080126 - Bday

080126 - Up and off to Howdy's basketball game. All of the Grandparents were there. Back to the house for food and fun. Gpa B turned 61 today!

080125 - Bowling

080125 - Up early, bfast w/ the boys. Long fast day... Out bowling e/ Howdy's scout troup. Then off for some dinner.

080124 - oreos

080122 - Up, had a hard day at work! After dinner Grant got an Oreo. Nothing special about that. What is amazing is that for lunch he was given his first Oreo ever. And what did he do? He took his little fingers and pulled it into 2 halves, and ate only the white middle... Nicole & Sam came over for a visit, he is growing good.

080121 - Cold day off

080121 - Up & a long too short day of work... L took the screamin kids to a play date. I heard them come in when they returned... Ate some quick dinner and then a trip to get cough medicine. Home, hung out in the basement until bed time. I'm heading out to meet with the bible banger tonight

080120 - Game day

080120 - We all stayed in all day. It was 9 degrees here this morning, just too cold to go anywhere. We played the Wii, Statego, Jenga, Score 4, Yhatzee & Chess. Here the boys r takin a break to watch an old war movie.

071216 - JFK

071216 - in DFW for meetings. Had Andre fly in and meet me on Sunday. Didn't have anything planned so we head to Daley Plaza where Andre loaded up w/ tourist stuff and we got the 'true story' of how JFK was shot...

071215 - Wii

071215 - Over to Curran's 4 dinner. Home got the boys to bed and our friend Jeff came over to test out his new game. Up late watching Lost.
071214 - Up late watching Lost
071213 - Up late watching Lost

080119 s First Game!

080119 - Up too early for Howdy's first baset ball game. He is on the wizards and he runs wildly from end to end with his little wirey legs. He did get a basket! The whole fam went grocery shopping after the game to make sure Lori didn't fall over... She has been researching online and has found a discussion group of other that share her symptoms when they go into large warehouse type stores. Seems the wearing sunglasses or a hat helps. It has something to do with the kind of lighting... Anyway, home played the Wii w/ D&J then some soup on this cold day. Played in the living room and now everyone is down for a nap.
080118 - Typical Friday, trying to finish up everyting. Played with the boys and up late working.
080117 - Bear had another 'attack' today. Where she gets real dizzy like and has to lay still..... Went to an investment seminar tonight with Jim Long. Signed up for a new program. Stayed up and read the entire manual tonight.
080116 - Up & to DFW. Got home about 3pm. Did some work
080115 - All day in meetings... Brazilian steakhouse for dinner... Stuffed
080114 - Got a call at 1pm that they needed me in Dallas for an all day meeting tomorrow... On the plane by 6pm... Long day.

080113 - Cookies

080113 - Up & LD&J 2 church. G&I stayed home and got some stuff done. After lunch we ran up to the farm to play. here the big boys are making cookies w/ GmaW while Grant & GpaW visit w/ the dogs.

080112 - Wizards

080112 - Up early & got the monkeys fed. Then we all piled in the car and headed to the Franklin Park Conservatory to see the trains & plants.

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080103 - SKIS!!!

080103 - Up and day 2 of work. Went pretty good, got a good hard line to follow this year. After work & dinner Howdy tried out his cross country skis. The little fellow did pretty good except when he crossed his skis... More football tonight!

080102 - Vacations over

080102 - Back 2 work today. Not too bad, nice ande slow. Jack & I ran out to get mommy a new laptop because her old one just died. After dinner we played a game.