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Relay day

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Slip and slide

36oz Ribeye

Without a doubt.  One of the BEST steaks of my life!
San Jose CA. Black Angus Steak House.
With Andre, Ger, Ahndi, Gwen

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Big shoes

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Game ball

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On third

070520 - Candy Store

Getting candy for the boys

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Indian baby

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Garden boys

070518 - FIRE

070518 - The apartment building next door is on FIRE! That is not so handy...

070518 - Palm HQ

070518 - A LONG 2 days. Things r on track again, I have control.
070517 - Up at 4am flying to SJC. Arrived and straight to Solectron for work. Andre from Holland here. Dylan graduated from Cub to Wolf Scout tonight.

070516 - Jack's B-day

070516 - It is hard to believe Jack is 4. We played all morning, transformers, GI Joes, play doh... Then we all headed to the mall for lunch and play time. Home for quick rest and then Jack, Dylan & I are heading out to see Spiderman 3

070515 - End of a stressful day

070515 - Up and stuck to the PC all day. Did take a break to have lunch with Derik, that was nice. Home and more stress. They want me in CA tomorrow... Heading back inside for a fun con call...