060331 - Get Some Paint

060331 - Worked part time today, took calls etc so I could finish up the kayak. GMA Connie and Lori in at the hospital this evening, GGMA Kraft did fine with surgery. I had the boys all night and they helped me paint the kayak. We went to McDonalds for dinner and watched the original 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory'. They loved, it. Jack wants to be an Umpa Lumpa... Preparing for the maiden voyage tomorrow....

060330 - Get Some Skin

060330 - Busy day working on the kayak. Got the Skin started and the bow of the boat complete. Tomorrow I will finish stitching the stern. Went to the doctor with Lori and yes we are going to have another baby... oh man! Then we took Howdy to baseball tryouts. They told him to stand on the star and catch the ball, that is what he did, he stood on the star and if the ball came to him he would catch it, if it didn't he watched it go past, but he never left the star! He did great! Home and GMA Connie here for the night, GGMA Kraft is having surgery tomorrow....

060329 - Judy meets spiderman

060329 - Judy Kidd over for dinner and watching American Idol. Dylan the ninja turtle and Jack the spiderman gang up on her.

060329 - Kayak frame complete

060329 - Worked all day, during breaks got deck stringers and floor put in, ready for the skin tomorrow. Finished up calls for the day. Low to the hospital, GGMA Kraft is going to have surgery on her stomach. Judy over for dinner, the boys r wild as usual...060328 - Worked all day, during breaks got the Rnd set of stringers done on the kayak. Took howdy to karate, Jack & I went to the video store and picked up gifts for Lows b-day. Home got baths done, watched some american idol, boys to bed they watched some scifi.

060327- At the Farm

060327- The boys are always happiest when they are at the Farm.

060327 - Building a Kayak

060327 - Up and into the shop for a day of boat building. The kit is going together pretty good. I got most of the frame work done today. Will finish up the frame over the next several evenings so that I am ready to streatch the skin on this Thursday.

060326 - Up late, exhausted... we all took naps at one point or another through-out the day. Howdy and i played video games for hours n the play room. Ordered subs for dinner and then hung out and played until beed time.

060325 - Caulked the basement and cleaned up, final touches on the room before the party. Had a poker party. Really good trun out and lots of fun. Had some pretty serious competitors, in a pretty un-serious crowd... it was interesting... Dlyana nd Jack had a couple of theirs friends over and lori had a couple girl friends over too. Fun night for everyone. The last hand was dealt at 5:30 am....

060324 - Fast day at work, took some time in the afternoon to go looking for poker tables and buying party supplies. Had dinner with the fam at Red Robin. Home and set everything up.