080229 - Skit

080229 - Tedious day. Gma Farmer here to watch J&G while L,D & I headed to Howdy's Boy Scout Banquet. This is his den doing the 'Dog Poo' skit. A good time!

080229 - Leap day

080229 - Up, D off to school, L to school w/ J and G & I hangin out at home on this snowy day
080228 - Really fast day @ work. Had dinner @ the table the out to get a new coat for Howdy, he broke his zipper during a fire drill @ school??? Quick stop @ Meijer, home for a loud bath & play time. L& I watched LOST. To bed early.

080225 - Practice

080225 - Full fast day @ work. Quick dinner & the ran Howdy to karate. Home, played Star Wars w/ J. L took Jack & Grant to karate. I picked up Howdy & took him to his scout meeting.
080224 - Took the big boys to see Spiderwick (might have bone that Sat... Losing time now...). played Star Wars, Dinner at big boy.

080223 - Funday

080223 - Up and ran to pick up taxes... Ouch!!! Then the whole family to Howdy's basketball game. Gma & pa W were there and we all grabbed some lunch. Home and outside to play.

080221 - Red eye

080221 - Getting ready to board an all night flight to Atlanta. Lori says bad weather at home. Hope I can get home tomorrow.

080217 - Delivery

080217 - Up, L & the big boys to church. G & I played ball, watched tv and played. Everybody home and piled in the car and headed to the farm. Had a nice lunch w/ Gma & pa W & Great Gma Heydinger.
After lunch we build a huge army fort gmaw got for them... Bert & Weezer stoped for some conversation.

080216 - Party

080216 - Picked Howdy up from the birthday party. Hit the bank, grocery & video store. Home to pick up the rest of the team and then off to the Grossel estate for some dinner and play time. The kids played hard for seveal hours while the ladies chatted and Jeff & I made plans to start a bisiness... Home, everyone to bed.

080216 - Beater

080216 - Up early and to Howdy's basketball game. The team we played was REALLY GOOD. Ran to the bank and to the Curran's to look at their furnace and play a bit. Jack had a meltdown, seems he is still a bit sick... Home for lunch and so Wii time. Grant & Jack layed down for a nap and I took Howdy to a birthday party at the local bowling joint. Home and Grant was helpin L clean up after making some brownies.
080215 - Crazy day. I had lunch w/ Courtland, spent lots of time on the phone and setting up a new shopfloor design. Ran to CiCi's Pizza w/ the whole gang, then across town to pick up a laptop for GmaW. Stay up late getting everything setup on the laptop.

080214 - NO!

We don't want to go to bed!

080214 - Cold play

080214 - Jack had a play date today and I went to the accountant for taxes, Made a call to a couple friends and then a couple called me! Lined up lunch for tomorrow, a March wedding in Little Rock and a possible future business deal. Dinner then outside w/ the big boys to play in the snow and ice. In for coaco and baths. Going to watch Lost tonight.
080213 - L went to Dylan's Teacher conferences. He is very popular but need to work on his spelling & time management... Hmmm wonder where he gets that... Big boys to karate. G&I ran some errands. Up late getting ready 4 taxes.
080212 - Cub Scouts here this evening to learn about tools and build banks. Howdy & I cheated using an air nail gun while everyone pounded their brains out with hammers.
080211 - No School, LONG DAY outside the office. No school & 3 boys contained inside because of the weather causes FRICTION... Karate at night to burn some energy.
080210 - L & the big boys to church. Grant & I are suffering from cabin fever.
080209 - Up early for a basketball game. The big boys went w/Gma & pa W to Walmart. L,G & I,ran over to Rich, Nicole & Sam's for a bit, then home for some lunch w/ everyone. Bored in the afternoon we ventured out to the west side of town to try a China buffet. The boys learned some Chinese and Grant even let the waitress carry him around a bit. He would shake his head yes & no like he understood what she was saying. Finished the night w/ the boys destroying a store as L tried to shop...
080208 - Landed at home abot 10, an hr late because of ORD... Had a fast ong day at work. Fell asleep early, hate those red eye flights....
080207 - Quick day in SJC. had a nice dinner w/ Arno & Gwen. headed to the airpot for a quick stop in Vages and the red eye to ORD.

080205 - Long day

080205 - In to work and doing the usual. Checked in w/ L and poor Jack still has his fever :-(
More work to do yet today... At lease I can see the mountians from where I sit

080205 - California

080205 - Up, ready to go to the office. Blue skies today in CA
080204 - Up at 4:30, and three flights later arrived in San Jose at 2:00pm local time. Very long trip. To the office, did some work and then hit Applebee's. back to Arno & Gwen's for conversation & rest.
Jack finally broke his fever, Howdy had karate, and Lori had to get off the phone quickly as Grant was chasing his brothers with a wooden stick.

080202 - Duck Riding

080202 - Everyone fell asleep so Howdy & I headed to Wal-Mart... What were we thinking? Howdy had gotten a gift card and it was burning a hole in his wallet... We spent about 1 hr in 1 isle reviewing the Legos & transformers.... Ugh! We did see several alien lfe forms and howdy couldn't but stare. Hahahaha
I have made my 1 trip to Wal-Mart for 2008!
Got home and Jack is still sick... Grant was riding the duck and Lori is heading to a party tonight....

080201 - Chores

080202 - Dylan had a basketball game this morning and he got 3 baskets! We fed the bird,shut the windows on the fort, took down the flag, changed the air filter and sealed the crawl space.
080201 - In The stinking dog fart office all day. Jack home from school. I bailed out to get a hair cut, grab dinner & a movie. I had a cold dinner, taking care of problems in Dallas... Dylan went to an OSU hockey game with some friends, Jack & I played the Wii in the evening. Up late arranging my tip to cali next week and lodging for a couple Dutch guys.
080131 - Incredibly fast day! watched Lost. Jack came down at 2am with a 102 fever.
080130 - Hard day at work. Boys had karate, I had a con call tonight on Wholesaling houses. Look for www.DiamondREI.com soon... got groceries.
080128 - Boys started up karate againn tonight.