20210331 - Latte Fumble

 20210331 - Up in the am and J headed out to work. Had some bfast with L and then in to the office to get the day rolling. Today was a day to catch up but that got derailed when I received a large dataset that needed scrubbed... Spent the rest of the day in the data. Headed out of the office late and had some dinner. L&I were watching TV when we heard outside the door 'NO! NO! NO! NO!' Then J opened the door. He tried to balance his latte on his skateboard as he opened the door and his dexterity is not what he thought it was. Hazel enjoyed cleaning up the porch for him, this dog does NOT need the caffeine... In and mess cleaned we watched a bit more TV before heading to bed.

20210330 + Fixing Things

20210330 + Up in the am and J headed to work and L ran to get groceries. I got a couple things done on the computers and then packed up the car with supplies and headed to the Farm. I got to the Farm and met GpaW at the Farmhouse. We got the kitchen sink faucet removed and figured out what additional parts we needed and headed to Boliantz to get them. We took Gma&paW's new car so I could see it and listen to a weird noise it was making. We got the the store and got our parts and hit McD's on the way back. Once we got the Farm I climbed under the car and found a loose bolt that holds on a shield under the car. I tightened that up and think it was the noise issue. In to the Farmhouse and we got the new kitchen faucet installed pretty quickly and it works! GmaW showed up for a bit and then headed up to their house to do some paperwork. GpaW & I then got a screen door fixed and headed outside to fix some wagon wheels. Overall he was in good spirits and we had lots of discussions throughout the day on what to do with the Farmhouse, Barn and land. lots of discussion to have and decisions to be made. After the repairs were done we headed up to the house to check in with GmaW before I hit the road. GpaW sent me a text as I was driving back and the bolt that was tightened under their new car apparently took care of the rattling noise! Home and had a burger with L&G and D showed up with some of his friends to pick up a power strip and play in the backyard a bit. G&I headed out for batting practice. Home and watched some basketball before heading to bed.

20210329 - Concrete Mowing

20210329 - Up in the am and L and Hazel headed to Gma&paB's for the day. I had escalations starting right at 9. Off the ph for a min at 1:15 and asked J when he was supposed to be at work, 10am... so he is late and apparently it is my fault... Back to the desk to wrap up the weekend and get this week rolling. I spent some time walking around the yard on the phone and then got more done and tried to get G out of the house. Took another walk while talking to Lonie and found Bob mowing the sidewalk... We chatted for a bit, it was nice to catch up. Back to the desk and got more things done. Headed outside and waited for L and Hazel to get home, G had friends in the yard. L home and we caught up on the day, she had a nice visit with Gma&paB. In and watched some TV.

20210328 - Cookie Cookers

20210328 - Up in the am and it was rainy and crappy out. I got a bunch of things done on the PC in the morning. In the afternoon Hazel and I headed to the dog park. There weren't many dogs there but she had fun. We only stayed about 30 min before heading to Wendy/s for a frosty. We ordered and didn't realize J served us our food.. thought he wasn't supposed to be there until 5... Home and I washed Hazel's muddy feet in the tub and then watched some basketball with L. G headed out to meet some buddies that ended up back at our house. Later in the evening I headed out to pick up some dinner at Taco Bell and Burger King. Gma&paW called me while I was on the road. Home and we started eating, Chris showed up and we headed to the basement to watch the Walking Dead and chat about his work a bit. He had brought some food he cooked today in his new deep fryer and it was amazing. Headed to bed in good time but couldn't sleep, 3:45 last look.

20210327 + Double Tested

20210327 + Up in the am and L taking J to get a COVID test, he had a friend he had lunch with on Friday test positive... G&I headed out to get one of L's bday gifts at the HOme Depot and then to pick up some auction wins. We went to Reynoldsburg and Hillard. During our trip we discovered that J would get his test results back in 2-4 days... That's too long to wait so I had L call around until she found a rapdi test place and scheduled another test for J. G&I home, I gave L a couple of things I got for her at auction. One was a nice new big umbrella that we needed to modify a bit, so we did that until J&I had to drive to eh east end of Reynoldsburg to get him tested. Home and L&I hanging out on the back porch waiting for the test results to come back. After about an hour we got the call that J 's test was negative! We let J&G know and they both rushed out of the house to go be with friends. L and I watched basketball on the back porch. G and his friends back and Terrill arrived to pick them up to spend the night. nice to see and chat with him. L and I headed in when it got chilly and watched some more basketball.

20210326 - Dinner on the Town

20210326 - Up in the am and everyone at school. Hazel and I made an omelet for fast today before heading in to the office. I DO miss my laptop as I like getting the new emails out of the way in the morning before focusing on my daily tasks. Today turned in to an incredibly busy day and flew by. I headed out of the office and L&I walked down to the Gahanna Grill for dinner. We passed a raccoon having dinner on the way... Home and looked for a movie but I had the release date wrong so it wasn't on... We found a show to watch and hung out in the living room the rest of the night.

20210325 - Swing & Run

20210325 - Up in the am and Everyone at school. Today is J's short day so he was home and bored. He spent a lot of time outside with Hazel until he took off to go skating with friends. I spent some time future planning today. G home after school with no track practice due to threat of storms, panzies. Out of the office and threw the ball with Hazel while L cooked us some dinner. LG&I ate, J showed up late. J played with Hazel some more and she was a soaking wet muddy mess so l washed her up a bit. Relaxed and watched some TV.

20210324 - Grant Citizenship Award

20210324 - We received the below video from G's principal today. Very proud of the young man he is becoming!

20210324 - First Game of 2021

20210324 - Up in the am and everyone at school. I got around and headed to the Worthington office to drop off my PC and clean up my office a bit (had food in a drawer since last March...). Chatted with CB, Hiren and Brit a bit, it was nice to be around folks. Headed home and saw L and Hazel out on a walk. In to my office and on the PC for the rest of the afternoon. LG Hazel and I headed out a bit early to get downtown for G's first game this season. We played some really huge kids and it was a tough. G got a hit and then picked off coming home. The boys lost but they didn't look bad for being off for so long.

20210323 - Salvation?

20210323 - Up in the am with joyous cries from L and texts and pics from all the neighbors. There is a moving truck next door! I am not trying to get my hopes up, but the signs do look promising. GOD IS GOOD!!! I contacted the police department and let them know so they could serve the CPO before he moves and they can't find him. I found out this morning that they have already made two attempts... J home after his one class today, he played with Hazel and ate the rest of the day. I was at the desk getting things done and wrapping up loose ends on the migration project. L home didn't take Hazel on a walk today, she didn't want to run in to the neighbors loading things. After work I went out and threw Hazel the ball a bunch. It is amazing how peaceful the backyard and neighborhood already feel with the neighbors dogs gone and the stigma of them just being in the house... L ran and got G from track and then we ate outside for the first time in peace and quiet since they moved in back in October of 2019. G&I headed out to his hitting lessons and then to Dick's to get some cleats and socks for him. Home and watched some TV.

20210322 + Not Served :-(

20210322 + Up in the am and everyone at school and Hazel sleeping on the back of the couch while I dealt with some system issues. I received a call from one of the detectives with the City and he was unaware of the CPO. I got all the files sent to him and he is passing along to the City Prosecutor. I headed in to the office and dug in to some work tasks. L home from school and took Hazel out back and immediately the neighbors dogs started barking ad attacking the fence... So she took her on a walk. I got a couple more things done for work and the City Prosecutor called me to discuss the video I sent. We chatted for 15 minutes and reviewed the video and he believes it is a prosecutable offense. The Prosecutor is going to call the detective back and set the arrest in motion. J&G home from school. The police detective called me back to let me know that the neighbor has not yet been served... So they are not sure that they will be able to prosecute for his actions... L ran G to baseball practice and then L&I ate. After dinner Hazel and I went to get G from practice. Home and L&I watched some American Idol and I played with Hazel a bit. Boys down late and we all had ice cream before heading to bed.

20210321 - Double Birdie

20210321 - Up in the am and G and his friends that spent the night had some bfast. L was out cleaning off the back porch and the neighbor and his dogs were out smoking weed, barking and raising hell. After one of his pot head friends joined him and started swearing at L&I I called the police... We got the porch cleaned up, got the TV mounted out there an watched some basketball waiting for the police. After a couple hours, and no police, Hazel and I headed to the the pet store to replenish her treats. We then headed to the dog park for a short play. Home and L had cooked out on the grill and we had dinner on the patio for the first time this year. The police finally showed up and I chatted with them a bit. It was way past the time I called them and there was no activity taking place that they could act on... L&I sat on the porch a bit longer before heading in to watch American Idol. Chris stopped over and we headed down to watch The Walking Dead and I sent one last blast for the Booster's Tag Day. We watched out show and Chris took off. J home from work and L&I chatted with him a bit, G down and things closing up for the night. Gma&paW called and gave us an update on GpaW's second opinion and it was to use the course of treatment the other Dr. had prescribed as well, so right path is now clear. We chatted for a bit and L faded off and I stayed up to write a police report.

20210320 - Tag Day

20210320 + Up in the am and sent out a blast that started Tag Day. I then headed across town to pick up a key and head to the high school where we set up the Tag Day HQ. Tag day was a bit different but we pulled in a lot of funds. We were there for a couple of hours and I sent out updates as info came in. At noon we headed out and went to get pick up some auction wins at 3 different place. Home and Hazel and I headed to the dog park for an hour and then through Wendy's to get frosty's and see J. Home and L ran to meet her girlfriends for a bit. Home to a backyard of boys. G and his buddies were all over town today. I hung out at home and watched over G and his friends and get the camera on the playset working again. I listened to the neighbors dogs barking like crazy and him swearing at me... L home and her and I went over to the Pettit's for dinner and watch the OU basketball game. We did run out and see the international space station fly over. It was a really nice visit and OU won. Home and G and his friends came down to play trouble with me and make ramen noodles. L headed to bed and I stayed up on the computer and watched a movie and listen to the boys playing their video games.

20210319 - Tripped Up

20210319 - Up in the am and everyone at school. J home early as he only has 1 class on certain days. I got some morning things done and then headed out to get G to take him to the orthodontist. On my way out J was getting Hazel in from a dig fest and she was covered in mud so they were headed to he bathroom to wash her up... I got G and we made a quick trip to get his braces fixed and then back home. G fussed around making some food because 'mom didn't have any bfast ready for me this morning and I'm starving...'  RIGHT... I jumped on the PC and got back to work. A busy day with good progress and the project wrapped up with only a couple loose ends to clean up next week. Out of the office and Hazel and I ran to get Chinese for dinner. G and Hazel were playing and G fell over her. LG&I had dinner and then I watch the new Justice League movie that was 4 hours long. J at work, G on the Xbox and L dead asleep from a long week.

20210318 - Not a Cat

20210318 - Up in the am and on calls and pushing the migration all day. Today was a rainy mess so G's track practice was cancelled and it became our only night this week with nothing to do, or so we thought.... Apparently we missed a call with G's baseball team tonight. We knew about it but it was not on our calendars so we forgot about it. Would be nice if baseball coaches would learn how to communicate and plan like the rest of the world... Not up to late and was able to sleep.

20210317 - Teammate

20210317 - Up in the am and had a super early call so at the desk first thing. At the desk the rest of the day for another busy migration day. G had track after school and J home for a minute and then to work. L picked G up and we had some dinner. Chris over with a copy of the executed Civil Protection Order and reviewed it with us over some ice cream and told us of his adventures over the last couple weeks. The CPO brings some relief and gives us the ability to call the police anytime the neighbor lets his dogs out while we are in the backyard, anytime we see him with a beer or weapon as he prohibited from having any alcohol, drugs or weapons. Headed to bed in good time but was wide awake until 5am...

20210316 - First Shot

20210316 - Up in the am and everyone at school, Hazel and I did our normal routine and I headed in to the office a bit early to push the AD / Exchange migrations. I headed out to Walmart in Hebron to get my first COVID vaccine. I left Hazel in her crate and she was missing when I got home, L had her out for a walk. Back to the desk and driving things the rest of the afternoon. G had track practice, L cooked us dinner and then G&I ran to D-Bat for his hitting lesson. G did really good and afterwards I bought him a new helmet and batting gloves, which was a challenge as this was the first time in I don't know how long I left the house without my wallet... But thanks to modern technology I was able to use my phone to pay for them! Home and relaxed the rest of the evening.

20210315 - Flyers

20210315 - Up in the am very late as I did not sleep at all last night. Got to the desk and got the guys rolling on the AD / Exchange migrations. It was an incredibly busy day scheduling things and keeping guys moving. Out of the office and Jason ran G to baseball practice for us as I had a Booster meeting to run. L&I ate and then I headed in to the office for the Booster call. The call was ok, people don't want to help with anything... After the call L&I watched the Bachelor finale G then wanted to watch a sifi show with me so we watched 1 episode before heading to bed.

20210314 + Bath

20210314 + Up and L made a big breakfast for us and we used some of the sap we have been boiling down for our pancakes. We then headed outside and trimmed some of the grasses along the solid dog fence. Andy and his daughter stopped by to pick up some booster stuff. We finished up and I got a couple things shipped and Hazel and I ran G out to Hanna park to be with some of his buddies. Hazel and I on to the dog park where she trotted around for about an hr. We headed home, got her a frosty on the way. home and watched OSU basketball with L, they lost. Hazel and I ran out to pick G and pizzas up (have to have pizzas on pi day...). Home and we ate and watched the brackets get picked for the NCAA Tournament. L&I hung out a bit and then I headed in to the office to do taxes and L watched American Idol. Took a break and we chatted with Gma&paW. Back in to the office and finished up tax stuff about 12:45am and Hazel and I drove across town and dropped off the paperwork at the accountants. Home and watched the Walking Dead. Only slept about 3 hrs.

20210313 + Double Vision

20210313 + Up in the am and got the maple sap gathered. I made arrangements to pick up my auction wins to next week. Home did some Booster stuff for the upcoming Tag Day. We had 2 basketball games to watch, Gahanna and OSU, were both in tournament basketball games today at the same time, so G helped me set up a second TV in the living room. We watched both games and both our teams lost :-(  I ran Hazel to the dog park to play a bit and we brought home dinner. Watched a couple funny movies with L and boiled down some nice syrup by the end of the night.

20210312 - No focus

20210312 - Up in the am and L&G at home and J at school. L doing all sorts of chores around the house and G sleeping. I got some stuff done in the am and had to head in to the office a bit early as L had John Denver playing in the kitchen and I couldn't focus.

20210311 - My Girls

20210311 - Up in the am, got the boys up and straight in to the office and on the phone for another full on day. Took a break at lunch to take G to pitching lessons. L texted me from the 'Schott' where she was getting her COVID vaccine shot, said it was amazing how efficient they were. After G's lesson we dropped stuff off at the post office and Booster stuff at Andy's. Home and right back on the phone to finish a busy day. Out of the office a bit late and G fussing that he doesn't feel well. He had a temp of 99.6 so L is keeping him home tomorrow. Watched some TV and headed to bed in good time.

20210310 + Scheduled

20210310 + Day went crazy with migration issues. G had track, which he skipped because he was afraid he has COVID because a buddy of his does, and his baseball practice was cancelled because a couple kids were sick. On the phone until 6:30. Out of the office and ate and played with hazel a bit between work calls. Watched a show with G and headed to bed. Couldn't sleep so got online and scheduled a COVID vaccine for next Tuesday. Back to bed at 3:45 

20210309 - Pre Cleaner

20210309- UP in the am and G had a bunch of buddies over today. Police at neighbors about his dogs. I spoke to the officer and they are fully aware of everything going on next door... I was not the one that called the police, although I was ready to. I checked with all the neighbors that have been involved in all this and they didn't call either... so it is a mystery who called... G had track. GpaW had his first prostate hormone shot today. Said it was thick like caulk getting shoved in to his behind hahahaha. 

20210308 - Little baby

20210308 - Up in the am and L at work and I got J up for an online class before Hazel and I had bfast and got email done. We then got G up and I headed in to the office. G had to jump up on my desk and install a screw to bungie my work lamp up a bit higher before he dug in to his school work. Took G to hitting and he did pretty good. I called the neighbors dad about the barking dogs and he said the contractor working on the house is afraid of the dogs so they have to be outside while he's there, and they are doing that so they can sell the house by the end of the month... We'll see...

20210307 + On the Filed

20210307 + Up in the am and Hazel and I ran G to baseball practice at Academy Park. I met one of the new dads and we chatted a bit. Hazel and I took a lap around the park while I talked to a buddy who's son was in a really bad car accident last week. The boys did good at practice and it was great to see them outside. We headed home where L was doing yard work out front and I stayed out and cleaned up the garage. We had some lunch and then Hazel and I went to the dog park and she played for while. We headed home and swung through Wendy's to get a frosty just as J was getting to work. Home and Hazel crashed from a long day and L&I watched a couple comedians on Netflix until time for American Idol. GpaW called and chatted with him a bit and then finished American Idol with L. J home from work and G off the Xbox, everyone to bed and I watched the Walking Dead before staring at the ceiling until 5:45am...

20210306 - Most Improved

20210306 - Up in the am and LG&I headed to his basketball awards ceremony. G got an award for 'Most Improved' as he really matured and got better this year. After the ceremony we headed home and dropped L off. G&I out taking things to the post office and picking up auction wins and G bought $100 worth of cards. I dropped G off at home and then took Hazel to the dog park and for ice cream. Headed to the Home Depot, returned some plumbing stuff from the main drain job and got some supplies for the motion sensing lights job. I picked up KFC for dinner and then home and watched Coming to America 2.

20210305 - Barking Mad

20210305 - Up and worked all day. J&G no school so they were out with their friends. L ran and picked G up, he got some stuff together while I dropped off a shipment at the post office. Home and got L&G and we dropped G off at a buddy's for the night and then swung by Jimmy John's to pick up some dinner. Home and to the basement to watched 'Little Shop of Horrors' that a local school was putting on that we could watch live. A friend of ours daughter had a lead roll. It was pretty good for a high school production and Hazel did NOT like it, she watched every movement on the big screen and barked at the kids. D&DGF13 stopped by and watched a bit with us and J came home and watched some too. the kids left and L&I came back upstairs and watched a bit more TV before heading to bed.

20210304 - Too Close!

20210304 - Up in the in am and boys home today, L at school. I got things done in the am and at lunch I took G to a pitching lesson. While there I talked to the dad of a kid that went to Gahanna and now plays for the Mariners in the MLB! He said G's pitching looked good. I stepped out and did a phone interview with a kid for a position to help Lonie. Back to desk and Hiren got too close to the camera during one of our calls. L home Hazel on walk. I finished the day, L ran to get G from track. I boiled down some sap and watched tv while I way over did Booster flyer. Go to bed in good time.

20210302 - Clean Glass

20210302 - Up in the am and L had a Dr. apt this am so I had the boys. Got J up for an early class, got myself rolling and then G&I headed to the orthodontist. G got a new wire in his braces and we headed home. I worked the rest of the day and in the evening L&I headed over to the Mallonn's to chat and have some drinks.

20210301 - It Is Isolated!

20210301 - Up in the am and LJ&G at school. Hazel and I did our morning routine and then she barked at a guy looking at Mrs. Crews' car while I headed in to the office. L home and took Hazel on a windy walk. I took a break in the late afternoon and went back to the school to pick up the free food. L & Hazel ran to pick G up from track practice as I finished up my day. J headed out to meet with friends, L made dinner for us and then G&I headed to his hitting lesson. Home and checked in with GpaW on his Dr. Visit today. Sounds like the cancer is isolated to the prostate and they have a plan of hormone therapy and some radiation to take care of this. Up late watching a show with G.