20220521 - Up and got a game plan for the day. Headed out and held the ladder for L as she cleaned the dormers out front. I got a second coat on the back facia. Got G up and he helped L&I put new shutters on the front of the house, and then spread a bag of bug stuff around the house right before it started pouring. L&I got cleaned up and took stuff to Goodwill, ran to Home Depot and got order, L got more flowers and  ran through Wendy's to pick G up some food. Home and unloaded car and gave G his food. Got the Mercedes and picked up the Mallonns and we headed to Forty Deuce for dinner. A really neat place that has a hidden speakeasy in it. The food was really good and we'll be back to go to the hidden section. We walked around Restoration Hardware a bit and looked at all the overpriced stuff. I took some pick of some kids there to get prom pictures. We stopped at the Mallonn's for a couple drinks and to chat some more. Home not to late but really tired and to bed early.