20211031 - Hard Farm J Pics

20211031 + Up in the am and headed over to Penn's to run some more cables. Then ran over to the auction house in Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction wins from Gary that I haven't seen really all summer. We caught up a bit and I headed home. Home and changed fast and LJG Hazel and I headed up to the Farm to get some senior pics for J. We got there in good time and it was a brisk but beautiful day. J wasn't thrilled but participated. G helped take pics and ran with Hazel a lot. we got the 4 wheeler out and they boys took some rides. We had some time to chat with Gma&paW and then headed home. Up late watching TV and buying crypto.

20211030 - D @ Game

20211030 - Up in the am and helped L with a couple things around the house. Then Hazel and I headed out. We went to an auction pickup and got some stuff and then swung past the accountants office to drop off a payment and then a quick stop at the dog park before heading home. I Got some tools gathered up and headed over to Penn's to work on some wiring stuff he needs done. We wrapped stuff up and I got home before the OSU game. L ran G to a Halloween party and then we settled in and watched the game. D was at the game and set us pictures. It was a good game and the Buckeyes won. Not up too late.

20211029 +Dork Costume

20211029 + Up in the am and had a busy day. G had basketball tryouts tonight. L&I went to pick him up and get something to eat. Everything was too busy on our path home so we just dropped him off so he could get ready for the game. I ran back out and got some food and came home. We ae fast and then Trent picked  him up for the game. L&I not wanting to get wet watched the GLHS football game on the big screen. G called towards the end of the game and needed a ride for him and a couple girls... I ran and picked them up and delivered them. Home and not up too late.

20211028 - Trick or Treat

20211028 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and got on my am call and then was crazy busy all morning. Hazel and I took a walk and we ran into a baby crawling on the sidewalk. Hazel has never seen a person that little before and was not sure she liked someone that small. She warmed up to him and I had to drag her away. We also met the neighborhood guy that has the movies and does fun stuff as he was setting up for trick-or-treat tonight. Home and back to the desk and J got home. G called and was going to XC tonight. L home and I finished up my day and headed out to throw the ball to Hazel abit and it started sprinkling. L&I got a tent and the fire table set out by the road for trick-or-treat. We had our dinner out there between kids stopping by. Why does it have to be rainy and crappy every year for trick-or treat? We didn't have many kids and this was the first time in many years we didn't have a boy out gathering me bags of candy. We got things cleaned up and headed in.

20211027 - Kent State

20211027 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around for my morning call and the day went it's own direction from there. Hazel and I took a walk and then back to the desk. L&J headed to Kent for a college visit. I ran to pick G up from school and then the Bowman brothers picked him up to go to his first high school baseball practice. I finished my day and threw the ball to hazel for a bit. L&J home and L blah blah blah about the Kent St. visit. I headed to the high school, returned the hot dog and nacho machines and then in to the library to host a Team App training for the Boosters. Home and checked in with G on how practice went. He had a good time and said the coaches asked 'Hey kid, what's your name?'. He told them and they were like OMG you're little wings? hahaha it's been 2 years since they've seen him and he's so much bigger. I texted with them coaches and they confirmed they didn't recognize him and that he did really good. Not up too late.

20211026 - 18,628 Days for Me

20211026 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got myself around and started the day. It was a busier day than I wanted. Hazel and I took a walk and found the honey guy, Ed. He moved here from France 20 yrs ago and is very interesting. We got some honey from him and headed home and back to the desk. After work I had to figure out where we were going to go to eat. It was a mess because D's car was parked in at his apartment and I couldn't find a new place towards his house. D called and his car was free so he headed our way. LDG&I headed to dinner at Longhorn for a nice meal, we couldn't get ahold of J... After dinner D&G headed to the soccer game but it was half over and they didn't stay. L&I stopped to look at iPhones and then headed home. We helped D find a Halloween costume. J home and not up too late.

20211025 - G has Grown

20211025 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. It is a crappy wet day. I got to the desk and started in with a call and then spent the rest of the morning catching up on things. Had a busy day and after work I took G with me to the church to meet the Scouts and return the tent we borrowed. No one there has seen G for about 2 years and were shocked at how much he had grown. We dropped the tent off and headed home.

20211024 + XC & Football

20211024 + Up late and it's clean up day. We got a bunch of cleanup done last night so now it is just putting things back where they go, cleaning serving stuff and getting back to normal. L headed out to watch Sam run in the 8th grade state xc meet and it was raining hard. I just milled around in the garage, took my time and cleaned and cleaned the day away. L home, soaked, I ran G to basketball at the high school. Home and picked up some supplies and headed over to the Mallonn's. We looked at options to rearrange their home network while they had a bunch of walls ripped open for the kitchen remodel. L ran and picked G up from practice and I got home shortly after. We had some dinner and watched some TV and relaxed the rest of the evening.

20211023 - OSU Party!

20211023 - Up in the am and taking our time getting things ready for tonight's party. L ran G to the school to catch the bus to go run in the cross country District Championships and then back home for a bit before headed out to watch him run. G ran in the 'open' race, not the actual championship due to his hip injury he's been working on. I moved, things, set things up and got things around. J came home and helped with some stuff and then took off. D showed up and he hung out and helped with all the final details. We got the chili cooking and Gma&paW showed up and D helped carry in a bunch of stuff. We then got the hot dogs cooking and nacho chees fired up. L home and drinks out, TVs on, we are ready. Soon folks started showing up and we had a good time at our annual OSU Football Party. A nice crowd, not to big due to COVID concerns. Good to visit and catch up with folks.

20211022 + J @ OSU

20211022 + Up in the am and on a couple calls as J drove us to the OSU Newark campus. We got parked and signed in and I forced him through the fair to get things signed off. In to auditorium to learn about Newark and J won a prize for getting his card filled out... But the prize was broken...  We took a walking tour of the campus, nice little place. As we were leaving, to J's embarrassment, I let them know the prize he got was broken, they gave him a bunch more OSU stuff!  Went to Bummies for lunch had some fried pepperoni and amazing burgers. J drove home. Got home and J took off and I hit the desk trying to do a couple of things before the end of the day. I met Rob the Scoutmaster at the church and got he scout tent in case of bad weather tomorrow and we hung out for a couple minutes and got caught up.  Home and it was crappy weather so L&I didn't want to go to the high school football game. J&G went with friends, all dressed in pink for their theme tonight. L&I went to Burger King drive through for dinner, ate in the Kroger parking lot and then got groceries. Quite the data night. Home and got the groceries but away and did a bit more for the party tomorrow and in and I started watching the new Dune movie. 2.5 hours long... It explained things WAY better than the 80s version movie, but this 2.5 hour version only covered 1/3 of what the 1984 version did, so I guess more to come. G home from the game the Lions won and he had a blast and lost his voice. 

20211021 - Steamer

20211021 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got to the desk and was there moving fast all morning. J got home from school and I took a break to run back to the school with him and get the hot dog steamer and nacho cheese dispenser. We saw G there during class change. Home and back to the desk. L home and she started cleaning up the garage. I finished up my day and went out and got the TVs set up and some things moved around. L cooked some dinner and we relaxed and planned a bit. 

20211020 - G in the News

20211020 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got a call that lasted most of the morning. I wrapped things up and then headed out. Got the office in Worthington. Walked over and dropped a couple packages off at the post office. Then headed in and chatted with CB for a bit. To my desk and did a couple things. Packed up and headed to Pies and Pints to meet some guys for work for a drink and catch up. Home and chatted with L, she showed me an article from the Columbus Dispatch where G was mentioned! I stayed up until J got home.

20211019 - An Adventure...

20211019 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school and I got on calls straight away. L home for lunch as Hazel and I headed out the door for a walk. Home and back to the deck and on the phone until 5:30. In and had some dinner with L. then L&I headed to GFS in Reynoldsburg, a new store for us, to get party supplies.  It was an adventure... Home and unpacked the stuff and watched some TV the rest of the evening. J home late.

20211018 - Line Up

20211018 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and got on a call. Hazel not being good today, lots of barking and hat destruction. I took a break from calls and Hazel and I took a walk. Doc was out 'working on his tan' so we stopped to check in with him. We took our walk and then had some lunch with L when we got home. Back to the desk to finish off the day. After work I threw the ball to Hazel a bit and then packed stuff up and headed to a Booster meeting. Home after the meeting and worked on getting some tasks done that I got from the meeting.

20211017 - Singing Portrait

20211017 - Up in the am, L had made cinnamon roles for the boys and gave them one as they slugged down the steps and put the door. All of G’s buddies gone and G&I headed to Olentangy Berlin HS for his baseball practice. I hung out and got some things done and took a walk while practice was going on. L&J got the ladder out and trimmed the ivy on the side of the house. G said there were only 6 kids there and they looked ok. We raced home, I dropped G off at the house and headed straight to the HS. I got in and found L, Nicole, GmaW and Gma&paB and we settled in for the choir concert. The concert was good and sad to think this is one of the last times we'll go to watch J do this. They did really good and it was very enjoyable. After the concert we headed back to the house and D&G had replaced one of the flood lights on the back of the house while we were at the concert. GpaW was there and he looked and acted MUCH better than the last time we saw him. G opened his bday presents and then we went out for a nice dinner. Home and relaxed a bit. Chris over to watch the Walking Dead. I stayed up with G and watched baseball.

20211016 + Leaves Late Party

20211016 + Up in the am And L had dropped off G early to ride the bus for the XC meet that he has not yet been cleared to run in. L and I got the garage cleaned out and Hazel and I took a huge load of stuff to Goodwill. Home and L was picking G up. Hazel and I ran to Gahanna Hardware and swapped out 3 propane tanks. Home and L and I checked out he washing machine. It was working, sometimes it does, sometimes it don’t. Of course every time I look at it it is fine… we carried all the party supplies up and got a good list of what else we need to do and get. I ordered a couple things online for in store pickup and then Hazel and I then headed out. Our first stop was Lowe’s to pick up a LED bulb for my office. Hazel went in with me and got to meet some new folks. We then headed to Home Depot in Westerville to pick up a screen protector they didn’t have in stock at our store and Hazel got lots of love there and some treats. Our last stop was the pet store where she looked at all the toys and we got her food and treats. Home and I installed the new screen on the back door while L was raking leaves, which Hazel was happy to help with. 

I installed one of the new propane tanks on our fire table and it leaked horrible. So I swapped it for another of the new ones and we are in business. I’ll have to take the other one back. We all headed in and G wanted to open the presents we got him. He got his stuff opened and G’s buddies started showing up for his bday party. I ran and picked up some pizzas and the boys ate. They played in the backyard and then came in for some cake and to sing happy bday to G. My God these boys are big!

We had football on and I tried to get some things done on the pc. J stopped by to give G a present and give him a hug and then headed out for the night. We watched football until after midnight and headed to bed. We were woken up at 2am with the boys making ramen and then again at 5am form their running and laughing upstairs. No ones getting much sleep tonight…

20211015 - Dinner and Ducks

20211015 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got on calls and the day is flying by. D came over to get some dress clothes and stayed for dinner. LDG&I headed to El Vaquero and had a nice meal. D drove and he ran us to Home Depot after dinner to get a couple things. Home and D took off and my Oregon Ducks were playing football so I settled in and got a bunch of work emails done while watching the game. To bed LATE. 

20211014 - G & Bathroom Pics

20211014 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I jumped on calls and stayed on them until I left to meet Rob for lunch at Pies and Pints for some AWSOME wings. It was a nice lunch. Home and back to the desk. Getting a lot done on the new project. Finished the day late. Threw the ball to hazel and bit, had to wash her feet as the yard is muddy from L spreading grass seed and watering it down. G brought dorky pics home from school today. We had some dinner. L ran G to his xc dinner. L put the finishing touches on her bathroom. I ran over to the Mallonn's to help them with an electrical issue. L&I cut some more of Hazels hair and we got some talking buttons for her, we'll see how that goes... Up late watching baseball with G.

20211013 - Fast Game

20211013 - Up in the am and L at school and J at a friend's and G sleeping, no school again...??? I got to the desk and started calls, D was on one and we spent a bunch of time going through records with him. L home and got G up and looked for J. I had a new hot project dropped on me today... Finished up my day and then came out for a bite to eat and to throw the Ball to Hazel a bit. Hazel and I then ran to the gas station. Home and I worked on the washing machine with G. L Hazel and I then headed to D's softball game at Berliner. His games move fast as they only get 1 pitch. It was a good game, D got a triple w/ 3 RBIs that kept the guys in the game but they lost by one. Home and I was up very late working on the new project that was dropped on me today.

20211012 - Well Worn

20211012 - Up in the am and L on zoom calls for her work, J&G at school. I headed in to the office for a day full of meetings. I got a new hat today! The first was a training class with D and 2 other employees. The next was an IT meeting followed by an ELT meeting and wrapped that up with a Recruiting meeting. I stopped an trained D on a task he's helping us out with some data migration. I got home and L cooked some dinner. I did a couple more things for work. We ate and then headed in and gave Hazel a haircut. We watched a show to wrap up the night.

20211011 - L's Line

20211011 - up in the am and L at work and J&G have another day off... I got around and attacked my list making good progress. J up and out and L home to get groceries and then take G to xc practice. I wrapped up my day and LG&I ate. I headed out to Edison Brewing to meet a couple guys about Booster stuff. Home and got ready for a full day at our main office tomorrow.

20211010 - DGF12

20211010 - Up in the am and L&G in Olentangy for his first baseball practice with the new coach. No idea where J is. I got up and got bills paid for the next couple weeks and got ebay stuff shipped. D and DGF12 showed up. We had never met DGF12 before so it was a treat. L grilled her with all the usual questions and I had a couple, poor girl. She seems very nice. Today is Hazel's bday so D, DGF12 and I took her to the dog park to socialize a bit and then got her a small frosty on the way home. Home and we grilled brats and burgers for dinner. We all sat outside and had a nice meal, chatting and watching football, J&G here too. D&DGF12 headed out and I settled down in front of a TV to watch some football and dig in to my emails to be better prepared for the week. J headed out, G headed upstairs and L is now questioning her green paint choice in the bathroom... I was up late and got a call from J at 1am that he had locked his keys in the car. Hazel and I drove to his rescue and then headed to bed.

20211009 + Green?

20211009 + Up in the am and L ran to Home Depot to get paint for the bathroom. I got around and headed to the back yard. I replaced the mower deck engagement cable, took off the deck and sharpened the blades. I then removed some pavers from the patio and cut out roots that were making things shaky. I had the Buckeye's game on while I finished up and mowed the back yard during half time. L got a couple coats of paint on and we finished the game on the porch on a beautiful day. L headed back in for more painting and I ran to Kroger and picked up some brats, macaroni salad, Doritos and Corona and limes, and carrot cake and pumpkin pie for dinner, one of my favorite meals. Home and I cooked the brats while L finished up and we ate on the porch watching some football. J home and L ran G to a friends for a bday party. I got the laptop out and started getting caught up on some things on the porch with football on.

20211008 - Toga

20211008 - Up in the am and L at school and J&G sleeping as the don't have school for whatever reason...  I got to the desk and had a call to introduce the New Hire tracking tool I have been building over the last couple days. L home, I finished my day and then L&I walked down to Creekside to try out the reopening of Signatures. The Mallons met us there for dinner. It was maybe just ok... They messed up most of our order, not what we had hoped it would be... After dinner we walked home and then L, Penn and I headed to the GLHS football game. L and Penn went and sat down, I met the Boosters at their table and helped finish up the program sales and 50/50 raffle. I waited for the raffle winner to show up, paid her and headed up to watch the game. It was a great game, probably the best we have ever seen the Lions play and a HUGE win. It was toga night and J was roaming around in his sheet. Headed home after the game. Dropped G and Trent off at Trent's so he could get his stuff and dropped Penn off and checked out their kitchen demo. Picked G and Trent up and back home. Watched some TV to finish off the night. 

20211007 + Ground Hog Hunter

20211007 + Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I hit the office and was on the PC all day heads down building a new app. Threw the ball to Hazel a bit after work and she found a big fat groundhog to hunt. In and had some dinner and then watched some TV with L as I worked on the app some more. Up late.

20211006 - Welcome to Upland

20211006 - Up late and LJ&G at school and I got on a call. On the PC all day. Need to build a new app to solve our hiring problem. Had dinner with L and the we hung out. I found a new Monopoly like game based on real world properties that uses crypto currency, so I messed around with that until late. Check out Upland, a virtual property trading game. If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase https://r.upland.me/zPwj

20211005 - Watch Dog

20211005 - Up in the am and at the desk for a frustrating day. Took a big walk with Hazel and then back home to the desk. L home and then met GmaB and Nicole at Sam's xc meet. I ran and picked G up from xc and then more work. Hazel and I hung out in backyard playing with her red ball. J home late. I couldn't sleep, 4:30...

20211004 - No Tear Up

20211004 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got around and got a couple things done for work. I headed to the high school to pick G up and take him to his orthodontist appointment in New Albany. It was a quick appointment and I got him back to school We saw J as I dropped him off. Back home and Hazel didn't tear anything up while I was gone. I got on the PC and started getting things done. Everyone home and we had ribs that I overcooked on the grill. In the evening I got the towel bars and tp holder installed in the bathroom.

20211003 - Blooming

20211003 - Up in the am and got around. L ran to the store to look for bathroom accessories. J got home and G got up grumped around. I got a bunch of little things done. L home and we had some lunch watching the Browns game and I fired up the PC to try to get ahead of the curve this week. I did some Booster stuff and Chris came over to watch the Walking Dead. After the show we shut down and headed to bed. Couldn't sleep again, only up till 3:30...

20211002 - Best Pizza EVER

20211002 - Up in the am and g at a xc meet but not running and L finishing up and cleaning up the bathroom. I got around and shipped some ebay stuff. Home for a sec and then Hazel and I went to pick G up. Home and J was heading out to sell some clothes. L finished up the bathroom and i got the threshold and do put back on. It looks great (but we need a new door now). I got my stuff together and hand headed to the back porch to watch some football and order shaving supplies for the boys, tape for ebay and a new cable for the mower. A dad of one of G's friends has started a little pizza business in his backyard. He has a little wood fired pizza oven and sends a text out asking people what they want and their pickup options. G has been to their house and had the pizzas and raved about them. We missed his first date because we went to a football game. But this time we had our order in and I got the text that it was our turn to come and pickup. G, Hazel and I ran to his house, checked out his setup and chatted with him while he cooked our pizzas. It only took a couple min and we headed home with the pies. Home and ScottH was at the house, his wife was out of town for the weekend and we headed to the back porch. G had a couple of buddies over and we all had some pizza while the Buckeye game got under way. Let me tell you something about these pizzas, THEY ARE THE BEST PIZZAS I HAVE EVER HAD. L said the same thing. They were AMAZIN, the kind of meal you eat one bite at a time and just savor the flavors as long as you can. UNREAL! Anyway we watched the Buckeyes beat the pants off of Rutgers and then the exciting end to the Oregon game. Scott took off and we headed in. L had to wash Hazel's feet as she had been chasing the ball from 2pm to 10pm and her legs were black. in and more football on as we hung out for the rest of the night. To bed and couldn't sleep. Last look at clock 4:37...

20211001 + 27 Years

20211001+- Up in the am and LJ&G at school. I got to the desk and got the morning stuff done. I made a quick trip out to pick up some anniversary gifts for L before she got home :-) I got back on the PC, L home and happy to see her gifts. I worked the rest of the day. J headed out with some friends and G got a ride to the football game in New Albany with some buddies. L&I headed to Ted's Montana Grill at Easton for a nice dinner and then walked around in a couple shops. A nice relaxing evening. We headed home and watched the new Cruella movie. J&G home late. Nice evening with L celebrating 27 years together.