20201231 - Cold Blodded

20201231 - Up in the am and got some things done at the desk. In the afternoon Adam, one of our neighbors, came over rode with me to the lawyers' office downtown. The other two neighbors met us there. We discussed everything that had happened and what we could do about it... Home and worked a bit more. L drank lots of water and then tried to squeeze some blood out of her ice cold fingers for her Everlywell test she got for Christmas. I ran out and picked up dinner from Rusty Bucket. L&I Watched some TV, J at friends and G up on the Xbox. 

Silver car showed up next door at 11:45, revving their engine, yelling and hooting up next door. They were in the car smoking something with smoke just filling the car. This went on for about a half an hour until I called the police and they sent a cruiser by slowly. It took the idiots in the silver 8 seconds to get out of the car and in to the house after they saw the police :-)  G down around midnight and we watched the ball drop. The idiots next door continued the noise and moronic activities until they left at 2:11.

20201230 + Surveillance

20201230 + Up in the am and on a couple of calls. I spent most of the day at the desk with few breaks. J got a new key for his car today and L ran G and Owen to basketball. I ran over to the neighbor's across the street to install a camera for them to keep an eye on 115 Heil... L's friend Steph stopped by to drop something off. I built an app to record the activities at 115 Heil and L brought me so dinner at the desk. Out for a bit and played with Hazel and then I ran G to hitting lessons. G did good and we made plans for next week and headed home. Home and G&I played with hazel a bit before he headed upstairs and I got a snack and watched some football.

20201229 - Stretching Out

20201229 - Up late, got something to eat and jumped on a call. Lots of emails from the neighbors to the Mayor and Chief of Police overnight. Chief replied with a realistic timeline that I didn't like so much. Texting a lot with the neighbor guys... Got a bunch of little things done for work and lined things up for finishing all the year end and new year tasks. L&J ran to a dentist appointment for J, everything is fine. G&I picked up Owen and dropped them off at basketball. L home and took Hazel on a big walk that tired her out.

20201228 - Changing & Sweets

20201228 - Up and got ahold of Chris first thing to come up with a game plan on the neighbor shooter... Chris wants me to go down to the courthouse tomorrow and talk to the Prosecutor, take as many facts and neighbors as I can so he knows this is serious... Well that raised my heart rate and blood pressure considerably...  L ran G to dentist, all good. G had never changed a a tire before so he helped me take the sliced tire off L's car. I ran to Dr to get second Shingles shot (OUCH!!!) and dropped off sliced tire at Tuffy. I got home and sent emails to Mayor and Chief of Police and hand delivered printouts of the shooting event to our immediate neighbors. I got replies from both the Chief and the Mayor. They are going to contact the Prosecutor for me. I let Chris know and he said that's perfect and now I don't have to go down to the courthouse tomorrow morning! YIPEE!!!

L ran G and Owen to basketball. I finished up my day and L&I hung out in watching TV and looking for home security systems and biometric gun cases... J got home and found a package on out front. It was a box from Aunt Mary full of Chinese noodle candy! YUM!!!  Later that evening the neighbor's dad called offered to pay for tire. Told him that was the least of my concerns. His kid is CRAZY and rather than paying for all of his son's mistakes, maybe he should get out of the way and let the legal system take care of this one...  I called GpaW and his Dr. visit went good today, going to do more test in a month. Uncle Johnny is in the hospital again with a blood clot in his leg. I stayed up too late looking for home security things.

20201227 - Fencing Slice

20201227 - Up in the am and G at baseball practice and then to Trent's for most of the day. J helped me finish up the majority of the fence dog proofing before he headed to work. I finished up dog proofing a couple of the gates and there are just 2 little sections to go. L ran and got G and then I ran him to pitching lessons. Exhausted but need to get the garage cleaned. I consolidated all the paper and boxes into only a couple to make trash day easier. During the cleanup I notice L's car had a flat. I tried to pump it up, wouldn't go, figured the bead had been broken so I jacked up the car and tried again. I felt air coming out of the sidewall, someone had sliced my tire!!! I called the police, they came out, we looked things over and filed a report. I checked my video but had parked my car right in the direct line of sight so I didn't have any footage of the event... I moved a camera in to the garage window so I can watch the Neighbor's house 24x7. This is getting ridiculous

20201226 + Gma&paW Christmas

20201226 + Up late after the long night of chaos... L, Hazel and I headed to the Farm to exchange gifts with Gma&paW. We got things moved over and then spent some time helping get GmaW's new iPad and laptop set up. We gave GpaW a fitness tracker for Christmas so we got that set up too. L walked Hazel a bit and Gma&paW liked her. We got the gifts exchanged and then we got back on the road and drove home. When we got home J had left with some friends and D was here with G. J home and we all opened the presents from Gma&paW on facetime with them. It was a nice 2nd Christmas.

20201226.0035 - Shots Fired!!!!!

20201226 - So I get up for whatever reason in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. In the quiet of the night at 12:35am our neighbor decided it would be a good idea to take his AR15 gun out in his backyard and fire 5 shots towards the elementary school behind our houses. Neither I or the Police thought this was a good idea and 5 cruisers showed up, arrested him, found a bit of cocaine on him and took him to jail! Later I found out he shot 9 more times into the kitchen cabinets inside his house! CRAZY TRAIN! G stayed up with me and we watched the events of the evening. The police called me back at 3am and asked me to send the vidoe to him as evidence.

20201225 + Merry Christmas!

20201225 + Up LATE (for Christmas), finally not up at 6am to open presents, I think we got up 9:30 or 10ish, this made me VERY HAPPY! First time we have had snow for Christmas for a long time too. The boys came down, got along, were happy to have others open the things they got them. Boys opened their things, D got his bed (early) but got sheets and stuff for it. J got an iPhone 11, G got a gaming recliner. We did a zoom meeting with Gma&paB and the Coles and open the presents we exchanged last weekend. It was a very pleasant morning.

D ran and got DGF11, L made a bunch of food and I grilled some steaks out in the cold with Hazel's help. We had a big late lunch and all were stuffed. We hung out a bit and then D&DGF11 headed out and LJG&I headed to the basement and watched the new Wonder Woman. Pretty good movie. J&G then retreated to their rooms and L&I headed to bed after a very nice Christmas

20201224 - Quiet Christmas Eve

20201224 - Up in the am and pretty rough morning. I things settled and headed out in the afternoon and picked up some auction wins. I had never been to this place before and it was a colossal sh!t show! Took 2 hours to get my 2 things... Won't be bidding there often... Got home through a pretty hard snow, backed the car up to the garage (I would later realize this was a bad idea as it obstructed my camera's view of the white car...) and unloaded some stuff. In and D showed up with a load of stuff and the boys headed upstairs to set up a gaming room. They came down to decorate some cookies and J spent a bunch of time in the basement wrapping presents. Pretty quiet night and L&I got the presents set out in good time and got to bed at a descent hour. Boys up yelling and playing video games together.

20201223 - Hit the Mark

20201223 - Up in the am and L and Hazel we busy cleaning and on walks and all over. J headed to work and L got G up to go to Nicole's with her. I got on the PC and got some things done. D&DGF13 here to play with Hazel and hang out. I had D run and pick up dinner @ La Navona. It was an ok meal. J home from work for 2 min with Larson while we were eating and then left for Larson's for the night. D&DGF13 headed out. I headed to home Depot to buy fence to secure the yard to Hazel doesn't escape. Home and G&I went to his hitting lessons then picked up some booster stuff and delivered some presents on the way home. Home and G's buddy Trent over for the night, we played Trouble and I got beat. Headed to bed, couldn't sleep so wrapped presents. Finally went to bed at 3am

20201222 - Manger Manager

20201222 - Up in the am, L working with Hazel, J&G up late. J putting new shelves together in his closet, G went bowling with some friends. I took Hazel on a walk in the afternoon while L was running errands and we came in through the back gate and inspected the fence for escape routes. Come to find out Hazel can fit right through our picket fence so we need to secure things a little better before she can be outside on her own. In and finished the day at the desk. I ran to pick up auction wins and then home and had dinner with LJ&G and the J&G vanished upstairs. I got the auction wins out to inspect and L had asked for a manger scene so I bought all I could find in recent auctions and she went through them to create one she liked... L&I watched some TV while I surfed auctions and gave GpaW a call to check in and plan a gift exchange.

20201221 - Dog PJs

20201221 - Up in the am and everyone home today. I got my am stuff done and then in to the office for calls. Pretty quiet day. J ran out to sell some of his clothes but only got $4 for 4 trash bags full, he was a little mad... In the evening D&DGF11 stopped by for a visit and Hazel tried on som Christmas PJs I got for her at an auction. L&I headed out to pick up some auction wins. True to history G called with a tragedy... Hazel went #2 in his room while he was 'watching' her and needed instructions on how to clean up after her... L&I got our items and swung past Target on the way home to pick up some shelving for J's closet. Home and L cleaned things up. G&I headed to the basement to watch His Dark Materials and finalize which cards we want to send out for grading. I was up late looking through auctions.

20201220 ‡ Present Transfer

20201220 ‡ Up in the am and G at baseball practice, J headed in to work and L Hazel and I headed out. We swung through Reynoldsburg to pick up an auction win on the way to Newark to meet up with her side of the fam. We got there in good time and met up with Gma&paB, Nicole, Rich, Sam and Lena. They all made over Hazel and we got the gifts swapped. We sat around and chatted for a bit and then frozen, we headed home. We stopped and picked G up from the Bowman's on the way home. Home and unloaded everything. We hung out watching some football and in the evening G&I headed to his pitching practice. This coach has G do the neatest things and fully explains why and what it will fix or change with his pitching, really amazing. After pitching G&I headed to Kroger where we got all the fixins for Christmas dinner. Home, unpacked and Penn stopped over for a visit and brought us some of their homemade candy. We chatted for a while and then L&I got some dinner. I called dad and we then shut down for the night after a busy weekend.

20201219 - Cold Play

20201219 - Up in the am and went outside with Hazel a bit. In and finishing up some things at the desk. Headed out to run some errands and pick up some auction wins. I swung through McD's in Reynoldsburg on the way home and it took longer than my entire round trip... I got home and rewound the OSU game to get caught up. We hung out and watched the game, J at work. It was not a very good showing but at least we won. In the evening I ran out and got some Jimmy John's for dinner. Home and ate and watched more football until late.

20201218 - Uncomfortable

20201218 - Up in the am and everyone home. To the desk and getting things done. J ran and got the free food from the school and L took Hazel on a long walk to try and burn some of her energy. I finished off my day and G&I ran and picked up dinner from El Vaquero. Home and we ate and L&I watched a movie.

20201217 - TIMBER!

20201217 - UP in the am and L at work and J&G online for school. I had some bfast with Hazel and then got the boys around so I could jump on a call and they could burn off energy. Talked with my Dr. today and got meds adjusted and a stockpile of my prescriptions for 2021. L home and after a bit took G and Owen to basketball practice. L&I had some dinner. After dinner G&I got ready to go to his hitting practice. While we were getting ready Hazel was left alone for just a couple seconds and decided to redecorate the Christmas tree... She grabbed ahold of a string of lights and DOWN it went! L was MAD! G&I got out of there like right now and headed to his lesson. G did really well and we think we found the bat he likes.

20201216 - Snowy Trees

20201216 - Up in the am and L at work and G&J online for school. I had an am call and then Hazel was up and going crazy so took her out and built her a snowman that she destroyed. J came out to play with her and then G. They all had a good time. Back in for a couple of calls and was at the desk the rest of the day. L took G and Owen to basketball. I found out in the afternoon that the tragedy from last night was only the beginning... The father of another boy that ran cross country took his life last night... WHAT IS HAPPENING?! I finished my day and got on the phone to see what we could do for this new family in need...  The gofundme for the boy from yesterdays mess was up to $34k.

20201215 - Community Shock

20201215 - Up in the am to a very strange day... I received word that a 14 yr old boy, a kid G ran cross country with took his own life last night...  I confirmed the information before talking to the boys about it. G knew him very well and was quite upset about it. The entire school and community is in SHOCK. This boy was a great athlete, a great student and a super nice kid. I had coached him in baseball and basketball, he was a Boy Scout and we cheered him on during track meets. It was completely unexpected and unbelievable. I made it through the day and, had dinner with L&G and then ran G and Owen to basketball. During the drive I talked to them about boy as Owen knew him too and told them things are NEVER that bad and there is always a way to resolve whatever the issue was and they could talk to me or Owen's dad or Trent's dad or anyone else they were comfortable with, just know that there is always help... I swung by the gas station and then home, D stopped by to see Hazel and we chatted a bit. Then my night got very busy with phone calls as we, the Booster Board, kicked in and got some things running to help this family out... We got a gofundme page up and blasted the information out to the community. G home from basketball and John and Owen came in to meet Hazel. G&I then headed to the basement and watched a couple more episodes of His Dark Materials while I did stuff on the laptop. I checked the gofundme page before heading to bed and our community had already raised $17K for the family. I know money isn't important to them but we just don't know how else to help and say we are here...

20201214 - Online Meeting

20201214 - L was up with the dog throughout the night, taking her out to the bathroom; made it hard to sleep. Up extra early to get blood drawn this morning. Got to the lab and didn't bring any paperwork... Home, got paperwork, back to the lab, blood drawn and home again. Shipped some ebay things and dug in to the work day. L took off to work and left the dog in my office, J came down and got her for a bit. L home and I got things loaded in the car and headed out. i swung by the post office to drop off some shipments and then across town to meet up with CB. CB & I loaded up a bunch of laptops and monitors and took them to the Phoenix School in Worthington to donate them. After that I swung by the pet store  and picked up some food and headed home. Home and got things unloaded, checked in with L and email. G&I got on a call with a guy from PSA, a professional card grading service to see what he thought some of G's baseball and Pokemon cards were worth. It was very interesting... I then headed to Pickerington to pick up some auction wins. Home and we went through the stuff. I hosted the Booster meeting online and then G&I spent some time going through other cards we had to see if they were worth getting graded and watched some of His Dark Materials in the basement with Hazel (L finally gave her dog a name :-)

20201213 - Slow Sunday

20201213 - Up late, exhausted from last nights drive and events... L out to Marlene's to meet around a fire with her girlfriends, G at baseball and J&I hung out a bit with dog. G home, L home, D home to meet dog. Watched some football and looked for dog names. D left, L cooked some dinner. G&I went to do his Christmas Shopping. Home and hung out with L and dog. Cleaned up the office a bit and planning for a busy week.

20201212 - 4 hrs on the Road...

20201212 - Up late, G was at basketball practice and I headed out to pick up some auction wins. I got some pizzas on the way home. Home and ate and then ran out to pick up the last gift for J and one more stop to get some accessories for it. Home and G&I listed things on ebay and researched baseball cards he had to list and take and get graded. J headed out to work and LG&I hung out watching college football and looking for dogs online. L had some picked out so I sent some texts and left voicemails. Then I found a gem of a dog and called. The lady talked to me forever... She was willing to stay up and get the dog ready if we wanted to come and get her tonight... G&I jumped in the car and drove to somewhere between Millersburg and Sugar Creek, through winding scary roads and turned down a long dark lane and drove a while to fine a Mennonite house lit up by a generator for us... We met the dog, checked her out, chatted a bit and took her home. I took a less direct, little bit longer, but safer way home and we arrived home at 12:30.

L melted when she met her and we played and oohed and aahed over her for a bit before heading to bed. L had ran out and got a cage while G&I were on our 4hr round trip... Dog she spent the night in the cage and only whimpered a bit.

20201211 - Burning Down the House

20201211 - Up in the am and had some bfast with L before she headed to school, J&G online. I did my morning emails and then took a walk. Home and in to the office and got the day rolling. Dylan Started a new job at Lowe's today :-)  L home from school, done with the day and headed out to take L to the 'Wonder Lights Christmas light show in Hebron. G threw a fit and put a damper on the festivities... He stayed home and L&I went. It was pretty cool, a million lights set to music, really amazing. 

As we were pulling out of the light show my phone notifications went off that there was smoke in the house... G put pizza rolls in the microwave for 12 minutes... "the instructions said toaster oven 12 minutes"... It's NOT a toaster oven. We were 20 min away so RUSHED home and the house smelled h0rrible of smoke and watching the video of the event I am seriously surprised the house is still standing... Down to the basement to watch ''Wild Mountain Thyme" a super cute show. G stayed up and watched a couple episodes of 'His Dark Materials" with me. To bed late.

20201210 - Brainless Barking

 20201210 - Up in the am and chatted with L a bit before she headed to work, J&G up on their PCs for school. I got some things done and then went on a short walk by myself, no Lilly :-(  Home and G was in the garage practicing his hitting and I headed to the desk getting things done. L home and doing things around the house. I cleaned out the office a bit more and Dave, my buddy from home, call to tell me he had COVID. It hit him really hard on Mon and Tues, but he was feeling better already. Back in to the office to finish off the day. L ran G and Owen to basketball practice. I finished things up at the desk a bit late. G home and L made us dinner. We watched Battle Bots until G&I had to leave for his hitting practice. Practice went well. Home and watched some TV with L until everyone headed to bed. The stupid neighbors dogs were outside barking their brains out until I texted them at 12:30 asking them to put their dogs in so we could sleep...

20201209 - Capitan Caveman!

20201209 - Up in the am and got things rolling, L at work J&G online for school. Jumped on a 1hr call that took 2...  got some other things done and then I ran G and Owen to basketball practice, swung by the bank, gas station and post office on the way home. Home and back on the PC. D home and listed some stuff on ebay. L trimmed D hair for his first day of work at Lowe's tomorrow and then cooked us some dinner. D headed out, J to work at Wendy's and G headed upstairs. L&I hanging out in the living room. Checked in with dad and he had a Loop Recorder Implant today, it went ok, but he is sore. D called a couple times tonight, 1st to show us his bed, an early Christmas present he took home and put together and 2nd to get my help on a window that they couldn't get to close at the apartment. 

20201208 + ZOOM ZOOM

20201208 + Up in the am, L headed to school in her screaming car, J&G online for school and I headed in to the office today. I took in some things from the storage unit we are not going to sell and had a meeting with CB, meeting went good. Home for a bit to get a couple more things done and then headed out to the Mercedes dealership over at Easton. It is quite a different experience than a normal car dealership... Today's meeting was to learn about the brand and see the different sizes to figure out what I may want to look for. I did take an E300 for a test drive, MAN WHAT A CAR! Never drove anything that smooth and responsive before. Took it home and L lost her mind, she thought I bought it... Took her for a quick ride, she said it's just like any other car... not really its a 4 cylinder that goes 100 and feels like your hardly moving... Took the car back, chatted with the guy and made plans to drive the 6 cylinder. Back to the desk and had a long meeting that finished out my day. L ran G and Owen to basketball practice. D stopped over for a bit to list a couple things on ebay and left. I cleaned up the listings, L&I ate and then we ran down to Sue's house and I replaced a switch and outlet for her. Home and hung out in the living room the rest of the night.

20201207 - Making Lemonade

20201207 - Up in the am and L at school and J&G online for school. I jumped on the PC and got the morning things done. J&I ran to pick up the school food they are passing out. Home and put some stuff away and back on the PC. L home and after work G&I ate headed out to pick up some auction stuff we won. We got to the place and paid for our winnings from the previous night and got that item. We then inquired about returning the desk as they gave us the wrong item. They would not trade it or refund it... I was as pleasant as I could be, even G thought so, and we left a bit upset... Home and I did some stuff on the PC and since we had to keep the desk G took it up to his room to see if it would fit in. I headed up after a bit with some tools and gave him a hand, letting him do the constructing and just helped. He got it together and it looks great. I helped G move some stuff around so we he could get it all set up. We headed back downstairs for ice cream before heading to bed.

20201206 + Knee Pitching

20201206 + Up in the am and G&I headed to Westerville where I dropped him off at baseball practice. I headed to the Meijer there and looked for an Xbox, nothing. Back to the Meijer in Gahanna and no Xboxes there either, but I did get everything I had a coupon for. Swung through the bank and the post office on the way home. Home and L was cleaning, J still not up and I got caught up on some paperwork. House seems a bit more empty today without Lilly :-( G home and got cleaned up and joined L&I in the living room watching football and J in his room catching up on schoolwork. D came over in the late afternoon to list some stuff on eBay as G&I were heading out to pitching practice and J headed to Wendy’s. G did really good pitching and likes the guy. We got home, J Home and we watched a bit of football and headed to bed. G showed up a bit later in to our room upset about Lilly :-(

20201205.2303 You’re a Good Old Girl

She laid on the gurney motionless looking into my eyes. I pulled down my mask, kissed her on the nose and said ‘You're a good old girl’, and she was gone. Goodbye Lilly. We love you 😢

20201205 - Errands and Emergency

20201205 - Up in the am and did a couple of things around the house. G&I headed out to pick up some auction wins and return the wrong item we got last night, they were closed. We picked up some lunch on the way home. Home and ate and watched the buckeyes. G headed back to the school to shoot some hoops. L and Lilly took a walk and stopped to watch G shoot. We settled in to watch some more college football and L helped Gma&paB figure out hos to use Zoom for a thing GpaB was going to do for some kids. We were hanging out and L yelled 'OH LILLY, OH LILLY' and sprang to her feet and down to Lilly. Lilly was having a seizure. I got to Lilly and we held her and petted her and after several minutes she stopped shaking.  She was not in good shape and could not use her legs. We called G down and he petted and talked to her for a bit and we waited for J to come home from work and petted and talked to her a bit too. L&I loaded her up in the car and headed to Worthington MedVet urgent care.  I had called ahead and they were waiting with a gurney. I got Lilly out and comfortable and went in with her, L couldn't do it and stayed in the car.  After a couple min the Dr. came in with Lilly, she had an IV in her arm. I petted her adn talked to her a bit, she was scared...  The Dr. gave her the first shot, I pulled down my mask, kissed her on the nose, told her she was a good old girl and she was gone.  I sat for a minute and headed out to L, she was sobbing in the car. Very very sad. I drove us home, G came down crying, we all cried for a bit. she was a wonderful part of our family and we miss her terribly already.

20201204 - Colonoscopy Time!

20201204 - Up in the am and L drove me to Pickerington Med Center. Headed in, got undressed, got an IV, waited a bit, got wheeled in to a room, woke up, got dressed, headed home. Dr. told L everything went fine during the colonoscopy and everything looked good. L drove me through Burger King on the way home and I got a TON of food, I was STARVING not eating for 36hrs... Home and ate, did a couple things around the house. Checked J's grades and locked him down so he could get his act together. D came over and he and G headed out picking up auction wins all over the city for me. They came home and had a wrong item... We chatted a bit and D headed home. Not up too late, exhausting day.

20201203 - Clean Out

20201203 - Up in the am and L at school and J&G online. Getting things outlined for the next 48hrs so it won't seem so chaotic. L home and after a bit she ran G and Owen to basketball practice. D&DGF13 stopped by to get my stack of auction wins and headed out to pick them up for me. I waited until they returned before I started drinking... Before long my innards were squeaky clean.

20201202 + Watching Auctions

20201202 + Up in the am and boys online, L headed out to school and Lilly out slowly playing in the snow. I got online and got the day rolling. I had a call with Jason on retirement planning today and things look to be on track at the moment. L ran G and Owen to basketball practice. G forgot his practice jersey and was in a panic, L had to run home and get it for him so the whole team wouldn't have to run because he forgot it. J went to work. D&DGF13 stopped by for a visit. I finished my day late and L&I had dinner and then watched TV and watched the auctions to try and get D his Christmas presents.

20201201 - Extra $26K?

20201201 - Up in the am, J&G up for school and L headed out to her school and teach via Zoom. I had my IT call early so I could run G to the orthodontist and drop off a shipment. Home and on the PC. L home, she thinks she's pretty savvy with Zoom after 2 days :-) D&DGF13 stopped by and D&I worked on his FASFA. L&I worked on the FASFA after they left for another hour... Funny that the government said our expected available family contribution for college next year was $26K. Who designed this? Who has an additional $26K sitting around???

20201130 - eBay Lister

20201130 - Up and everyone home. L headed in to school about 10 to do her first day of online with her kidos, I got J up several times and G was online. I got my am stuff done and then J&I ran to the school behind the house to pick up lunches from the school, some federal grant is giving them out to everyone in the district... Home and made some calls to get the leak at the rental taken care of. L called and the battery dead in the keyless fob for my car so she couldn't get it started... She somehow managed to start the car and get home. J out to buy a new windshield wiper for his car and a battery for me. Crazy busy day so far. I had to head out to get a COVID test in Pickerington, HUGE line 45 min wait, swab throat. Home and had some dinner. J headed to work. Tom over to pick up a couple things and chat for a bit. G took out the trash and then he and I ran to the post office and gas station to get gas and ice cream. Home and had a nice treat while G posted on ebay, L got ready for her day tomorrow and I tried to get caught up. J home from work. To bed in good time but couldn't sleep...

20201129 + Shining Bright

20201129 + Up in the am and ran G to baseball in Westerville. I stopped at a couple Meijer on the way home to see if they had any more Xbox Series S for G to sell, NO. Home and started today's project of installing LED Flood lights on the back of the house. D over to help. Jim and Vicky, our old neighbors stopped by and chatted and helped. D got the lights installed outside and then helped me run wires down to the basement, J helped a bit. I took a break and ran G to his first pitching lesson, this guy knows his stuff, coach at Ohio Dominican University, Scout for the Padres... Amazing to watch him instruct and teach G. Home and finished wiring and everything works! The backyard is lit up like it is daylight! Chris over to watch a double dose of zombies tonight.

20201128 + Installers

20201128 + Knew if I drifted off again the monster would kill me. Luckily my dream screams woke L up and she woke me up and saved my life! What a crazy dream... Up in the am and got J&G up. They were excited to help me get the Christmas lights up. When we realized we didn’t have enough they ran to Home Depot and got us more lights and supplies. I removed the battery from mower and the pump from well while I was waiting on them to get back. Boys home, they bought themselves lunch, sick of turkey. We finished up the lights, even lights on playset! J helped me take the TV from the back porch to the basement and then we headed in. L did laundry and took and nap with college football on. No Buckeyes today, the COVID got them :-(  G&I ran to pick up pizza from Jet's and watched football, falling asleep sitting up. Bed early, exhausted.

20201127 - Black Friday Shopping

20201127 - Up in the am and G&I out looking for an Xbox Series X consoles...
  • Meijer found an S bought it for a friend.
  • On to Target in New Albany, nothing. 
  • On to GameStop in Westerville, nothing
  • Meijer in Westerville, got another S, just in case
  • On to GameStop at Polaris, nothing
  • Across the street to Best Buy, line too long
  • Target, nothing.
  • On to GameStop at Easton, nothing
  • BestBuy, line too long
  • Target, nothing...
Finally home and I did some work. Finished the day and we had left overs for dinner and LJG&I watched Supeintellagence, an extremely funny movie with Jenny McCarthy. Then G&I stayed up looking for Xboxes online an watched Roald Dahl's Witches and then Harley Quinn Birds of Prey. We got to bed super late.

20201126 + Different Thanksgiving

 20201126 + Up in the am and L cooking like crazy. This is the only the 2nd time in my life that I am aware of that I haven't been on the Farm for Thanksgiving, same for Dylan. First time J&G haven't been there. We joined a zoom call with everyone on it and several people spoke and Roger said grace. After that we helped L get stuff on the table and we sat down to our own little feast. It was really yummy, L did a great job! After dinner L made us all go outside and get our picture taken. Amazingly it turned out really good. The boys stayed outside and played some football and when they came in J got us playing games on the phone and then some board games. It was a fun day. We had more turkey for dinner and watched football. It was different, but nice.

20201125 + Slow Swing

20201125 + Up and everyone at home today. I stayed in the office most of the day wrapping things up before a couple of quiet days. We had dinner and then G&I ran to his hitting lesson.

20201124 - Virtual Teacher

20201124 - Up and L at school and J&G online. It was a pretty normal quiet day. I took a break in the middle of the day to pick up a pie from Jason Amos. I headed home and finished my day. In the evening I helped L learn hos to do Zoom meetings for he upcoming virtual teaching she's going to be doing.