20220501 - Pizza Party

20220501 - L up early and went to church. I got some things ordered from the grad party list and then G wanted to go to Trent's so he drove over. I headed back to the house and headed up to the boys bathroom to clean it up and re-caulk it. It turned in to a much bigger project than I anticipated and took FOREVER. L was outside with Hazel edging flow beds and pulling weeds and cleaning things up outside, looks great! I headed down and started working on the grape arbor, not a lot, just pulling the vines that went up in to the trees down. I ran to get G and we then stopped and picked up some pizzas. D&DGF13, J&JGF6 were there when we got back and we had a nice dinner on the patio. The boys threw the ball a bit and the girls discussed prom. It was a nice evening. Everyone headed out and L&I cleaned things up and watched American Idol while I did some Booster stuff.