20220517 - Up in the am and  LJ&G at school. I got around and headed tot he Endocrinologist for a visit, all looked good. Home and had the morning internal IT call. I got a delivery and got some new wheel center covers on the Mercedes, grabbed some lunch and Hazel and I took a walk, saw guys climbing all over the Barnette's house working on the roof. Back to the desk for a call exploring new phone systems for the business and then our external IT call. L home, it was her last day of school. I got a couple of ebay things shipped and had to run to the shipping place for one of them, a big old heavy metal crimping tool, so they could ship it for me. It was right next to the new gyro place so I put an order in and tried to call L to let her know she wouldn't have to cook tonight. By the time I got her to answer the phone the order was placed and she had started cooking hamburgers on the grill... Home and we ate. The gyros are not near as good as the ones at Nazareth. After dinner Lori, Hazel and I took walk, Stopped to look at Barnette's new roof, to chat with Penn along the road, met a new neighbor, Banja and his wife Sara, and walked through the car lot guy peeing behind the building. Home and settled in for the night. J in and out studding for finals.