20130630 + Knee High B4 the 4th of July

20130630 + Up and at the desk getting some work done.  Conor M got dropped off, and DJG, Connor and I headed to mcds for food and a picnic in friendship park. Dominic, G's buddy, joined us. To the point of the creeks and our dam we built is now under water. We picked up pipestone. Connor B and Jeff joined us. Everyone to Creekside for more pipestone.  Home for quick refreshments.  Up to farm. Dropped D Connor B and Jeff off by Gardener's old place and they took off through the woods. Got food with rest of boys and then they played in barn as I hooked up wagon. We took a hayride up to cemetery for picnic. Played in woods a bit and then D and friends walked back to barn, then J and Connor walked back. G Dom and I played in woods more and got pipestone. Back to barn and older boys had and airsoft war. G Dom and I explored the creek. Packed up headed home.  We stopped at the bottom field that hasn't had corn in it for years, where my Grandma would take my picture every year on teh 4th of July to see if the corn was knee high yet.  Continuing the tradition I made the bozos stand in the corn for a picture.  Dorve home and stopped by Bighead's and dropped other boys off. Home exhausted...

20130629 - Awarded

20130629 - Up in the am and to D's baseball game. THEY WON!!!  stopped by the baseball garage after the game and got pieces to assemble trophies for the A-Minor league.  Home had some beers hung out in the garage and put trophies together the rest of the day

20130628 + Dam It!

20130628 + Up EXTREMELY EARLY and drove to the airport.  Traveled ALL DAY and got home exhausted.  L went out with friends tonight, D at bday party in KY, JG&I tried to get G on bike...  Then we mounted up and rode our bikes to subway to grab dinner and then went to the park to eat and listen to music.  We recruited some kids and headed back to the point in the creek and built a dam.  The kids have neve done this and we had a BLAST!!!  we made about a 30' long 8" tall dam and they were amazed that it actually worked!!!  Oh the fun you can have...  Home and watched a movie.

20130627 - Miss Semi-Finals

20130627 - Up and worked on email and then presentation when Eric showed up. In to Dell, meeting went well. Back to hotel, to lounge for dinner and free beer, texting with people at G's game. The boys were on fire and took down the Indians. Mets are headed for the championship game!

20130626 - Alamo

20130626 - Up early and flew to Austin.  Had some time to kill and thought I may never get this close again, so I headed to the San Antonio and the Alamo.  I found a parking place right up front and took a tour.  What a cool place I remember from movies and stories I heard as a kid.  Drove back to the hotel and had dinner there.  The semi final was rained out again tonight.  If they get rained out 1 more night maybe I can be there at the game :-)

20130625 - Mets win again

20130625 - Up in the am and in to work.  Bailed out and headed to an exciting game. Grant's Mets with again!!!

20130624 - 2 Winger Winners

20130624 - Up and into work. J&G got to hold a HUGE snake at the library today.  I rushed home for G's Game, they beat the Yankees pretty bad. Then G, Owen and I went to see the end of D's game and they won!!!

20130623 - Launch

20130623 - Up in the am and at the desk trying to get caught up. L&D to the grocery and JG&I to Goodwill to drop off things left over from the garage sale and then over to a friend's house to help take some junk off his hands. He had a trebuchet in his garage and we couldn't help but try it out :-) Home and more done in the office. L&D to his baseball practice an then I headed out for a haircut. Met the fam at the pool with a couple of pizzas for dinner. We had a good time until a kid puked on the pool and everyone had to get out :-( Home and finished up the office work and down to watch 'OZ the Great and Powerful', good movie. D has his buddy Reggie spending the night.

20130622 + SALE!

20130622 + Garage Sale and lemonade stand most of the day. Had some interesting characters and met new neighbors. Boys had friends over to play in the backyard. We were all ready to go to a friends 40th bday party but they cancelled it :-( So everyone jumped in the car and backup plan dinner and a movie. Met the Mallonn's at Nazareth for a great dinner and then to the new 'Monsters U' movie. Some of D's friends were there so he sat with them. Home and all very tired boys to bed.

20130621 - Brass Band

20130621 - Up to work, went to lunch with Steven, Mike and Sonya showed up. Back to work and got CG and delivered him to the airport. Worked the rest of the day from home. Went to dinner with the fam to BWs and then to Friendshp Park for a brass band concert. Home dropped off the gilr and little 2 and went to see 'World War Z' with D, Vinnie, Chris and his 2 boys. Great movie, good scary one for D. Stopped at a couple grocery stores on the way home looking for the day old doughnuts.

20130620 - Final Reg Season @ #1

20130620 - Up and into work. Full day and then rushed out with J&G for G's last game of the regular season. We played a great game and I had to show the rules to some big angry moms from the other team :-o With tonight's victory we grabbed the #1 seed for the tournament. Home met up with L&D, his team lost, and then back to the ballfields to watch some more baseball and talk to Dennis and Big Head.

20130619 - Dug in Leg

20130619 - Up in am and into work. Incredibly busy day... Went to lunch with Dave a guy I work with and ha a good conversation. Finished off the day with more meetings... Out the door late and straight o D's baseball game. He got a good hit and made a great tag out on a steal, but his leg was caught by the cleat of the guy stealing and dug two big tracks in his leg. The coach and I helped him of the field and a mom that is a nurse dressed his wound. After all that they still lost.

GmaB here for the game and night and took LDJ&G to Dairy Queen. I ran and got gas and then to Doc garage for a beer and check on the old boy. Home for a minute and then back to the ball fields to see Bighead's team playing and their grand slam. Home, D&G to bed and J and his buddy Donovan playing Xbox in the basement while we watched some videos of the boys when they were little.

20130618 + Undisputed #1

20130618 + Up in the am and into work. Had a visiting manager from a customer here for workshops. We had a nice lunch and got a lot of things done. Finished up some work and to G's game. We were playing the team that we were tied for first with. It was a nail biter, and then our boys pulled away. G's team is now the undisputed #1 team in our league. Home and all cleaned up and to bed.

20130617 - Double Baseball

20130617 - Up, to work, good full day. To G's game won 19-0 in 3 innings. To D's game and they won 9-2! To a coaches meeting and planning the tournament. To Bible Bangers for a discussion about our boys. Home and to bed.

20130616 - Prepare for Hunt

20130616 - Up and worked on cleaning up the office, then made a deposit, got some food, dropped off some donations and then up to the Farm. Uncle John an Aunt Mary came too and we took a hay
ride and hid things for a future scavenger hunt.  We then had a huge dinner and nice talk while the boys played on the pug and shot each other with airsoft guns.  Home and watched Falling Skies, all to bed.

20130615 + Superbusy

20130615 + Up and to the ball field to watch D. He played a good game and hit a triple!  But they still lost.  It was a double header so we got some food at the concession stand and L had made the team some home made rice crispy treats.  Gma&paW came down for game 2 and I coached 1st base. The boys lost there second game too :-(  home and D cleaned up and we all headed to the new superman movie. It was pretty good, way different then the older movies I grew up with...  A trip to the ice cream joint then home and bed.

20130614 - Night Play

20130614 - Up, worked.  Home and each of the boys had someone over to play until after dark.

20130613 - No Ride...

20130613 - Up, work, home, ate.  Sat on back porch with L trying to get G to ride his bike...  D&J did the best they could to help him.  G is just so resistant to the idea of riding a bike... 

20130612 - Pitcher

20130612 - Up and in to work. In meetings in big conf room all day. Home and had dinner w/ LD&G, J was at his buddy Evan's. LD&G went to the pool today and got the yard mowed. After dinner out back with boys. I helped G make a pitching target to practice for next year... Back to the ball fields, but the games were over. D wrecked his bike and skinned his leg ip pretty bad. Home and fixed the bike chain. Then to the basement to watch Superman IV.

20130611 - SMILE

20130611 - Up and in to work. Another full day. J&D to Scout Day camp and they had a good time, D is a helper for little kids and J got to shot BB guns. L&G picked 13#s of strawberries. Home and picked up J&G and headed to G's game. L&D at D's game, they lost, D had a good game, hit everytime he was up and good fielding. G won his game too. It was a good close one! See what happens when they ask me to chalk the field ;-)
Home all cleaned up and watched Superman Returns (V).

20130610 + Day Camp

20130610 + Up and in for a rainy day at work. J had his first day of Scout Camp today and D went along to help. Home and still raining so all baseball cancelled for the evening. We loaded up and headed to Iron Man 3, GREAT movie!

20130609 - Air Time

2030609 - Up in am and got somethings done at the desk. The whole fam over to the Cole's for a cook out and play date. Gma&paB came too. There was a lot of jumping on the trampline, playing in the sandbox, G pitched for about 2 hours, we had a water fight and a lot of fun. home and I ran off for a Scout meeting. Home and watched the premier with D&J.

20130608 + Almost Big League

20130608 + All up and to Sam's tball game. Then DG&I split off and got G some shoes, returned a video, got McD's for Bfast and went downtown to get awards for the boys scouts. Home and picked up L&J and to Huntington park to watch Gahanna HS boys baseball in the state semi finals. It was very cool to be there and see the young boys play, but they lost, but still cool. J home with friends, home L gave boys and Lilly a hair cut. I took D&G to get tennis balls and shoes for D. Dropped D of at a big party for one of his friends. Home and G learned to tie his shoes!!!! G&I had a picnic on the back porch which included a powdered sugar fight :-) and we played catch until J got back home and we all played in the backyard for a while before bed. Picked D up from party, we tried to watch a show together but fell asleep on the couches.

YouTube Video

20120607 - Superman 3

20130607 - Work, dinner at Johnny Bucelli's, music in the park so the boys could run was nice but chilly. Home watched Superman 3 with boys.

20130606 - Tree Dorks

20130606 - Up and in to work. L took boys to see about braces today... Home late and ate at the table by myself :-( Out back and played some badmitten with the boys, L cleaned out the rodent cage. L took off back to the school to play and JG&I headed to the basement to watch Superman II.

20130605 - 7s Enough

20130605 - Up in am and to work. Home and hung out with L in the backyard watching the boys play. L had 7 boys at the house today, she's pretty tired. I took the little boys to bed and read them a book. Back down and helped L look at vacation spots.

20130604 + Last Day of School

20130604 + UP and in to work. L went to school for the boy's last day of school and the awards ceremony. Home for a quick change and off to the ball field. The head coach couldn't make it so I had to be the head coach and we were playing the best team in the league :-o Our boys stepped up to the plate, played a GREAT game and we run ruled them! Home and finished watching Superman.

20130603 - Strength Training

20130603 - UP and in to work. Had a very busy day. L in to school for a picnic with the little boys. I headed home and quick change and off to the ball game for G. It was a great game and we had a ton of fun picking on John the head coach. We won and then home to prep for the last day of school.  We stopped to get some things at the grocery and I had G carry the OJ with arms stretched out to build his muscles.  I remember days on the Farm doing this with 5 gallon buckets of feed...

20130602 - Safe and Clean

20130602 - Up early and off to pick up D. I got there in good time and waited for him to emerge from the dinning hall. he came out, didn't see me and headed to the kybo. When he came out he saw me, got his stuff and we headed home. We stopped at McD's for bfast and to look over his packet of stuff he got when he earned his "Order of the Arrow". He talked and talked about how cool it was and all the things they did and the ceremonies. We ran a couple of errands on the way home. We got home and his mother doted over him :-P
We hung out and finished cleaning up the garage and the shed. I put some of the things L was going to throw out (a huge Foster's beer umbrella and 4 tiki lamps :-) up in Doc's yard. I played catch with G for a long time and then we got ready for the last couple of days of schools. L&I up helping D with a math paper. We called several other families for help and I discovered the entire 7th grade math class had been taught the WRONG way to calculate square footage!

20130601 - Put on the Brakes

20130601 - Up in the am and L out to Zumba and J&I took G to his baseball game. It was a great game, a lot of fun, 21-6... Dropped the black car off and walked home: got stopped by 2 friends on the way to chat. Home and started working on the white car. G's buddy Owen came over to play and I had his mom run me to get the black car and borrow a tool from the guys at Tuffy so I could change the brakes on the white car. J had a couple buddies over to play too. L cooked a picnic and the boys ate on the back porch and then out in the yard to play. It was a perfect day and I sat on the back porch watching the boys play, having a beer. All buddies went home and LJG&I watched Superman. Planning tomorrow, I get my D back. I am anxious to here about his 'ordeal'.