20200331 - Applying Himself

20200331 - Up in the am and had bfast with L and did email. L getting boys up, I headed in to the office to host a call with my team and then do some programming. Spent the day in the office. Had  run and pick up a prescription for me. and he and G worked on his pong table some more. We had dinner together and then I watched D fill out his job application, he is going to work for the company I work for in the field division as a surveyor. G&I watched Police Academy 2 before heading to bed.

20200330 + Home Bound Day

20200330 + Up in the am and L buzzing around. I made some coffee and started with email in the living room. L got G&J up to start their school work and I headed n to the office for a couple calls that gave me work through 5pm. D worked on his pong table a bit and J was grumpy today, G hung out in the shed until dinner time. Out for dinner and we all ate together. After dinner JG&I got on Zoom for a meeting with the scouts. After our virtual scout meeting G&I played a couple hands of rummy, then the boys headed to electronics and I had a quick FaceTime with the Bible Bangers. L&I shut things down early tonight as everyone apparently is exhausted from the weekend.

20200329 - Getting Things Done

20200329 - Up late and L made bfast for everyone. We ate and then watched our church on YouTube, it was ok, a bit long. L headed out for a walk with Lilly, D&J headed next door and cut down the grasses on the neighbor's side, G headed out for a run. After the grasses J headed out to ride his skateboard and D&I fixed Doc's address sign in his front yard. Doc has a brand new Mercedes SUV :-o In and gathering data on the movies and series we have watched so far http://Bit.ly/WingerMovies and catching up on the Blog. I hung out in front of the TV and watched 'Citizen Kane' which is on many lists as the best movie of all time. I guess I am a movie idiot because I hove NO IDEA why anyone would claim that is one of the best movies of all time??? D ran to Home Depot to buy wood for a beer pong table and came home and worked on that most of the day. J returned soaking wet, he crashed in to the water at Creekside, but that didn't stop him from trying the unicycle. G played in the she and helped D with his project. L made hot sandwiches and soup for us so we ate and then hung out for a bit. The big boys headed upstairs and G&I stayed up and watched 'Police Academy'

20200328 - Triple Movie Night

20200328 - Up late and headed outside to trim the grape arbor. G in the shed screaming at the xbox. J&G in their room. L fluttering around doing this and that, making a dessert, sweeping, on and on... It rained and I took shelter in G's shed fort and looked for leaks. It is SO LOUD in there with the rain on the metal roof and G's screaming. I went out when the rain let up a bit and finished up the grapes and trimmed along the flowerbeds. Took the grapevines and made a wreath. In and got cleaned up. Sent D&J out to pick up Panda Express for dinner.  When the boys returned we all ate and then headed downstairs to watch 1917. We LOVED it. D&J headed up to get on their electronics, G&I settled in the living room and watched 'Airplane' and 'Naked Gun'. G was laughing through both of them.

20200327 + Whip It

20200327 + Up in the am and got some bfast while L did her exercises. G up around 10 and I headed in to the office to take some calls. Worked a full day, L is pretty bored she whipped ingredients for 10 minutes to make whipped coffee and made homemade pizzas for dinner. We all ate together and then the boys played on their electronics. L and I watched the Tiger King a bit and then headed to bed. G up, couldn't sleep so I sat him down and made him watch 'Usual Suspects'.

20200326 - Grasses Down

20200326 - Up in the am and on the PC and texting and calling with a lot of folks. L out for a long walk and G up around 12 and headed out to the shed and then in to make mac-n-cheese. D&J up around 1. D&J helped L cut down the grasses along the fence. I texted a ton of people to check on them and some of them called me back, good to talk to folks I haven't heard from in a while and I walked around the back yard while chatting with them for some exercise. Finished up my day and we all had dinner together. After dinner we watched American Ultra, it was a good action movie. L&I decided to do an experiment tonight to leave the internet on and see what time the boys stopped playing on their xboxes... At 1:30 I shit everything off as G was still playing and yelling at the xbox...

20200325 - Roof Repairs & Stuffed Burgers

20200325 - Up in the am and on the PC doing some work. L all over the place looking for things to do. Eventually the boys got up and I forced them out in to this beautiful day. D&G headed up to the roof of the shed to apply some rubberized tape to the seams to seal it up a bit. J headed to a skate park to practice a bit. I took a couple calls and did some more email as J got home and started cooking dinner. J cooked u s a good dinner, stuffed burgers and fresh cut french fries. We headed in and D&I watched a great movie, Platform. After that he retreated upstairs with J to get on the Xbox. I went out to tell G to come in from his shed fort and he was heading in so I hid in the shadows and scared the crap out of him. In and watched the French movie Delicatessen. Headed to bed in good time.

20200324 + Lori's Class on Marco Polo

20200324 + Up in the am and got a couple emails done. In to the office and had a call with my team. L recorded some books on the backporch to send to her kids on the Marco Polo app. Check it out --> https://onmarcopolo.com/groups/bFeC80uxNfCX/loris-group   I heard a couple of the boys up and about. Eventually the boys worked on their lists the L left for them and then got on their electronics. We all got together for dinner and then a short break before we gathered in the basement to watch 'The Big Green' a cute show about some kids in texas that learn to play soccer. Boys back on their electronics for a bit before bed.

20200323 - Bear Hunt

20200323 - Up in the am and working in the living room with the news on and L cleaning everything in site... The boys sleeping in. G up first, got some of his school work done and headed out to the shed to play the Xbox with friends. D&J up eventually. I read a post where people in our neighborhood are putting bears in their windows so all the kids talking walks can go on a 'Bear Hunt' so I grabbed Teddy and put him in my office window. Lori was a loud mess today as she discovered FaceTiming with her friends... I headed out to check on G and he had his hangout in the shed setup and playing with his friends. I cooked brats and hot dogs on the grill and we had dinner. We played a card game and then G&I watched 'Solver' a cute mytery movie in the basement. We took a break to get ice cream and then I had a FaceTime with the Bible Bangers for a bit. We finished up our movie and headed to bed.

20200322 + Spinning Flame

20200322 + Up very late and headed out to the shed to work on the electric with G. I found the problem by getting shocked! fixed it and presto we have electric in the shed. G brought his Xbox out, hooked it up and he's in business! L cleaned the shed out and the D&J made a supply run to the Lowe's so they had the materials for a couple projects during the break. The Governor came on the TV and is shutting the state down until April 6th, no one out unless it is essential! Finished up in the shed and headed in. Watched some TV, ESPN had marble racing and cherry pit spitting on. L and I took a walk and then did some Booster stuff. Ordered a Pizza for dinner and D&G ran to pick it up. We all had dinner and watched a couple episodes of 'The Office'. when it got dark D took JG&I to the new bridge by the church and burned steel wool, spun it and took long exposure photos, they turned out AMAZING!. Home and L&I watched American Idol and then headed to bed. I stayed up and watched 'The Walking Dead' and then some other show until I fell asleep around 2.

20200321 - Short

20200321 - Up late and G&I headed out to the shed. I had him put in an outlet and then buttoned everything up and headed up to the house. We sent D&J to the store for last minute supplies, expecting the state to be shut down soon as other states have already locked everything down. I had grant dig the hole next to the house and then we used a punch and got a hole through the cement block in to the basement.  I got the wires uncoiled as the boys played wiffle ball and L helped me pull them in to the basement. D&I ran the electric in the basement and installed the new breaker. When we turned on the power it tripped the breaker so I headed out and started taking things apart. When I disconnected some things it started working... I've got a short somewhere upstairs. I took a laptop out with me and the network cable is good! In and D ran to Nazareth to pick up dinner. We all ate in the basement and watched 'What About Bob'. The boys loved it and laughed out loud. After the movie the boys headed up on their electronics and and tossed and turned until 5am.

20200320 ‡ 107' x 6"

20200320 ‡ Up in the am and in to the office. I worked all morning and got things moving. In the afternoon I headed to the shed and worked on wiring, drilling holes and running the wire. G dug his trench ALL day. D&J helped, just little. He finally finished his 107' 6" deep journey.  I did get a couple outlets in and then cleaned up and headed in. L made french bread pizzas for us. and we watched a movie with the fam and then big boys headed upstairs and G&I watched Turned and Hooch. Grant said he was sore

20200319 - Too much Stuff

20200319 - Up in the morning and had bfast with L&G. G got on his school work, J eventually got up and looked at his school stuff. D took L's big car down to school to get things out of his dorm. G did a bit of digging out at the shed, L cleaned out and painting the pantry and I'm in the office staying ahead of things. J took off walking down to Creekside to fish. It started raining and J home. G&I ran to Home Depot and got more supplies and picked up some KFC on the way home. We ate and D got home just as we were finishing. He ate and then we all helped get his stuff in the house. L is overwhelmed by the amount of stuff he is bringing in to the house... 

20200318 + Game Night

20200318 + UP in the am and work was a disaster... our network was down. Our IT guy went in to the office and had a vendor come in to help. I called the supplier, paid the bill and presto we were back up... Apparently when we moved buildings we didn't change the address and we hadn't received a bill, thus hadn't paid, since November... I got our account set up for auto pay to avoid this in the future. Had a couple calls and made some good progress on the big 5G project. G&J did their school work and then G worked in the shed a bit and J&G played on their Xboxes. DG&I headed out a bit early to beat the 5pm rush hour and picked up my prescriptions, some groceries and then to Home depot to get some supplies for G's shed project. Home and L made us dinner and we played UNO for a bit. Boys headed upstairs and L&I watched some of the Outsider series we had been watching. To bed in good time but couldn't sleep.

20200317 - Home Office

20200317 - Up in the am and day one working from home. I just don't want to go in to the office and possibly have something that would be on the surfaces for someone else to catch or catch something someone else left laying around... There were no assignments for the buys yet so they pretty much hung out all day. D&J went out with some friends but at dinner we talked to them about being around no one and they would have to comply.We had dinner and then watched '6 Underground' in the basement. It was a really good full action movie. All to bed and I could not sleep up almost all night.

20200316 - Ghost Office

20200316 - Up in the am and in to the office. There are only 5 of us here today so it is quiet and getting things done cleaned up and organized. Folks left on e by one and by 1pm I was the only person in the building. I had a full day, got things organized and headed home. L made dinner for us and afterwards DJ&G headed up to the electronics room and L&I watched TV. I stayed up late working on the 5G project.

20200315 - Hanging Out

20200315 - Up in the am and L ran G to batting practice. I got PC fired up and started blasting Tag Day stuff out. D ran to pick up G. J headed in to work. L did laundry and stuff around the house. We had several folks stop throughout the day dropping things off for Tag Day. G out in the shed and backyard working on his plans for remodeling the playhouse. I went to check on him at one point and he had hung a hammock with a couple nails... I got him some screw in eyelets and felt a bit better about him hanging in it.D&I ran some errands. We went to 3 stores and amazing how some things are just gone. Home and the Governor announced that all restaurants and bars would be closed at 9pm until further notice... This is getting serous... President on too... Hung out doing more Booster stuff and watching TV until I shut down the fundraiser, we raised $7,102 WOW!. J home. Watched some American Idol with L while the boys played on the Xboxes. headed to bed and watched The Walking Dead, it was awesome!

20200314 - Good Measure

20200314 - Up finished some stuff at the desk and then did Boosters stuff most of the day for Tag Day weekend. J home from a friends and right back out to work. D&G home too. G worked in the shed a bit more, measuring the distance from the shed to the house so we could get power and network out there... I cooked some burgers out on the grill and LDG&I had dinner together. J home from work and then back out to a friends for a little bit. I worked on more Booster stuff. L&I started watching the HBO series the Outsiders. J home and all 3 on their Xboxes. I finished the Booster for the night, collected $4600 for the day. Boys came down, we got snacks and headed tot he basement and watched Midway, great movie. I stayed up and got some more work stuff done

20200313 - Big Plans

20200313 - Up LATE and in to work about 11. Joined a call and reviewed the work I got done last night. Had a busy day and headed home. D got home today, but was gone when I got there to stay with a friend. J showed up for a bit but wen to stay at a friends. G was home out working in the shed when I got home. I reviewed his remodeling plans for the shed and then dropped him off at a friend's on the way to pick up Chinese for L&I. Home and the Governor has closed all the schools until April 6 due to the COVID-19 virus. L&I ate and watched some TV. I headed in to the office when she went to bed and finished up about 3:30am.

20200312 - Too Close

20200312 - Up in the am and did a bunch of stuff from bed and got myself together and headed in. In to the office and got my questions from last night answered.  Today seemed to be a day of cancellations. The Governor is shutting down schools for the next 3 weeks and the big Booster fundraising event got cancelled and NBA shut down and everyone is going crazy about the virus... L made dinner and LG&I ate, J was at work. After a bit G&I headed to his baseball practice. I chatted with one of D's buddies that works at Dbat and then with Terrill a Dr friend and he says this is crazy and it is not good for our kids to not be exposed, that is how immune systems build themselves up at a young age. After practice G&I had to take Trent home and we stopped at the grocery and got our list of final things. Glad we got all the essentials over the last 2 weeks because the shelves were bare. Home and watched some TV with L and then headed in to the office for another late night.

20200311 - G on Honor Roll

20200311 - Up in the am and in to work and I GOT MY WHITEBOARD!!!  I LOVE IT!!!! . Had an incredibly busy day and used the new white board to get my plans out of my head, what a relief! Got a lot done and headed out a bit late. Stopped at home and picked up J and we went to the shoe store and got him some spikes for track. Home for a minute and G&I headed to baseball practice.  Practice was ok. Home and everyone to bed and I got on the PC and worked until 3.

20200310 + NO TP

20200310 + Up a bit late and surprise I am in AFib. Got myself together and drove the back roads to the office. Got to the office and feeling much better. Put in a full day but exhausted. Headed out a bit late. Home and L made a good dinner and LG&I ate. After dinner L&I headed to Kroger where everyone in Gahanna was either there or had been there earlier in the day, this virus that is coming is freaking people out... NO TOILET PAPER! The store is also under construction so it is a mess and we couldn't find things. We went back and forth and and spent about 2 hours there and got 2 carts full of stuff. Home and J&G helped us unload. L&I put everything away and then sat down to watch the Bachelor. After the show we headed to bed and I worked till 3.

20200309 - Late Night

20200309 - Up in the am and in to the office. Had an extremely busy day. Got a lot done and things moving for the week. Headed home and made some calls to cancel baseball practice and  Bible Banger. Had dinner with L&G and J got home from his first day of Track practice. I headed in to the office and started working. L ran G to Practice and J headed up to his room. I got to a spot I didn't need multiple monitors so I jumped up, my heart went into AFib, I relaxed, it went back to normal, I watched some TV with L while I worked. Ran to pick G up and chatted with Tom a bit. G&I ran to Burger King to get milkshakes and a chat. I apologized for putting pressure on him in the past during baseball and let him know I don't care if he plays baseball or runs track or does nothing. If it gets to be too much just speak up and we'll take a break or change directions or whatever.  It doesn't mate what or how good he is at something, I just enjoy being with him. Home and watched some more TV with L and got stuff done. Everyone headed to bed and I headed in to the office and worked on my project until 3am.

20200308 + Farm Boys

20200308 + Up in the am and L got the boys fed. We headed up to the farm, LGJ, Conor, Lasron and I. It was a quick trip and we got there, got some boots on and headed out with Gma&paW. We picked up some stuff people had dumped in one of the fields, measured the wood shed, raked some leaved, picked up sticks, covered a hole in the barn floor, got some mulch and spread it and checked out the toilet and ceiling repair. The boys took off on a hike up to the camp to see the falls and do some exploring. We made some plans and discussed the day. The boys came back and we headed up to get a bite to eat at Burger King with Gma&paW and then got ton the road home. We dropped Conor off and then back to the house. J took Larson home and then headed to work. L&I took naps and G was on the Xbox. L&I out to O'Charley's for dinner, TOOK FOREVER. We got our food asked for to-go boxes and went home and ate while we watched American Idol. Zombie guys didn't show up tonight so I finished American Idol with L&G. J home and I watched The Walking Dead after everyone got to bed.

20200307 - Close

20200307 - UP in the am and J&I ran to get gas in all the gas cans we have. We went to Giant Eagle and J filled them and my car up. He managed to spray himself with the gas hose a couple times.  We swung through the pharmacy on the way home and picked a prescription for me. Home and got the generator running. LG&I headed out. We ran and picked up Luke, a friend of G's and we went to the division championship game that the boys high school team was playing in. It was a great game and we saw tons of folks there we knew. ON the way home we stopped at Wendy's to harass J a bit and get a snack. Home and G & Luke in the backyard playing in this beautiful day. Luke's dad Jason picked him up and we chatted for a bit. When they left LG&I headed to IKEA to get some little things L wanted. G was opposed to going but loved looking at everything. We drove through White Castle on the way home. Home and G couldn't find a friend to spend the night. L&I watched the new Mr. Rogers movie and then the documentary and waited up for J to get home from work. All to bed and L&I laughing and stinking ourselves out with White Castle gas :-)

20200306 - Overtime

20200306 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a bunch of folks in and out of the office this morning.  Took over a mess of a project. Ran out at lunch with the guys from my department and bought them lunch. Back to the office for a bit before heading out to get my blood drawn. Back to the office and finished out the day. Home and L ordered pizza for us. L&I watched a movie and J&G upstairs on their Xboxes. I stayed up till 3:30 am trying to straighten out the project.

20200305 + Final Supplies

20200305 + Up in the am and in to work. Had a busy day and got pulled in to a new project that needs some project management rescue. Finished the day and headed home. I got the last of my Corona virus supplies int he mail today. L cooked some dinner and LG&I ate. J home eventually and ate and then vanished. L&I watched some TV and had a relaxing evening with nothing going on tonight.

20200304 - Hard Swing

20200304 - Up in the am and in to work. Had some heated discussions this am and a couple calls. But all good and moved a bunch of stuff forward with some extra punch. Headed home and relaxed a bit before G&I headed to baseball practice. It was  good practice, but Tom was on G a little too much for my liking... Home and settled in for the evening. I shipped some ebay things and got some stuff done on the PC.

20200303 + Inspirational

20200303 + Up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and my heart changed... not exactly sure how to describe it but my pulse dropped dramatically. Laid in bed until I had to get up to go to work. In to work, talked to bill on the way in about baseball and G, got everyone stirred up and started my meetings for the day. It was a busy day and I was exhausted so I headed out a bit early. I got home and J had just gotten home too. J headed upstairs, G was on the x-box and L was cutting things out at the table. I went to bed. I got up and J&I headed to a seminar where we got to hear Craig MacFarlane speak. He is the 'World's Greatest Blind Athlete'. It was a really good speech about challenges and how to overcome them. To my surprise J asked a question at the end and really liked it. Home and hung out for only a bit before heading to bed after a long day.

20200302 - Swing Time

20200302 - Up late in the am and in to work. Working with Cory and Brit all day on the monthly billing. Got it working and then headed home. Had some dinner and then J headed to Scouts and G&I headed to baseball practice. It was a good practice and G did good. Home, dropped off G, checked in with Doc, he's not going to Bible Bangers tonight, so I headed to McD's to meet up with the guys. Hung out with the guys a bit, got some texts that things were not going well at home with J, so headed home and got things situated so J could get his homework done.

20200301 - Preparing

20200301 - Up in the am and L picked G up from his sleepover and dropped him at baseball practice. I got a couple things done. L&I ran to get groceries, she bought way more than usual because I was a long and was building up my Corona-virus stockpile. Home and D&I ran to another store to get some of the stuff that wasn't at the first. Home and Lonie there.  D&J got the supplies divided and taken to basement and Lonie & I went to the church for a talk on the future or artificial intelligence. It was a good little seminar. Home and DJ&G playing in the backyard. J in, he had to go to work and D&G in shortly after. D a little upset and G a little happy, G beat D at wiffle ball, the first time ever... D drove J to work and then went out to dinner with his friends, G resting and L&I ran out to dollar store to get more Corona-virus supplies and the McD's to pick up some food. Home and ate and watched some American Idol with L&G. Soon Chris and Vinnie showed up to watch the Walking Dead. The Dead was good and the guys took off. I got the basement and virus supplies organized. Ran to pick up J from work and he didn't come out forever. Got J home and he messed around for 1.5 hours before I shut him down at 1am.