 - 1st Snow

071205 - Up and a demanding day at work... I'm sore from karate last night. Took a break at 4 for lunch and built a snowboy!

071204 - Up, busy nonstop 9-5. Took karate with the boys tonight. Home and watched TV until late.

071203 - Monday... What else needs said...

071201&2 - Gma & pa Barkers

071202 -Rainy day. Grant, GpaB & I stayed home while the others ran to church. Then we had a big dinner and relaxed as much as possible w/ 3 screin kids & 2 dyin dogs...
Hit the road in the evening and it was very stormy. Home settling down getting ready for another week.
071201 - Up, everyone loaded and off to Newcomerstown. Got there and the boys played & played with all the Christmas decoration. GmaB, L, D & J then headed to the Polar Express train ride witha couple of their cusins. While GpaB, G & I ran to the church to put in a light on the nativity scene & drive around town a bit. I ran out and got us some food, almost got hit by the Polar Express... Everyone home for a peacful night with the exception of Grants lesson on gravity & steps...