20151231 - Happy New Year!

20151231 - Up in the am and J in to work with me today. Linda and Tim kept him busy taking down Christmas decorations and some racks we have to move to the new building. I was chained to the desk getting more things cleaned up and prepped for 2016. J went on break and we ran to China Bell for lunch. We got filled up and headed back to work where we went to the back a store down some boxes. We made a final stop in the free cage before packing up and heading home a bit early. Home and L had the house decorated real nice and was dressed all up cute like. We hung out and got things ready and then folks started showing up. We had a bunch of families over for a game night, it was a ton of fun and everyone played non-electronic games until the ball dropped. HAPPY NEW YEAR! People hung out a bit longer and then headed out. G's friend Brady spent the night.  All to bed about 2am.

20151230 - Getting Things Done

20151230 - Up and into work a bit late.  Spent the entire day in my chair getting things done, caught up and scheduled for next year.  Gma&paW down for the day to do exchanges with the big boys.  G had a buddy over for a play date.  Home and D to Wendy's with some buddies for lunch.  LJG&I went to the Greek place with Gma&paW for an awesome dinner and then hit DQ on the way home.  Home and had dessert, D&J in basement playing Xbox, I was downloading pictures from all of our devices of 2015.  Up late reviewing other Scout sites for the best format and watching college bowl games.

20151229 - Cootie or Ants in Your Pants?

20151229 - Up in the am and D in to work with me.  He worked on his Eagle Project all day while I had various meetings and got things done at the desk.  We went to Wendy's for lunch and swung over to see the new building, but missed the helicopter lifting the AC units onto the roof.  Back to the office and finished off the day.  Home had dinner with the fam, D down to play some Xbox and I played Lift it, Ants in your Pants and Cootie with G&J while L went out and bouth a new diaper bag, i mean purse.  All down to the basement and we watched the 'Strongest Man' weird movie...  Up late watching Myth Busters and working on setting up Google Voice for the Scouts.

20151228 + G-wok

20151228 + UP in the am and got things packed up. We headed home and got things unloaded. D&I cleaned out the garage and put together the gumball machine while LJ&G worked on things inside. In for some lunch and we had issues getting J&G set up on Star Wars Battlefront. Problem solved, little boys playing Xbox and D&I out on errands. We got Lilly some dog food, dropped off a shipment and got gumballs from Dave's warehouse. Home with Taco Bell for dinner and all settled in the basement and watched the Ridiculous 6, pretty funny movie for the boys.

20151227 - Winger Christmas

20151227 - UP in the am and boys playing with the cat and their new toys. We loaded up and headed to John & Mary's in Shelby for the Winger Christmas party. It was a very nice time with the family. We had a great meal, sang songs, took a hike (where Grant ran off and got lost...) played bingo, heard stories from everyone about times on the Farm and got goody bags. Home and the boys played with the cat and their toys. We were up late watching TV then a long hysterical game of Tripoli.

20151226 - More Gifts

20151226 - Up late and got a couple of things done at the desk while L and the boys cleaned up and played with the new Christmas gifts.  We then loaded up in the car and headed to the Farm.  We got there and the boys played with the cat and we hung out a bit before opening our presents.  We got some really cool stuff and it was fun opening all the presents together.  We loaded up and headed out for dinner at a Chinese buffet.  After dinner D drove us to Best Buy where we got a Blue-ray player for GpaW that he could get Amazon Prime movies on.  Back to the Farm and we played some games and set up the Blue-ray player and we watched the Jerk.  All to bed late.

20151225 - Mery Chrismas

20151225 - The little boys woke us up at 6:52 and we told them to go back to bed :-)   That didn't work  so up and out to the living room to open some presents.  The boys opened presents and for the first time D was more interested int he reactions his gifts got than what he received.  He did a really good job and got me a beer sweatshirt that has an extra pocket to hold a beer :-)  The boys took turns and opened things nicely.  Everyone was very happy with the things they got, especially J&G when they opened iPhone 6s' at the same time.  It wasn't until several seconds later did they realize D had used empty iPhone boxes to give them little Lego guys.  Our presents open and boys cleaned up, down on the Xbox trying out their new games.  Soon the Gma&paB&W showed up and the Coles for a proper houseful.  We had a fantastic lunch and even more presents.  The kids played inside, outside, upstairs, downstairs, all over the place.  In the evening when thigns settled down, somehow G convinced Gma^paW to take him home with them... So he left.  LDJ&I went down to the basement to play some Star Wars Battlefront and then watch 'ex machina', super weird movie...  A very nice Christmas

20151224 - Candymen

20151224 - UP in the am and into work.  We had a big meeting about the move and then Dave, Tim and I passed out candy canes to everyone.  L and the boys headed to the Cole's for a family lunch.  The place seemed to empty out slowly and by 3 it was a ghost town.  I headed out and made it tot he Cole's by 4 and got some food and time to chat with folks before G&I headed home to get changed and go to church.  It was a very nice service with great carols and a children's program.  J&I ran to Wendy's to get some dinner and then home to eat and hang out watched Transport 3 before bed.

20151223 - Updating

20151223 - UP in the am and late into work.  Got a bunch of work done and headed out a min early.  Home and J&I ran to Kroger to buy 200 candy canes, then to the video store to get movies and back to the high school to get D from weightlifting.  Finally home and got some dinner and then all to the basement to watch the new Pan movie.  Had a call with Jeff on CREI.  Updated a couple months of the blog April 2015, May 2015 and June 2015.

20151222 - Last in the Series

20151222 - Up a bit late in the am and in to work. A long day in the office... Headed home and nothing on the calendar tonight. Had some dinner with L while J worked on his Nerf gun modification. Then we all headed down to to watch the final in the series, Star Wars III. Boys to bed and I did a bit more on the new Scout site.

20151221 - VW Headach

20151221 - Up and to work a bit later than usual.  At the desk all day dragging... Left a few min early to get VW gift cards activated, needed registration, went home got registration back to VW dealership and got cards activated...  Home and had dinner with LJ&G, they had a pretty fun day out and about.  Ran to pick up D from weight lifting.  then to Scouts with D&J where I worked on the new site with Jason a bit.  Home and all to the basement for Star Wars II, J building a nerf gun modification and G coloring.

20151220 + Human Cone

20151220 + L to church to listen to music, the rest of us hung out. L home I finished things in the office and LG&I headed out to take movies back, deliver a gift to Dave at the warehouse and pick up more stuff for D to list. We stopped at the school parking lot on the way home for D to practice more of his driving... getting better... Home and D's friends showed up, L to the church to cook dinner. I took D, his friends and J to the church for a fancy dinner. G&I headed to the 'If you could have anything in the world to eat right now where would you go' spot = Waffle House and had a big meal. Home and G&I played a couple rounds of 'Just Dance' and then started Star Wars I. L&the boys home, Drew was with them and spent the night. I couldn't sleep so went into the office and worked on the scout website until way too late...

20151219 - Depantsed

20151219 - Up and spent a good part of the day in the office getting things done.  The Mallonns stopped by with some of their famous Christmas candy (YUM!)  Finally DG&I headed out and ran some errands and pickup up some last minute gifts.  We went to Peach Lutheran and set up some cones for D to practice his maneuverability...  Then we swung out to the video store and Panda Express for dinner.  We all settled in the basement to watch the new Fantastic 4.  The Varneys stopped over with more candy and an ornament, G depantsed J in front of them :-s We had a nice chat and then down to watch the second movie the Scorch Trials.  All to bed late.

20151218 + ITS HERE! ITS HERE!

20151218 + Up drooped D at school on the way to work. Had 3 hours of meetings in the conference room then headed home. Home and got L&D and we headed to G's turkey lunch and sing along. Home and we got GpaB and headed to Star Wars VII. We met up with our firends, 17 in total and got great seats and saw an EPIC MOVIE!!! It was SO AWESOME!!!. The audience was cheering and yelling the whole time it was a BLAST and everyone loved it!!! After the movie I dropped everyone at Rusty Bucket so they could have dinner. I stopped by home and got L and we headed to the D1 Christmas dinner. It was a nice dinner and good to see everyone and their others enjoying a nice meal and fun conversations. Home and exhausted from a great day.

20151217 - Almost Caught Up!

20151217 - D to school, work, picked D up from weightlifting.  Home and G&I to pack meeting.  Up late updating blog, got February 2015 and March 2015 done!

20151216 - Santa Stay

20151216 - Up in the am and dropped D off on the way into work. Had a full stressful day. Home and Gma&paB here for a couple of nights while GpaB plays Santa at L's school. Down to the basement in the evening to watch Start Wars VI so we are ready for the premier on Friday.

20151215 - Stained

20151215 - Up and dropped D off at school on the way to work. Running around trying to get things working all day. Home and D and I out in the shop making card holders for Mrs. Mallonn, she needs them at work tomorrow and the ones she ordered arn't here yet :-o We got the cut and stained in no time. In to eat and then to the basement to watch Star Wars V with the boys and work on the Troop website.

20151214 - Way Back

20151214 - Up and dropped D off at school on the way to work. Had a busy day and went crazy at the end of the day for the lack of production. Called a 5pm meeting and we came up with a plan for tomorrow. On the way home my buddy Dave called and sent me a photo from our past. It made me laugh! I needed that! Home and straight to Scouts where we had another adult meeting with slightly better results than last week... Home got doc and to Bible Bangers. We had a good meeting. Home and shipped some eBay stuff.

20151213 + Wrapped Up

20151213 + J up and playing xbox. D&I up got some brunch. D&J listing things on ebay, I worked on passwords. D&J out playing, J's buddy Conor came over, his dad and I made some card holders. D out driving. I worked on passwords some more (lastpass) ran and got supplies from Dave's warehouse for ebay orders, picked up food. back to the house, D back from driving, L&G back, all at the same time. Fed the boys got DJ&Coner to youth group. home and helped G wrap his presents and catch up with L.

20151212 - Preperations

20151212 - Up in the am and L&G to Gma&paB's with the Coles. J&I out on the town.  We hit Meijer so J could do his Christmas shopping.  We then dropped off the movie and picked up D from his friends. We stayed a min to talk to the dad that has a huge metal art shop where he makes his sculptures. On to J's friend's where we dropped him off.  D&I stopped by the house to get his car and then on to Meijer to do his Christmas shopping. Home and D wrapped his presents. I got some things done at the desk. J with his buddy and they played Xbox for a while. D went driving with his instructor and the Neighbor Jim stopped over to borrow my biscuit joiner. J wrapped his presents and I got more done. D got home and we ran across town to see a movie, 'The Last Witch Hunter'. It was a good movie and we went to Chipotle for dinner afterwards. Home and to the basement to watch 'Star Wars IV, A New Hope' in preparation for this Friday's big premier :-)

20151211 - Holiday Party

20151211 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work. I got to work and got ready for Dave I's meeting with the boss. It went well and we got raises for 5 folks :-)  We then took anyone of the site.  Back to the front office and we started the Holiday Party. I got to great everyone as they came in for lunch. It was a nice meal and good break for everyone. After lunch the managers had a gift exchange and it was a hoot. Home exhausted from a busy day. D at a friends for the night. LJG&I headed to the video store and then met up with the Mallonns at the Greek restaurant. We had a good dinner. Home and watched a Halo 

20151210 + Egg Timer

20151210 + UP in the am and dropped D at school on the way into work. Had a very long day. L pick D up from weightlifting and I met them in the driveway when I got home. We all had dinner together and then G&I headed to Cub Scouts where they made paper airplanes and had a good time. After Scouts G&I went Christmas shopping. He got all his gifts and showed me a million things he wanted talking the whole time. He even got to set all the egg timers in the kitchen section, how cute he is at this age. Home and D up late working on homeworking. L&I had a Doritos & Coke snack in bed.

20151209 - Singing

20151209 - Up and dropped D off at school on the way into work. Crazy day and left a bit late, headed straight to J's concert. D got ride home with friend from weight lifting. I met LG + Gma&paW at J's choir concert. It was a short and sweet concert, very nice. Ran home and got D, to dinner at Max and Erma's with everyone.

20151208 - Stressful

20151208 - Up in the am and dropped D off at school on the way to work.  To work and had an incredibly stressful day.  Home and had dinner with the fam.  To a Scout Committee meeting for an incredibly stressful meeting.  Then we had the Scout Board of review, Hayden and Jack got their Tenderfoot Ranks :-)  After the Board of Review I stayed to talk to the leaders again and it was not pretty.  The state of the Troop is NOT good and needs immediate correction, while they are focused on God knows what...  Home and had a glass of tequila.  One of the Scout Leaders stopped to check in, make sure I was ok and confirm his support for the direction I am pushing and after he left another Leader called with the same message.  Hard work to push everyone in the right direction...  Up late working on the PC.

20151207 - Sunset

20151207 - Up in the am and dropped D at school on the way to work. A very busy Monday... Stopped at the high school on the home to pick up fundraising cards and D from weightlifting. Home and ate quick, got things ready to ship on ebay. Took D&J to Scouts. I stayed and had a parent meeting where we are organizing our thoughts on Troop organization, content and communication. Home for a sec and grabbed Doc for Bible Bangers. Good to get him out of his house!

20151206 + Busy Sunday

20151206 + All to church, some lady was puking during service :-(  Home ordering stuff online. J had a friend over. Boys outside playing, stray dog showed up. Boy took dog around neighborhood looking for dog owners. Boy in and to basement playing xbox and Lego. L&G made chocolate chip cookies. Then We had a rotating door for a while. A scout family came over to talk and get their sons advancements signed off by D. J's friend got picked up. The dog owners showed up to get the stray. D left to go driving. All settled for a min. Then D home. L took D&J to church youth group with a stop to pick a futon up off the side of the road.  LG&I out for pizza dinner and ran into the Mallonn's.  A quick run up to Walgreen's for L to get more Christmas cards then home and picked up the boys.  D got a haircut and all boys to bed.

20151205 - Pretty Girl

20151205 - Up took G to baseball uniform fitting, ran and got a sausage McMuffin, to the bank with John and Owen, back to Dave's warehouse to get some inventory. Finally home to unpack and for me to settle at the desk, doing bills. L&D were out driving and shopping, J was in the basement. In the evening we all headed over to the McClain's to hang out, chat and watch some football. Boys acting like idiots.

20151204 - Movie Night

20151204 - Up D to school, in to work, brought home big container they were throwing away, G at a bday party, LDJ&I  L made pizzas.  We hung out in the basement and watched 'Lego Blockumentary', 'Transporter 2', and 'Some Kind of Beautiful' (a chick flick) for L.

20151203 + Heavy Ropes

20151203 + Work stopped to ck in with baseball coach on way home while D was weightlifting, home ate, G&I to Cub Scouts.  Up late working on Scout Site.

20151202 - Broke Pelvis

20151202 - Work, got D from weightlifting home.  L to Delaware to see GGmaK (fell and broke her pelvis) with Nicole.  Jason from Scouts stopped over and we worked on the Troop Communication plan.  Up extremely late working on the new troop website.