20220628 - LG&I headed over to Easton for Landon's birthday party at a place called Pins. It was a super cool multi-floor game place that had little bowling lanes and tons of old video and pinball games. We hung out with the parents and the kids, all so big now, hung out and had a good time.


20220627 - Up in the am and L helped me move cars around so I could head in to work and then she took Hazel on a walk. I headed out to the Worthington office for an AM call. Went to lunch with CB & Cory and then back to the desk. D had a job interview today.


20220626 - Up late and got around. Did a couple things on the PC and then took Hazel to the dog park for a bit, not many dogs there, but she likes just running around and sniffing everything. We stopped at Wendy's for frosty's on the way home. Home and Hazel and I got set up on the back porch, L came out to read a book and Hazel knocked a bike over on her... I spent the day cleaning out email and getting things done and planned. Took a break in the afternoon to run my car over to Bowman's so he could look at the paint job. He said I need to stop trying to fix it and give it to someone that knows what they are doing. I AGREE! Home and doing more stuff on the laptop and throwing the ball to Hazel. In and had a snack and watched some TV with L before heading to bed and staying up to late.


20220625 - L got us up early and drove G&I down to Grove Cith for G's baseball game. G pitch pretty good but his arm needed a break. The boys are playing well, think only one person has struck out in 3 games, they are hitting the ball, not sure how we aren't winning... Lost this one and headed home. Did some stuff on the phone and then ran up to get a hair cut. I helped J apply for a Student Discover card and do the next steps in his financial aid process. L&I then got ourselves together and headed over to the Mallonn's for Conor's grad party. It was good to see folks and catch up. Home for a bit then G drove all over town picking up his friends and we got some pizzas from Tom on the way home. Home and had pizza and the boys headed out to walk around the town. L&I watched a movie and the backyard filled up with kids. There were too many kids to fit in G's car so I had to drive kids home Home and G still had a couple boys with him and 1 more showed up to spend the night. Up late on the PC.


20220624 - Up in the am and worked from home today. L&G headed out to his game and they lost. I spent the day at the desk and got a lot done. paid bills and came out of the office a bit late. I threw the ball to hazel for a bit and then L, Hazel and I walked back to the school to watch a little league game where they were playing music and whooping it up. Home and L&I watched a movie.


20220623 - Up in the am and L and Hazel had already taken their walk. I got around, moved some cars and headed in to the Worthington office to meet with Lonie today. Lonie showed up a bit later than usual and said, "Sorry I'm a bit late. My Dr. called me this morning and wanted to remind me to get my blood drawn this morning for my appointment tomorrow. So I had to swing by the Lobotomist before coming in today." HAHAHAHA! I couldn't stop laughing. He meant to say Phlebotomist. 🤣 we worked a bit more then Lonie took off. I told him to be careful driving after his labotomy. I stayed a bit later and then headed across town to catch a bit of G’s second baseball game. The boys played well and pulled off a last inning win! 2 wins for the day!!! Home and hung out back with Hazel a bit and then started working on The back door of G’s car that you couldn’t open from the outside. I took the panel off, ran down to Barnette’s to borrow a tool and came home and got things working. I had G come out and help me get everything back together and new lock pulls on all the doors, and IT WORKED! I had G drive me down to the Barnette’s to return the tools and show them his car. Bob helped us look at the car and figure out the AC is what is rattling in reverse. Back home and L finished mowing and we sat out back in the perfect evening. 


20220622 - L got me up too early again and we got to the school. The kids are in separate sessions today so we headed to another auditorium and more lectures started. L had it covered so I headed out and found a scooter. I jumped on and took a campus tour. I found the play where the shootings happened and a large stone brain. I met back up with L and the lectures were still going on. I sat outside a bit and then things wrapped up. We met up with J and headed over to the library to talk to the financial aid people. After our final meeting we ran J back to the dorm so he could get his stuff and we headed out. J reluctantly told us all the fun stuff they did last night and that they started a group chat with the kids they hung out with. he had a good time. On the road and we stopped at the Farm for a short visit and leg stretch. GpaW was there and we chatted for a bit. he hurt his hip somehow. it was a nice visit and we got back on the road and headed home. Home and got everything unpacked and Hazel and I got her pool out and hung out in the backyard. Trent came over and G&I worked on his bike before the boys headed to the pool. Not long after they left it stormed for about 30 min and cooled everything down. D & DGF13 stopped by for dinner and chat. Today was D's first day at Blue Raven Solar. He said it was kind of boring, we pushed him to ask more questions and learn while the guy they sent to train him was with him. After dinner I had to go to a Booster Board meeting at Edison Brewing. The meeting took way longer than expected, but we got a lot done. Home and hung out with L. JGF6 came by and we chatted with her a bit. G was out playing volleyball and got home late.


20220621 - L woke me up incredibly early, like 5:30am, to get up to head to Kent State. We all got up, got around and headed North. We took the Mercedes, her first road trip, and it was a great fast ride. We got there, got checked in and in to a huge ballroom where we spent hours listening to orientation speeches. J had met a friend online the night before, Hayden from Canton, and they hung out together all day. Scary how much J & Hayden are alike.. We took a break for lunch and everyone ate in the dining hall. J&I tried a little bit of everything. In the afternoon we walked across campus to the building where the graphic arts classes would be and toured that building. Back to the ball room for some more lectures and then back to the dining hall for dinner. I got a pork chop and we sat with the boys while they ate and then L&I headed out. We ran to the hotel and got checked in and then went to downtown Kent to Ray's for dinner. We had a nice dinner and then walked and drove around the downtown a bit. Back to the room and watched a bit of TV before crashing. Too much listening and sitting in this day for me. D headed to the house to stay with G and hazel overnight.


20220620 - Up in the am, L and hazel on a walk and I got ready for work. L home, moved her car and I headed to the Worthington office, I LOVE driving the Mercedes! To the desk in an almost empty office and getting things done and rearranged so I can take the next 2 days off with L&J to head to Kent St. Cory and I walked down to Jet's to get some lunch and hung out watching the pawn store show for lunch. Back on the PC for a call and then to finish out the day. Home and worked on the car a bit. Got some things done at the desk and got packed up. L&G dropped G's car off at the Amos' so it could get detailed and I picked them up. I dropped them back off at home and then got $108 worth of gas :-o Went through the car wash and then headed home. We hung out the rest of the night, ready for a couple busy days ahead.

20220619 +

20220619 + Up late. Talked to GpaW a bit, wished him happy father's day. L made me some bfast and I finished up paying bills and things I didn't get done Friday. L ran to the grocery. Out of the office and in to the garage and took the side mirrors off the car. D showed up and helped. We got the turn signals out of the mirrors and put new blue and orange dynamic turn signals in. J&G up, J helped L with a late lunch. We all ate out back together and then I opened the cards and stuff L got me and I got myself :-)  We played some cornhole. We relaxed a bit and then LDG&I headed to see the new Jurassic Park movie. It was pretty goodm but pretty predictable. Home and J and JGF6 there, G had Trent and Luke come spend the night. To bed late.

20220618 +

20220618 + Up early to go to G's baseball game at Berliner. It was a good game with some incredibly crappy calls. G got struck out on a ball that almost hit his shoulder and then called out stealing home when it was so obvious he was safe... Home and L&I did some paint touchup on the Mercedes. In the evening we walked down to Creekside to the Jazz and Blues festival to get some food and listen to some music. We ran in to some folks we knew and caught up a bit It was nice relaxing evening. Home and Riley and Elizabeth, Nate, Nicole & Leo came over for some drinks on the back porch. Leo and Hazel ran for hours and we all sat and chatted until 1am. It was a very nice day.


20220617 - Up in the am and getting some work done. L&G at his baseball game. Got myself together and headed up to Delaware for a DataField golf outing. I showed up in a Hawaiian shirt, cowboy hat and my new golf shoes with the tag still on them, CB liked to die :-)  We spent the rest of the day golfing, I rode in a cart with Brian and Chaf and Rob in the other, and were surprised how good we did. We had a nice BBQ dinner after golfing and then I headed home. Home and L&G ran to Cane's to pick up dinner, and J was back from his vacation. Talked to J a while and then relaxed the rest of the evening.


20220616 - Up in the am, D left for his team's baseball games in Newark and L&G headed down to Berliner for G's games. I headed in to the office and did a P&L review. G's team lost their first game. I took a break and Hazel and I went for a walk. Back to the desk and G's team lost the second game... Finished up my P&L work and headed to the back porch to work from there and filled up the pool for Hazel and threw the ball while getting stuff done. Hot but pretty day.


20220615 - Up in the am and headed in to to the Worthington office for the day. D headed to the house and L cut his hair and took him shopping for some clothes to wear on interviews. I got home and D stayed for dinner. D&G ran to D's apartment to pick up some stuff, D is spending the night here as his power is out. L&I sat on the back porch and got Hazel's pool out. D&G went to Dbat, G drove. They were home shortly after and headed back to the school to hit as Dbat was packed. L&I hung out with our feet in the pool for a long time before heading in. Chris stopped by and picked me up and we went to pick his car up at the shop. He stopped and checked out G's car when he dropped me off. In and watched some TV before bed. J texted us today from Myrtle Beach. They  went to Rioz for dinner and J ate an enormous amount of food :-)


20220614 - Up in the am and to the desk. L ran G to the orthodontist to check how his moth is doing without the braces. I had a way busier day than I had planned and nothing from my stack done. People without power all over the state. Gma&paW had a tree take out power and fall across the bridge blocking the road. L&I kinda bored headed out to see a movie. We got to our normal place and it was dark, no power. We headed to Easton and none of the lights were working... people don't know how to drive... We got to the theater and they had power so we got our tickets for the new Jurassic Park, after some complications and went in and sat down. The theater was about 150 degrees inside and I said to L I can't sit in here and watch a movie. We went back out to the service desk and asked if they had AC working in any of the theaters, they did for Top Gun so we went to see that. We thought it was a great movie! heading out to the car after the movie, Easton was black across the road, like the apocalypse had hit, so strange. We made it home and we still had power. 


20220613 - Up in the am and L and Hazel went on a walk. I got up and around and headed in to the office. Caught up with CB and dug in to cleaning out email. The day went fast and I got a lot done. Cory ran and got Arby's for us for lunch.
Home and G&I headed back to Target to return some stuff and get some other stuff. Home and hung out watching TV

20220612 +

20220612 +

Grant and I out with his car

Target to get stuff for his car

G went through Panda Express and picked up dinner, his first drive through

I took it for a drive, zoom zoom 


20220611 - Up late and got around. Hazel and I headed out to the dog park for her to be around some friends, she did great. We swung past Wendy's on the way home but the cars were out to the street so no frosty for her today. We stopped a  the plant library and picked up some stuff and headed home. TO the backyard and I took everything off my desk out with me to get organized and come up with a plan. L made some burgers and we ate and then G took me to Autozone and Target to get some things for his car. Home and watched some TV with L and then a movie before heading to bed and trying to get back to aa normal week coming up. Met McClains for dinner at Signatures and to chat


20220610 - Up too early and L got us out the door. I headed over to get the car and the gang brought down the stuff from the room. L drove the first leg with a stop at the resort J is headed to to drop off some tickets for a show on the 11th. On the road West looking for a McD’s

Skeeters for lunch and big pencil

20220609 +

20220609 + Up in the am, L down on the beach for a couple hrs. I made some sandwiches and headed down to join her. We hung out under the umbrella, walked in the water, drug our chairs down to the surf, ate lunch, waded out, relaxed. Boys didn’t come to the beach, but headed to the pool. 

Captain George’s for dinner
Headed back to Broadway at the Beach so the boys could shop some more. L forced me to get a pair of 'Hey Dude' shoes, that I love. and we got some other things along the walk.
Jungle Lagoon for 18 holes of putt putt. 
Drove back to the room and passed a hung country music festival being held on the beach. Back to the room and L&I got stuff packed up, the boys headed out and walked up to the festival. L headed to bed and I stayed up and ate and played cards with the boys. 


20220608 - Up in the am, L down on the beach for a couple hrs. I made some sandwiches and headed down to join her. We hung out under the umbrella, walked in the water, drug our chairs down to the surf, ate lunch, waded out, relaxed. H the boys showed up around 1:30 and hung out in the ocean a bit and then hit the pool. 

Angelo’s Italian Buffet for some good steaks. 
Putt putt at Cancun Lagoon 27 holes
Stopped at Pelican's SnoBalls for a cool treat on the way home
Stayed up with the boys and G&I taught Hayden how to play rummy. 

20220607 +

20220607 + Up late and L already at the beach for hours. I got the boys up, made some sandwiches for L&I and headed to the beach. We hung out under the umbrella and got in the water a couple times. Grant and Hayden eventually showed up to swing a bit, take a walk and then get an icee and go to the pool. Texting with J, the internet is down at home and it makes him nervous. 

Rioz Brazilian steakhouse for dinner
Broadway at the beach shopping, L&I wanted to be cool like the boys and got some friendship bracelets.
The boys shopped forever, we finally got them in the cara nd headed down the road. G found a putt putt place we had never been to before, Captain Cain's, so we gave it a shot and it was an older, but very hard course.

20220606 ‡

20220606 ‡ Up in the am and L are day at the beach for a couple hours. She got us an umbrella and chairs and we reserved it for the rest of the week. The red flag was out so people can’t go out to far. G and Hayden down with their boggy boards and road some waves, took a walk and hung out at the pool. We headed up to the room about 3 and then the boys and I walked across the street where I schooled them on putt putt at the Lost Mine. Back to the room and headed to North MB for a feast at Boardwalk Billy’s. Boys got steak and L&I split some ribs and crab legs. On to Boardwalk at the Beach for some shopping. I got my beef jerky, some turtles and some little cookies. L got boots for Hazel and the boys shopped and shopped. L&I went back to the car and FaceTimed with Gma&paB and Hazel. Hazel could hear us but wasn’t sure where we were and turned her baby head this way and that trying to figure it out. Boys finally done shopping. We picked them up and headed back towards the hotel with a stop at Krispy Kreme for some doughnuts and then a round of golf at Spy Glass putt putt. G won this round and we ended up tied for the day. Back to the room late and slowed things down and headed to bed. Up late on the phone. 


20220605 - L got us up all way to early and we got in the car and hit the road by 7:20. L drove the first leg and got us out of OH. We stopped for gas in Charleston WV and changed drivers so I could speed through the WV go kart toll roads. We stopped in Wytheville at the worlds largest pencil and 7 Dogs Brew Pub for a good lunch. Back on the road and L drove us to the worlds largest strawberry for an ice cream treat. Back on the road and we got to our hotel about 5pm. LG and Hayden took stuff to the room, I got the car parked. We got our stuff put away and the boys headed out on a walk and L&I ventured out to get some groceries at a picked over Piggly Wiggly, and pick up burgers. Home and the boys helped L carry up the groceries and I parked the car. We had dinner and then took a short walk on the beach. Back in to the room and relaxed from a long day of driving. G, Hayden & I headed out to a beach shop. They were closed but opened the doors to let us in and we bought a TON of stuff, boggy boards, footballs, necklaces, knives... probably their biggest sale of the day... Back to the room with our treasures.


To Newark early for G’s baseball game
They lost
To roosters for lunch with a handful of his teammates. 
Lost game 2, but not by much. 
Home packing stuff and checking the fluids in the car
We went to Cait’s (JGF6) grad party. 
Swung through Meijer and returned the stuff that didn’t fit. Swung through Cvs on the way home. 
Home final prep for trip and car fluids and tires checked. 


Up worked a bit headed to Newark for G’s baseball game. Gma&paW showed up. G pitched the whole game 108 pitches… they lost. 
Home, back to the desk and worked the rest of the day tying up loose ends. L mowed and got stuff lined up for the trip. L&I headed out get gas, get me some new shorts at Meijer, they don’t have dressing rooms anymore so I bought several of each in different sizes. We picked up some Popeye’s for dinner. Home and ate and then I tried on all my new shorts. 


20220602 - Up in the am and to the desk. Trying to wrap things up so I can relax next week.


20220601 - Up in the am and headed to the Worthington office. Only 2 or 3 people in today. At the desk getting things done. Had a short meeting with CB and then we headed out to his house. I helped him carry some stuff over to the house next to his that he just bought and took a tour. Headed home and stopped at the awards place to pick up stuff for tonight's ceremony. Home and hung out on the back porch with Hazel throwing her ball and having a beer while reviewing a contract. L&G home from his baseball practice. L&I ate and J & JGF6 showed up, they are working on her house to get ready for her grad party this weekend. G got himself ready and we headed to the Baseball Awards. We got there, got things set up, checked in with the coaches and then hung out for things to start. The coaches gave out the awards and Andy and I gave out some as well. I presented Coach Shade with a bobble head to commemorate his 30 years and 500 wins to end the ceremony. We had some cake and headed home to relax the rest of the evening.