20130331 - Easter Jam

20130331 - Up in the am and to church. It was a really good service, the best I have been to in months, even if the 735 trumpets deafened me, but that was a plus because it prevented me from listening to to the pastor's mono-song liturgy. But honestly I did like the message very much. Back to the house for a big Easter egg hunt (D hid them, not participating this year, except the candy eating part). Gma&paW came over for a nice lunch. D&I headed to New Philadelphia to meet a girl that makes jams and pickles to put on our site. We got back to Gma&paB's and hung out, the rain lifted, the kids played and played and we had a good time. We headed home and the boys passed out. Home and getting ready for a big week.

20130330 - Guns and Colored Eggs

20130330 - Up in am and to the baseball gear sale with D to get some stuff for the boys. Then we gathered sap for our my buddy. A stop at McD's before heading to the rental to fix a leak and an outlet. We ran home and helped get the car packed up and hit the road to Newcomerstown. We got there in good time and then DJ&I headed to the range with GpaB to shoot. We got to shoot some heavy duty lead, a mini14, 22LR, 9mm and a 45. Back home for a big dinner and we hung out and watched the Buckeyes play a half hearted game and loose.

20130329 + Short Practice

20130329 + Up and my J was with me. Got to work and had several people notify me after the fact that Fridays are casual... Went to lunch with CG a colleague that I met in Reynosa YEARS ago. Back to the desk to finish off the day, the shop is deserted... Home for a quick change and all of us to the baseball field for practice: only 2 other boys showed up so we had some fun. L&J home early and DG&I got dinner and a movie on the way home. Home to eat and watched the new Red Dawn.

20130328 - Sleep Over

20130328 - Up in the am and my buddy J up to see me out the door. To work and another day of fire-hose education... Head spinning and headed home. Gma&paW here, G off for his first sleep over at his buddy Owen's, the rest of us went out for a nice dinner. After dinner GpaW, D&I went and got sap for my buddy. Home and Gma&paW headed home. Everyone here glued to the TV for the Buckeyes basketball game, L yelling and screaming :-)

20130327 + Frigid Practice

20130327 + Up and J up with me to see me off to work. I spent another day with my lead and am getting more info than can possibly be absorbed by a dozen people... Home and changed fast and then to a frigid baseball practice. Home and watched some tv. Bed early, pretty darn tired...

20130326 - Scoop

20130326 - Up in the am and off to work, J was the only one up to see me off. Got to work in good time and met my predecessor, he is very nice, open and showing me ropes for good or bad. We had a very busy productive day. Swung by a rental on the way home to swap cash for keys and and get the new tenant in. Home for dinner. L ran a couple errands and D&I fathered sap for my buddy. Home and the boys and I played knock-out, a basketball game on the back porch until it was too cold and dark to play anymore. We watched some TV and then I showed L how to ship things for me. Bed early for another busy day tomorrow.

20130325 - 2 Firsts

20130325 - Up and out to first day of new job and today is the first day of Spring break for the boys. REALLY!? I met a lot of people at work and took in a ton of info... Home, the drive either way was not bad. Had dinner with the fam. Hung out a bit while boys did dishes and then J&I over to help Doc with his TV. Home and D&I to Bible Bangers, we reviewed the crucifixion and resurrection, how timely... and it all fit in with The Bible on the History channel...

20130324 - Prep Drive

20130324 + Up and all quiet, Watched OSU basketball and got things done getting ready for worrk tomorrow. We took a drive and checked out the new place so I could get the timing down and the fam could see the ginormous building I will be working in. J&G fell asleep... Got gas on the way home. Home and hung out, shipping ebay sales and J&I went on a sap run for a friend of ours. Home for more basketball and the Bible, Vikings and Walking Dead. A bit nervous about tomorrow... :-s

20130323 - Dylan Sawyer

20130323 - Up in am and I took the boys to the church where L was working the pancake breakfast. Here u can see a pancake mid air being flipped to G's plate. He caught both and so did D&J.  After bfast we headed to a couple stores to get baseball supplies. Home and D wanted to play but we had spring chores to do. J cleaned everything out of the shed, L picked up Lilly's poo, G played with a buddy that came over, D got a couple of his friends from the school playground to help him trim the ornamental grasses while I trimmed the grapes.


J had a buddy come over an the boys had a airsoft war while I put things back in the shed. I rounded the boys up to fix the basketball hoop.  The boys finished the night playing basketball until it was too dark to see the ball.

20130322 + G's Perspective

20130322 + Up in the am and out for a bfast meeting (sch board).  Home for a bit and then out for a lunch meeting (real estate)...  Home and delighted by G's essays so I put them online. Enjoy!

How To Brush Your Teeth

Translation help: sak(sink), the rest you have to figure out ;-)

How to Baseball

J came home with a friend. I Took D&G to baseball practice. L headed to zumba and dropped J& his buddy off at the park. Practice over, friend home with parents, the boys and I got food on the way home and watched the OSU basketball game.

20130321 - Midnight Homework

20130321 - Up in am and doing stuff at the desk. when boys got home J&I went to the post office, and then to our geocache to pick up a travel bug that we put in a race a long time ago. The travel bug from Lee made it to our cache from San Fransico CA. Very cool! Home and D helped me clean the black car up, looks brand new. Had dinner with the fam. L&D to his recreational league baseball practice so he could meet his team. JG&I hung out a bit while G gave us a record concert in full uniform. We then went to our Cub Scout Pack meeting, G wore his uniform there as well :-) Home and helping D with an assignment due tomorrow until 1am.... :-s

20130320 - Working Out

20130320 - Up paperwork done for new position. A lot of things ready for errands and when J got home we headed out to the CMHA and the Scout store to get awards. Home for a few and them off to the A-minor baseball draft (G's team, the Mets). Home late and to bed.

20130319 + 1 Full Day in 4 Hrs

20130319 + Up and at the desk, got some stuff done for D and things ready for errands. Cleaned up garage. D home and out we went to USPS, drug screening place for my new job, rental to take the trash out, grocery store 1 to take pics for one of D's assignments, grocery store 2 for more pics (and we found candy bars in the clearance section :-), Home Depot for a couple supplies, checked on the ball fields (way to wet :-( dropped off donations, home to eat. I helped D with some homework, he was busy with it until bedtime. Tried to play a card game where you build monsters with J, too complicated. So we watched some TV until all boys to bed. Up late filling out paperwork for new position.

20130318 - Final Confirmation

20130318 - Up slow start, did stuff at desk, packed ton of ebay shipments, D home we shipped stuff, ordered baseball hats, stopped by Dave's warehouse, home I ran off to coaches meeting for G's team, Then home for a min then Bible Bangers. Talked to Doc, Prescilla did pass away Sunday 3/17/13 :-( This has been a long couple weeks for my buddy. Very sad and exhausting for him... Keep Doc in your prayers

20130317 - Deer Baseball

20130317 - Up in the am to a very excited G. Apparently last night a leprechaun snuck into the playroom, emptied out a bin of toys that had you swords for little action figures and took a bunch of them, leaving a trail down the steps. The trap we set yesterday had not fallen so further inspection was necessary... The inspection of the trap revealed a tiny sword, a cut string and the golden dollar GONE! More determined than ever J&G rebuilt the trap using fishing line that could not be seen, a very shinny plastic coin and a real gold dollar. They then scoured the toys and collected all sharp toys and sealed them in a bag and his them very well to prevent another missed leprechaun...

L&G went to the grocery, J&I went to the Deer & Turkey Expo to find new suppliers for our site and pick up more samples from existing suppliers. J tried some horseradish and couldn't breath for a period of time, but other than that we had a great time.
Home and D back from camping. I packed up sales to ship out. Bob & Bob came over for a coaches meeting. Watched the Buckeye Big10 championship game, WE WON! Then off to baseball practice with D. It was another good practice and the boys look really good. Home and up late watching the Bible and Walking Dead. Preparing to get things wrapped up before starting a new job 3/25...

20130316 - Speed Trap

20130316 - Up in the am and straight to the race track. They were running 30 minutes behind... Imagine that... Nonetheless we had our races and the boys had a great time. J's car did good, but we can't seem to find the winning combination... :-s From there J went home with some friends, L&G to Zumba, I got supplies and packed sales. L&G home and G&I took a minute to build a leprechaun trap ;-)

I headed out to get D from the campout and Gma&paB drove up so GpaB went along for the ride. We got D, dropped some speakers I couldn't sell. Home and D did a quick change and off to his game. The game was ROUGH and they got beat bad. We got J at the end of the game and headed home. D changed quick and I ran him back to the campout. Home and had some pizza and watched the Buckeyes squeak out a victory in basketball. Gma&paB took off, little boys cleaned up and we watched an old movie as L&I drifted in and out of consciousness... Boys to bed and we tried to watched some more TV... sleep.

20130315 + Possibilities

20130315 + Up in the am and at the desk. Getting things lined up for the end of the month and a busy weekend. L home, bummed, it doesn't look like she will get her own classroom next year :-( I had further discussions with a potential full time employer and we are going to give it a go. Now just need paperwork to make it official... I also received an email from a company wanting to know how to get their products on my www.OhioOrigins.com site!
Boys home from school. D&I took a buddy of mine to the airport. Then we went and picked up the baseball team jerseys, they are cool. Home and changed for practice, we woke G up and gave him his jersey that has WINGER and BB for the number, he was in heaven. Off to practice and it was a wet but good one. We wore-out the boys and G stayed right in there with them. Home and got J for his test runs at the pinewood track, his car looks and runs great! L got D to Scouts so he could camp out tonight. J&I got some food and headed home to eat. A friend stopped over to use a saw and chat a bit. All boys to bed, watched some basketball.

20130314 - Bracelet Boy?

20130314 - Up in the am and at the desk. I got some more products added to the site today and a couple more good leads. Spent a lot of time on the phone and had a phone interview. Boys home and out playing in the pretty cold day. I made s couple more calls waking around outside while collecting sap. I had a call come in from HR of the company I interviewed with: they made me an offer! We had dinner then D&I went to meet his Scout Patrol at the grocery so they could get food to take camping. I got a coffee and relaxed while the boys shopped and the new paranoid parents followed along. Home and we went back to the school to the open house and to see what all the kids made to sell. J had made about 50 bracelets and sold a ton of them. I wanted to take his pic with him and his product but he was gone so one if his girlfriends posed for the shot. Home, couldn't sleep...

20130313 - Adding Stuff

20130313 - Up in the am and to the desk. Getting a lot done, added 9 products to the site the last 3 days and have planned to add more over the coming few weeks. Everyone home, LJ&G picked Sam up from school and they all came home to play. Lilly got to sit in the window seat and look for squirrels. We had dinner and D&I went to baseball practice and LJ&G went to Zumba. We had another really great practice and these boys can play! Home reading over a contract for the school board...

20130312 - Too Much for a Tuesday

20130312 - Up at desk, changed locks for doc, working in office all day, dinner with fam, board of review at night, day over in a flash...

20130311 - Unplugged :-(

20130311 - Up in the am to a grey day.  In the office all day, got a lot done.  Had dinner with the fam and then took D to his rec baseball tryouts that he didn't need to go to :-s  Home got J and DJ&I went to Scouts.  In J's Den I had all the parents play charades with the boys and some of the older Scouts participated in some relay races, it was a fun night.  Home and talked to Doc, they unplugged his wife Priscilla's life support today :-(  To Bible Bangers for a short meeting.  Home and got some more stuff done.

20130310 - G's Safe!

20130310 - Up in the am and got some things together. L to the grocery the boys back at the school. When L got home I ran a couple of errands.  Home and a buddy picked me up for a coaches meeting, for G's team.  After the meeting I picked G up at home and off to D's baseball practice.  It was another good practice and G was right in there, HE LOVES IT!  Home and D&I to the bank and Meijer to take pictures of groceries for extra credit.  Home and we had dinner then off to a Cub Scout leader meeting... Home and watched 'The Bible' with the boys and cleaned up OhiOOddities listings.

20130309 + First '13 Spring Like Day

20130309 + Up in the am, L off to a party in Delaware with the women of her family, J to a Bluejackets hockey game and D&G outside and back at the school playing in the beautiful spring day. I got a bunch of things listed on eBay and had a buddy call from Holland to plan his visit for the Maple Syrup Day @ the Farm! Everyone back together at D's basketball game, Gma&paW too. They won, so that means more basketball next weekend... Home, took D to a babysitting gig and then had the guys over for a MasterMind Garage meeting. This is the first one GpaW has been to and I think he liked it. Doc was here too and holding up well. Picked D up after the meeting, think he is allergic to cats.

20130308 - First 7th Practice

20130308 - Up and all out. I got some things done at the desk and then to tax appointment. Stopped by my Internet buddies on the way to the bank and get gas. To the Columbus Housing place agains with all docs in hand and apparently all the rules changed and I no linger need them like I did yesterday...??? To Jeff's for a meeting and then home quick to get D&G and head to the first 7th grade baseball practice. It was a good practice and G did everything the big boys did. We picked up sandwiches on the way home. Watched some tv with the boys and they made some cards. Up late getting things in line for the weekend.

20130307 + All over Columbus

20130307 + Up and everyone out. I headed to Jeff's to get keys, HD to get copies of keys, bank deposits, Columbus Housing Authority to get properties moved over (red tape failure...), back to Jeff's for papers and signatures, on to rental to bring in trash ck furnace let lady measure for blinds read water meter, on to meet realtor at house to walk it is a disaster, home and finished prepping for tax appointment tomorrow. Got on Ds case about grades, collected sap w/J, G pooped his pants twice, had dinner, boys played while L&I chilled, played Halo w/ boys, watched couple singing shows with L. Bed for another crazy day tomorrow...

20130306 - Pro Scrubber

20130306 - UP, Boys & L home from school for a snow day. Got myself together and went out for a hair cut and an interview. There was a past Kewill colleague at the place I went to interview. The interview was good and we will see if anything comes of it. Home and working on taxes. Dinner with the fam, G&I did the dishes, he's a pro! Hung out the rest of the evening, L to Zumba, boys playing Halo, I had a friend over talking about school board.

20130305 - Can't Sleep

20130305 - Up, boys off to school, L to work. At the desk making calls. Friend stopped over and got him a domain and a free website -> www.JERandSons.com Had another friend stop over with some lease info and to borrow some tools. Got things organized for the rentals and preparing for taxes tomorrow :-( Everyone home from school, I finished my day and we had dinner. L to a church meeting, the boys and I to the basement for a couple rounds of Halo before we had to run D to basketball practice. Home and J&G to bed, each of them got to pick a book and read it to me! :-) Picked D up and we watched the OSU Basketball game vs Indiana. Talked to Doc today, he is busy making funeral arrangements :-(

20130304 - All Home

20130304 - Up, D to school, J still on vacation with his friends, L in to work and G home, no school today. G&I watched Scooby Do and looked at some things on YouTube and then I headed into the office to print off a coloring page and get some work done. At the desk all day, L home, then J, he had a great time. D home, we had dinner and then we got the garage ready for the Cub Scouts to come over and finish up their cars. Call Doc and Priscilla is not good... I guess her brain didn't get enough oxygen for too long and she is not moving and no signs of any brain activity :-( Scouts came and went, I ran to get D and talk to the other leaders. Home and then to Bible Bangers.

20130303 - Cooks

20130303 - Up in the am to a quiet house. We headed out an went to a couple sporting good stores to get pants for me and gloves for D. L&D dropped G&I off at home and they went to the grocery. J called, he is having fun with his friend. G&I did an experiment and made some shamrocks and mustaches out of chocolate, he was popping the chocolates in his mouth faster then I could melt them...

We also hung out our maple syrup buckets and made a 'Git Better Soon' card for Priscilla across the street who went to the hospital yesterday with a heart attack :-o
D&L home and D&I back out to gather sap for a friend, but it was all frozen. Home and D had to make dinner for a school assignment, so he cooked the rest of the afternoon while L helped him, G played Xbox and I listed some consignment items on ebay. D's dinner was great! He made us chicken parmesan, beer bread and an apple pie all from scratch. After dinner we went down to watch 'The Bible'.

20130302 - Triple-Header

20130302 - Up and G had a basketball game first thing in the am.  Home and the boys and I played Halo for a bit then D&I to work on the rental.  Gma&paW stopped to see it and I took D to get some cleats.  D&I met everyone at J's basketball game.  J left w/ friends for fun long weekend.  The rest of us went out for a nice dinner at the rusty bucket.  Last basketball game of the day (thank goodness...) was D's.  As if we hadn't had enough, we stayed to watch next game. Home all to bed.

20130301 + March Repairs

20130301 + Up and got things done around the house and then to the rental for the rest of the day.  Drove home in rush hour traffic.  Grabbed a bite to eat and watched a movie.  I can not believe it is already March...