20210926 Up and did a bit in the bathroom, Chris Bowman picked G up and took him to fill in for a baseball game.  L, Hazel and I got to a stopping point and went and watched G play a bit.

Home and L&I ran to CVS to get cough stuff for me and readers for her. On to home depot to get some paint and plumbing supplies.

Home and I did a couple more things in the bathroom and we grilled dinner.

Ate, cleaned up the garage, did some stuff on the PC and then 



Up late

worked on bathroom

GmaB and Nicole over to take pics of J&G for homecoming

Took G to Creekside to meet up with his friends for Homercoming pics, had him jump out and he was on his own

Worked on bathroom more

L home, helped a bit and then we ran over to McClain's to watch Buckeye's game with them.

They had some neighbors over.

Tiff spilled the beans on J&I's Vegas secret...  L was wasn't too upset about the tattoos...

Home and watched some more football

J&G out having a blast, spent the night at friends




D stopped by, got groceries with G, took him to apt and back home

D drove LG&I to 5 Guys for dinner and then Home Depot to get supplies for the bathroom

Home and L&I finished installing tile around the shower and window

Up until 5:30 am building an app for work


  20210923 + 

Varney's dropped of trim router, chatted for a bit

Lori got tile around the window done


20210921 - Up in the am and J&G at school and L home with her shingles again today. I got rolling and had a call. Hazel and I took a short walk. J got home and I ran to pick up taxes. Back to the office and I got busy on an unplanned frustrating day.


20210920 - Up in the am and J&G at school. I hung out and did my morning stuff in the living room with L & Hazel. I moved in to the office and got things rolling. Hazel and I took a mid day break and walked to the end of the road and back. J home and mowed the yard. I had to run and pick G up from XC as the coach asked him to take it easy today. Home and finished my day and threw the ball to hazel for a bit. J took off and G came down and joined L&I for dinner. After dinner I put another coat of mud in the bathroom and then cleaned up. L&I chilled out the rest of the night watching fixer-uper shows.


20210919 - Up in the am and L headed to her Dr. appointment where she got the confirmation that she has shingles... I ran G to a meet the coach event in Westerville. We swung by Home Depot on the way home to get more supplies for the bathroom. Home and L ran a couple of errands and I did some planning for the bathroom. L home and I ran to a bday party for a coworker over on sawmill for a bit. Home and I did the electrical prep work in the bathroom and then got the rest of the drywall hung and a first coat of mud on it. Done working for the day we had some dinner and then L&I hung out watching TV for the rest of the evening. 


20210918 - Up in the am, L dropped G off at the school for his XC meet. I headed to the clinic to get a COVID test, it was negative! L headed to watch G run. I got home and started some drywall work over the window in the bathroom. L called, G was in 1st in his race for the first mile, dropped back to second for the 2nd mile and then….  almost everyone else finished the race and no G… he finally showed up and finished. Apparently he started feeling strange and passed out mid stride. A New Albany player helped him get up and he finished the race. L home and we hung out on the porch watching some football. I ran and got G and some food for him. Home and watching football on the back porch as we hear the Jazz & Blues Fest spinning up downtown. D sent us pics from the game. 


20210917 - Up late and everyone at school. I got up and around and had a call. L&J home and I was working on the back porch with the sound from the 'Jog for Jefferson' cheering in the background. Moved inside in the afternoon. I finished my day and L ran and picked dinner up for us. We are on the porch and then to watch TV and I got a bunch of email out of the way and we found a place for me to get a COVID test tomorrow so I don’t have to wear a mask around the house. I stayed up and waited for J to get home before heading to bed. 


20210916 - Up slow in the am, feeling pretty bad, soar throat and achy. Everyone at school and I got to the desk where I made a couple calls and then decided I was not going to go in to the office and expose others to my illness. So I was parked at the desk for the day non-stop. After work L went to pick G up from XC and then run him to a dinner with the team. I put foam in the south wall of the bathroom and then set up in the living room to try to get caught up. J&JGF6 stopped by for a short visit this evening and L&I just hung out in the living room with masks on. Talked to Gma&paW a bit, they are going to try and take the tractor to Wooster tomorrow to get worked on. Up late, couldn't sleep.


20200915 - Up in the am not feeling great. Everyone at school and I got to the desk for a busy day. D stopped over in the afternoon and cut a board to make a shelf for his hats in his apartment. I finished my day and feeling worse and worse parked it on the couch and tried to get caught up on stuff. Up late getting all our tax stuff done for 2020. 


20210914 - Up in the am and everyone at school. I worked all day and got lots of things done but still very far behind. L has had a couple days of school now and comes home with stories of all the new kids and crazy things that happened throughout her day. I was pretty wiped out so didn't do much for the evening. I helped L in the bathroom trim some drywall and get ready for the next steps. D had a championship game tonight that they won!


 20210913 - Up in the am and everyone at school. I got to the desk and that was it for the day... I didn't take laptop with me to Las Vegas and today the 700+ emails that came in over the last 4 days kept me busy. Add the calls coming in and I was lucky to get anything done... J home,  L home, and L ran to get G. I came out for dinner and LG&I ate, J took off to be with friends and apply for new jobs. We ate and talked to Lonie about buying a house and then ran downtown to see D's new apartment. Home and watched some football.


20210912 - Well we didn't get much sleep, but now J can say he has taken the red eye. We landed at 5am and got a cab home. L came out to say hi and then all to bed. J was gone by the time I got up. L said he told her all about the trip. L had grouted the floor while I was gone and it looks GREAT! I ran G to his basketball and then took Hazel to the dog park for a bit. We got frostys on the way home and then had our treat before heading back out to pick G up. Home and hung out, Chris came over and we watched 2 episodes of Walking Dead to get caught up. Headed to bed after a long, exhausting but really cool weekend with J.


 20210911 - Up later in the am and we checked out. We checked our bags with the bell hop and so we didn't have to carry them around all day and headed out. We caught the bus north and stopped a couple places J saw the last couple days that he wanted to revisit. We then took a break from the heat and found a sports bar in a casino where we watched the end of the OSU Oregon game. OSU lost, BUT, because the $20 sport wager I placed had the best chance to profit if the Ducks won and I bought a 'Oregon to Win' ticket, I turned my $20 in to $110!!! We headed back out in the heat and caught the bus to the las Vegas sign where we found a local that took us past the line of folks waiting to get their pics taken and got pics for us. 

Back to the hotel, got our bags and hung out in a sport bar for a bit. I headed out and cashed out all my chips and sport tag. We then walked through to Mandalay Bay to kill some time and caught an Uber to the airport. We headed there early because we didn't know what traffic was going to be like, or security at the airport and didn't want to miss our flight. In hindsight we could have found a couple more places to explore and still had plenty of time. We found some neck pillow and got to the gate and just waited and watched people. We got ton the plan at 10pm PST and will wake up in Columbus.

Back at home L got the bathroom grouted today and G had a XC meet that he went down with some boys last night and spent the night and went out for a team dinner. He came in 31st out of 300+ runners in the JV race!


20210910 - Up in the am and J and I headed down to find the buffet. It was in the basement of the pyramid and it was MASSIVE. We got our fill and then caught the bus heading north. We got off in old Vegas, walked a couple blocks and arrive at the Pawn Stars Gold and Silver Pawn shop. We went in and checked the place out. J got a little necklace for JGF6 there. We walked across the street so J could check out a tattoo shop. We caught another bus and headed to the Strat Casino where we headed Shout on the strip for another 2.5 mile hike in the 102 degree desert day. We stopped at Circus Circus and saw a trapezes show and J found a sweatshirt. Found a couple more Tattoo shops he wanted to visit. We went in and out of casinos checking them out and when we made it to Treasure Island we caught a bus and headed back to the Luxor. Back to home base and cleaned up and killed some time resting until we got ready and caught an Uber to the Rio. It was my first Uber ride ever and I was amazed at how easy it was and wondered why I hadn't done this before... We got the Rio and J got kicked off the casino floor while I signed up for a rewards card. J&I met up at the entrance and headed up 50 floors to the VooDoo Steak and Roof Top Lounge. I got a smoking drink and we had FABULOUS STEAKS. J had to take lots of pics of his food and we enjoyed every bite. After dinner we found the theatre and got checked in. J tried to buys us water before the show at the bar and they wouldn't even sell him water... We got our two $7 bottles of water and made our way to the front row of Penn & Teller and settled in for an AMAZING, MIND BLOWING and fun show. It was GREAT! We were right next to them and still have no idea how they do the things they do. We caught an Uber back to the hotel and J was tired and headed up to the room. I wanted to learn how to bet on a sporting event so headed to the sport booking section and the lady there taught me how to do it. I placed a little bet on the OSU vs Oregon game (my 2 favorite teams). Next thing I wanted to learn was roulette. I watched some some guys for a little bit and then dove in with the $50 I was willing to lose. I played for about 20 minutes and it was really fun. I cashed out and walked away with about $200. Up to the room, checked in with J and to bed.


20210909 + Up in the am and everyone home today. We got word that G’s COVID test was negative! I headed out and got a hair cut while J finished packing. Home and L and Hazel ran J&I to the airport. We realized the last time J was on a plane was when he went to Disney when he was about 8. We got through security and grabbed a bite to eat before heading to the gate. The got on the plane and J got the window and videoed the take off. I fell asleep shortly after and when I woke up J had been drawing amazing pictures. We landed and the slot machines were there as soon as you step off the pane. We made our way through the airport and found our bus to hotel. As we got closer to the strip the size of these buildings started to settle in on J's brain and we stayed in the Luxor, the GIANT pyramid with the HUGE sphinx out front. We walked in and J's head exploded! We got checked in and ventured out exploring in the hotel a bit before getting a really good meal in a neat Mexican place. We couldn't get back in the room so headed to the front desk for help and upgraded to a corner suite on the 23rd floor.  We moved our stuff and headed out. Walked south to the Mandalay Bay Casino and then headed north for 2.5 miles to Treasure Island. We stopped at all the casinos along the way, did lots of people watching. We watched the fountain show at the Bellagio, Walked through the streets of Rome at Caesar's Palace and saw many other picture snap worthy sites. I couldn't take another step so we bought a 3 days bus pas and headed home. Back to the room. Jack ventured out and got some cans of Starbucks for the mornings and candy bars while I hung out in the room. To bed LATE from a busy day.


20210908 - Ip and G home sick again. I had a busy morning at work. J home early. Hazel and I took quick walk. L home and took G to the Dr. He doesn’t have strep and we have to wait 24hrs for his COVID test results… I finished my day and L&I got a bite and then started tiling the bathroom. 5 hours later we had a tile floor! J home late. He asked JGF6 to Homecoming by filing her bedroom with balloons.


 20210906 - up an d straight in to the bathroom. Finished putting new sub floor down. L picked G up from friends sleep over. L ran to D's championship game, he was assistant coaching. I got the cement board measured and measured and measured and cut. L home we ran to Home Depot to get thinset. got speed thinkset that I think may ahve hardened too fast... hope it doesn't mess up all our work. Got the cement board in.



Up and right in to bathroom

Removed floor around toilet and rebuilt took all day

Gma&paW stopped by for a visit

L&I ran to Home Depot and got hopefully everything else we need for the bathroom project


 20210904 - Up in the am and L&I headed to Hilliard to watch G run. He came in 17th in the freshman sophomore race and got a medal. We then headed to the Home Depot to get some tiling supplies. Home and I removed the bathroom sink and toilet and and then 5 layers of flooring, one layer at a time... Finished that up and LG&I went over to the McClain's for a short visit and to watch some football. I am SORE


 20210903 - 

LG&I headed out and stopped by Caiden's, G's buddy's, to pick him up and I ran around back and checked out his pizza oven. We dropped the boys off at the freshman tailgate and then met the Mallons for dinner at the Rusty Bucket. We had a good meal and then walked over to the GLHS football game. It was a great game and the Lions won with only 1 second left on the clock! the kids stormed the field, J led the way.



G went to first XC team meal, got all dressed up hahaha

L&I went up to Coaches and met up with the McClains and Gervais to watch the first half of the OSU football game.

home finished watching with G in the basement