20200531 - Early Practice

20200531 - Up WAY TOO early and L&I drove G to Chillicothe so he could have baseball practice in the Chillicothe Paints stadium. It was pretty cool and the boys had fun. G was the only one to get a hit from his team. We headed home and got Rax for lunch on the way. Home and I took a nap. L did stuff around the house. D was at work and J headed to work. G rode his bike with friends and played on the Xbox all day. In the evening L&I ran to Popeye's for a spicy chicken sandwich (BEST SANDWICH EVER). We then watched some TV until D got home and chatted with him about work and the car, he still thinks it is a great deal. D headed up to watch more videos for work. I stayed up watching the crazy rioters, waiting for J to get home.

20200530 - Historic Day

20200530 - Up in the am and the neighbors dad is out cutting his grass... I spent the morning doing things in the office and researching cars. D home from work and DGF10 here. We watched the launch of the first rocket on American soil in 9 years and then headed out looking for cars. We stopped up at Gahanna Auto Sales and D found a cute SUV he took on a test drive. We then went to 3 other places and none of them compared t the first car he drove. So we swung by and told them we really liked it and would be in contact Monday morning. Home and the neighbors backyard WAS MOWED!!!!  AMEN!! I called and talked to neighbor's dad, he's appreciative that I am on his son's butt and trying to teach him things. I then walked across street and talked to Doc and other couple on the corner and watched one of their trees get taken down. In and L cooked some dinner and the kids played in the backyard. Spent the rest of the night glued to the TV watching rioting like I have never seen...

20200529 - Jumpers

20200529 - Up in the am and had some new legal docs come in for work to review this morning, that's always fun! D up and doing some online training stuff before heading to Home Depot to work. J up and out to Wendy's to work. G up and out the shed screaming until a thunderstorm rolled in and then working in his room with L. Gma&paW came down and stopped for a visit. I ran G to baseball practice and picked up some pizzas. Home and we had a nice visit. L&I then ran out to the McClain's for a visit and pick G up. We didn't stay horribly late, but it was good to get out of the house!

20200528 - Flower Girl

20200528 - Up in the am and right on a call. Walked some folks through an app I made them and then spent the rest of the day makes the changes they wanted and cleaning things up. L Busy redoing the upstairs everywhere. D up and watching training videos before heading to DGF10's. J up and wanting to be out all day, but got called back to work and had to come home early. G up and out screaming in the shed and then out on the bike to who knows where. I took a break during the afternoon to run extension cords over to the neighbor so he could work on his lawn. Bill & Tom swung by as I was finishing up and we sat on the back porch and had some beers and dinner. They took off and I headed in and L&I watched 'The Decline' a movie about preppers and later when G came in G&I watched 'Silencer' an action flick before heading to bed.

20200527 + Through the Window

20200527 + Up in the am and J had to go pick L and Lilly up from their walk, one of them wasn't going to be able to finish without assistance, and then J headed out to a photo shoot and to mess around all day. G headed out on the bike we got together for him. D eventually up and to Home Depot for work. L did some more painting and I got a TON done in the office today. G home and I finished my day and headed to the back porch with Lilly. G said the bike worked great! L&I hung out on the back porch and watched road to Perdition with L on back porch. In and G wanted to watch a movie so we watched 'Spencer' before bed.

20200526 - Special Assembly

20200526 - Up in the am and L headed to her friends for coffee and a walk. I jumped on a couple of calls and then got my week started. L home and got the boys up. DGF10 showed up. Today was a typical Monday on a Tuesday. I took a short break between calls to run G to Meijer to get him a bike but all they had was 2 little girl bikes left. So we got ice cream and headed home. After I finished the day G&I Frankensteined a bike for him from parts of my and D’s bikes. G gave it a test drive and he should be good to go. I sent D out to get fans for upstairs and L&I enjoyed watching the boys try to put them together. G&I watched Ace Ventura Pet Detective before heading to bed.

20200525 + Relaxing Day

20200525 + Up in the am and D already at Home Depot for work, he went in at 6am! L&I had some bfast and then we organized our day and spent an hour and 45 min getting J up. J finally up and he got way up on the ladder and got the area I couldn't get to yesterday. J got himself rinsed off and LJ&I headed to the Post Office, CVS and Home Depot to get supplies and G headed out on his bike with Trent to go fishing. We got out supplies, saw D at work and headed home. Home and J took off to do some skateboarding with his buddies and L&I hung out at home and watched the neighbors grass grow. L planted her plants in her new flower boxes and I listed everything I had on ebay. D got home, chatted with us a min, showered and headed to DGF10's for the night. G and Trent showed up. Trent wrecked his bike so L removed the bandages G applied and then got him fixed up. G and Trent went to Trent's to hang out and have dinner. L&I installed the big carpet transition from living room to dining room and it looks amazing, the floors are finally done!. We had a nice dinner on the back porch and relaxed watching some TV and the Mallonns came over for a bourbon tasting and social distancing visit. It was a nice evening. J and Conor showed up and we chatted a bit before everyone headed home. Waited up watching some TV with G until D got home and headed to bed.

20200524 - Feather

20200524 - Up in the am and both D&J had to work today. G&I cut carpet transition and put a cot of poly on . We then built flower boxes for L. G took off with friends on bike, I hung flower boxes and tried to get the neighbor to mow his backyard... he responded to texts at 3pm, just got up...  I cleaned out the wood rack int he garage. DGF10 over for dinner and we played cornhole a bit. G wanted to have a sleep over after his busy day but L&I are not comfortable with that yet, he lost his mind and ended going to bed early...

20200523 + Overgrown

20200523 + Up in the am and D out to now with his buddy Austin all day. L&I has some bfast and planned the day. J home, showered and headed in to work. G up and we ran to the wood store looking for a carpet transition. No luck so we bought a couple bat billets and headed to Home Depot to get the rest of our list. It was pretty crowded, we had our masks on and got everything we needed and headed home. Home and unloaded the car and 3 of G’s buddies showed up and they rode their bikes to get ice cream and then played games in our backyard. L trimmed the front hedges while we we gone and then mowed the front yard and watched me on the ladder as I trimmed as much of the ivy on the west side of the house as I could. Hung out on the back porch for a bit. D home from work late and exhausted. He was going to go visit DGF10 but was too tired. We hung out the rest of the day and G and his friends up and played some games int he back yard. G went over to a buddies to swim and J got off work went skateboarding and swung by and picked G up on the way home.

20200522 + Start of Weekend

20200522 + Up in the am and L&I ran to pick up my car from Tuffy. Home and L&G went to his school drive through end of year PC return and locker pickup event. J headed in to work and I jumped on some calls. I spent the rest of the day in the office. G in the shed, L painting. Day over, J home and then skating, D&G went to pick up dinner and I headed to the back porch to relax and catch up on a couple of things. We ate and then the McClains stopped over for a couple beers, cornhole and a campfire. It was a relaxing evening. 

20200521 - Step Painter

20200521 - up in the am and had 2 calls right at the start. Got a call from Wendy's, "Where is Jack? he was supposed to be here at 11?". So I got J up and sent him to work. Got myself together and headed out. Went to the post office and a place in Blacklick to pick up a laptop for work and then headed to the Scout Store. The Scout Store was at least open this time, so I got my stuff and got out of there. Home and processed all the Scout awards and then back in to work stuff. L painting the steps in the basement, DGF10 showed up and they went looking at cars, G in the shed. I finished the day and came out for dinner. We ate and then G back to the shed, D&DGF10 upstairs and L&I hung out watching Wipeout. J home and had a blast at work, all smiles. To bed and boys up late.

20200520 + Rainy

20200520 + Up late in the am and got on the PC, L at school organizing things to close down the school for the summer and all the boys still in bed. Worked all day, D went to Home Depot for training this evening, J&G on their devices. Had a discussion with D about college. To bed and watched a bit of TV before crashing.

20200519 - Racked

20200519 - Up in the am and got some work done. L to the school to hand out diplomas to her kids. I had a couple calls with my team and another team to get specifications for some changes they are looking for. DGF10 showed up and D and her ran some errands for me, post office and pick up auction wins. I then got a call from a guy that found an issue with some calculations in one of our tools and spent the afternoon racking my brain for a solution. It came to me and I dug in and fixed it, finishing up as the pizzas arrived for dinner. Out of the office and had dinner with LD, DGF10&J, G ran in earlier to eat fast and go back out on the Xbox. We ate and then J went upstairs and the rest of us played golf, a new card game DGF10 taught us for a bit. After the game L&I retired to the living room to hang out, watch some TV and get things done on the PC. DGF10 left as it got dark to drive home and G eventually came in and G&I watched Fight Club.

20200518 - 2 Cooks

20200518 - Up late and L headed to her school to pass out end of year packets to her students in the rainy parking lot. I got on the PC and did my thing all day. Out of the office for dinner that J&G made as a Scout project, it was really good. Then JG&I got on a zoom for Scouts where I discussed my exit with another leader to take over my duties. I then had one more call with the Bible Banger to wrap up my day.

20200517 + Chore Day

20200517 + Up in the am and got some tools out to install the new vanity doors in the upstairs bathroom. I got the doors installed, a towel bar, J cleaned out their drain and then I sliced my finger wide open installing a new tub drain screen and bleed all over. J sealed up the french door out back and I had D&G seal up some nail holes on the shed roof before D headed to Forrest OH to visit DGF10. I then headed in to the garage to clean everything up and had the neighbor over to chat and try to give him some words of encouragement to get his yard mowed... Came in to grab a bite to eat and relax a bit before getting to bed in good time.

20200516 - J17!

20200516 - Up late and all down to watch J open his presents, he’s 17 today!  We then got ourselves moving and started on some jobs and D ran and picked up Chipotle for lunch and we ate on the patio. About 1 we forced J to sit in the front yard between a couple bday signs and folks started driving by and honking. Pretty soon a line of J’s buddies showed up as a parade honking and hooting and hollering it up for J’s bday. Gma&paB, Gma&paW and the Coles stopped over and we hung out in the back yard for a bit.

J headed out to go swimming in the creek with his buddies, D built a shelf for his room, G played on his Xbox, L cleaned up J’s room and the upstairs bathroom and I caulked the basement steps prepping for paint. Finished up and sat on the back porch for a bit. In for the evening and stayed up watching TV with L until D got home safe.

20200515 - Cruising

20200515 - Up in the am and ready to run some errands with L but had a couple calls and hot emails come in and L had to fill out her unemployment stuff. I then had a call that I took and L got the boys up. Ready to head out and our old neighbors stopped by for a visit and we chatted with them a while. L&I got on the road and hit the post office, gas station and went downtown to the Scout Store. Got tot he store and unlike their voicemail indicated, they were CLOSED! Frustrated we headed to Reynoldsburg to pick up some auction wins that had been sitting around for weeks. We swung through MdDs on the way home for some food. Home, ate and then L headed to her friends for a 21st bday party and I got back on the phone and in to email.

20200514 ‡+ Big Dinner

20200514 ‡+ Up slow from a late night. Got around and at the desk getting things done and on the phone. L in to work to clean out the supply closet today, D up and ready for DGF10 to arrive and run errands, J&G up doing homework. I had a good solid day at the desk. Out of the office and had dinner with all and then we all played a couple rounds of UNO. Everyone split up and went their own direction and LG&I watched Extraction, a action packed violent movie. DGF10 headed home and we all got to bed in good time.

20200513 - DING DONG!

20200513 - Up a bit late as I stayed up working on a report last night. L went in to her school to clean out her room today. I had a call and got some email done. L home for a bit and got the boys up and started on school work and had some lunch and headed back. I gave D a list of stuff to do and he headed out. Back to the desk for the afternoon calls and app work. Finished up day and headed outside to chat with L about her day. We had brats for dinner on the back patio and then D&G vanished to their electronics. L&I hung out on the back porch and watched some TV and I got caught up on my community volunteer stuff. J home eventually and ate. L&I in and watched a series about a family using earth bags to build a building. To bed in good time but couldn't sleep. Then at 1am DING DONG! some unidentified girl rang our doorbell. If you know who this person is please let me know.

20200512 + Locksmith

20200512 + Up in the am and got L started on the 1st coat of poly for the rest of the steps. I got Lilly and I some toast and started in to work email and calls. I spent a busy productive day in the office. L got the boys up and started and then her second coat of poly on at 3pm. D&G ran to the grocery.

I finished up my day and come out to teach G how to rekey locks and we rekeyed enough for the whole house. L made a roast today and we ate, J showed up about 2 hours late from skateboarding... 

I headed back in to the office for a Scout Committee Meeting that lead in to a Board of Review. We had 1 Scout advance and one review an Eagle Project. After the Scout meetings L helped me put the new locks on the doors. L put her last coat of poly on the steps and then G&I headed down to watch '12 Monkeys', what a great movie!

20200511 - Every Other

20200511 - Up in the am and cleaned up and ready for a new week. Got a bunch of stuff done on the PC today and made some progress on new things. L painting trim, taking tape up off the floor and filing for unemployment. D up for a minutes and vanished to his room, J down very late and then swinging by Wendy's to get back on the schedule and then skateboarding, G did a ton of homework and then out to the shed. I finished up the day and headed out for dinner. We ate in the living room and then G&J took out the trash and jumped on a Scout call. L&I watched '2:22', a slow starting but good sci-fi pattern/past/future love story movie. I called in to the Bible Bangers and we all caught up. Up LATE couldn't sleep.

20200510 - Mother's Day

20200510 - Up in the am and started prepping the floor for touching up. I got the boys up and they wished L a happy Mother’s Day. She got herself together as I touched up the floors and then D&J ran out to get her a spicy chicken sandwich from Popeye’s (they are the best!). We ate and then the boys decided to take a bike ride with L. After some attempts to repair the bikes they gave up and L&D walked while J travels on his skateboard and G on his bike. I called GmaW and chatted for a bit before putting the first coat of poly on the basement steps. I then cut out the thresholds, fitted them and got a coat of poly on them. D ran to the store to get a controller and return some stuff to Home Depot for me.  D home and he and J ran out to get Raising Cane’s for dinner. We all ate in the living room together and then the boys headed up the their electronics. L got on FaceTime with her girlfriends and I put another coat on the steps and the thresholds. G&I headed to the basement and watch a GREAT MOVIE, Convoy. G loved it. After the movie G headed to bed and I waited until 1am and then put another coat of poly on the steps and thresholds.

20200509 - Distant Visit

20200509 - Up in the am and have a huge list of things to get done. I handed out jobs and everyone got busy. L touched up more paint. D helped me cut and install the new handrail and then take it back up to the shop. J did some sanding and then took off skateboarding. DGF10 showed up and D and her headed out to return some stuff at Lowe’s and do some shopping at Target. I then sanded my desk and the steps and returns Back out to the garage and sanded the handrail and applied a coat of poly to the handrail and my desk. I then got down on the office floor and cleaned it and touched up some spots. Everyone back home and L cooked us a nice dinner. L&I played Jumanji with D&DGF10. I headed out to the shop and got a second coat on the handrail and desk and then cleaned the garage from top to bottom. D got a fire going and then the McClains stopped over for a social distant beer and chat. It was a good time. After they left I put a third coat of poly on the handrail and desk and headed to bed.

20200508 ‡ Here's Your Sign

20200508 ‡ Up in the am and at the desk for an early call and then paid some bills and got some work done. Boys up and I got D started on a job putting returns on the basement steps and J plugged the screw holes. I had a good day and finished up and headed out of the office. GpaW sent a pic, someone put a sign in their front yard for GmaW today. L made us dinner and then the boys took a short break and I rearranged the basement. Everyone else headed down and we all had a snack and watched ‘Cannonball Run’. Everyone enjoyed it. The boys headed back upstairs and L&I watched ‘Saturday Night Fever’. Up and to bed late.

20200507 - Double Feature

20200507 - Up and on an early call reviewing the tool I built yesterday, they loved it, no changes until after we review with the customer tomorrow. At the desk getting caught up on everything. Came out for a late lunch and ate while L continued to put finishing touches on everything, it all looks amazing!  Finished the day at the desk and L cooked us some dinner. D spent the day on the road, he went to Findlay to visit DGF10, J did some school work and then went skating arriving home late for dinner. G got his school work done and then went to the shed until dinner. L&I ate, G joined us a bit late and J eventually showed up while I was putting things away in the garage. I searched for some supplies on Amazon and then G&I headed to the basement for a double feature of Smokey & the Bandit and Smokey & the Bandit 2. D came home and stopped to pick us up some ice cream. G&I had our snack and both agreed the original was way better than the sequel before heading to bed late.

20200506 + Back Together

20200506 + Up in the am and had an early call. Locked in to the PC to get done what was discussed on the call. L&D ran to Home Depot for some trim. I got J&G up and got them rolling and stayed at the desk. L&D home and I got the trim installed so L could keep working and got D helped me cut the headboard down and then he painted it. I finished up my day at the desk and after we ate D&J helped move all the furniture back in and we put felt pads on the bottom of everything. Things are coming back together! We then gathered in the basement to watch one of my all time favorite movies 'Hudson Hawk'.

20200505 - Paint'n & Cook'n

20200505 - Up in the am, didn't get much sleep last night. Got my chair and other things put back in the office from the garage and then moved all my things from the temp office in the living room back in to the office.  Jumped on my weekly team call and then dug in to all the things I haven't been able to do for the last couple of days in the office. L repainted our bedroom and got the boys rolling. D replaced a bunch of stuff in the upstairs bathroom,  J helped a bit and then went skateboarding and G screamed in the shed. I had to go back and redo some of D's work, he moves too fast. Finished up the day at the desk and worked on putting trim around. J home and cooked us a great dinner! we all ate and then I got things organized for the next couple of days. L finished painting the bedroom and G in to watch 'Jewel of the Nile' with me. To bed in good time.

20200504 - Surprise Guest

20200504 - Up in the am and Lilly & I had some peanut butter toast on the back patio in the sun as I got my day started. Called CB left bday message for him. D tried to install smart garage and that didn't work. I got some things done for work, trying to work outside due to fumes. I called the garage door company and got some assistance installing the smart controls. Still trying to get things done at my outside desk, D&G playing in the backyard and then a new girl shows up! D invited a girl (DGF10) from up by Findlay OH to stop over and visit... She was very nice and stayed for dinner and smores. All in and G&I headed to the basement to watch ''Any Which Way you Can', a great movie!

20200503 - "Special' Group

20200503 - Up in the morning and the floor looks great. L made some cinnamon toast stuff and we got the boys up and tried to watch some of Joel Oesteen, but we couldn't find his sermon for the day.  LD&G tried to put some new beans in G's bean bag, that was fun to watch. L worked in the yard, J went skateboarding and D&I got around and headed to Kroger for a meat run. We got LOADS of meat as we heard there was a shoortage headed our way. At the checkout we exceeded the meat limits so they took some from us :-o pretty strange thing to have happen. We loaded up our groceries and headed across town to the other Kroger and went in as 2 separate parties and got the meat they took from us. Home and unpacked everything and got it in deep freezer. Headed up to the garage where I continues to get things put away and organized. L cooked us a good meal from our meat run and we all had a nice dinner on the back porch. After dinner I finished up in the garage and then in to watch some TV with L. All to bed in our cramped quarters upstairs. G&I stayed up and watched an old Clint Eastwood movie, 'Every Which Way But Loose'. It had G&I LOL. Good show.

20200502 - Sad Trip Across St.

20200502 - Up in the am and got cleaned up in the boys bathroom, haven't used that bathroom in years. Down and made a shopping list of things that need fixed based on the morning bathroom experience and sent D to Home Depot for the supplies. I head in to the shop to clean up the complete mess we had made running out and grabbing tools and throwing furniture in there for a place to be stored. D back with supplies and then had a plan to spend the night at a friends apartment in Wilmington, ah, NO! So he made other arrangements to just go hang out outside around a campfire. J went skateboarding and G spent a bunch of time back at the school throwing the ball against the wall. Mrs. Crews, the lady that takes care of Doc, was sitting out on the front step so L took over some cookies for them. She talked to her for quite a while and come to find out Mrs. Crews was sitting out there because she just got a phone call that her daughter had died overnight. Mickey, 52, had a massive stroke a couple weeks back and had been in the hospital and rehab center ever since. Mrs. Crews had not been able to visit her daughter for the last several weeks due to the pandemic. HOW HORRIBLE!  I worked on the garage all afternoon and late into the evening but it is really starting to to look good. I am doing a deep clean that I haven't done since we moved in. Not up too late. D&J home and on their electronics, G with them. Got to bed after sealing the upstairs to keep the poly fumes downstairs.

20200501 - Poly On!

20200501 - Up in the am, not as early as I would have liked but we got rolling. L got all the patch spots sanded and then we vacuumed and tack clothed the floors. The first coat went on and it looks pretty good. I got logged in to work and worked the rest of the day and got a ton of month-end and month-start activities done. I sent D to Lowe's to get some more supplies, just to make sure we don't run out, we used more than expected in the first coat. I finished the day and ordered some pizza that D&G went to pick up. We had a pizza feats and J came home from skateboarding and ate late. At 6pm L&I got back out on the floor, tack clothed it again and started the 2nd coat. It went a bit faster than last time and really looks good. We spent some time finding drips and places we missed or put it on too think, it was driving us crazy so we left it go and headed in to watch TV and research if we really had to put 3 coats on (the answer is YES you have to put 3 coats on). I had D&J help get our mattress upstairs and L&G got our makeshift room set up. We watched TV /Movies etc while the boys were on their electronics until the midnight shift and time for the 3rd coat. Pros at it now we had the 3rd coat on and looking great in no time (1am). We even had less drips and puddles to deal with too. We sat on the back porch chatting about the job a we looked over and saw the back half of Lilly entering through the open french doors, right on to our new floor!!!  We both screamed at her and ran to the door. Lilly came running out leaving polyurethane footprints right down the back steps and we spent the next half an hour covering her tracks. Exhausted we washed up a bit and headed out the garage, in through the front door and up the steps to go to bed.