20130131 - Flakes

20130131 - Up, took pics for ebay, balanced books, went to rental and cleaned up a bit, met Ed and got paperwork signed. Home and helped Ray with his Eagle project. Dinner with the fam. Had J&G shovel the drive to burn off some of their goofiness. L out to zumba and G showed me his new xbox game, i showed J how to make survival bracelets, then J showed his new race game, D watching TV. All upstairs and watched some American Idol and then off to bed.

20130130 + Can't Settle

20130130 + Up and Courtland here, we went over current ideas. Did some work in the office then to meet Ed to replace a door for him. Home and put some leads in, had dinner with the fam and then the boys and I ran to the gas station, bank, army surplus store, game store and grocery. They are all wound up, not listening well... Watched American Idol.

20120129 - Trash Out

20130129 - Up in the am and chained to the desk. Got call from school that D was ascent... well he wasn't at home... Called the school, they found him (wasn't in his seat when attendance was taken...). L home, taught he how to post to eBay :-) finished day at desk. We left D in charge cooking supper as L&I went to City Hall for a Reception for Board members. We had some finger food with the mayor and other board members. Home and the house was still standing and all boys ok! Cleaned them up and got them to bed, I speed read their book. Out to the property with Jeff to take out the trash to the curb. The neighbors came out an have us an earful about the lady we evicted... :-o We did as much as we could and then went to a bar for pizza and a beer and to for a strategy meeting. We then got pulled over on the way home, Jeff had a headlight out. First time I had to tell an officer 'I have a conceal carry license', that went well. Home and up late on pc.

20130128 - All Over

20130128 - UP and at the desk, got a whole heap of stuff done. Out to the property to meet the gas co. the meter was tampered with and there has been free gas at the house since 2009 :-o Cleaned out the garage, kitchen, back room and got toilets flushing. Cleaned up front yard. Ran home, cleaned up. Rugs from NL here, REALLY COOL!!! Then off to Easton for meeting with Celebrate Local. GREAT MEETING!!! Home and ate with LJ&G. Trying to catch my breath, G playing upstairs J downstairs, then his legos dropped and we heard it shatter into a million pieces, moment of silence, WAILING of pure misery followed... Got J settled down and J&I off to scouts, L&G played Twister. Home, off to Bible Bangers. Left BB to get D from ski club, back to Bible Bangers. home, getting prepped for tomorrow...

20130127 - Errands

20130127 - Up and all to church. Home changed and out to Staples, then lunch at BK. We had a failed attempt to get to the Global Gallery (not open yet) and a Store in Westerville (Closed). On to ToysRUS to use ToyRUS cash that expired today for boy's friend future bday present. Then to fairgrounds to meet with lead on ebay commission sales. We looked around at the exhibits and found a ton of OhioOrigins leads there! Home entering leads, D to church youth group, J watching TV, G making perfect sphere snowballs with Lilly. Had some dinner, watched a show, all boys to bed. Up prepping for the week and packing and listing things on eBay.

20130126 - 3 Wins!

20130126 - UP and took D to Saturday School for the last day of his sentance... Home and took G to his basketball game, they won and he got to go to a friends house for the day. Home for a bit, got D and then out on errands with him: USPS, gas, gift card, Meijer, Home Depot and then to one of my friends bday party. Home got L&J for J's basketball game, they won and he brought a friend home... D&I got pizzas and ran to Jeff's house to get some things signed. Home and ate then off to D's basketball game, they won. Dropped LD&J off at home, I took J's friend home and then ran and got G at his friend's house. I took a tour of the house and then headed home with G. Up late.

20130125 + Friends in Low Places

20130125 + Up in the am and got a couple things done. Then went out to shovel some of the 4" of snow we got this am so L could get the car in. As I was finishing up I noticed all the new snow... Why do we shovel snow? It goes away eventually...

Back in to the office and at the desk the rest of the day. After work I ran J to a buddy's house and picked up some food for D&G. Picked up L and out to dinner with some friends we took a class at church with. We had dinner at the Rusty Bucket and then to Gadsby's where the girls had some more drinks. Got J and then all boys to bed.

20130124 - Dancing Around

20130124 - Up in the am got some things done in the office. Headed out to the vacant rental to secure it and come up with a plan. The rental is a disaster. The tenant left trash everywhere, destroyed the kitchen, burst pipe and toilets full :-o I changed the locks, got the heat on, took pics and wrote down the main things that need done. Back to the office and got some more done. Headed to the auction at London with John, a young fellow wanting to tag along and exchange ideas. Well the auction was terrible; everything was going for retail prices, and they went out of order so I missed the things I had on my list to get :-s Headed home from the auction early and got to spend some time with the boys. Up late working on suppliers and collateral.

YouTube Video

20130123 - Pieces Missing

20130123 - At the desk all day doing various tasks for various projects then the day was over :-o Had dinner with the fam, then D to basketball practice, L to Zumba, J&G playing nice, I worked on a puzzle. All back home and watched some American Idol.

20130122 + Suspension

20130122 + Up in the am and the expected call from the Principle of D's school arrived...  I had been called by the Chaperone of the Ski Club last night letting me know that D had a pocket knife with him on the trip and some girls saw him using it and reported it...  By law he had to report the incident to the Principle...  So this morning I got the call.  D has been sentenced to 2 days of in school suspension and a Saturday School.  I got my things done in the morning and then headed out to mail some packages, get a hair cut and then stop at the school to pick up D's knife and see him in solitary confinement.  The Principle and I had a good conversation, he knows D and knows he is a Boy Scout and a good kid, thus the light sentencing, not the max penalty of one year of expulsion from school...
On to the bank, the gas station and tried to get a flu shot.  Home and finishing off the day.  Dinner with the fam and then D&I headed to a rental to change the locks but they were still there :-o  Talked to D a bit about suspension...  He doesn't like it... He learned his lesson and feels bad.  We stopped at the Library on the way home and then finished the evening watching the TV and putting together a huge puzzle.

20130121 - Northeast OH

20130121 - Up and the boys to the barn for a bit as GpaW finished up feeding. All back up to the house and we hit the road to Ashland for some grub and to look for a local farmers market. Then on to Wooster were we got a bunch of good leads from the local farm market and a book store.

We then hit a local factory before heading a bit further East to Kidron and the awesome Lenman's Hardware. I could spend days on there! I got a ton of good leads and the boys got a ton of stuff too... On the way home we stopped to eat and the boys got a bit slap happy. I have to say they did great for being cooped up in the car for nearly 2 days. But they had GmaW keeping them busy: I bet she's tired tonight :-) back to the farm and with it getting dark and a descent amount of snow coming down I drug the boys out to the car and we headed home. When we got on 71S it was a parking lot... took us over 2 hours to get home.

Home, cleaned up, adventures told to L&D and all boys to bed. L helped me pack and ship this weekends eBay sales and then prepping for the rest of this short week.

I had an interesting call come in while on the drive home drone one of the chaperones of the Middle School Ski Club... Tomorrow will be interesting...

20130120 - Road to Dessert

20130120 - Up in the am and D having difficulty getting his homework done... I got some thing together and JG&I headed up to the Farm. We picked up Gma&paW and ran over to Grandpa's Cheese Barn in Ashland. We were scouting for Ohio made goods, but Grandpa's has nearly all of the products rebranded with their own label... :-( Back to the farm and I tested out the new tractor while JG & GmaW went cat hunting. All back up to the house for a gourmet dinner GpaW whipped up.

 After dinner the boys each had a piano / keyboard and practiced tunes w/ Gma&paW while I listed things on OhiOOddities.

We had dessert about 10pm and G had 3 bowls of ice cream :-o Up late planning tomorrow and posting on eBay.

20130119 - Busy Basket

20130119 - Up in am and everyone to G's first official basketball game; even Gma&paB came over for the fast action game. I helped coach as the head coach was missing. The boys were great and dribbled and passed and shot like pros. G had an awesome game, they won (I keep score! :-)

After the game J&I rushed off to Blendon Woods to meet or Den for a Cub Scout outing where the boys learned all about ducks and geese. We took a nice hike and observed some cold ducks. They played a Simon says game where one thing they had to do was huddle together with there heads under their wings.

Home for just a minute then J&I to lunch and a Pack Bowling day. The boys had more fun!

Home and everyone back to the house. Gma&paB had some horrible luck; their brand new car had been hit by a windswept door and dented and then someone backed into it.... }:-(
After a short break, where we started a 1000 piece puzzle, we loaded up and went to J's basketball game. Gma&paW joined us. J did good sliding all over the place and guarding his man. J's team won!

Home with a stop at Home Depot to get a replacement garbage disposal. We all had dinner together and hung out for a bit before heading to D's game. D did a lot better, was more aggressive than his first game, he even took a couple shots tonight. D's team won!

Home, all exhausted. Had a cake and ice cream snack and all to bed.
A good busy fun day!

20130118 - On the Road

20130118 - Up, organized and out with D, he had the day odd school. We shipped our sales, got air in the tires, stopped at the bank, opened a new account at TD Ameritrade and drove to Fredericktown to visit a couple of stores and find some supplies for the new online store. On the way home we stopped at an antique shop in Mt. Vernon. Home and the Alexis was at our place, Scott came to get her an then Conor and his dad stopped over. Conor stayed to play with J. The played nice until late and L&I had a nice chat with the Mallonns when they came to get Conor. Up LATE installing and updating Quicken 2013 for all the businesses.

20130117 - Looking Cold

20130117 - Up and had a call with a potential new business partner from Holland. More calls and forms for eClickTrading. Started the huge task of updating the blog since I started missing days in JULY... Got some things posted on eBay and Jeff picked me up and we looked at a couple houses. Home and helped G cock his gun so He and J could have an airsoft battle. D to a school basketball game. I played a couple games with the boys and we watched some American Idol.

20130116 - Burning

20130116 - Up and at the desk. Had a couple of calls with the boys overseas. Ran to see my buddy at DiabeticFriendly.com for some tips with Jeff. Home finished out the day. Out of the office to have dinner and the sunset was amazing. It looked like downtown Columbus to the West could have been on fire causing the beautiful colors. Had dinner with the fam, L to zumba, G&J read me some books and we played Sorry before watching the idiots on American Idol. Up late setting things up...

20130115 - Planning

20130115 - UP at the desk straight away. Got a lot done. Look for eClickTrading.com soon... Gma&paB here, they got a fancy new car, L out to lunch with them and all the kids back to play. I had a meeting with a local businesswoman in the afternoon. It went very well and I think OhioOrigins.com will soon be carrying her line of chocolates :-) Home and played football on the xbox with G. Had a good dinner and D off to basketball practice. I played Halo with J&G and then D when he got back. Up late organizing for a productive tomorrow.

20130114 - Knot Me

20130114 - Up late, still feeling a bit weak... Went to an interview, it lasted 4 minutes, before I said no thanks... Came home and Googled the company again and looked further down the search and HUGE posts about the scam the company is... Got some desk work done. Dinner with the fam. DJ&I to Scout, I had the Boy Scouts come down and teach knots and rope things to my Den. Home, got Doc to Bible Bangers.

20130113 + Targets

20130113 + UP and hung out around the house. I took D to an airsoft war at his buddy's. Then I headed to Delaware by myself for an auction. I met up with Jeff & Val there and we checked things out. L& the boys had a visit from Gma&paW and dinner with them. Jeff and Val left the sale early and I stayed to the end. Gma&paW showed up at the auction, just after i bought my last stuff. I hit McD's on the way home and showed the fam my treasures. All boys to bed and I was exhausted... Up in the middle of the night upset stomach, hope it is not the flu...

20130112 - Busy Ball

20130112 - Up and G to Basketball practice. we brought one of his buddies home with us and dropped J off at his buddy Donovan's. G, his bud and I dropped off some donations, the movies and stopped at the bank. Home and L at zumba, D back at playground. I am getting ready for tonight's meetings and shipping sales. J home and I ran him to a bday party... Home and got a bit more done, then we all got loaded up, picked up J and headed to D's basketball game. D had a good game, he started off timid and slow, but got into it. I like watching him play basketball. Home and all boys to bed. The guys started showing up and we had a good meeting. To bed LATE.

20130111 - Strong Puzzle

20130111 - Up and into the office. Got things cleaned up a bit. All the boys home and we headed out to get some food. We had a nice meal and picked up a couple movies on the way home. We finished out Ohio Puzzle and then watched Dumb and Dumber, they loved it. Little boys to bed and D&I stayed up to watch Loopers while L cleaned out closets and everything else. I think my office being in shambles is making her nervous...

20130110 - Hunter and Auction

20130110 - Up and getting things done at the desk.  Had an interview with a head hunter today, went well...  Home and then Jeff picked me up and we went to an auction in London.  We went across the street to a pub for dinner and then headed home and unloaded the treasures.

20130109 + Sworn at by the Mayor!

20130109 + Up everyone out to school and work.  I applied for more positions and got more things done on the new store.  L home and soon all the boys.  D had a rough night, I don't know why he can't play nice with his brothers...  I ate a fast dinner and then went to City Hall for the Aquatics meeting and then had to run downstairs to the Landscape Board meeting where I was sworn in by the Mayor.  After the meeting I headed home and played Halo with J&G, D still in his room.  Not up too late tonight.

20130108 - Jobs and More Scouts

20130108 - Applied for a lot of jobs, got one call right away, interview on Thursday.  Had a call on more houses.  Enrolled in PMP credits class.  J&I to post office and then dropped him off at friends.  home played football with G on xbox.  D to basketball practice,  I headed out to Scouts board of review.  Home and up late working on OhioOrigins.com.

20130107 - Break a leg, OUCH!

20130107 - UP and boys off to school. Got some Scout stuff ready and then updated the resume one last time. Made some calls and got things ready to ship for ebay. Had a call with an old work buddy. L and the boys home, except D, he is at his first night of ski club. J&I ran to the post office and then on to the grocery. Home, took out the trash, had dinner and then J&I out to Scouts. We had a good meeting with 11 of the 12 Scouts there to earn their whittling chips. We had knives everywhere and I had a 3 foot long sword hidden in my pant leg. I asked the boys if they wanted to see my pocket knife and pulled out the sword. They exploded with laughter :-) No one got hurt and we headed home to watch the BCS Championship. Went to the school at 10 to pick D up. His buddy Seth went to the hospital from the slopes tonight :-o

20130106 + Brunch Boys

20130106 + UP and L in to church to teach Sunday School, the kids were pretty bad for her. The boys and I got lunch ready and we ate with L got home. We hung around most of the day, G slept a lot which worries us, but he had a long night last night... D&J playing in the backyard with Lilly. In the evening G&I played football on the xbox and then D&J joined us for some Halo. All boys to bed and I got some things ready for tomorrow.

20130105 - Shopping Playing and Late Night Auction

20130105 - Up and all out, we dropped L off at Zumba and then headed to downtown Westerville to check out the local stores. We made some good contacts and found some neat stuff. We picked up L and then home for a bit, all kind of hanging out. Boys playing hard int he backyard. In the afternoon DJG&I headed to an auction leaving L at home to have dinner with her friends. we stopped and Picked Jim up on the way to Lancaster and made it a night at the auction. We got some good stuff and ate at the chocolate fountain. everyone had a good night. Home and unloaded our stuff and played Halo until late.

20130104 - Skippin School

20130104 - Up and J home playing hooky today, said his stomach was bothering him but was dancing around after everyone was gone... We worked on his magic tricks and multiplication tables and I got my items shipped for the day and applied for jobs. We had lunch together and L came home. I ran back downtown to pick up my CCW license, mail today's packages, stop at the gas station and get more peanuts for shipping. Home and getting more work done. Out to dinner with the fam. We ended up at a Chinese Buffet, our FAVORITE!

20130103 - Progress

20130103 - J home from school again as he is contagious for 24 hrs after starting to take his medicine. I got some things ready to ship and ran across the street to start Doc's pilot light. L home and I ran into town, dropping off the shipments on the way into the Sheriff's office to apply for my CCW License :-) Home and at the desk. Final version of the resume is done - www.MattWinger.info L cooking dinner and boys fighting over the Xbox during this lovely sunset. Up late watching the Fiesta Bowl.

20130102 - Another One Sick...

20130102 - Up J home from school, I took him to the Dr. We mailed our OhiOOddities sales and went to get his prescription but it was not ready. Home and in the basement to play some Halo, he fell asleep, now that is a sick boy... When he did wake up he barfed :-( All home, had some dinner and then watched the Sugar Bowl and posted stuff on ebay. Not a great start to the year so far...

20130101 - Snowed Sick

20130101 - Up in the am and with D sick no parties for us... L headed to Delaware with the Coles and Gma&paW delivered J&G to L there. D&I went to Meijer and got lunch at Panda Express and he played with Lilly for a minute to burn some energy.  All home and we watched football all night.