20171130 - Strange Smile

20171130 - Worked from home today. Took a break and delivered a wreath on the other side of town at lunch. D worked at D-Bats and G&I to D-Bats for hitting in the evening then ran halfway across town and dropped G off at basketball practice. Ran to get a scout award at the church for a boy finishing up his eagle. Home for a couple min and then back out to get G... We dropped off a couple of the baseball cards D sold and picked up some Arbys for a 10PM dinner.

20171129 + J Tooths

20171129 + Up in the am and in to work. J went to the dentist today.

20171128 - Bland Tuesday

20171128 - Up in the am, did something all day and grant listened to music.

20171127 + Final Touches

20171127 + Up in the am and ready for work. Hung back a bit waiting on J's bloody nose to stop and then took him to school. On in to work for a busy Monday. Home and G helped put the final touches on the tree.

20171126 - Decoration Day

20171126 - Up in the am and LDJ&I headed to church. I couldn't follow the sermon... Home and work day around the house. LD&J headed outside. I got things organized in the office and ran to Dave's warehouse to pick up some stuff for orders. Hoe and got things shipped then headed to the bedroom to take apart the dresser and fix it. Headed out to the garage and D & DGF7 putting up lights for L, J bailed out to go scootering after racking all the leaves and using the compressor to blow off the driveway. I rebuilt the tent with the reinforcing plates. Light up and pine roping and D pulled down some of the ivy growing crazy, it made him breakout. D & DGF7 helped me put the tent back together and then I fabricated new rail for L's dresser. L put the tree and Gma&paW showed up with G and loads of stuff. L made us some dinner and had to run and get J from church with an out of control bloody nose and a story of digging paper towels out of the toilet with his bare hands... After dinner L did some laundry and G&I hit the couch to watch Ant Man for a bit before the guys showed up to watch The Walking Dead.

20171125 - Beat the TUN

20171125 - Up in the am and messing around a bit until L sent me to the store to get some groceries to make stuff to take to the Pettit's OSU Michigan party. There were a lot of people at the store and it took forever... Home and D&DGF7 went out for lunch and shopping at Easton. LJ&I drove across the road to get Doc and we headed to the party. It was the usual crowd and there was quite a stressful game going on. L won $50 in some squares and the Buckeyes ended up pulling off a win beating Michigan! We headed home after the game and I crashed for a nap while L&J worked on school stuff. Up and watched some more football until bedtime.

20171124 + Black Friday

20171124 + Up in the am and L&I left DJ&G with Gma&paW to go shopping. DJ&G had all kinds of chores to do and then hit a movie and some stores. L&I went to many of the usual stores and got a little bit of our Christmas shopping started. We had a nice lunch and did a bit more shopping before heading back to the Farm. We got everything packed up, the boys and Gma&paW got home and showed us all the things they got, many of them on the Christmas lists we just went shopping for... LDJ&I headed home and G stayed for a couple more days.  We got home and swung through Moe's to get some food. Home, unpacked and ate. D ran to see DGF7 and J played the xBox. D got home and played the xBox with J a bit before we all headed to bed.

20171123 - Farm Thanksgiving

20171123 - Up in the am and DJG&I headed down to the Farmhouse to meet up with the hunters. All suited up in our orange and off to the hunt. The uncles and dog are getting a bit slow and G was our main pheasant kiker-up-er. We saw about half of the pheasants we set out and most of them laughed at us as we all shot at them and watched them fly away. At the end of the hunt Greg got 2, and D&I each got 1. We headed to the Springhouse and cleaned up the birds and headed up to the house to get cleaned up. All cleaned up and we headed down to the Farmhouse to meet with the family and share stories and memories. Hard not having Martha there this year. The food was good and there was plenty of it. We stayed lat and put together puzzles and had a good time. Back up to the house to slow down, unwind and look at ads. So thankful to have this family and for my boys to be a part of it.

20171122 - Bird Placing

20171122 - Up in the am and at the desk knocking things out so we could get on the road. L got everyone packed up and the boys helped me get the rack on the back of the car. We got on the road about noon and I took a call that lasted almost the entire drive. We got to the Farm, unpacked and I hit the PC again working until Roger showed up with 20 pheasants. We got dressed up and headed out to seed the fields. Roger, GmaW, DJG&I walked down through the fields and put the pheasants out in various places. It wasn't miserable cold and was easier than previous years the boys are getting good at it. After we got the all set out we headed in. I did a bit more on the PC and then we headed to Jake's in Ashland for a nice dinner. Back to the Farm and we wound down the night and got to bed in good time.

20171121 - Pencil Scetch

20171121 - Up in the am and J home from school sick today. I stopped at Kroger on the way to work to get food for the dinner we are having today. In and getting things done. Took a break for lunch and made a plate from the spread and had a good meal. I got a lot done and ready for the busy holiday. Home and G&I ran around delivering wreaths for J who still isn't feeling well. L has things ready for tomorrow, I stayed up late getting my things lined up.

20171120 - iPhone X

20171120 - Up in the am an J not feeling well. We drugged him up and I dropped him off at school, filling out the paperwork and leaving some pills behind so he can make it through the day. Only reason he is going is the choir practice at the high school this morning and then again later this evening. Made it in to work and got the week rolling. Had a productive day and then headed home. L&G to his basketball practice, D was working and then ran to Scouts for me. J sleeping as he came home in the middle of the school day sick. I headed out to a Booster meeting. Home and D&I took the tent apart so L could get her car in. I headed to Bible Bangers with Doc. It was a good short meeting. Home and set up my new phone :-)

20171119 - 4 Games

20171119 - Up in the am and LG&I headed to G's basketball preview in Worthington. It was a crazy madhouse double gym full of kids bouncing basketballs everywhere. I did my best to keep score for the 4 scrimmages, must faster than baseball... Home in the early afternoon. D&J just beat us home. D&I worked on the tent leg that snapped and J was out scootering around Creekside getting free stuff from the vendors down there for the Holiday of Lights festival. When J got home he and I went to pick up the wreaths he had sold for Scouts, D&G headed to D-Bats. Home and we sorted them, delivering to the neighbors and dividing into the various cars for later delivery. L heated up the pork we got from the Scout Thanksgiving and we had a yummy dinner. After dinner LJ&G hung out on the couch watching TV, D worked on college stuff and I got some things done in the office. Before long my buddies came over to watch The Walking Dead with DJ&I. Up late getting things done and ready for the crazy short week ahead.

20171118 + Scout Thanksgiving

20171118 + Up way too early in the am and was surprisingly warm. G&I out of the tent for bfast that D orchestrated the cooking of the bisquits. It was a good bfast and I packed up and headed home in an onion scented car... Home and got a warm shower, coffee and rested. L was busy getting things done around the house and I headed out to pick up a couple things for the Scouts. Made it back to the campsite and had some chili watching G split more wood. I drug G away from the axe and got him home. He got cleaned up and we both fell asleep for an afternoon nap. This tells me I am not able to easily adapt to sleeping outside in a tent as I used to be... Before we knew it we packed up and headed to the campsite for the Troop 98 25th annual Court of Honor Thanksgiving Feast. We had an awesome meal, best we've had in the many years. The meeting was good and the boys all got recognized for their accomplishments for the last year. D&I had to run out during the meeting to take our tent down, the high winds snapped on of the inner supports :-o After the dinner LG&I left D&J there for the night as we headed home to warm up and watch some football.

20171117 - 1st All 4 Campout

20171117 - Up in the am and in to work. Morning went fast, trying to clean out open action so next week goes smooth. Home as the boys were finishing their packing for the campout, G was a bit anxious. I double checked their packs and the boys headed out. I finished getting ready and then headed to McD's to pick up some food. I got the camp out just as the Troop did and helped D set up the tent. D&I got our cots set up and then checked in on J and helped the adults get some things done. G had a blast splitting wood. After everything was done we all sat around the fire for a bit and listened to stories. This is the first time ever all the Winger boys together at a Scout campout! G&I headed out so they could tell some grownup stories. We got situated in our sleeping bags and fell asleep quickly. I only woke up about 4 times, to the hard pouring rain, I love that sound.

20171116 - Lots o Cake$

20171116 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a super busy mornings getting ready for and having calls, that ended up lasting all day. Headed to meet D&G at D-Bats. D was working for them helping with the kids, he was giving private lessons to them and looked like he loved it. Hope this turns into a job for him. G was there for his hitting league and did pretty good. G&I headed out after he was done, D stayed to work. G&I ran home, got his cake and J and we headed to the cake auction. It was a good auction and G's cake went for $240! the highest of the night. It was a good time. After the auction we headed home past Arby's for dinner. Home and D scared G, which caused him to drop our dinner on the driveway and get our food covered with pine needles... In and ate, talked to L about the baseball meeting she went to at the high school. All wound down for the night.

20171115 + Icing on the Cake

20171115 + Up and in to work. At lunch I ran to the Scout store to get awards.  Printed off all the programs for the Court of Honor this weekend.  Home and D at work, LJG&I had dinner together and then L went to meet Marlene for coffee and to get her snow pants. G&I finished his cake for the auction tomorrow night. I then installed a new router in the basement.

20171114 - 2 Chefs

20171114 - Up and L&D to Wilmington College for a visit. I worked at home today, got a lot done. G home for a sec and back to the school to play a bit. J home and got his robe on did homework. L&D home and told all about the school, they LOVED it. After dinner G&I baked a bunch of cakes in prep for the upcoming Scout Fellars Cake Auction. I then headed to Scouts for a Board of Review. Home and up late getting the awards entered and getting the program ready for this weekend.

20171113 - No Lanes Open

20171113 - Up in the am and in through the cold for a long workday. Home and D&J to Scouts. G had basketball practice.  I went to pick him up and we swung by Meijer to get him some new boots for the campout he is going on with his big brothers this weekend. We then swung by scouts to get advancements and check in.  Home and hung out a little bit before turning in.

20171112 - Robed Scootin

20171112 - LJG&I to Church, D to work. We attempted to go to Waffle House for lunch, too crowded, ended up at Big Boy. Home and J&I got changed and added some antifreeze to the white car and headed out to help with a Scout Eagle project. Project was digging hole, setting post and stringing rope and wire to make a BB Gun range. L&G headed to G's scrimmage in New Albany. Project was well organized and went smooth, D stopped by after work. J&I headed to Home Depot to get parts to fix the washing machine drain (white car not overheating :-) Home and J fixed the washing machine on his own then rode his scooter for a bit. I fluffed up the fire extinguishers and mounted them. L&G home, G did good, D working on ACT prep stuff all afternoon. L cooked us some dinner and we headed to the basement to watch "" it was a good action flick. After the move L nodded off, D went back up to study, JG&I watched a couple of episodes of 'Galavant'. No friends came over for to watch The Walking Dead, but DJ&I watched it, it was good. D up late working on ACT prep, I tried to help, math is WAY beyond me... Up late working on a college grid.

20171111 + Final Touches

20171111 + Up late and J&I installed a trailer hitch G&I installed a wiring harness in the new car. J out riding around town, D&G out to D-Bats. J home and helped me install a Bra to cover the cracks on the front end. All home to McClains to hang out and relax. Home not too late, exhausted and out.

20171110 - Veteran's Day

20171110 - Up and ready for the day. Working partial day from home so got morning things done. Gma&paB showed up and we headed to Jack's school for the Veteran's Day program, J did good introducing GpaB and the doing the Flag Folding ceremony. Home and GpaB & I were heads down working on our PC's until L got home and then we all went to lunch. After lunch I dropped L & Gma&paB off at G's school then took the car home where I met D who was home for the day because he gave blood. D&I walked back to the school and watched G's Veteran's Day assembly, quite emotion seeing all these little kids and hearing them sing in addition to this being G's last one :-( D ran off to see his old teachers. Home and Gma&paB left, I took a nap before the boys got home. Everyone home and D & DGF7 making more deep fried desserts and then headed out to be with friends all night. J headed out to a friends bday party, LG&I went to see Daddy's home. We were going to get something to eat but all ate too much popcorn so skipped dinner. Home and we pulled up the first Daddy's home and watched that. I ran and picked up J from his bday party, he had a good time. Up till 4am for an emotional night sending 11/11 letters, 47 this year.

20171109 + Fog Wall

20171109 + Up and forgot my phone at home so 2 trips to get to work this morning and through a fog wall. headed over to our offsite storage location for an audit.  Headed home and swung by D-Bats to watch G in his hitting league. We headed home and swung through Burger King to pick up some dinner. We ate fast then G&I to Scouts and had a good meeting.

20171108 - Sneaky Presentation

 20171108 - Up in the am and in to work. Home and G disappeared to the basement to do his presentation for school. JG&I headed out to some stores to do our annual Santa scan. Home and D made dessert that was pretty good and we were up late dealing with college stuff.

20171107 - Sick Boy G

20171107 - Up in the am and in to work. I left L&G at home as G was sick.

20171106 - 3 of a Kind

20171106 - UP in the am and the boys had no school today, L did and I had to work. I was able to work from home in am and picked DeVonn up at airport and we headed towards the office.  We met Justin for lunch and then went on to meet Mike at our offsite storage location. Finished the day in the office. D took his new gun shooting, L went to Dr. about her finger, she sliced it 3 times trying to relieve pressure, no luck so strong antibiotics. L took J&G shopping. I got home D at DGF7's and G at basketball practice. LJ&I ate and hung out until D got home to pick up J for Scouts. L ran to get G and pick up her antibiotics. All home eventually and winding down. I headed out to Bible Bangers on my own tonight, Doc not feeling well.

20170105 + Dylan Eagle Court of Honor

Up in the am and got all my paperwork done for the week. We got everything loaded and everyone ready for D's Eagle Court of Honor. Gma&paB stopped by the house before and gave him his gift, awesome Henry Golden Eagle rifle. We then headed to the church and got things set up. L had everything planned out and it looked fantastic. The ceremony started and went off without a hitch. It was a beautiful ceremony that flowed nicely and wehn D got his chance to address the crowd of people that showed up that had been a part of his life at present and in past events it really hit him. He got very emotional and I think it finally hit him how important this life milestone was... After the ceremony L had nice refreshments and snacks for folks and everything went smooth.

Home for a bit to unload the video and change and hen out for a nice dinner with Gma&paW. Home and we looked at D's new gun and the scrapbook GmaW put together for him with all the letters from famous folks and big companies from all over the country.  What a super nice day!

20171104 - Ragnorok

20171104 - Up in the am and doing final prep on Eagle Stuff for tomorrow. At the desk and paid bills for next 2 weeks. D gone, J out on the town with friends, L&I on back porch watching OSU in the afternoon until we got too cold. We headed in and the buckeyes were losing bad so JG&I bailed and went to see the new Thor - Ragnorok movie, it was great! We got Arby's on the way home and had a feast.

20171103 - Audit

20171103 - Up in the am and in to work starting off with a call and then we had a lady come in to do an audit I hosted. The audit went well and I finished off the day. Home and getting things lined up for the busy weekend ahead.

20171102 - Candle Log

20171102 - Up in the am and in to work. Had to catch-up on some reporting and host a call first thing in the am. Then calls and tasks the rest of the day. L had parent teacher conferences today. Had a long day and headed home. Got to see D for a minute before he headed to work. LJG&I had dinner and then L took G to basketball and J&I made a candle holder for D's Court of Honor. We then headed in to relax and watch some TV. I fell asleep for a min before going to pick G up from basketball. Home and boys ready for bed. D&I stayed up going over things that need to get done. Up late simplifying things.

20171101 - G Annoyed with L

20171101 - Up in the am and working from home today. Ran to get my drivers license renewed, hair cut, ink and bank between calls. Got a lot done today, it is easier to focus and knock things out in the home office even with L home, G home, J home, D home: a constant stream of activity happening outside the office. Finished up and D headed over to DGF7's while LJG&I hit a pizza place and did some shopping in the rain. Home and L&G watched the World Series while J&I headed to the basement to watch 'The Purge'. D came home, J&I finished up our movie and joined the fam watching the Series. They fell asleep one by one and I was the last person awake by the end of it. Stayed up ordered some things for the car, tried to get organized for tomorrow.