20180228 - So Big!

20180228 - Up in the am and working from home with some sap boiling down on the stove. I always get so much more done when I work from home, I don't have the distractions that come with being in an office that allows others to pull me off focus. D came home for a min to change and go to work and then on to baseball, L got home, G got home and I kept working. Before I knew it it was 5:30 and we were late picking J up from track. I got to the school and was waiting for him in my usual parking space. I texted him to tell him to hurry up as I didn't realize the giant person walking toward me was him...  so big! Home and LJG&I had dinner then hung out watching some Tv with the boys taking turns on the Xbox. D home and got some dinner. Got a lot of thing done tonight. Up late setting up a Facebook page for G's travel team - www.GahannaLions2025Baseball.com

20170227 - Silhouette

20170227 - Up in the am and into the office and there are way to many folks in the office again today. I got a bunch done and headed home for my final call and to get some things done in peace and quiet. G was home and reading quietly when I arrived and soon L got home. I kept working and L ran to get J from track and then the 4 of us had dinner, D was at baseball. After dinner J&I went over to Doc's to get his TV working and then J fixed the closer on his storm door so it could close. After baseball D&DGF7 came home to eat and hang out and watch videos of DJ&G when they were very little. I spent most of the evening trying to organize booster things and get a big baseball email ready to go out to the parents.

20180226 - Blow Out

20180226 - Up in the am and in to work and getting things some calls because of the changes I made over the weekend. It was a very loud and busy day in the office, we had a lot of visitors. Justin pointed out my shirt had a hole in it... Hard to concentrate with all of the extra activity and noise but I still managed to get a lot done. Home and L had a nice dinner ready, D waas at baseball, J was at track and G was playing outside. L ran and got J and when they got home LJG&I sat down and ate. After dinner I got my stuff and headed to the high school for a booster meeting: now becoming more active in the boosters as baseball gears up and I am helping with the IT. It was a good meeting and Andy, Joe and I hung around after to get some more things done and then to talk to Coach Shade about all of the events that are quickly coming up. L had to run J to and from Scouts as I didn't leave the high school until after 9pm. I ran home, pick Doc up and we headed to Bible Bangers for a good meeting. Home and I threw my shirt away.

20180225 + Dead is Back

20180225 + Up in the am and all to church. After church we headed home, L cleaning things, D&J ‘cleaning’ their rooms and G&I hung out on the couch. After a bit I ran G to Baseball and L went to the grocery. Home and D listing things and J working on the Scout monthly newsletter. After baseball practice Tom and Bill brought G home and they hung out with their boys to get some baseball planning done. After everyone left we had some dinner and then I ran J&G to youth group at the church. L&I hung out, folding laundry and working on the PC. I picked up J&G, they had fun and headed home. Soon after the guys stopped over to watch the Walking Dead.

20180224 - Fundraiser

20180224 - Up LATE, L ran and got J from the Scout event, D had practice this morning, and I made myself some bfast. L cleaning and her friend Steph swung by to pick her up and go to a basketball game at the HS her kids are playing in. I worked on some work stuff and put in the County Fairs for 2018 and other events for 2018 until everyone got home + DGF7. L&I got ready and headed to a fundraiser at the Limited headquarters. It was a nice event but a bit expensive

201180223 + Lunch Date

201180223 + Up  in the am and working from home today. D swung by during his lunch for a min. L home early and we ran to Smashburger for lunch :-) Back into the office and finished up the day with some programming. L ran and got J from track practice and G&I ran him to the church for a Scout Merit Badge Weekend. G&I headed on to the video store where I could find nothing worth watching, but he did. We swung through Arby's for me to get a french dip on the way to the pizza place. Home and D had vanished with DGF7, so LG&I ate and then settled in to watch some Olympics. J starving and pestering me on the phone so I took him half a sub ran into the Brown's on the way and talked to them a bit. Home and up late programming and watching TV with D. Bed @ 4:07

20180222 - Dinner Do Over

20180222 - Up in the rainy am and wanted to stay in bed all day but got up and headed into work. Had a busy day of calls. Finished up the day and headed home a bit late. Home and L was cooking dinner, D was at baseball tryouts, J was hanging out and G was on the Xbox. We sat down for dinner and it was not good... it was frozen wings that were too soggy to hold and were slimy, oh well we trashed them and had leftovers. We hung out watching the Olympics and and soon D was home. He made the baseball team! Not with as much surprise and fanfare as past years but he seemed pretty happy about it. We wound down the night, I chatted with D a bit about the upcoming season and L tried every trick she knew to stay awake to watch the last figure skaters of the Olympics.

20180221 + Screen Time

20180221 + Up in the am and in to work. I got pulled into a meeting this morning that threw off my plans for the day. Spent the rest of the day recovering. Headed home and joined LJ&G for dinner. J retired to his room to compose himself a bit while LG&I finished dinner. We watched some TV until the Olympics came on. D home and said tryouts went good. I worked on getting emails cleaned out. To bed not to late.

20180220 - G Sick

20180220 - Up in the am, G home from school not feeling well, L had to work and I headed in to work. Had a busy day and dig into a problem that kept me there late, which was ok because there was a huge accident on 270. Home a bit late, D at his first night of baseball tryouts, L cooked a nice dinner for us and J&G were out jumping on the trampoline playing nicely. J actually taught G how to do a back flip! In and we ate and then settled in in front of the TV for Family Fued and then the Olympics. D got home and said he did good :-). Up very late working on the PC.

20180219 + 2 Getting Big

20180219 + Up super early and D&I headed West to visit Wright State over by Dayton.  We went to a bunch of different lectures and it was REALLY interesting, makes me want to go back to school! We also stopped and talked to the financial aid folks to discover our aid is called loans... We talked to the Department Head of Athletic Training and if D goes there and can get into the program this Fall can be part of the last cohort that is NOT required to get a Master's Degree.  We had lunch there in the cafeteria and took a short tour before heading home. 
Home and we saw J scooting around town on the way in. I headed to the accountants to do my 2017 taxes, but she could not honor the appointment... So I headed over to Dave's warehouse next door and chatted a bit before heading home. We had a nice dinner and then J&I headed to Goodwill so he could check things out. I got some things to sell on OhiOOddities and a pair of boots and J got a couple of white t-shirts.  J&I stopped at the local car lot to start looking at cars for him... Home and hung out the rest of the night. D&DGF7 here. Bible Bangers was cancelled for the night so we just watched the Olympics and relaxed.  

20180218 - 1 W 1 L

20180218 - Up in the am and back to Worthington for more basketball. During the first game cousin Jen called a bit upset as uncle Johnny was not doing well this am and aunt Betty is still in the hospital. L&I made some calls and helped get some assistance arranged. The boys played hard and won in the last couple seconds, what an exciting game. LG&I ran to Burger King for lunch and I touched base with Johnny and he was alive and John 3 was on his way there. Back to the school for more basketball and we ran into a buzz saw that hit 3 after 3 and shut us down. It was the last game for the boys and they were pretty upset.  Home and hung out for a bit before I headed in to the office to finish off the 2017 taxes in prep for tomorrow.

20180217 + Team Party

20180217 + Up in the am and Gma&paB gone before I got up. I settled into the office and got some things done and prepped for taxes. It was a slow day until the afternoon when we headed to Worthington for a basketball game. The boys played really hard and it was a rough game and they won! After the game the entire team headed to BWs for a season / victory party. It was a good time and Jason had good things to say about each of the boys. After dinner we headed home and hung out the rest of the day.

20180216 - 'Bye Bye Birdie'

20180216 - Up in the am and working from home today. Pretty quiet this morning, D sleeping until right before he had to be at work at noon, J at his friends, and G up late and quietly playing his iTouch in the living room. Gma&paB over and hung out until I finished my day.  We all then headed out to a steakhouse for a nice dinner before heading to the high school to watch the play ‘Bye Bye Birdie’. I dropped everyone off and parked way over at the DQ. We watched the play and it was great! Gma&paB were in the play years ago and we all enjoyed it, even G who wasn’t thrilled about going. Home and it was late so we all headed to bed shortly.

20180215 - Dancing Shoes

20180215 - Up in the am and in to work. Had an ISO meeting first thing this morning and had to do my updates for the calls that followed during that meeting as the data was still coming in...  Had the normal Thursday call and then Monthly and they went as usual. Out to the desk to try and stay ahead of the wave. L went to help at her last elementary party today. G was not excited about the dancing part and said he would not participate...  guess he changed his mind ;-) Finished up the day and headed home. Had dinner with LJ&G. D home and we talked to him about one of his favorite teachers that we learned today that took his own life... I ran G to basketball practice, ran through the bank and dropped J off at a friends to spend the night. Home for only a min before had to pick G up from practice. Home and watching the Olympics.Aunt Betty out of the ICU and doing better.

20180214 + Shitball

20180214 + Up in the am and in to work. One of the girls in the front office received a secret admirer note on her desk this morning and they were all busy trying to solve the mystery. Normal busy day. I headed out around 3:30ish to hit the Scout store to get awards on the way home. Got in and out of the Scout store pretty easy by 4:00 and then sat in traffic until I arrived home at 5:30... The radio said over and over "...this is the worst traffic day we have seen in 2018 with multiple accidents shutting down all of our major freeways..." and of course it is the day I am on them... There was another school shooting in Florida today... people are crazy... Home and had a dozen roses for L and here is how the conversation went:

L - Oh these are so pretty. Thank you.
As she is putting them in the vase: Where id you get them?
M - I got them from Shalynn
L - You made her go out and buy me flowers?
M - No, the florist screwed up her order and delivered an extra dozen by mistake so I took these.
L - You shitball
Hahahahaha I can't win!

After the flowers were displayed LJG&I sat down for dinner and had a good meal, D was at baseball practice. D home with DGF7 and they watched videos on their phones while the rest of us watched the Olympics. Got everything shut down and all boys to bed.

20180213 - Regular

20180213 - Up in the am and didn't want to go out in the 25-degree day to work but did. Had a busy day trying to solve issues. Headed home and had dinner with everyone and then D went to DGF7's and I headed to a Scout Board of Review. After the board of review I headed home and we all watched some Olympics and I got some reading done.

20180212 - 4 Not Good Calls

20180212 - Up in the am and in to work ready for a big call. A guy I work with left before the call, he was good friends with one of the policemen that was shot in Westerville Saturday and was distraught. Shortly after one of the managers from the floor came in and let me know the wife of one of his techs passed away Friday night... Went through the day moving meaningless tasks forward... Got another text about 4pm that a guy I hired at D1 died last night of Cancer. One more call for the day from the Assistant Principal at D's school letting me know that D has 3 parking tickets and the next time he will be towed... YIKES. I stayed a bit late to finish some things up today and headed home, blew the horn and G ran out to get him to basketball practice. Home and had some dinner with L&J, D was at baseball. After we ate I ran J to Scouts and hung out gathering advancements and working on the reunion site. Left Scouts to pick G up, we headed to Target to get a vday present for L. After our shopping spree we headed back to get J from Scouts and he didn't do what he was supposed to so we had to hang out while he filled out paperwork. I got the deposits done for Summer camp and we headed home. I got Doc and we headed to Bible Bangers and had a great meeting that lasted until midnight. Doc and I swung through the gas station on the way home. Home, got Doc in and stayed up doing some reading with the Olympics in the background.

20180211 + Scout Folders

20180211 + Up in the am and all to church for Scout Sunday. J&G did an excellent job with the flags and offering, D is an adult so just help organize a bit and then headed out to work. We finished church and headed home. J took off with some friends, I ran G to baseball, L hung out watching the olympics and getting things done around the house. I found 52K emails in my Google account that I worked on cleaning up so I wasn't at my data limit. I joined L&G in the living room and D&J got home. D headed back out to DGF7's and J&I ran to get dinner. Home and ate, then ran J to youth group. Eventually everyone home D&J attempted to finish the laundry for L. Up late watching the olympics.

20180210 - 3 Wins!

20180210 - Up late in the am and got ready for the day. L was at Zomba, D was heading to a local elementary school to run the clock at a basketball tournament for community service required for his Government class. J is at someone house we might see him sometime today and G is in the basement on the Xbox.  D home and L ran to get J. D headed to DGF7's and J hung out at home, his buddy Patrick is coming over to spend the night. LG&I headed to Marysville for a basketball tournament. The boys won their first game and LG&I headed out to get some food. The place I had a coupon for was closed see we stopped at a Chinese place and had the worse Chinese food we have ever had... Back for more basketball and the boys played 2 more games, the last one at 9pm. They played awesome today and won all 3 games! Home around 11 and watched a bit of the olympics. Restless night for me

20180209 + Dinner Theater

20180209 + Up in the am and working from home today. L had to work, D was in his room most of the day, J was in and out with friends and G was in the basement or on the couch placated by electronics the entire day. L got home and I finished my day and we headed to the high school for dinner and a play.  The dinner was ok, we had some old friends sit by us and we learned of their plans and trials with planning the next step for our kids. We then headed into the theater for the play 'Are We There Yet'. It was cute and L liked it. Home and D&DGF7 were there with G and we all watched the opening ceremonies for the winter Olympics in Korea.

20180208 - COOKIES

20180208 - Struggled to get up today and head in to the office. Data I needed wasn’t available so was scrambling on my first call of the day. That call spilled over to another and stuck on the phone sharing my screen most of the morning. There were several other mishaps I could not control so I hit the door early and went home to crunch data for a couple of hours. Got my data mining done, had dinner and took G to and from basketball, that's all.

20180207 - Shots

20180207 - Up in the am and apparently it snowed all night as we are in a level 2 snow emergency and the schools are closed. I am trying to work from home and L is trying to manage the noise from the boys... L took J&G to get flu shots and slushees in the afternoon. I was in the office all day until I came out for dinner with L&G. D&DGF7 were out somewhere and J was at Skate Naked. After dinner L ran to School and G hung out on the couch while I did some more in the office. I then ran to pick J up and got home and D showed up and we watched OSU basketball. What a great game! All to bed and a restless night.

20180206 - Lounge

20180206 - Up in the am and in to work. I had a bunch of calls this am that put me in a windowless room for most of the day. After work I headed home and J was in the basement playing the Xbox and L&G were at his teacher conference. L&G got home and it was a good report from his teacher. We had leftovers and watched TV. D&DGF7 stopped by for a bit. All to bed. I stayed up and finished updating the blog entries from November and December of 2017 so I am all caught up.

20180205 - Stacked

20180205 - Up in the am and the boys were on a 2 hour delay so i stayed home with them and made sure they got off to school while L went in to work. I headed in to work and hit the ground running. L called some countertop places today to see about repairs. I headed towards home and stopped at the high school to meet with the Athletic Booster Board, I am going to take over communication for the group. From there I went to the wrong gym to pick G up so had to run across town to get him. G&I went straight to Scouts so I could get advancements and check in on the website changes we are going to make for the upcoming reunion. We got J and headed home for a min to talk about electronics and other rules. Then I headed out to Bible Bangers, no Doc tonight, but it was a good meeting.

20180204 + Buckets and Bowl

20180204 + Up in the am and and LG&I headed to Upper Arlington for G's basketball game. G played nearly the whole game and was all over the place super aggressive. We played a team that had beaten us twice already and the boys weren't going to let that happen again. They fought hard and won big! We headed home and D was still at work and J had his buddy Patrick over. I sent the boys outside to tap the maple trees and they got it done. In to watch the end of the OSU basketball game and get caught up on some stuff. D home from work and ran and got DGF7. We had some snacks and watched the Super Bowl.

20180203 - Hops and Poker

20180203 - Up in the am and D at the high school baseball clinic and G brought me breakfast in bed (he must want something...). L got herself together and ran to the library while J replaced the shower head in the boy's bathroom, G played on the Xbox and I did bills and got the maple syrup buckets ready to hang. L back home for a minute and then we headed to Lancaster for G's basketball game. Uncle Johnny came to the game and the boys played really well, probably G’s best game as far as ball handling and shots (he finally got the 3 he’s wanted all year). They stayed neck and neck with the Farm boys until the very end, quite an accomplishment as this team usually wins by 50... but they lost. 

We drove home and got some food at Arby’s on the way. J was still in his robe when we arrived and joined us for lunch. After a quick lunch the City Attorney stopped by to have Lori and I sign a petition. We then headed to G’s second game of the day at home. G played well again and this time they won!  After the game L&I dropped G off at baseball practice. Home and I got J and we headed to Hebron with a stop at Kroger to go to our annual poke party. J used his own money this year and as usual did very good on the tables. It was good to see the guys again and we got home at 3:30am only losing $15 for the night. Love playing poker with J.

20180202 - Good 2nd Choice

20180202 - Up in the am and everyone out at school. I worked from home today and got a ton done. L home in the afternoon and we had a lady stop by to inspect the gas line. Soon G&J got home, followed shortly by D after baseball conditioning. I finished up and we all got in the car and headed out to dinner. Our first stop had a 25 min wait so we tried a new Chinese place. It was pretty good and we didn’t have phones out so it was a nice dinner. We swung by the video store on the way home and picked up some movies. Home and we split up to watch the movies, L&G upstairs watching a Emoji movie and DJ&I headed down to watch the latest Resident Evil. After the movies we all headed to bed. 

20180201 + Late & Restless

20180201 + Up early with a rough start with D. In to work and on the phone. Had a very busy day and headed out a couple min early. Home and had dinner with LJ&G  I then settled in and got some stuff down on the PC. I then ran G to his basketball practice. Back home and got more done. Ran to get G and of course was late when I thought I was early... Home and up restless most of the night.