20220730 - Hazel Attacked!

20220730 - Up late and L&I watched some more of Married At First Sight. We got around and loaded hazel up and took an adventure up to Alum Creek Dog park. We went in to the big dog area first and Hazel ran around a bit and chatted with the other dogs. We then took her down to the water park and put her ball right at the edge of the surf, she had never been around water like this and barked at the waves and was afraid to get in at first. We gradually threw the ball out further and further and she went in after it and then played in the water a bit. Then some dumbass let their golden retriever off his leash and he ran straight for hazel and attacked her in the water! She came out squealing and frightened and the dog was still after her! We got them separated and the lady said oh sorry he hasn't been around other dogs for a long time, and then the dog attacked 3 other dogs before she got him on a leash! WTF?! As if that wasn't bad enough, during the attack hazels favorite red ball sunk in the water... We walked her up to the bathroom and sprayed her off and headed home. So much for a fun day for hazel.. home and L gave her a bath and then she started limping, not putting any weight on her one back leg at all... I looked around and found the puncture wound, we shaved her and got some antibiotic cream on it and she was pretty still the rest of the night.