080517 - PARTY

080517 - Up and getting ready for the big Carnaval Party! Here the kids are playing games. All are having fun!

080516 - Happy Jack Day!

080516 - Jack turned 5 today!!!!! We went to a Md's play place for lunch, waited for Howdy and after school went to the premier of Narnia 2, where Jack took a snooze (during the boring part), ran home, changed and off to Howdy's baseball game (they won!), hame to open present! A quick bath and to the basement for a movie. Tonight we have 'The Screaming Skull' & 'The Giant Leaches'. Lori is busy getting ready for tomorrow's big party and praying it won't rain!

Greatest Show on EARTh

080515 - Tonight we are starting Jack's birthday early with a trip to the opening night of 'The Ringling Brothers Circus' in the Nationwide Arena downtown. We're out late tonight!

080509 - Marker

080509 - Up and at it. had a good talk w/ Andre today, now back in sync w/ a plan. Had lunch w/ Courtland. Home watching the boys so L could go to a tea party @ D's school ans I had a cal... Well I just got off a call & I Went to check on the boys because they were too quiet. Seems they found a marker to play with...
080508 - Jeff & I met w/ our accountant this morning. L to a Mother daughter thing in Newcomerstown. Me and the boys ran errand, had BK for dinner while watching 'Jack the Giant Killer', a 1960's movie w/ claymation monsters in it. We were up very late.
080507 - Karate night so too busy.

080504 - Done

080504 - Today marks the end of my yard work for the year! We got everything mulched, trimmed and ready for the summer & Jack's bday party next week. Ran some errands in the afternoon and bought widows for the rental repairs. Brought pizzas home for dinner, then hung out in the backyard to end the day.

080502 - Landscaping

080503 - Up trying to get some plants and mulch around the maple. Started raining, I wasn't smart enough to quit... Got it done though. Got a bite and clnd up and took Howdy & Pickles (Jack picked that nickname for himself...) to see the 'Iron Man', great movie! Home w/ dinner: Lori finished mulching the front of the house (note to self: I need to go to movies more often). Ate, gave baths and movies in the basement.
080502 - Went and checked the Whitehall rental: not as bad as I expected. Home watched 'jason & the Argonauts' w/ all the boys. Play Star Wars w/ howdy on the Wii.
080501 - Spent 5 hrs digging an edge and cutting roots around the maple in the back yard, lots of blisters. Pettit boys stopped over to play.
080430 - Karate night, then out late w/ the family shopping & the root beer stand.
080429 - Baseball practice night. Had a late night ColdwaterREI meeting w/ Jeff, LLC signed today.
080428 - Karate night. Tim Horton's Bible banger meeting.