20170331 + Quiet Night.

20170331 + Up in the am and in to work.  Nice quiet day without the daily call.  Headed to Reynoldsburg to watch D play some baseball.  Home and a quiet night.

20170330 - First Base Coach?

20170330 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a successful morning! Finished the day and headed to Lewis Center to watch D coach first base...??? They won and headed home. Got home and got something to eat with J, L&G at G's practice in Hillard. I gave my old buddy Dave a call to discuss how D should handle his playing time and he, as a JV football coach, gave me some great advice. Everyone home and we all got caught up on each others events of the day.

20170329 - Running Man

20170329 - Up in the am and in to work and a normal start.  Had a pretty productive day.  Headed to J's 1st ever track meet and BAM 270 is a parking lot...  It took me 1 hour to go 2 miles...  UGH!  I thought I was going to miss the whole meet.  L was headed to Granville with D for his practice and D was at his game.  I finally made it to the meet, found J and got to watch him run in 2 of the 3 events, the 800 and the 4x400.  He did great!  After the meet J&I headed to Wendy's for dinner and he told me all about it.  He claims to have come in 3rd overall in the 400, but without witnesses I am skeptical...  We took some dinner home to D and hung out.  L&G home and all boys to bed.

20170328 + Muddy Boy

20170328 + Up in the am and in to work for a normal busy day.  Home and everything was cancelled today so had dinner with LJ&G.  After dinner G&I headed to the Varsity field to pass out some booster tickets, he slipped and fell in the mud and got soaked in front of all the baseball players :-(  We then headed to his old teams scrimmage and he melted down a bit so we just headed home.  Home and just hung out for the rest of the evening.

20170327 - Crazy Mondays

20170327 - Up in the am and in to work.  Spent the day trying to get caught up from a couple of days off.  Home for a split second then D&J to scouts, L&G headed out on some errands and I headed to a Boosters meeting.  After the meeting stayed and worked on a Fall baseball tournament idea, then over to the Scout meeting to get advancements.  Home to get Doc and then to Bible Bangers.

20170326 - Sunday

20170326 - UP in the am and all to church.  Home and D headed off to work, L went shopping and J and Lily headed to Creekside.  G had his buddy Brady over and they headed to Creekside to find J and Lily.  It rained hard and JG, Brady and Lily showed up soaking wet about the time L got home.  I headed into the office and got the bills done for the next 2 weeks.  We had a tornado warning so everyone to the basement.  Had some friends over to watch the Walking Dead.

20170325 + MSD@F Preperations

20170325 + Up in the am and LJG&I headed up to the Farm.  D hung back as he had to work.  We got there and headed outside to do some jobs to get things ready for the Maple Syrup Day.  L&I dug out some of the old sidewalk heading to the spring house and made some forms.  Then JG&I mixed up 12 bags of cement and poured a new section of sidewalk.  D headed up and brought DGF7 to show her around and see the falls.  We then worked on smoothing out the area dug up by the well company and got things seeded.  We had a nice dinner and then all headed home, tired from a good days work.

20170324 - Softball

20170324 - Up in the am and did the file for the team at work. Hung out and got some things don in the am. LJ&I headed to the new Power Ranger movie, It was really good. Dropped a movie off the video store and then home where L cleaned up the yard a bit more, J headed to Creekside to meet up with some friends, and G&I headed to the auto part store.

20170323 - D gets a Hit

20170323 - Up in the am and did my file for work.  L took G to bday party and J and Conor headd to Creekside.  LD&I met them at the Creekside Cafe for a nice lunch.  Home and D&I to post office, Dave's warehouse.  We ran out to the baseball fields to drop off the $ we had collected online for the Outback Steak Dinner Fundraiser.  Back home and cut the ornamental grasess down along the fence in record time.  Then we headed to D's baseball game.  D played a bit at second, good to see him out there. LJG&I had dinner at Panda Express. and then headed home and watched Man with One Red Shoe. Up late doing baseball stuff

20170322 - Relax

20170322 - Up in the am, L was up almost all night not feeling well.  In to work, fast day.  Stayed a bit late wrapping things up so I can take a couple days off.  Headed home and the boys had a good day.  We had dinner and watched a movie.

201670321 - Catching

201670321 - Up to a quiet house and out to work. Had a normal day and headed East towards Newark to see D play some ball. He caught for 3 innings and was up 3 times while I was there. He did pretty good. Home and ate and watched some TV with LJ&G. D home and cleaned up, we talked a bit about how baseball is going and he is a bit disappointed that he hasn't started in the scrimmages. Woke up late on the couch and headed to bed.

20170320 + Boys @ Bible Bangers

20170320 + Up in the am to a very quiet house.  In to work for a normal Monday.  Headed home to have dinner with LJ&G, D was at DGF7's.  After dinner we watched a movie while I got a couple of things done for work.  JG&I picked up Doc and headed to Bible Bangers, D met us there  We had a snack and looked at Doc's awards, he was recently inducted in to the Central State College Hall of Fame for his accomplishments in Track, the cross country team he was on won nationals in 1966.  Home and all boys to bed.  Up late on the PC.

20170319 - Freezing Season Opener

20170319 - Up in the am, G still not feeling great.  LD&J to church.  I stayed home with G and tried to teach him how to take pills... Everyone back home, L headed out to get groceries.  I did a couple of things in the office.  We had lunch and then D headed to the school to go to his scrimmage.  L&I followed shortly after leaving J&G at home.  We got to the scrimmage, it was FREEZING, to watch Dylan sit out 7 innings...  He sure loves being on the field and eventually got on in left field???  he got up to bat once and got walked.  His attitude is good and he is a good teammate, i guess that is all we can ask for.  L&I headed home, we took DGF7 and another girl that came to watch D home and then swung through Moe's to get dinner.  Home and ate with J&G, they hadn't killed each other :-)  D went straight to DGF7's.  Had a couple of guys come over to watch the Walking Dead.  up late working on baseball stuff.

20170318 + Last Lazy Day

20170318 + Up in the am and G was alarmed at all the gold foil wrappers all over the living room.  the leprechaun ate nearly all of his chocolate and left wrappers all around him.  He must have been watching him sleep!
D's scrimmage has been moved to tomorrow. So we have nothing on the calendar for today. How is that possible? So we took advantage of a day off. G started off the day in amazement, finding gold wrappers all over the living room.  A bit creeped out he had a leprechaun watching him last night.  To keep the mood alive we watched a 1959 classic 'Darby O'Gill and the Little People'. G is still sick so he hung out on the couch all day, L stayed with him. DJ&I headed out to check out the new outlet mall and pick up a bday present for L. Home and we watched the 1967 classic 'The Gnome Mobile'.  After the movie D took J&I to Kroger where we got TV dinners for everyone.  Home and J&I got the dinners going and D&L worked on his prom proposal sign.  We had our TV dinners as we watched another movie.  D headed over to DGF7s and LJG&I settled in for the rest of the night.  So nice to not have a million things to do.  We know this is the calm before the Spring storm so we didn't overdo it.  The last movie of the day was the 1964 Robinson Crusoe on Mars.

20170317 - Almost Caught Him!

20170317 - Up in the am and in to work.  L stayed home with G, he has a fever...  I reminded him to make a leprechaun trap as we didn't have time to do it last night and he still had time to build one.  Had a very fast Friday.  Headed out about 5:30, got home and ate.  D&I headed out and hit the post office and then got D a hair cut.  He got his hair cut by a lady that was not happy with my suggestion that she looked like a Seuss character...  and she cut off way more than the 1/2 inch we asked her too.  D hated the hair cut (but looks nice).  D&I then headed to Dick's where we got him a new helmet.  He said the helmet we got him back in 7th grade was getting a little tight, thus the hair cut first to see if it was all the hair that as making it tight ;-)   He got his new helmet and some double bubble.  Home and we all settled in to watch Passengers.  G feeling a bit better but sleeping in the living room with his leprechaun trap set up in the kitchen.  Once the lights were off a bag of gold foil covered chocolates mysteriously fell off the kitchen table onto the floor.  This freaked G out a bit...  We then decided to put them in the trap he made.  All back to bed and a couple of minutes later the trap was knocked over and the gold coins GONE!  G was afraid to sleep by himself in the living room with a leprechaun on the loose so I hung out with him until he fell asleep.


20170316 - Surprise Game

20170316 - Up in the am and worked from home the first half of the day.  In for the second half and focused on an escalation all day...  Had a surprise ticket to a Blue Jackets game.  This means L had the group to herself; she got J from track and took J&G to G's baseball practice in Hillard.  D had baseball and later got sick at DGF7's house.  The game was great, went with a group from work.  The Blue Jackets won!  Home and checked on everyone.  To bed.

20170315 + School Visit

20170315 + Up and in to work.  Pretty stressful morning, but getting some catching up done in the afternoon.  Got home had some food then went back to the school with J&G for G's open house.  I got to see his room and fill out some of his homework when he was not looking.  Home and all to bed.

20170314 - Baseball Dinner

20170314 - Up in the am and in to work.  Another very busy day but productive.  Left a bit early to run home, grab the VW and get it to the dealership so they could buy it back.  The process went very quickly and L was able to pick me up with J&G and we headed straight for the Outback Dinner that the baseball team was hosting.  Gma&paW came down and all had a dinner served by Dylan and his teammates.  The steaks were dry (again), but it was good to go and see folks.  This means our schedule is about to go bananas... Gma&paW, LDJ&G headed out and hit DQ and the doughnut shop.  I stayed and talked to the other boosters and coaches for a bit.  Everyone back home and too bed, a fast and furious day.  Up late getting a couple of things done.

20170313 + Singing

20170313 + Up in the am and in to work.  Home and L&J headed to his choir concert.  J&I hung out a bit longer at home before heading that way, D at baseball.  We got to J's school and got some snacks at the bake sale and then settled in for 'Jukebox Time Machine'.  It was a cute concert and the kids did really good.  Good songs and all in English!  After the concert I introduced G to the Principle there, giving him a heads up on what was headed his way.  Headed home, exhausted and too much todo so no bible Bangers tonight.

20170312 - Busy Day

20170312 - Up in the am and L&J to Gma&paB's for GmaB's bday.  G&I helped D put another coat of paint on the bat racks. D headed to work and G&I headed to Waffle House for a huge meal and then out for errands.  We hit Staples to get some copies made, got e some shoes, post office, gas station, Dave's whs.  We then met D at Home Depot to get him more paint before heading to Granville for G's baseball practice.  We rushed home to watch the Walking Dead.  What a busy day!

20170311 - Tag Day

20170311 - Up in the am and L&J off doing something, G still at his friends and D&I headed to the once a year Tag day where all of the athletes go door to door in Gahanna and ask for $upport. D had 4 friends in the car and we hit our usual route. The school raised over $22K today! After Tag Day D and I headed home. We did a couple things and expected some help at 1. No one showed to help... One of the leaders did and He and I helped D, but the Troop was out of town on a campout and we were pretty much on our own, but made good progress. L&J got home and had G, so the house got loud for a min. LD&I headed out to get him fitted for his prom tux. L loved this and I just walked around the store. Home and hung out the rest of the day. D took a big nap as he was up all night. We watched a movie in the evening.

20170310 + Red Tint

20170310 + UP slow in the am and in to work.  Extra quiet in the office this morning.  Finished the day and headed home.  D at baseball, G at a friends bday party, so LJ&I tried out a little diner in Westerville.  It was good and we headed home to relax and watch a movie.

20170309 - Athletic Measurements

20170309 - Up in the am and in to work. Had a full day of meetings. Home to an empty house; LJG and Lily went to get us dinner. They got Arby's, which is funny because I have not eaten at Arby's forever and today I had them for lunch too... G&I headed out to Costco, had to turn around halfway there, forgot the membership card... Finally got they and got our coffee and bfast drink and headed to Scouts. G didn't know that was part of my plan was to end up at his Den meeting and he gave me a funny look as we walked in the church and he realized the trickery ;-) They were doing athletic measurement tonight, how fast can you run, how high can you jump, how much can you lift... he had a BLAST, and as he left he looked at me and said that was really fun, did you know they were doing all that stuff tonight? Then you could see him putting it all together in his head... yeah duh of course dad knew... We then ran to the bank, then downtown for G to do some Pokemon hunting, then the J's school to pick him up from choir practice, apparently I fell asleep in the parking lot waiting for him. JG&I home, D there, he had a good practice. Little boys to bed, stayed up and had some nachos with D while we watched a survivor show. All to bed, I crashed early.

20170308 + College $

20170308 + Up in the am and in to work.  Had a bit of disaster in Canada today.  Finished up the day and headed home.  Had dinner with the fam then ran out to a college financial planning meeting :-s  Home and up late catching up on email.

20170307 - Not So Interesting

20170307 - Up in the am and in to work. Pretty typical day. Headed home, D headed to baseball and LJG&I headed to the theater to meet some friends to see 'Is Genesis History'. It turned out to be an interesting documentary, but not so interesting to J&G... Home and boys to bed. Not up too late.

20170306 - Scout Circle

20170306 - Up in the am and in to work. This mornings meeting went very smooth and very quick :-) Finished the day and headed home. Ate with the fam and then D&I to a code of conduct meeting for the student athletes. Then D&I headed to Scouts to check in and make sure others know about D''s Eagle Project and that he will need help Saturday. We got J and headed home. I headed to Bible Bangers without Doc, he is at a college getting an award. It was noly 3 of us tonight but a good catch up session. Home and not up too late.

20170305 - Lilly & the Sun

20170305 - Up in the am and all to church. & Church was a bit disappointing today, some guy got up and talked for way too long about church business, that's not why I go, and that meant the sermon was cut short :-( and they changed the way they do communion and didn't tell anyone how to do it, it was a traffic jam mess... We bailed out early so D could get to work on time. L doing things around the house, J&G playing, Conor came over to play too, I got tons of things done at the desk. D home and over to DGF7's, L took G to his practice and J went to youth group with Conor so Lilly and I were on our own. Hung out and relaxed, got a couple things done. Everyone back home, J&D watched the Walking Dead with me. Up, but not too late surfing auctions.

20170304 + Finally a Feather

20170304 + Up a bit later today :-) We had to divide and conquer: L&J to J's soccer game, D back to the baseball clinic at the high school and G&I to his basketball game. I got to work the buzzer while G played. IT was a super close game and G's team lost, so they are done for the season. G was quite upset and had a lot to say about the game... Home and met up with Gma&paW that came down to see J's game. We regrouped for a minute and then Gma&paW took J&G out shopping for shoes, J needs track shoes. D stopped by for a min, he is hanging out with guys from his team, playing some basketball at one of their houses. L&I got some things done around the house and headed to O'Charly's we hung out at the bar there for an hour waiting on Gma&paW, J&G. They showed up and we had a very nice dinner. Home and up late doing things for the Athletic Boosters. 

Since I have taken the new job I have not seen a feather.  Today I got one :-)

20170303 - Out of the World

20170303 - Barely up and to work today. Had a great call to start the day. Quiet and getting a lot of things done. Finished up a bit early so I go go with the fam tonight and headed home. D was at a baseball camp the high school players are putting on for the community. Home and LG&I headed to school t pick up J from track practice. LJG&I headed across town to drop G off at a buddy'e bday party and then LJ&I headed to the Starliner Diner in Hillard for dinner. It was pretty good, but just nice to sit and relax for a minute. After dinner we headed back, picked up G and headed home. G talked and talked about how great of a dodge ball player he is... Home and D there for 5 seconds before heading to DGF7's. JG&I watched the Sandlot 3, L crashed. D finally home and wrapped up the day. Up till 4am building a KPI tracker online.

20170302 - Asleep Seated

20170302 - Up in the am and in to work.  Long day.  Home, had some pizza and watched Dr Strange with LJ&G, D to DGF&'s, D home, little boys to bed, watched Hacksaw Ridge with D.  Fell asleep sitting up with the TV on while working in bed tonight...

20170301 - Slow Swing

20170301 - Up in the am and in to work.  Had a busy day with non-stop calls.  Headed home in time to grab a bite and then take D&G to coach Brian's for hitting practice.  They both had good sessions.  Home and up late working.