20130228 - New View

20130228 - Up and office work. To house and got a ton done. L&boys stopped to ck it out. L had never seen this house. Home and dinner with fam, played Halo w/ boys. All boys to bed, fell asleep on couch watching American Idol.

20130227 + Stuck in the Crapper

20130227 - Up and into the office, did bills, baseball, shipping... Out to bank, donations, ordered baseball shirts, then to rental to show it and pull the crapper. Hard to get things to flush with a bag and a toy stuck in the toylet... Home picked up D&G to do a sap run for a buddy and then picked up J at his friend's. Home, cleaned up got some dinner and ate with the boys in the basement playing LEGO and watching Transformers. Up planning tomorrow.

20130226 - City Hall Ball

20130226 - UP and to desk, cleaned desk off a bit, L had meeting with D's math teacher, time for him to step up....  took part of class, to baseball place with Ken, home finished class !!! :-). Got ready for baseball meeting. Had a nice dinner with fam, helped J with bracelets, then to baseball meeting. Good meeting at City Hall. To the rental to take an application. Stopped at store on way home. Watched robot fighting show with D.

20130225 - Cutting

20130225 - Up in the am and to desk.  I worked on setting up my ebay trading agreement so I can sell other peoples stuff on bay.  I worked on the project management class, I have to get it done...  I cleaned the office and then the garage.  Took a break for dinner and then I set up the tools in the garage for the Cub Scouts to work on their cars.  J was a disappointed that I didn't get to help him more, too busy helping other kids whose parents needed help too.  All gone and off to Bible Bangers.  Exhausted!

20130224 + No Dead

20130224 + Up late, ate, and did some paper work.  J&I to my first ebay Trading Assistant job, selling some things for a local guy.  Bob and Bob over for to work on the baseball team plan.  We have 12 boys on the team.  We had dinner, watched some tv and played a game.  No sign of my buddy Chris for Walking Dead tonight; think the zombies got him on the way here :-o

20130223 - Games and Practice

20130223 - Up and to G's game, I had to help coach again, It was fun and of course they won.  After the game it was just me and D: L @ zumba, J&G went home with friends after the game.  D&I got our work clothes on and then headed to the rental to get some more things done.  The place is looking great.  Home for a quick change and to Jacks game.  Jack did really good but they had there first loss.  Home and Bob over to pick the boys for the 7th grade team.  One last game for D, they won.  Home and up late doing stuff.

20130222 - Shocking Experience

20130222 - Up in the am and it is a snow day and L sick.  D had buddy over for homework then I took them to the rental to work all afternoon.  I taught the boys how to work on hot electric :-)  The only got a small bite and blew the breakers twice.  Took the boys home, got supplies at HD and a movie.  Home for dinner and then watched a movie with the fam and then did baseball tryout analysis until late.

20130221 - Class and Ship

20130221 - UP and working on the PMP class.  Took a break and meet with Dave.  Home and to baseball tryouts, up late shipping and planning.

20130220 - Half Day

20130220 - Started moving around today. Got some eBay shipments ready and a couple other things in order. Rested as needed. Boys home, I took D to his baseball tryouts where he discovered I was one of the coaches for the 7th grade Gahanna Middle Schools baseball team. Barely conscious and really no clue what I was looking for: I learned from some guys around what to watch for, I made notes on the boys to help pick the team. We ran one of his friends home and then home to watch a bit of American Idol before a pretty painful and restless sleep. L now in pretty serious soar throat territory too. If she get sick we are all in big trouble...

20130219 - Day Deleted

20130219 - Not sure when or how many times I woke up today. I know I had to change about 3 times as the fever was soaking me. Have no clue what happened today, know I was miserable...  L did have the boys write things about themselves.

20130218 + Pick-n-Sick

20130218 + Up in the am and DG&I headed out. We swung over and got Jim and then North to Mt. Gilead where his uncle lives. His uncle Ed had an antique shop and is getting up in years; after hearing Jim talk about my Oddities store thought I might like some of his stuff. Man did I like it! DG&I picked, we broke the ice and bundled things, we're ready for prime time! We had a great time with Ed, he taught me more in that short time we were together than years of experience would get me. He still has half a basement full. So when he is ready to clean out more, I will be glad to help him!
We dropped Jim off at his in-laws and headed up to the Farm. D was fading fast so I pulled into a cvs and got meds for him. On to the farm where we got a bite to eat. Then D took a nap and G&I helped Gma&paW clean up some wood, move cows and gates, fed a bale and reviewed things to get done before the upcoming Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm (April 13, 2013). Up to house got D and headed home, exhausted something working on me...
Got home and D pretty much straight to bed. J feeling better, G wimping around. I headed out to return some movies and go to Bible Bangers. While there L texted me the G had just thrown up... :-o    Home and chilled to bed very soar.

20130217 - Performance

20130217 - Up early and L&J to the hospital to get him checked out.  D up and took pics for ebay while G made a card for J.  All home, J going to be ok.  All home, made omelettes for lunch.  DG&I went to Annie at high school.  It was really good and we knew one of the little orphan's.  J fell asleep att one point :-)  D&I got some movies, home dinner and the new bond movie.  Chris over to watch Walking Dead.  UP late and shipped ebay sales.

20130216 + COACHING D's Basketball team

20130216 + COACHING D's Basketball team.  It was fun and they are a good team.  J and I took a little trip today to meet Brad from Urban Raccoons to get some gluten free granola bars for the website.  Then J had a basketball game and then D's turn.  L cleaned all day.

20130215 + Blue and Gold

20130215 +  Worked in Gilroy house all day.  Rushed home to change and go to the Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet with the fam.  I gave out my awards and know that if I stick with this for 2 more years I will not be able to keep it together for the graduation of my boys...

20130214 - Crappy Vday

20130214 - Worked all day at the rental and running errands.  Home and picked up the family to take L out for a nice dinner.  The boys, specifically D, were SO BAD in the car as we were leaving I pulled over and stopped...  Took everyone home and dropped them off.  Went to the Scout shop by myself.  No dinner...

20130213 - Why My Kids R Dorks

20130313 - Up in the am and at the desk. Had a con call about rugs and then got pics ready for eBay and item listed on amazon and yahoo. Ran out for a city aquatics meeting. Home for a fast bite to eat. Out for a middle school baseball meeting. Home and got to see the boys for 20 min while we watched American Idol.

All boys to bed, I'm exhausted, and L starts decorating... She gets out hanging string things with hearts on them and has special mailboxes she made for each of the boys... she is such a dork. Then it dawns on me tomorrow is Valentines Day :-o

20130212 - Down the Drain, or Not

20130212 - UP in the am and got some office stuff done and packages ready to ship.  Both D&J are home today sick...  Off to the hardware store, post office and rental.  Ed was painting and I worked in the bathrooms.  Got one clean and ready and started working on the plumbing.  There is no wood to fasten the toilet to the floor so I will have to come back to that...  I took apart the sinks in both bathrooms and tried to get the shared drain working...  it works a bit and then backs up...  not sure what to do here now...  Replaced a couple lights, hung a door and cleaned up.  Home and had dinner with the fam, then back out to a Scout board of review.  L made some arrangements out of lollipops.

20130211 - Boy at Home

20130211 - Up and taking care of G today, he is home sick and on the couch.  I got a bunch of shipments ready and did things in the office with Amazon products.  J home from school and Alexis over after crossing guard.  I took both of them to the post office and dropped off the packages, saw 'old lady' Holahan there :-)  Took Alexis home and then J&I back home.  Got a couple more things done, Amazon is VERY FRUSTRATING...  Had dinner and played cards with J&G.   Ran to Scouts to see if there were any rank advancements.  Home, got Doc picked D up from ski club, he has a fever and soar throat :-o  On to Bible bangers...

20130210 - Supersick Man

20130210 - Ip in the am and G on the couch, L&J getting groceries and D doing whatever upstairs. I did some work in the office. L&J home and we all had some lunch. G still on the couch, D doing homework, L laundry so J&I headed out to pick up some play tickets from a friends house, drop a book at the library and stopped at a friends to help him make some beer.
Back home and posting stuff on eBay, watched a couple movies with the fam and the day was gone... Chris over tonight to watch 'The Walking Dead' and then I stayed up with little sick man and his blanky cape :-(

20130209 - All Dressed Up

20130209 - Up in the am and out to G's game. I was a stand in coach and the boys did fabulous again. G slid on his knee in the last quarter and wanted to sit for a minute. He said 'Dad I want to come back in', but it was to late, he was already switched. The fall didn't hurt his knee enough to bring tears, but hearing e wasn't going back in started the water works... Hard lesson for a little fella :-(

All home and I ran to pick D up from his overnighter at the church. We then headed to Home Depot and the rental to fix a water pipe and set mouse traps. We ran home, changed nod then went to J's basketball game. We got to see the end of it. J's team won again and J had an awesome shot.

Home for a quick dinner and then out to D's basketball game. He played pretty aggressive tonight. After the game we went to some friends house for some snacks and to discuss our teenage boys. I don't know how the old prom dress came out... But it was a lot of fun!

20130208 - Spray

20130208 - Ip in the am and at the desk all morning. Around lunch headed to the rental to get a bunch done. I fixed a busted water pipe and got the water to the house turned back on. But when I opened the valve to the house I new leak I hadn't seen sprayed me :-( home to change quick and we went to dinner at Ling Johns. We dropped D off at a Scout Merit Badge weekend. I stayed and talked to a friend that is helping me get the web stores up and running. He gave me some good info so I ran home and stayed up late getting my first product on Amazon.

20130207 - Biz-e Day

20130207 - Up in the am shipments ready, called to get water turned on at the rental, tasks in line for the day... Headed to Dublin to meet 2 suppliers and get stock for the OhioOrigins store; it went VERY WELL.  Stopped at an antique store in Westerville for an education on what to not buy at sales (the box of stuff I took in to have checked out!!!).  Home and got G. We went to the post office, he got a piece of glass in his finger when we got back in the car, to the bank and them back home.  I got a call about a job in CMH, then worked on a proposal for rugs. Back out and picked up John on the way to the auction. It was a good auction tonight an we got some good stuff. Home, showed the fam the loot, had some dinner, watched American Idol and then got the boys to bed. Up late looking things up on eBay and then prepping for tomorrow.

20130206 - Forward

20130206 - Up and at the desk all morning: HUGE rental water bill paid, called vendors... Everyone home and I am finally ready to hit the road. D went with me. USPS to ship sales, Home Depot to return some and get more supplies, rental to hang the key look box drop off the supplies and bring the trash can in, and a lady's house to pick up some salsa for the upcoming website launch. Home and D&I ate, the boys ready for bed, watched some American Idol and getting ready for N equally busy tomorrow...

20130205 - Trash Out 2

20130205 - Up in the am and to the post office and then over to the rental. Ed was there and we carried out the destroyed stove. I then set in fixing thing up an taking out the second huge pile of trash. Home and L trying to get D organized....... I headed out to a meeting for dinner and then home to play some Xbox with G while L finished up hair cuts on the boys. J&I play a round of rummy and them all boys to bed. Watched the buckeyes get beat by Michigan.

20130204 - Hard to Eat Rice?

20130204 - Up and shipping eBay sales, applied for positions online. Checked on house purchase, weekend paperwork done. L home, boys home, snowing like mad. I headed out to ship packages and supplies at Home Depot. I then ran across town to meet the gas guy at the rental and get the heat on. Back home through the snow and idiots that can't drive in it. Had dinner, G had a hard time with the rice :-) We cancelled cub Scouts tonight so I played rummy with J and L&G made valentines for his class mates. I ran over to the Boy Scout meeting to get advancement info. Home got Doc for Bible Bangers, Picked D up from skiing. Up late posing things on eBay.

20130203 + Shots

20130203 + Up and L took all 3 boys + Donovan to church. I got the desk cleared off and things finished up from last week and lined up for this week. All back home and had lunch. Then L&J went to the grocery and I had D&G set up the studio in my office an start taking pics of the mounds of things I need to get posted on eBay. There was a stack of state plates and I helped G clean them and he had to read the state before he could take the plate. He did really good sounding out the names.

With hundreds of photos now shot I took D, picked up a couple of his buddies, to a youth group sponsored Super Bowl party. Home and L had some finger foods for JG&I and we watched the game. Picked D and his friends up about 9:30 and took them home. D&I got food for Lilly and gas for L, then home to watch the rest of the game.

20130202 - Rehab

20130202 - UP to G's game, they won, he brought a friend home with him. D&I split off, went to Scouts to pick up pinewood derby kits, then returned movies and on to the rental. We cleaned out the basement and made a list of supplies for the initial repairs. Home and L to zumba, G's friend home too. Not much of a break, out to J's game, they won, Gma&paW here for the game.

All back home J brought his buddy Donovan to play and spend the night. Jeff picked GpaW and I up and we went to look at a potential rehab property, total mess, but we like it, GpaW scared of it :-) Back home and loaded up and off to D's game, they won. Home and stopped for Chinese on the way for dinner. Had a nice dinner at home so the girls could watch the OSU basketball game. Up late balancing books.

20130201 + Chillin

20130201 + Up, calls all morning. Ran to the bank and store to get antifreeze. To the rental and winterized it, got all of the trash out of the upstairs. Home Cleaned up and out for dinner with the fam. Picked up a couple of movies and home to watch them in the warm house.