20220918 - Up in the am and the neighbor girls came down to get the SnoKone machine. LG&I loaded up and headed to G's double header. Bill wasn't there so I had to do GameChanger. The boys got the crap beat out of them the first game. G started off pitching the second game and only allowed 1 run in 4 innings while our boys racked up 5. The rest of the game was pretty scary as the relief pitching allowed 3 more runs... Top of the 7th and a ball hit to G and he let it fall right in front of him so he could make the double play and end the game, pretty sweet move. Home, took Hazel on a walk and let her loose in the baseball field and threw her ball to her a bit. Back to the house and ate, Nate returned the Snowkone machine, watched some football until 9 when L&I watched the House of the Dragon before heading to bed.


20220917 - Up got gas, washed car, got a sausage McMuffin, headed to Farm and got Gma&paW and on to Kent. Jack came down and got us and we carried the projector and other things we brought for him up to his room. He showed us around the room and showed us all his stuff and installed his projector. We then went to the place the Kent State Shootings happened and looked around. He then took us on a nice driving tour and showed us the buildings he goes to for classes. We ended up downtown at Ray's for a nice lunch. After lunch we went to the student center. J showed us his crash location on the way. GmaW took J in to the bookstore and got him some stuff. Back to the dorm and dropped J off. Nice visit, great to see him! We headed back to the Farm and I dropped off Gma&paW, got some fresh apples and other stuff and headed home. Home and and after a long day on the road was happy to sit and chat with L. She showed me some pics of G and the other boys and their Homecoming dates and then we watch the Buckeyes destroy Toledo. I stayed up late waiting for the boys to come home from the dance. They filled me in on the night and sounds like they had a good time.


20220906 - L's first day of school with kids. Took Hazel on a walk and I got stung by something. G had a baseball meeting after school.


20220905 - Up in the am, L went to Delaware to see GGmaK in the hospital and do some things at her apartment. I eventually got G up and we headed out and worked on our cars together, installing more lights. We were out there until way after dark, but got some cool lights installed.


20220904 - Pretty slow day. L&J went shopping and got supplies for J to take back up to school. I headed out and got a haircut and then gassed up the car and ran it through the car wash, then it rained... Home and L&I out to see The Invitation. It was pretty scarry and L's body was in pan from being so tense during the movie :-)  We got some Taco Bell on the way home.


20220903 - Up in the am late. J headed out to get some of his friends and they went to the Johnstown Flea Market. It was a pretty crappy weather day so L&I didn't go. We hung out and I booked a trip for L&I to Cancun for our upcoming anniversary. I ran to pick up the pizzas at our friend's and home and we ate and then watched the OSU Buckeyes season and home opener. The Bucks didn't play pretty to start, but got themselves together and beat Notre Dame! GO BUCKS!!!