20170131 - Messy

20170131 - Up in the am and in to work.  Learning how to do the daily reports.  Home and D at conditioning and then to DGF7.  I got some things shipped for ebay and hung out with G&J a bit.  D home and L&I had a talk with him about how messy his room is and he talked to us about being upset about baseball.  L&I down to watch Inferno.

20170130 - Tidal Wave

20170130 - Up in the am and had a frigid drive in. Super fast day at work with tons of stuff going on.  Home for dinner with the fam.  D&J to Scouts, LG&I hung out and apparently I feel asleep...  Got Doc and went to Bible Bangers.  Home and tried to stay ahead of the email tidal wave.

20170129 - Completed 70 Years!

20170129 - Up in the am and we missed church... L ran some errands, D went to work, I ran J to a buddy's, G had a friend over and I sat at the desk trying to get things done. Had a friend from my old job swing by and drop a couple things off. He said things are good, they divided my job up across 4 people and gave them raises. AMEN, they have deserved raises for YEARS!!!! Around 5 we headed to the Cole's, stopping along the way to pick up J, drop off G's friend and then on for a very nice dinner and bday celebration for GpaB, he turned 70!!! D picked up DGF7 after work and met us at the Cole's for some grub and cake. All home, boys to bed, up late trying to keep up on personal work as well...

20170128 - Moonshine Jack

20170128 - UP in the am and L to Zumba, D into work, JG&I hanging out. Penn stopped by to return a PC thing and chat a bit.  Then J&I headed out to his soccer game, we picked up one of this teammates on the way. It was a good game and they won! J almost got a goal, but was 1/2 inch above the net. Headed to G's basketball game, dropped off J's teammate, got to the game and watched G the spaz score a couple baskets, they won. Home and relaxed a bit getting some things done. D went straight from Work to the baseball clinics at the high school. i ran G up to the clinics and then home to get J. J&I headed to Hebron OH for an annual poker game. We play Texas-Hold'em and a new interesting horse race dice game once you're knocked out of the Hold'em. We had awesome dear steaks and J also had some apple cinnamon moonshine; we told him to just take a sip, but he liked it and chugged a bunch :-o so now J said he wants to learn to hunt dear... guessing he wants to learn to make moonshine too... It was a good night for us. I won the first round, J was first out that round. Then J&I ended up at the final table in the second round. This is pretty amazing seeing that J had to beat 10 adult men to make it to the final table. He finally got knocked out and I cleaned up and won the second round as well. We headed home our pockets full of cash and quarters and hit bed about 1:30am. I stayed up and got some emails cleaned out.

20170127 + Tom's 40

20170127 + Up in the am and in to work. Had a pretty productive day full of emergency orders. Home and ate some pizza with the fam. D home from baseball, J headed to the Chiller to skate, G hanging out and L&I headed to Coaches for our friend Tom's 40th bday party. A lot of our friends were there and we were having a great time but had to cut it short as D headed to a buddy's and F was scared at home alone. Home, G to bed, J home and I stayed up way too late trying to get caught up.

20170126 - The Game of LIFE

20170126 - Up in the am and in to work. I had the customer on site again today. It was a productive day and we got a lot done. Home and had dinner with the fam. D headed to work and LJG&I played LIFE. It was hoot and a lot of fun. Boys to bed, D home and we chatted a bit. I stayed up way too late trying to get things caught up.

20170125 - Hard at Work

20170125 - Up in the am and in to work. I have a customer onsite today.  The day went very well and we got a lot done. Home and ate talked with the fam a bit and the G&I headed to his batting practice. He did better tonight, having fun, not thinking about it...  home and up late working.

20160124 - Hanging Out

20160124 - Up in the am and in to work. It was a very busy long day. L went to G teacher conference today and G has been invite to an advanced reader club. Home late and tried to eat some experimental soup thing L made. L back to the school to help with a dinner for the teachers, D at baseball, J hanging out, I dropped G off at basketball and then back home to work on the PC. Everyone home and settled in for the night. I was up late working on an application for work.

20140123 - Dog Sketch

20140123 - Up in the am, still a little sluggish... In for calls and escalations right off the bat. Home and ate with the fam. D&J to Scouts, I headed to a boosters meeting. Got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers for a fun meeting. Home and up late working.

20170122 + OSU Basketball

20170122 + Up in the am everyone to church. I dropped the fam off at home and went to get a hair cut. Home and got changed, Gma&paW and John & Mary Terry showed up, LJG&I headed to the OSU basketball game, D stayed at home so he could go to work. The game was fun for all, even though OSU lost. After the game everyone headed to D's work to grab a bite to eat. G&I headed out to go to his practice. I hung out in the lounge and got a ton of work done. Headed home and G told me all about his practice. Home, did some ebay shipments, boys to bed. Stayed up late getting things done for work.

20170121 - Sports and Fujiyama

20170121 - To G's basketball game with LJ&G. They weren't doing too good when J&I had to leave. G was not happy and playing his butt off... J&I headed to J's soccer game and met Gma&paW there. It is a fast paced game and J was running his butt off. They won 4-3! After the game we rushed back to G's second game so Gma&paW could see some of it. We got there just as it ended... I headed to Dave's warehouse to pick up more stuff to sell on ebay. Home in time to pick up G&GmaW to take G to his baseball clinic where D was working. Home and J&GpaW made a trip to the bike store to get a new inner-tube and then home to attempt to fix his flat. Eventually everyone home and LDJG, DGF7 & Gma&paW headed to Fujiyama Japanese Steakhouse for a great meal. Home and watched the Accountant. All to bed, up VERY late

20170120 + Game Night

20170120 + Up in the am and in to work. Absolutely crazy and overwhelming day... Stopped to get gas on the way home. Home and L made some dinner. Played some games with J&G in the living room. D home with DGF7 and they played some games with us. Then we headed to the basement to watch a movie. Up unit 4am getting caught up on order validation and my mountain of email... zzzzzz

20170119 - No Phones in Bed

20170119 - Up in the am and in to work. Trying to keep my head above water...  It was a crazy day with many escalations.  Home and had a KFC dinner with the whole fam.  D headed out to DGF7's.  The rest of us hung out, played games and watch the inauguration events and an old French movie.  D home and shipped some things.  I stayed up late working and discovered D took his phone to bed and was texting until the wee hours of the morning...

20170118 - Hi-Tech Baeball

20170118 - Up in the am and in to work. Long crazy day. Home, ate quick and G&I headed to his baseball practice.  G did better tonight.  I love the tech his coach uses.  Home and I picked up J from skiing, he had 2 crashes tonight.  Up way to late working.

20170117 - Lunch Break

20170117 - Up in the am and in to a busy morning at work.  Came up for a breath around 3, headed out for some lunch with Justin. Back to do QC on the floor for the rest of the day.  Home and D headed out for day 2 of work.  LJG&I had chicken noodle soup, apparently it is G's favorite.  L&G headed out to G's basketball practice, J headed down to the Xbox, I processed some orders and apparently fell asleep in the chair... L&G home, D home and talked a lot about work, L&I glance at each other and smile; he is having a good time and it is a good experience for him.  Watched a movie, had some ice cream and stayed up late again working.

20170116 - Pump It Up

20170116 - Up in the am, quiet house as everyone else has the day off. In to work to immediate escalations. Too much todo... At least the day went fast... Headed home a bit early, got G and Brady and went to pick up my most recent auction purchase, a pump up salon chair :-) Had dinner with the fam. Hung out and processed some paperwork while watching TV. G crashed early from being up almost all night. I headed out to Bible Bangers, no Doc tonight. There were only 3 of us there, but good to get started back up, share and relax for a bit. home and up almost all night working.

20170115 - First Day on the Job

20170115 - Up in the am and all to church. We had to duck out a bit early to get D home so he could go to his new job. L doing house work, J&G took down the Christmas lights over the garage and I settled into the office and got a bunch of paperwork done. Then LJG&I headed to W.G. Grinders to see D in action at his new job. The lady he is working for was best friend with the lady L taught with last year; small world. D's friend Drew works there too and they got our food ready for us and it was good. J&G really liked watching D behind the counter. The lady said he was a nice boy. We finished our meal and headed home. J helped me take the last string of Christmas light down out of the front tree, clean out the VW and get he new Hyundai set up. D home, he likes the new job. I finished up some paperwork and then hung out a bit before running to G's baseball practice. Took G to practice. I hung out in the lounge and got a ton of work done. After practice I ran G to spend the night with his buddy Brady and hung out there for a bit. Home and LD&J there. I grabbed some food and we hung out watching TV for a bit. Up LATE building a system to make things better at work.

20170114 + Lacrosse Maker

20170114 + Up in the am and messing around then LJG&I headed to J's soccer game where he ran his but off and fell hard a couple of times. They lost, but my boy was playing hard. We headed home and ran a few errands in the new car. Home, D at baseball conditioning and I settled in at the desk to get some things done. Took a break and ran G to the same clinic D was at, D is working it and was G's group leader. I headed home and did some programming in the car to get the seat set up , phone, garage door opener. In and helped J get some tools out so he can make another lacrosse stick. At the desk a lot of the afternoon. L baked a cake and started dinner, D&G home, D off to DGF7's, J cleaning up the garage, G got a shower. We had pizza and watched an old funny movie 'Blue Streak' with J&G. J&G to bed, D home and we watched 'Bad Words' with him. Up late getting things organized.

20170113 - New Wheels

20170113 - Up in the am and in to work.  Very fast and furious start.  Worked hard all with a couple of calls to car place; I let them know exactly what I wanted and how much I would pay...  Finished the day looking a head of next week a bit.  Called the dealership on the way out the door and they agreed to my terms!  Home got LJ&G and we headed to Ricart.  We had everything negotiated before we showed up, we pulled in, they had the cars lined up so all we had to do was pick the color.  Did the paperwork and headed home in our new 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe.  The boys rode home with me, flicking every switch, pushing every button and gazing out of the glass ceiling, not a sun roof, the whole roof is glass :-)  We swung through Burger King and picked up some dinner and headed down to the basement to watch the new Alice through the Looking Glass, it was pretty good.  All boys to bed.  I stayed up WAY too late reading the manuals and trying to figure out what all this new machine does.

20170112 + D GOT A JOB!!!

20170112 + Up in the am and got caught in a traffic maelstrom...  Finally made it to work and dug into the pile.  Not sure where the day went, it was full on all day.  I got a call from D in the afternoon where he let me know HE GOT A JOB!!!  He starts Sunday at W.G. Grinders.  Headed home at 6:30.  Home, ate some dinner, realized we were missing G's Cub Scouts, and then beat G at a couple games of Trouble.  It was a nice evening with everyone hanging out.

20170111 - Pyloballs

20170111 - Up and the boys had a 2 hour delay for school. In to work and everything is on fire. Had a pretty horrible call with the customer this morning. Fought through the fires all day: EXHAUSTED. Home and ate quick. L to a lacrosse meeting, D headed to DGF7's, J is skiing and G&I headed to his hitting practice. G isn't doing too good with his hitting and is getting discouraged. Home and D ran to get J. All home and to bed after a looong day...

20170110 - Late Car Shopping

20170110 - Up in the am and in to work. Was stuck on calls and meetings all day until 7pm... Home and had some dinner in the living room while LJ&G watched Family Feud. D home and filled out an application for a sub place. Mr Pettit stopped by to notarize the VW paperwork for me and talk about cars; still haven't made up my mind... L finished the dishes and L&I looked at cars online.

20170109 - Great Football

20170109 - Up in the am and in to work.  Long fast day.  Stopped by Dave's warehouse on the way home to drop off some cash and pick up some stuff for ebay.  D&J to scouts, G&I to post office and test drove a car.  It was NICE and G wanted to buy it on the spot.  Everyone home.  I stayed up LATE watching the college championship game with D, WOW what an ending!

20170108 - Organizing

20170108 - Up and hanging out around the house today.  L&G headed out to get groceries then came home and cooked lunch.  D posting things on ebay, I got a bunch of things done.  D headed out for lunch with DGF7.  All back home and L ran to the store for some craft stuff, no takers on going with her.  I took J and headed over to the Mallonn's to review car options and help with a hard drive.  Home and got G and took him to Granville for baseball practice.  I got a couple of things done during practice.  Home and got something to eat, watched some TV with the fam and then all to bed in good time.

20170107 + Bass Guitar

20170107 + Up and doing things in the office, L&J headed out for J's soccer game, D listing things on ebay. G&I headed out for his 1st basketball game of the season and to meet his team before the game. Game time and L&J showed up, J's new team lost. G had a great basketball game, getting 9 of their 17 winning points! L&J headed home, I dropped G off at a baseball clinic at the high school where D was helping. Home and L&I got cleaned up and headed out to meet some friends at the Shadowbox Live theater for dinner and entertainment. Keith, the repair manager for the Lexmark line at D1 was playing the bass guitar for the show and you could tell he loved doing it.  We had a BLAST!!! Home and all boys home, and off to bed.

20170106 - No Recollection

20170106 - Up in the am and in to work in the brisk 5 degree morning.  INCREDIBLY BUSY DAY!

20170105 + 1st Webelos Meeting

20170105 + Up in the am and in to work.  Full day, getting busier.  It snowed all day and the roads and traffic were a complete mess.  It took 1 hr and 4 min to make the trip home; normally 20 min.  Got home, ate with L, D did some shipping, J playing Xbox.  G&I headed back out into the snow to the first Webelos meeting of the year, we have missed a lot of them.  From there we went to get gas and ice cream.  Home and helped D with some stuff.  All to bed.

20170104 + Not What I Want

20170104 + Up in the am and in to work.  Justin pulled me in to his office this am and we had a good talk, we both want this to work.  Had a very busy day on calls and running around.  Straight to a Landscape Board meeting, then on to the local car dealership to test drive a car.  It was just OK, not a done deal, so talked with them a bit to let them know exactly what I am looking for.  Home and L&G in Reynoldsburg for his hitting practice,  D went to DGF7's after baseball conditioning, J skiing, so had a quiet dinner with Lilly.  Everyone showing up, and ready for bed.  Fast looong day.

20170103 - Bobblehead

20170103 - Up in the am and I headed into work through the rain.  L is working today too, leaving D&J at home.  I hope the house is standing when we get home...  Had a busy day at work getting some things done.  Home and Gma&paW brought G home today and brought dinner.  We had a nice meal and then L&I wrangled the boys to settling down and getting ready to start school back up tomorrow.  JG&I hung out and watched 'Cool Hand Look'.  D home and everyone to bed.

20170102 - CAR WARS

20170102 - Up in the am, had some bfast, down to the barn with DJG & Gma&paW to review the barn repairs and future plans, a lot of work.  In to the Farm House to look at the new well that was put in, kind of a mess, but will be nice when it is all done.  LDJ&I headed home and G hung around for an extra day.  Back in town and stopped at the car lot to look at some cars.  Home and got unpacked and L & I headed out to look at cars.  We went to 4 different lots and drove 4 different cars.  Found a couple that we liked and then got tied up with a sales guy that was doing everything he could to get us over extended for the next 6 years.  Somehow we resisted and made our way to Burger King to pick up some food.  We got home about 9:30 and watched the end of the Rose bowl with J.  D home and we all stayed up a bit more and watched some more football.  Long stressful evening...

20170101 - Winger Christmas

20170101 - Up in the am, had some bfast.  LDJ&I headed out looking for cars all over Mansfield, it was fun.  Over to Mary & John Terry's for the Winger Christmas.  Had a good meal, got to talk and catch up with the relatives, boy s did pretty good.  Played a lot of games, made a huge mess cutting out snowflakes.  Always a good time and a lot of fun.  Back to the Farm and watched 'Sully', pretty good movie, while researching cars.  Up late with D&GpaW watching TV, researching cars and they played chess, D won, not so gracefully.  To bed late.