20190430 + May Flowers a Day Early

20190430 + Up in the am dropped J off at school and did a loop back to avoid the crappy traffic on 270 created by the new construction. Working out of the new office today. Spent the morning heads down on some complicated calculations. Took a break at mid day to meet a Scouter downtown at the Scout Store. Usual BS with those folks, can't buy a patch without paperwork and signatures for God and POTUS..... UGH! we did manage to get some of the awards and the fellow I met first had saw the frustration and complication in the what should be extremely simple process... Back to the office and back on the screen, cracked the code and spent the rest of the day making sure things line up... Home and the flowers our friends from Holland gave us are blooming. Had a nice dinner for LJ&I, G had batting practice earlier and had McD's so he stayed on his Xbox. After dinner I headed to Panera Bread and hosted a Team App class, had 4 folks show up and they seemed to enjoy it and learn a lot. Home and watched the Blue Jackets win a very exciting ice hockey game. Got boys to bed, G not feeling well...

20190429 - 2:30 800m

20190429 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school and got the car filled with gas. Jumped on 270 and they have changed the traffic pattern so it was a NIGHTMARE... Finally got to work and got the week rolling. Had a busy day in my office getting a bunch of things done. Finished the day and headed home. Home and got L&G and we headed back across town to Dublin to pay $19 to watch J run in the 800 for 2 minutes and 33 seconds, a pretty good time for him. After J's run we waited and waited for him to get done and come join us so we could head home. Home and J&I cooked ourselves some dinner and we sat down to watch some TV. I headed out about 9 to get Doc and go to Bible Bangers where our friend Gregg that is becoming a police officer joined us for the first time in months. It was great to catch up with him and the other guys. We had a short lesson and then headed home. I stayed up to watch a show and then to bed in good time.

20190428 - Muddy Caver

20190428 - Up late as all baseball for the day has been cancelled due to drenched fields. G playing on the Xbox and L cleaning and running errands while I got some things done at the desk. In the afternoon we listed to D's game, Gma&paW went but D didn't play... LG&I took a walk downtown, G on his scooter to Coldstone for a sweet treat. We walked around down by the creek and then headed home. G&I settled int he living room and watched some TV until time to run and get J. I got to the church right before the campers pulled in and got J. He was all smiles. We swung through Wendy's to pick up some food on the way home. Home and we all sat at the table and J told us of his adventures and creepy things he saw. Very happy he went on the trip and had a good time. J got cleaned up and we watched some American Idol. I called D and discussed his approach in talking to his coach to get playing time before the season ends... up to him now, prayed for him. To bed and worked on a quick-start guide for Team App and Tuesday's meeting.

20190427 - HOME RUN

20190427 - Up but not too early and got a couple of things done at the desk before LG&I Loaded up and headed to Grove City. It had rained all night so we were greeted with a 3 hour delay when we arrived... So we went to Waffle House for a big yummy breakfast. After breakfast we made our way back to the fields where we met up with everyone and I scored the game before ours of a team made of Giants we had to play next. 

Finally game time and we got into it against the GIANTS and they hit 5 home runs to start the game... We then put G in to see if he could stop them and his 4th pitch sailed over the fence. This made him made and it was on. For the next two innings he held them to only score 1 an inning. 70 pitches later he was tired and they started hitting off of him so they pulled him to finish the game. He was only one of the 2 that hit against these guys too. Due to his efforts we only lost 15-1 (better than the 22-0 the team before us suffered) 

With very little delay game two started... it was against some of G's old friends and for a team he tried out with in the past. Frustrated from the previous beating G got up the plate, took one ball and then done something I had not seem him ever do before, he hit a home run and the place went nuts! It started off a hitting flurry that would allow the victory in only 3.5 innings. What a HIT! 

Here is a snip-it of the automated game recap from GameChanger: ...Gahanna Lions 12U Blue pulled away for good with seven runs in the second inning. In the second Grant W hit a solo homer, Owen T grounded out, scoring one run, Cade S singled on a 1-0 count, scoring one run, and Landon G drew a walk, scoring one run. 

After the game we got our soaked selves to the car and packed up and headed towards home. I made a special trip to Canes to buy the home run hitter his favorite meal. We swung by the McClain's for some pizza and chat before heading home and got ready for bed but stayed up and watched game 2 of the Blue Jackets hockey game, they won!

20190426 - Hieroglyphs

20190426 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school. In to the office where a couple more folks were let go... so it was quiet in the office... I found myself faced by an immensely complicated equation; luckily we have a part time college math professor working here and he lent me a hand. I use to love algebra... Finished the day and headed home. J's ride for the caving expedition showed up right after I arrived. So we got him packed up and J vanished for a couple of days... LG&I then jumped in the car and headed to a Mexican place someone at work recommended and it was fantastic. We swung by Lowe's on the way home to get some ferns for L to put all over the house. Home and making sure things were lined up for the weekend and then L&I settled in and watched 'Glass'. It was pretty good, but L slept through most of it. Got G off to bed and didn't stay up too late working on things. D's games for tomorrow have already been cancelled.

20190425 - Proof

20190425 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school and headed to the big office today. At the desk getting all sorts of things caught up and cleaning up the reports for the tool we worked on all week. A pretty busy day and got enough done in prep for tomorrow. Headed home and went straight to D-Bats to pick G up, he is hitting with a different bat and doing well... can't afford another expensive bat... After practice we headed home and got J drove me to Meijer so we could finish off his list of things to take caving this weekend. We got our supplies and headed home. J spent the rest of the evening packing and G was on the Xbox. We finished off the night and got to bed in good time.

20190424 + Batting Pink Petals

20190424 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. I’m to the new office and another full day of charts. Headed home and ran G out to Dbat for some swings and then J drove me to Meijer after sweeping the pink crab apple petals off his car to get supplies for his upcoming caving trip. Home and relaxed a bit before picking up the PC and working late into the night.

20190423 - Long Day, Bad Game

20190423 - Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to the new office. In the conf room all day again looking over charts. We did take a nice break for lunch at Old Bag of Nails in downtown Worthington. At the end of the day I headed to New Albany for G's baseball game. L&G met me there and then L ran over to the high school to watch J run, but he wasn't running until later so L came back. The game was HORRIBLE. Probably the worse I have ever seen our team play. G had one play where he attempted to get the runner out at 3rd and got scolded for it... and his at bat was an atrocious strike out. We lost 18-1 in 4 innings... L headed to J's track meet where she got to watch him run and he got a new persona record time. G&I home, both very frustrated with the game. L&J home, J on a terror trying to defend his grades... it did not go well for him. got J settled and he came up with a plan. We watched TV for a bit but all to bed in good time. I did a couple of things on the computer but got some good sleep.

20190422 - April 22nd

20190422 - Up in the am from a good nights rest and dropped J off for school and got gas and headed in to the big office to start the day. Spent the morning documenting the process for the new metrics tool. Had meetings all day until 8:30 pm and headed home, long, not so fun day. Got home and everyone home from practice and Scouts, J argumentative about the caving trip this weekend. We watched some American Idol. Bible Bangers cancelled due to my long day.

20190421 - Easter 2019

20190421 - Everyone up early and a pretty stressful getting to the car experience... we drove to Gma&paB's and headed to their church for Easter Service. We then all headed back to their house for a huge yummy meal. After the meal DJ, GpaB &I took a nap and G played with Sam and Lena. We chatted for a bit and then took off. Home and Lilly was outside all day, we forgot her... and she dug up a couple huge holes along the back of the house to let us know... D headed back to school and J&G helped me get the mower running with the supplies L&I got yesterday. J then helped me get the pump installed in the backyard and he headed in to get on the Xbox with G. I hung out on the back porch until L was done mowing and we headed in to watch a bit of American Idol before heading to bed.

20190420 + Vanishing Cards

20190420 + Up late, J's friends left, Boys watching cartoons, L ran out for some errands, I got some things done in the office. When L got home J drove D&G to D-bats for some hitting practice and J&I went to Planet Fitness where we did the 30 min workout. We then swung through Kroger to get fruit and nuts for me to take to work and J found L's check card in his wallet, she's going to KILL him as she has been looking for it all morning... J drove to D-bat to pick up D&G and we headed home. D&J brought the TV up and D helped me install it on the back porch and then J vanished to roam around town with his friends. D helped me push the mower up to the back porch and I worked on it making a list of parts that were needed. D&G played some wiffle ball in the backyard and L&I headed to Harbor Freight to get new tires = FAIL. We then found a TSC and went there to get the parts we needed. Discovered at TSC I didn't have my check card... Got our stuff, loaded it in the car, called Max & Erma's, they had my check card. Called pizza place and ordered dinner. Ran to Max & Erma's to get my check card and then to the pizza place to pick up dinner. Home and watched Instant Family with everyone and head dinner. Not up too late as we have an early start tomorrow.

20190419 - Movie Night

20190419 - In to work late. Hit the new office first and got things lined up. In to the big office next and caught up on a lot of things with a bunch of folks. Everyone loves the new metrics tool. Home and got the fam and we went to Max & Erma's for a nice dinner. We swung by the video store on the way home. Home and J had a couple buddies come over to spend the night and LDG&I watched a couple movies until late.

20190418 - G Pitching

20190418 - In to work. G had game, LG and Trent picked me up at the new office and we headed to Magnetic Springs for a very windy baseball game. Boys won, G got up to bat twice, got one hit and popped out. He closed the game and got , struck one out, one hit, an amazing diving catch of a pop up 2 feet in front of home plate and an easy ground out to close the game for the W. We stopped at a nice local place for some good food on the way home. Home and up late cleaning the new metrics app up until late.

20190417 - Metrics

20190417 - Up in the am and J got himself to school today. I stopped and got gas on way to the new office for the day. Had a full day and had to run and pick J up as soon as I got home. Up late working on the metrics tool.

20190416 - $ Run

20190416 - Up in the am early to get J to school for his test. I had a full day and swung by house and got L after work and we ran to J's track meet. It was the school where J use to play flag football. J ran great 1st lap, but got passed by almost everyone in the 2nd lap :-o  We got J after his race and drove him through KFC on way home. Home and G home from practice. Slowed things down for the evening and then I was up very late working on metrics tool.

20190415 - 2 Cooks

20190415 - Up slow in the am as J is walking to school later today. Got in to the office and got the week rolling. Had a full day and headed home. Had dinner with the fam and then L took J&G to Scouts and I ran to an Athletic Boosters meeting. After the meeting I headed home, L already got the boys. I stopped in for a minute and then got Doc and headed to Bible Bangers. 

20190414 - Chillin

20190414 + Up in the am and had some bfast. Got the car loaded up, said our goodbyes to Gma&paW and hit the road. Quiet ride home. Home and got everything unloaded. J drove L's big white car to get gas and then back home and he plugged in to the Xbox. G got home, walked upstairs and face-planted in his bed, he woke up about 4pm and then I helped him get his Xbox working. L and I got our things done around the house and then settled in to the living room and watched 'The Rain' and then started 'The haunting of Hill House'. Everyone down for a bite to eat at different times, but all down for American Idol. We watched the show together and then all headed to bed for a good nights sleep.

20190413 - Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm

20190413 - Up early and the adult Scout leaders had a fire started ready for the pot. We got the pot out, added some sap and got it on the fire. I am in charge of the boiling this year as Roger just had a heart valve replaced and cousin Dale is have breathing issues. Soon the Scouts were up wandering around, then some family showed up and then friends and folks we've know for years came from all over and showed up on a glorious day. We had plenty of sap to boil and it seemed like it would never finish, but that was ok, we had great conversations, great food and the kids were no where to be seen, they were exploring and getting dirty and being outside! SPRING IS HERE!

There were walks to the Falls, tours of the Farmhouse, swinging on the rope, and tales as far as you could see. We had about 80 folks show up and it was simply a gorgeous perfect day. We ran past our time on the invitation but the syrup was to the exact line on the hydrometer it needed to be and golden-brown syrup was pulled off at just the right time and absolutely heavenly!

We got the syrup poured off into jars, rested for only a minute and then had everything cleaned up in no-time like we had done this 18 times before and knew what we were doing.

We got up to the house cleaned up and GpaW and I ran to Mr. Hero to grab some dinner. Back to the house and we ate and everyone pretty much exhausted hung out just a bit before heading to bed.

20190412 - Prep Work

20190412 - L took J to school again today as I am staying home with G so L can do her parent teacher conferences. G&I headed out and swung by the post office on the way to CVS where we loaded up on supplies for the weekend. Back home and G asleep on the couch and I headed in to the office and had a couple calls and worked on things so weekend will be clear. Spent the majority of the day working on reporting and not getting done what I needed to... Finished up the day and had enough done that we were on our way by 4pm and got to the farm by 5ish. We helped with a couple jobs and then we all agreed we were as ready as we could be for tomorrow. We loaded up and all headed to Chinatown where my buddy 'Uncle Dave' met us and told the boys horrific stories of our youth hat made them laugh until they cried. It was a fantastic meal as expected and we were all full. Home and the Scouts had arrived. We went and checked on them, they are all good. J&G hung out with them for a bit, G up with me about 11pm (learned the next day J came up about 4am) not up too late so we can get up for tomorrow's activities.

20190411 + All Home

20190411 + L took J to school today as I am staying home with G so L can do her parent teacher conferences. Up late and got ready for the day, G asleep on the couch. In to the office and on calls and getting things done. L stopped home for lunch and to check on G. Still more calls and a busy day. Finished up the day and came out of the office. Nothing on the calendar for tonight so we hung out, boys on Xboxes and L&I doing things in the living room. Nice quiet evening and all to bed in good time.

20190410 - State Testing

20190410 - Up in the am a bit early as J has state testing this week and got him to school early. In to the new office today and spent a bunch of time reviewing processes with the accounting team this morning. Spent the day cleaning things up and moving forward. Had a new fire-drill introduced this afternoon that will bend my brain. Home and got a bite to eat and then headed to the City Landscape Board meeting. It was a long meeting tonight reviewing things and discussing the future of the Board... Home and on the couch with G watching some movies and working on the brain bender until 3am.

20190409 - Sleepers

20190409 - Up in the am and no J, he has big tests today and doesn't have to be to school until 11. I took my first call of the day from home and then hit the gas station and headed in to work. Got a bunch of stuff done today. Got a call from L in the middle of the day that she was on her way to D's game at Otterbein and got a call to pick up G sick from school... I finished my day and tried to get a scoring replacement for G's game tonight but that didn't work out so home and got baseball stuff, checked on G shivering and barfing and headed to the field, J was still at track. Got to the field and it was a pretty sloppy game. L&G went to urgent care to get him checked out. G's team barely won and I swung through Arby's to pick up dinner for J&I on the way home. Home and ate, relaxed a bit in the living room falling asleep sitting up. In to bed, awake a bit so got a couple of things done. G joined me in the middle of the night and we watched some TV. I woke up at 5am with TV still on, G gone. Tried to get some more sleep.

20190408 - Doc's Almost 80!

20190408 - Up in the am and J moving extra slow. Taking J's car to work today as L said she would clean my car if I left it home for the day, DONE! Dropped J at school and headed in to work. Getting things organized for an INCREDIBLY BUSY week ahead. Had a good day and headed home in good time. J didn't go to his track meet tonight due to the injury on his leg so we were all home for dinner. After dinner I helped G with some Scout stuff and then JG&I headed to Scouts, J drove. Had a good Scout meeting and then home for a sec before getting Doc and heading to McD's for Bible Bangers. We met tonight mostly to celebrate Docs' 80 bday tomorrow. We loaded him up with food, had some good talk and then headed home to watch the NCAA Basketball final. It was a good game to have on in the background as I finished some work up until 3am...

20190407 + Lots of Baseball

20190407 + Up in the am and everyone ready and we headed to Berliner for G's games. D joined us to watch the games and G loved that he was there (we all did).  Game 1 was was a good game and went quick beating the Columbus Cobras in 4 innings 9-0. About an hour later we ran into the Ohio Hitmen and it was a battle. Full 6 innings of intense baseball. G made several unbelievable plays that received cheers from both sides of the fence, Hidden ball trick, fully extended stop at 3rd to 1st and a line drive jump, catch and run to 3rd for an unassisted double play, even D was flabbergasted at his playing. His hitting needs work, but he's working on that. The boys lost to the Ohio Hitmen, but it was one of the toughest games they have played and they had a 6' tall boy pitch the entire game, 108 pitches = CRAZY for a 12 year old...  but they had to throw their best against us... We all headed home, got a couple things done and then J took off on his bike and a bit later LDG&I headed to Cane's for dinner where we met up with J and his buddies that rode their bike there. After dinner LGD&I headed to Meijer to get some things and then back home. When we got home J was there and injured, he slipped on a curb and has a huge gash by his knee... Things calmed down for the evening and D headed home. J&G got on the Xboxes and L&I relaxed and watched some American Idol until the guys showed up to watch the Walking Dead. To our surprise last week was the season finale so there was no show to watch. We watched a different show and just hung out and chatted. All boys to bed and L&I watched a bit more TV before I headed to the office to get a couple of things done. Got to bed in good time, need to catch up on sleep and get ready for a busy week.

20190406 - Nice Team

20190406 - Up in the am and to the baseball fields at Berliner early with our 1st game at 9am. We played the Junior Vipers and won 10 to 3. During the break L&I headed to Subway to get some lunch and headed back for the next game at 1 where we played 5 Star Midwest. As we all know a long break between games kills our kids and they did not show up... We lost that one 14-1 in 4 innings... After the beating G&I took John and Owen home and then met up with L at the McClain's new house to help out a bit. L&Tiff were gone and Brady, Landon and G went across the street to the park, Brady & Landon thought it would be funny to have G go back and forth across the busy street looking for them a couple of times... it did NOT GO OVER WELL and G as FURIOUS...  L had my car or I would have taken him home... He pulled himself together, the other boys apologized and we stayed for a bit longer before bailing out and heading home. Home and G got cleaned up, we got J out of his room off the Xbox and then hung out for the evening getting some things done and relaxing.

20190405 - Yellow

20190405 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school. Got some gas and headed in to the new office for the morning. Had a good productive day and headed home. L had went over to the McClains to help out and G was at baseball practice. J&I hung out for a bit and then J drove me to the post office and out to the McClain's where we met up with Bill and J followed him to drop off his moving truck. On the way back to the McClain's J dropped himself off at a buddies house to spend the night. Bill and I got back to his place and I put a plug in his tire and we helped the girls move things and had some pizza. Home in good time so the boys could rest before tomorrow.

20190404 - New House

20190404 - Up in the am with only 2.5 hrs sleep in me and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Pretty tired, its going to be a hard day. Managed to make it through the day and get a lot done. Headed home, swung by to pick up L and she dropped me off at Tuffy where I paid for J's car repair and then he showed up, he walked there from track practice. J drove us home and said the car was performing better. L cooked us some dinner while J&I shipped ebay stuff. We all ate and then J went up to get on the Xbox, G went to help with the local baseball community league tryouts and L&I swung past the post office on the way to the McClains where we helped them move into their new house. It is very big and very pretty. Tom dropped G off at the McClain's and he helped a bit too. Home and got everyone settled. I started working and feel asleep... Woke back up, attacked the bug and finally got it figured out at 3:30am.

20190403 - Cold Running

20190403 + Up in the am and dropped J off at school on the way in to work. Went to the old office today. Spent the morning with Jason going over things and then he had an all hands meeting. Settled in the office for the rest of the afternoon and went heads down building an app. Headed to the high school in Westerville right after work to meet up with L at J's track meet. He is only running in one event and it wasn't for another 36 hours so we found our friends the Varney's and watched some of their son Donovan's game and caught up. Back over the to track and we watched their other son Cameron run and finally J ran as the sun went down and the air hit arctic lows in the mid negative teens... J did good in his race coming in 9th. L took off as soon as it was over and I waited for J so I could take him home... and waited... and finally game up and headed to the car, he can always ride the bus home... J called as soon as I got int he car... J and his buddy Bryce finally showed up. We headed home with a stop at Yogi's Hoagies for some awesome food. We ate in the restaurant and the boys told me of the bus tire blowing out on the way tot he meet and how the bus driver hit a trash can and mailbox when it blew out and drove the rest of the way to the meet with it flat.. Back to Gahanna and dropped J's friend off and then J&I swung by the McClain's new house to look around. We scared TifF, she was in the house unpacking by herself... Place looks very nice. Home finally and chatted with G for a bit before sending them all to bed. I stayed up until 4 working on the new app...

20190402 - Guilty

20190402 - Up in the am and J running late for school, forgot his phone and pc... got him to school and headed to the new building for the day. Tied off a bunch of little projects today and finishing some things up ready for the next wave. Finished the day up a bit late to line up the arrival time for my first Civil Service meeting. Of course traffic was a nightmare and I got to the meeting about 5 min late. We had the meeting in the formal council chamber and it was pretty cool. The meeting was pretty short and I got out of there in good time and headed to G's baseball game. I heard G's first at bat on GameChanger and he started the season off for himself and the team with a standup double! I got to G's game and they boys were doing pretty good. G got 1 more hit and popped out once so 2 for 3 for the day. They pulled him in to pitch after 1 out in the 4th and he pitched the rest of the game shutting them down and the boys won. Home and J being a bit of a jerk so headed into the office to work on taxes. Got done with taxes at 2am and headed to bed.

20190401 - L Bday

20190401 - Up in the am and L opened her presents. I then dropped J off at school on the way into work. I had an extremely busy day catching up from off last Friday and the reduction in staff... Left work a bit late and met LJ&G at Rusty Bucket for a bday dinner for L. It was a nice dinner, then home quick for the boys to change and take them to Scouts. I Checked in with the Scout leaders and headed home. Hung out with L did some work on the PC and watched American Idol with L. We cancelled Bible Bangers tonight and one of the leaders brought J&G home and we all hung out and watched American idol until late. Up late working on PC.